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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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DB5K + Running Man = DEAD NIKKI
Ok so...all of XIA's Turn It Up has clearly wormed its way into my brain. That is the ONLY explanation I have for this especially since I don't watch Running Man so IDEK how accurate this was but a dream's a dream lmao and I guess it doesn't have to be accurate. I'm writing this out because it's cockblocking my muses right now. I'm hoping that once I share it with y'all, I can let it go and focus on writing actual fic OTL

I was asleep for all of 15 minutes btw!!!

Alright so it kinda went straight into a particular scene. Dance reps were sent up from each team and there were two boxes of dances to choose from. Yunho chose from the "punishment" box because it was technically a punishment apparently. Why, was never explained BUT Yunho and HaHa (RM rep) had to dance to save their teammates because if they failed, their ENTIRE team would be punished. And well, U-Know Yunho, he was having none of that.

So they had to dance that. Yunho watched the video twice, and then said he could dance it. HaHa just went with it. So the camera is currently focused on Yunho, HaHa and JaeSuk who was kinda in the periphery of the camera lens for some reason. HaHa gave up after 15 seconds and was just flailing along out of reach of Yunho's "big moves" lol!

And then this dance move happened...

And VERY LOUD howling could be heard which made everyone onscreen stop in surprise. JaeSuk's surprise was the most hilarious. He actually whirled round, his mouth was gaping and eyes were huge. Camera didn't even show Yunho or HaHa's reaction for very long. Yunho just had a brief awkward face going and HaHa was just laughing like everyone else. It was all JaeSuk shocked reaction. And then it panned to the source of the howling...

It was WORSE THAN THAT if you can imagine. Jaejoong was literally incoherent. He was on a bench, sitting with his knees up and hugging them and hiding his face behind his knees. It was so damn funny. Added to the hilarity was Jihyo patting him on his back as she laughed. Yoochun and Changmin were both on the ground rolling around laughing like crazy.

And Junsu...

Anyway, Yunho tried to dance it again. Second time, same thing happens, and everyone cracks up but somehow they manage to recover to try it for a third time.

Third time Jaejoong yowls like a fucking dog in heat, Yunho throws a tantrum lmaooo!!!

YAHHHHHHHHHH JAEJOONGIE!!!!!! LET ME FINISH!!!!!!! And then his face was kinda like this when this happened... Like quarter shock, quarter blush, half of IDEK WHAT TO DO WITH THAT MAN SOMEONE HELP. You could seriously tell he didn't know what to do hahahaha. Oh U-Know... leadershii is hopeless at trying to manage the reactions and filter-less words of his lead singer...

Anyway... Now Jaejoong has been told to turn off his mic. So his microphone is off, JaeSuk is all, ok we can do this. And Yunho is in the zone, determined to finish this damn song!!! Oh I forgot to mention, they had to dance at least a full minute of the song.

No prizes for what happens AGAIN. Even without the mic you could hear him OTL

JaeSuk was laughing in utter disbelief. And he was looking at Yunho and then the PD behind the camera or something cos his expression was seriously like a giant incredulous question mark and he said WHY IS THIS MAN SO LOUD!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

Yoochun and Changmin are hysterical. Yoochun was literally crying with laughter and yet he still managed to choke out HE'S WORSE AT HOME.

And then Junsu smacks Yoochun across the back of his shoulders. Changmin was howling when he smacked Yoochun. It was hilarious. Poor Junsu, trying to maintain some sort of dignity and wanting to protect his hyungs and his hyungs are not cooperating at all. Kinda reminded me of this tbh... If it weren't for Junsu, we might have missed this moment :P


What evil-ness is this?

I'm kinda hoping this is enough to get this out of my system so I can try and write something today...maybe...


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