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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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What do you want?
Poll #1927450 HELP!!!

What next?

TT sideshot
SB drabble/oneshot

Ok so my muses are all kinda playing in a field and I don't know which one to catch lol! Last time I did this, I managed to get three chapters out for the choice y'all made so i'm hoping your help will assist in my currently directionless muses!

Y'all have about 15 hours to make your choices ;-) My muses thank you in advance.

I selected the one I wanted you to update the most, but honestly would be happynwith whatever. Except maybe trophy wife cuz me likes da YunJae. /dodges bricks/

I like all your muses, so I don't think I'll be much help, sorry,,, XP

Your muse is naughty. Keke...

In my opinion is the best to step away a little and write something else. MinSu? Keke...

Seriously, your mind amazes me. It's very creative. And active. And... I don't know, I just sit down and enjoy the ride.

well. i don't know.
even if lots of us anticipate for some Ice..


I'll start texting the song Ice Ice Baby, if it will help your Jaejoong muse to get his read I. Gear and finish his story. Thanks lady!!

Hopefully you can update ICE dear,
But maybe crossover with SB sounds refreshing, just decide what a best for you dear, don't rush anything, I believe everyone will patiently waiting for your muse

I want SB verse...
YooSu's driveway incident has been bugging me really badly and terribly!!!

I love all the verses so any update is fine by me. For the poll, I chose LITI. I really need to see Yunjae reunited in a post lawsuit verse.

I couldnt see the poll in mobile lj so I think I might have to vote in comment.. anywayyy xD

My vote would be ice and the tats though im more on the tats side xD I am dying from your last sb and ice crossover so..yeah xD the tats xD

I really want an ICE update, but TT momentum seems to carry on and I'm just so excited about Jaejoong meeting the parents XD

I love all of your stories but I have to admit that AINI is the one I've been looking forward the most.

I picked TT sideshot.... BUT im dying for some Trophy Wife updates. I need some HoMin. :)

Undoubtedly ICE. It is so close to ending that it is driving me nuts. Plus you did say that you need to finish ICE before you can proceed any further with LITI. So finishing ICE will leads to update on LITI & so forth.

I put my vote, but really, would be happy with anyhting of yunjae from you

i actually want ice,liti and TT..hehehe
but i think finishing ice will be better fo liti..so ice.. but damn TT gets on my nerves..so addicting.

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