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Ice [24]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Wow… clearly I REALLY don’t want to say goodbye to this verse… Mianhae to all the people still following this. I never wanted to be one of those writers who would update irregularly. I started off good and then I’m not sure what happened… I’m really sorry but I will be ending this as soon as I can. Thank you so much for your patience and sticking with me.

AN2: This banner was done by atriums

The silence is long, but not awkward.

It’s just silent.

The breathing of the two adults, and the snuffling of the two children as they shift restlessly on the couch.

Yunho runs his hand up and down Jaejoong’s arm. He can feel the goosebumps on them, and the man’s telltale shiver, his touch making the goosebumps more pronounced rather than soothing them. He says nothing though, knowing now how to deal with Hero Jaejoong. His insides twinge a little, as the silence grows longer, but he stops himself from starting to think negative thoughts, because what place do negative thoughts have when this man has brought him completion?

He’s never asked for much. In fact, he barely asks for anything at all, always the giver in the relationship. This time he is a taker too, somehow knowing deep down that this rockstar needs someone who can be assertive. Yunho’s natural dominance on the ice has someone managed to translate into real life through the catalyst that is Hero Jaejoong. He has grown as a person thanks to the silent rockstar in his arms, and no matter what happens, he will always be thankful for that.

Though of course, he’d prefer to be thankful with Hero Jaejoong in his arms.

But apparently, tonight still has a few surprises left as Jae gets up from his lap, easily shaking off Yunho’s loose hold on him.

“I should put the children to bed. I’ll take Hyuna first. Can you watch Jongdae?”

Yunho watches as Jaejoong shuts the box and pockets it. His back is to him, and he cannot see the older man’s face. He suppresses his urge to sigh loudly, forcing a smile out instead, a smile that becomes genuine when he turns to look at the baby boy all swaddled up and frowning in his sleep.

“Of course. I don’t know if you want to put them in our bed since it’s pretty high off the floor, but there are a couple of mattresses in the study when the guys stayed over a few days ago. I can lay them out first, if you like?”

“Please…” Jaejoong murmurs as he crouches by the couch, slowly stroking Hyuna’s hair away from her forehead. He doesn’t turn around. His brain has chosen this moment to shut down. There are too many things to say, too much he wants to express, but he doesn’t even know where to begin. He hates that he cannot speak, and he hates that he is leaving Yunho without an answer, but he is afraid that if he opens his mouth to speak of his feelings, he will sound like an incoherent mess.

Yunho says nothing, getting up and walking over to his family. He bends over to kiss Jaejoong on the top of his head, before leaning over to kiss Hyuna’s nose, and then the wrinkle in Jongdae’s brow before he straightens and walks off to sort out the children’s bedding.

Jaejoong closes his eyes as he hears Yunho’s soft footfalls slowly retreat.

What did he do to deserve this man? He will never know the true answer to that, but he knows enough to know that he should do everything he can to hold onto him. Yunho’s patience with him is necessary, and the younger man’s impatience with him is also necessary, for it forces Jaejoong to examine himself, and to face his demons. Yunho has the patience of a saint, but he also expects a certain level of maturity from Jaejoong, and when he doesn’t get it, he does not hold back in his pointing out of it. Trapped in his own little bubble, Hero Jaejoong may have led a hard life, but he’s also had it easy. People bend over backwards to fulfill his every whim and every demand. No one truly dares to question his choices, nor to they question his behaviour. His attitude is really like that of a spoiled teenager, with people preferring to give him what he wants rather than having to deal with his temper tantrums.

And with the power he wields, his temper tantrums can lead to catastrophe.

But Yunho douses his flame. Not to put it out forever, but to quench it where necessary.

Yunho is the ice to his fire.

Yunho figures one mattress is enough. The children are tiny, and they really shouldn’t be rolling all over the place, should they? He doesn’t have very much experience with kids, but he has loved all the children he has ever interacted with, and in turn, they adore him. It actually takes him a fair while to decide which mattress to take, because it was Max, Micky and Xiah who had stayed overnight. While he is more than assured of the pristine condition of Changmin’s mattress, he has severe doubts about the sanctity of his best friend and his lecherous boyfriend’s mattress.

In the end, he had actually called Junsu to ask if they had done anything on the mattress, and his best friend had laughed, promising they hadn’t.

Making the bed hadn’t taken long at all, though Yunho feels a little sorry about the fact that all their bed coverings are dark. The mattress is wrapped in a deep blue sheet, a tad dull for two little children, and he files it away in his memory cabinet to bring Jaejoong and the children shopping as soon as possible.

Soon, as in tomorrow. He is sure he can fit it in somehow in between practice and the game.

He sits and stares at the made bed for awhile yet. There is a veritable mountain of pillows piled on one side for Jae to use as he sees fit. Yunho has no idea what to do about sleeping children, but he figures the more pillows the better. Every single pillow he owns is on the floor, even the ones from their own bed. He can be Jae’s pillow.

Yunho spends the time in brief contemplation, thinking about his boyfriend and himself. Three weeks is a long time, and yet it feels like they have never been apart. He is still eager to dive headlong into their future, while Jae is as always, reserved as hell about it despite the insane upheaval he has just landed them both into. He can feel Jaejoong’s Hero persona in effect back there in the living room. That cool facade, betraying nothing of his thoughts or feelings. Yunho can be like that, but he chooses not to be.

He needs to be the fire to Jaejoong’s ice.

“The bedroom’s ready.”

Jaejoong is startled from his perusal of Hyuna’s dainty features by Yunho’s low voice. That telltale shiver coursing through his body that has nothing to do with the temperature of the room, and everything to do with the way Yunho’s voice plays him like an instrument. His daughter is awake, half off the couch as she blinks up at the ceiling.

Hyuna slides further off, till her feet land on the floor, her eyes fluttering shut as she sags against the couch, not really awake enough to do more than what she just did. She knows her daddy is hovering next to her, and so she is safe.

She stretches her arms back, yawning loudly, making Yunho smile softly as he pulls out his phone to take a photo. He is not quick enough to catch her mid-yawn, but he snaps something infinitely more heartwarming instead.

The moment comes and goes in the blink of an eye, but Yunho has it safe in his phone as he stares at the photo he just accidentally snapped.

“Keep an eye on Jongdae, ok? I’ll put Hyuna to bed. It shouldn’t take long.”

Yunho nods, looking towards the sleeping baby boy. He watches as Jaejoong pulls the little girl into his arms, standing and walking towards him. They cross paths, and a tiny hand catches at Yunho’s arm, making both him and the rock star pause. Jaejoong is turned towards his daughter, staring at her as she blinks sleepily, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she once again reaches out to pat Yunho’s bicep.


A tiny sound escapes Jaejoong’s throat, but Yunho pays him no mind as he leans down towards the beautiful girl smiling questioningly up at him.


“Yes, sweetheart.” Yunho answers in English, and her smile gets wider. For someone dating arguably one of the most beautiful men in the world, Yunho has to admit, little Hyuna’s smile just eclipsed her daddy for the moment. “Will you be a good girl and sleep for daddy?”

She nods, eyes staring at him with undisguised wonder as she reaches her hand out to pat his cheek. “Sleep for appa, too?”

“Yes, baby. Sleep for me too.” Yunho smiles as he presses a kiss to her forehead.

She lets out a happy coo, snuggling back against Jaejoong’s cheek, suddenly shy as she stares with luminous eyes up at the handsome man looking at her so lovingly. Her daddy promised she would be loved. He showed her pictures and told her so many stories of her appa.

Hyuna suddenly straightens as she remembers something. “Appa, skate!”

Yunho chuckles lowly, slipping a hand behind a stiff Jaejoong, rubbing his lower back soothingly as he converses with their baby girl. He can feel how tense the singer is, and with each circular rub, he practically feels the tension melting away from the older man, till Jaejoong is all but leaning against him, with Hyuna in his arms.

“Yes, love. I’ll teach you how to skate, but you daddy knows how to skate too.”

“Daddy, skate?” Hyuna turns questioningly to a teary eyed Jaejoong who is desperately trying not to cry.

“Yes, baby girl.” Jaejoong whispers hoarsely as he nods. Hyuna brings her hand to his mouth, a habit of hers borne from the fact that they share the same mouth, something she marvels at. He kisses her little hand as he keeps nodding. “Appa will teach you to skate and daddy will be with you.”


Yunho laughs, kissing Jaejoong’s brow as he stares at their daughter. “Impatient aren’t you? Just like your daddy. Yes, we can skate tomorrow.”

“Don’t make her promises you can’t keep.” Jaejoong whispers in Korean.

“I’m not breaking it.” Yunho whispers back as he nuzzles against Jaejoong’s ear. “I don’t break my promises, Jae. Not to you, and certainly not to our daughter.”

Another strangled sound escapes Jaejoong’s throat at his words, and the older man finally steps away.

“Say goodnight to your appa, and then you need to sleep.” Jaejoong sounds as if he has a frog in his throat, and his daughter throws him a slightly perplexed look before beaming back up at the taller man.

“Night, appa. Skate tomorrow.”

“Only if you sleep for your daddy ok?”

“Ok,” the little girl wiggles happily. She is still sleepy, so it really won’t be hard to listen to her appa. She wraps her arms around her daddy’s neck and nuzzles against his cheek, closing her eyes.

Yunho watches as the two of them retreat up the stairs. He knows Jaejoong is crying, but he doesn’t know what to do to stop it. He is hoping they’re happy tears.

He settles on the floor next to Jongdae who is still sound asleep. Yunho lays his cheek on the couch, watching the sleeping baby, soothed by his gentle breaths, hypnotised even as he gazes at the beautiful little baby boy he can call his own.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day indeed for him.

He takes out his phone, sending a quick message to his mother.

Can you arrange for Jaejoong and I to meet with one of your lawyers? Someone who has some experience in family law would be good.

Jongdae frets a little as Yunho waits for his mother to respond, and Yunho gives him his pinky to hold onto. The baby boy grips it hard it his sleep, his hold not relaxing even as the rest of his body does. That little tight grip has a direct line to Yunho’s heart, and he feels like he is about to burst from all the outpouring of love he wants to let out.

Knowing his mother, the likelihood of her ringing rather than texting him back is high, and so Yunho mutes his phone even as he continues to stare at the sleeping infant.

His phone finally vibrates.

Are you two wanting to get married or something?

He chuckles, typing his reply awkwardly for he is loathe to pull his finger from his son’s grasp.

I’m still waiting for him to say yes, but that’s not why.

Her reply is quick in coming, and Yunho is more than prepared for it.

Don’t make me ask, Jung Yunho.

He grins, attaching a photo and sending it with a short message.

Jung Jiyoung has never been taken so completely by surprise that she actually visibly gapes.

But visibly gape she does, staring in disbelief at her phone as she reads her son’s reply and sees the attached photograph.

I need to make sure no one can take her from us.

Jae and Hyuna

“What’s wrong, love?” Mr. Jung asks from the bed. He is working in bed, as is his habit, spectacles perched on his nose, laptop open and a stack of papers next to him. His wife’s side of the bed isn’t any different, though she is just heading back from the bathroom. Her loud gasp and shocked expression has him worried though, and he moves everything off his lap to the table next to him, getting out of bed and hurrying to his wife’s side.

Mrs. Jung says nothing, merely handing her phone to her husband.

He sees the photo and he reads the message.

And he backtracks.

And then he goes forward again, staring at the photo, and then he backtracks yet again.

“You can go back and forth all night, I don’t think it’s going to change,” Ji Young finally finds her voice as she smiles at her equally flabbergasted husband.

“These kids…they’re doing things backwards.” He shakes his head at his wife.

“I’m guessing Jaejoong is back, so I’m not going to drive over and demand Yunho explain everything. I can wait till tomorrow.”

“I’m calling Kim Jihyo,” Tae Yong declares firmly as he hands his wife’s phone back to her and goes to get his. “I’m not risking anything.”

“Only the best for them.”

“Only the best.” Mr. Jung echoes his wife as he rings the lawyer.

Ji Young sits next to him, listening as he apologises to the lawyer for calling outside hours. Her mind drifts, thinking about what new insanity Hero Jaejoong has brought upon her son. They are very close to securing Seunghyun’s company. The man is doing a last gasp battle, trying to rally whatever remaining friends he has in the industry to fight the inevitable, but it is pretty much futile.

A done deal in fact.

Come Monday, F4 Management will be in Jung Group’s hands.

With Hero Jaejoong at the helm.

She should be happy with just getting the management company, but the hurt he caused her daughter is unforgivable in her eyes. Her son, she can forgive because he did not come out of it scarred, but she knows Jihye did. Ji Young is not going to be happy till she runs the disgusting man out of the country. There is absolutely nothing anyone can say that will shake her from her resolve in this matter.

Absolutely nothing.

Her phones vibrates in her hand, startling her.

Her surprise grows when she sees the message is from Jaejoong. And for the first time in awhile, she feels her eyes grow hot as she stares at the text and attached photograph.

Please help me protect my boys...

Yunho and Jongdae

“Tae…Tae…” her voice is a hoarse whisper as she stares at her phone. She hears her husband tell the lawyer to hold on, and she hands her phone over wordlessly.

She stares at her husband who is visibly struggling trying to contain himself. His eyes keep darting up back to hers, and with each look, their resolve grows.

“There are two of them, Tae… a boy and a girl…”

Jung Tae Yong, CEO of Jung Group, takes his wife’s hand, squeezing it tight as he resumes his call.

“Jihyo-ssi? Can we meet as early as possibly tomorrow morning? There are two children, not one.”


Yunho and Jaejoong have been lying in silence for almost two hours. Yunho has showered, and is laying in lounging pants, Jaejoong in a similar state of dress, though instead of pants, he is wearing a pair of Yunho’s basketball shorts.

They had received the message from Yunho’s mother around midnight, telling them to meet at the office at 7am.

That is just over five hours away.

Yunho is about as far from sleep as possible, and he knows Jaejoong is still awake too, as the older man shifts about restlessly.

The children are both down for the count, Jongdae taking a little longer than his sister to go back to sleep once awakened. For some reason, he preferred Yunho to Jaejoong, and while the hockey captain had worried about his boyfriend taking that personally, the older man had surprised him. Jaejoong had snuggled into his back as he rock and swayed Jongdae back to sleep. The motion is peculiar as hell, like a drunken sailor on dry land, but after some prompting from Jaejoong, he is able to slip naturally into it as if he’s been doing it for years.


The one word breaks the silence of the bedroom, and Yunho lets out a breath he didn’t realise he’d been holding. He pulls Jaejoong into his arms, and the man curls around him, though leaning up to gaze down at him.

Luminous brown eyes, shining like Hyuna’s had been earlier.

Like father like daughter.

Jaejoong leans forward to press a kiss to Yunho’s mouth.

Before he can deepen the kiss, Yunho pulls away, rolling from underneath Jaejoong to grab his phone.

The rockstar frowns in the darkness as he watches Yunho fiddle with his phone.

But his frown soon turns into a smile as he hears his phone vibrating.

He leans over to pick up his phone, his soft gasp echoing in the bedroom as he sees the photo.


“You could’ve just said it…” Jaejoong whispers, but he is unable to tear his eyes from the photo. That is his piano, and that note wasn’t there an hour ago when he went to look into his music room.

“If a picture paints a thousand words…”

“…then why can’t I paint you?”

“The words will never show…”

“…the you I’ve come to know.”

“If your face could launch a thousand ships…”

Jaejoong smiles at the soft adlib Yunho is singing, shaking his head as he puts down his phone and once again crawls partway atop Yunho, as he finishes singing the verse.

”…then where am I to go?”

Yunho smiles in the darkness, able to see the returning smile on the older man’s face. ”There’s no one home but you…”

“I am your home,” Jaejoong states.

“How long did it take you to realise that?”

“I knew it a while ago. I guess I just didn’t know how to deal with the information.”

“Are you ready to deal with it now?”

“Not really…” Jaejoong murmurs as he crawls fully onto Yunho, only to drop between his legs. “I am too distracted.”

Yunho chuckles as he wraps his legs around Jaejoong’s slim waist. “Oh really? By what?”

“My very hot fiancé.”

Yunho squeezes his legs tighter, till Jaejoong is gasping for breath before he lets go, chuckling as the older man grumbles about hockey players and horse thighs.

“Children are here, Jae.”

“Well, then you’ll have to be quiet then, won’t you?” Jaejoong’s smirk is very evident in his voice as he leans up to kiss the younger man.

“Jaejoong…” Yunho sighs against his mouth as Jaejoong presses down against his erection, rubbing it deliciously as they kiss hotly. A groan is pulled from his lips when the older man slips his hand into his waistband, gripping his cock.

Yunho’s sounds are like an aphrodisiac all on their own. He missed this.

He misses this.

The implacable ice hockey captain, a supreme athlete on the ice who cuts a very powerful figure even off the ice, whether in normal clothes or all suited up. His young fiancé is jaw dropping to look at.

But in bed, and when he is beneath him, Yunho gives over to Jaejoong. Unlike the rock star, he rarely bothers to top from the bottom, rather happy to acquiesce any and all power to the older man unless of course, he is angry.

U-Know Yunho is most certainly not angry now, if the rather adorable, loving smile he has on his face is anything to go by. The slightly dreamy look in his eyes is as intoxicating to Hero Jaejoong as the possessive rage he wears in them sometimes. He loves them both.

Yunho looks so much younger than his age in the dim light. He is content in who he is and what he is to bother asserting himself for no good reason. He trusts Jaejoong.

The younger man moans softly as his hands start to grab at the sheets by him. Jaejoong’s hand is moving quicker, a sure rhythm that he knows will push him quickly to the edge, and he marvels at how the older man hasn’t forgotten.

“Shhhhh…you have to be quiet, love.” Jaejoong whispers against Yunho’s mouth, rather pleased at how quickly Yunho is already moving restlessly underneath him. He pumps his cock, twisting his hand up and then squeezing, pinching the swollen glands and swallowing Yunho’s gasp as he does so. He can feel the squelch of precum between his fingers, as he squeezes the heavy head of the younger man’s cock once again, before letting go, smearing the precum down his length and squeezing that velvet steel length hard.

Yunho low groan is muffled by Jaejoong’s mouth, but it really is still a tad too loud for the singer who smirks.

“I’m too noisy for you to fuck me…” He pulls his hand from within Yunho pants, grasping his cock through the material instead, squeezing and rolling as he leans back up, other hand skimming over the younger man’s abs, pinching at his pierced nipple. The groan Yunho lets out then is his loudest yet, and Jaejoong quickly covers his mouth with his hand as he leans down to capture the previous abused pierced nipple.

His tongue flicks over it, his own piercing clinking with it over and over again. The sound is soft, but erotic all the same, as he laves lovingly over the younger man’s body. Yunho is very good at worshipping him, Jaejoong can only return the favour now.

His other hand never stops squeezing and rolling Yunho’s thick clothed cock as Jaejoong starts to rock insistently against his body. He looks over his shoulder, secure in the fact that both the children are dead asleep, snoring even, before he continues, leaning against Yunho, rocking against him as he licks his way up the man’s broad chest, his mouth searching out his ear.

“You must be quiet,” Jaejoong warns huskily.

Yunho shakes his head, eyes wide in the darkness, making older man chuckle. He can feel teeth against the palm of his hand, and he presses harder down, covering Yunho’s mouth thoroughly.

“I miss you…I need you, baby.” He teases his earlobe with his tongue as Yunho tries to cant his hips upwards to rub against him.

Yunho groans, as Jaejoong’s other hand starts working him harder. He can feel the older man’s length pressing against him, and his asshole is clenching in anticipation. He is very close to tearing Jaejoong’s hand from his mouth and demanding the man get on with it. He knows the rockstar is right. Jae is much too fucking loud, and even gagging him is not going to be of much use because the man can make enough noises through even that. His moans and groans are loud as fuck, especially when he is being fucked by Yunho.

On the other hand, Jaejoong is a little more muted when it is he doing the fucking. A little more, but enough to possibly keep the children asleep.

Though in all honesty, Yunho truly has no idea how quiet he can be when Hero Jaejoong’s fucking apadravya drags across his prostate. Even the memory of the intensity is making his toes curl, leading him to nip at the palm covering his mouth.

Jaejoong grins, pulling his hand away, but only because he needs it for other more important matters.

“Where’s the lube?”

“Under my pillow.”

Jaejoong snorts at the sheepish quality in Yunho’s voice. “Hoping to get lucky were you?”

“Well…it has been three weeks and I have missed you…”

“Missed my piercing you mean?”

Yunho swallows his moan, disguising it as a cough which has Jaejoong slapping his hand across his mouth once again and looking over his shoulder.

“Hush!” He hisses quietly. Neither Hyuna nor Jongdae stir though. They are nowhere close to the bed actually, right up against the far wall because they had run out of pillows to surround the two children. A little night light that Jaejoong brought illuminates the room, giving it a very muted glow, enough for him to see the children. The light is low, and it casts shadows over Yunho’s face, but he can see the man staring at him.

Yunho licks at the palm covering his mouth even as he tilts his pelvis upwards, jerking slightly to encourage Jaejoong to continue squeezing and rubbing his cock.

Jaejoong leans forward once again, licking the curve of Yunho’s ear, whispering huskily into it. “Are you going to be quiet?”

The younger man nods, licking and pushing at the palm over his mouth insistently with his tongue. Jaejoong pulls his hand away, allowing him to speak. “I have a game later…”

“Awww baby,” Jaejoong purrs. “I’ll be gentle.”

“No, you won’t.”

They both make quick work of their pants, Jaejoong already sweating because they are underneath the covers. While he wants nothing more than to toss the covers off, the last thing he wants to do is scar Hyuna for life, so he keeps the heavy coverlet up over him, hooked around this shoulders as he busies himself preparing the younger man. He stokes the fire within the younger man, knowing exactly where to press and exactly how hard to scissor, to make the younger man writhe for him.

Their mouths lick and suck at each other’s, Yunho’s hand is around his own cock, as Jaejoong’s are too busy for him, feeling the stretch as the older man pushes the third and final finger into him.

“So tight, baby… Open up for me, otherwise I think I might come from just being in you cos you’re so fucking tight.”

Yunho shakes his head, gasping slightly as Jaejoong’s rotates his three fingers, pressing and pushing against his walls to try and open him up further. He exhales, willing his body to relax and open, and he gets a wet kiss and soft chuckle for his troubles.

“You are so very accommodating aren’t you? Where did my brat go?”

“Miss…miss you.” Yunho’s eyes roll back as Jaejoong surprises him with a fourth finger. He is so full he feels like he is either about to burst or tear.

“Me or my piercing?”

“F-fuck your piercing.”

Jaejoong hums, feeling in control, smirking as he pulls his fingers out. He smears a good amount of lube over his cock, allowing his hand to drag heavily over his piercing, the sparks of pleasure race up from the base of his spine, making him shudder. He leans back slightly, tilting his cock down, pushing it against Yunho’s slick entrance.

“Oppa…” Yunho exhales, mouth pursed as he clenches his eyes shut. While they switch often enough, he really hasn’t been fucked in over a month and that exquisite stretching, feeling Jaejoong push through, entering him, brings out a whole heap of extra emotions that has been poised on the brink and threatening to drown him for the last few hours.

This is his fiancé. While he has no idea how long they will need to wait to make it official, the fact that Jaejoong said yes is enough for him.

“You are so fucking tight,” Jaejoong groans as he leans over. “I can’t move, baby. If I move, I will come.”

“Slowly…just move slowly.” Yunho’s eyes are still clenched shut, his hand limp over his swollen cock. He feels Jaejoong rock forward and that painful drag across his prostate makes his eyelids fly up. He looks up at a very sweaty Hero Jaejoong, the man’s temple almost dripping as he grits his teeth. He can feel Jaejoong pulling back almost all the way, only the head of his cock within his body, before he snaps his hips forward, his hips meeting Yunho’s ass with a soft slap.

At the sound, Jaejoong immediately looks over his shoulder, and apparently whatever he sees satisfies him, because he turns to look back down almost immediately. He grips Yunho’s cock, making the younger man moan again. The rock star leans over, hand over Yunho’s mouth, his other hand trapped between their bodies as he manipulates that thick turgid cock he normally prefers sliding between his own ass cheeks.

But not tonight.

Yunho is flexible as hell, a combination of many factors, but Jaejoong doesn’t dwell on any of them as he presses into the younger man who is practically being folded in half underneath him. Age and height mean nothing. Neither does built or occupation. Jaejoong is a man, and so is Yunho.

He presses his forearm along the back of Yunho’s calf, resting against it, leaving his hand across the hockey captain’s mouth. The position serves two purposes, to keep Yunho open for him, and to keep his sounds to a minimum.

Then Jaejoong begins to rock in short, quick thrusts, driving over and over into the younger man. So much for not moving, now that he has, he cannot imagine stopping. The pleasure is so great and practically all consuming but he keeps his head and his mind. He is dripping in sweat, and dying from the need to come, but he pushes it all aside, focusing on the groaning man beneath him. Yunho’s chest is practically vibrating in suppressed moans, his mouth hot against Jaejoong’s palm as he exhales and bites. The glorious pleasure of being encased in the younger man’s exquisitely tight heat is something he could probably write a whole album about. The feelings are extraordinary, a mixture of so many things.

He feels so very many things for the young man staring up at him with eyes clouded in love and lust.

Jaejoong swivels his hips, the slow motion, tearing a moan from himself as Yunho’s tightness grips at his piercing like a fucking glove, almost snaring. And snare it does against Yunho’s clenching body, hooking and dragging across that spongey spot within him. The singer has to press his hand down hard as Yunho’s eyes widen and his throat opens with a groan that almost sounds as if he is in pain.

And still Jaejoong doesn’t stop, undulating gently against the man, his thrusts are long and slow, stopping the short quick jabs of earlier. The longer he undulates the more Yunho whines against his hand. He can barely hold himself up, his hand starting to work even more furiously over Yunho’s cock.

Yunho is so close, he can feel his body tightening. He feels like a bow being strung, wound tighter and tighter and tighter, till there is nowhere to go but to snap. His hands are knotting the sheets rather thoroughly, gripping and grabbing, but not touching Jaejoong because he knows if he touches the older man, the urge to flip him over would be too strong.

Tonight, he is Jaejoong’s.

By the very barest of his self control.

Jaejoong must sense it because his hands suddenly leave his cock, and he leans down, licking at his sweaty skin.

“Bite your lip, baby, I’m going to move my hand.”

Yunho barely has time to nod, when cool sweet air hits the lower half of his face as Jaejoong draws back.

And then he snaps his hips forward, one hand pushing Yunho’s thigh up and apart, while the other fondles and grips his balls harshly.


Squeezing and tugging as he snaps his hips harder forward, and Yunho is almost blinded by the pain and pleasure.

Jaejoong looks down, watching Yunho’s thigh muscles flex, as he squeezes his ass, pulling him deeper within him.


He is not winning this one.

Jaejoong’s rough handling of his balls continues, and with one final snap of his hips, Yunho is unable to hold on anymore as he is pushed over the edge.

His cock bounces against his belly with every rough squeeze of his balls, the milky white strands spurting out with nary a finger over the thick long length to help their exit. Jaejoong’s rocking motion slows down, pulling back and snapping forward. Pulling back slowly, and then snapping forward again.

Each snap makes his swollen cock bounce, and each snap tortures that spot within him as Yunho’s orgasm is dragged out. Each time Jaejoong teases with a slow draw back, the quick snap forward makes Yunho see stars.

His bottom lip is shredded, Jaejoong really didn’t need to worry about sound because Yunho had been so surprised at his orgasm that he didn’t have time to make a sound.

But the singer finally makes a sound, a low keening whine in his throat as he stiffens. Yunho moves a hand to caress the man’s side, as the man pulls out abruptly, spraying Yunho with his cum.

Painting him.

Like Yunho, Jaejoong’s orgasm is long, seemingly going on forever as Yunho watches the hot thick spurts covering his cock and belly. The splash of the hot fluid makes him moan, his ass clenching at the loss of being filled, wanting it again, feeling empty and bereft for a brief moment.

Jaejoong with his head thrown back, in the middle of a powerful orgasm, with sweat dripping down his beautiful body, glistening in the low light is a sight Yunho doesn’t ever want to have to remember.

He wants to experience it for the rest of his life.

His refractory period is short, and he knows he can go again. Maybe this time, the gorgeous singer will be bouncing on his cock.

“Don’t even think about it,” Jaejoong murmurs hoarsely, moaning quietly as Yunho pinches his sensitive cock, flicking his piercing hard, as he squeezes whatever is left of him out.

“Think about what?” Yunho’s voice is equally hoarse as he sucks on his fingers.

“Going again. Maybe if you win the game later, I’ll be nice and fuck your face.”

Yunho chuckles, as Jaejoong grabs something or other to clean them both up. His muscles are actually feeling deliciously stretched, and he flexes his toes just for the hell of it as he drops his legs back to lay on either side of the slim man still sitting between this thighs.

“It’s not my fault you’re old.” Yunho smirks as Jaejoong pinches his nipple. “Surely a win would get me more than a face fuck?”

“I don’t want to spoil you.”

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

Jaejoong smirks as he tosses the soiled pair of basketball shorts away onto his side of the bed, stretching out over the top of the younger man. “I can’t argue with that I suppose,” he smirks, drawling lazily as he licks at Yunho’s mouth.

“Jae…you’re on me and I’m quite ready to go again…I think you should avoid my mouth.”

“Have some self-control, brat.”

“Speak for yourself. You were the one who got distracted first.”

“Distracted on purpose you mean,” Jaejoong sighs as he admits it. He tucks his head under Yunho’s chin licking at the sweaty skin. He loves the way Yunho smells. His natural scent is intoxicating to him, he doesn’t need anything else. He’d be happy to huff the man for the rest of his life.

And he will most certainly get that chance.

Yunho simply waits, massaging Jaejoong’s sweaty scalp with his finger tips. They are literally plastered together, their sweat and whatever bits and pieces of cum left holding them in place. Thanks to Junsu, he knows not to push.

But he also knows when to push, and this is definitely not the time.

“If deep down I didn’t know I was your home and you were mine, I wouldn’t have come back with Hyuna and Jongdae. I would’ve stayed in America somehow. They are both so much safer over there, away from the pettiness and close-mindedness of our society and the evilness of Seunghyun.”

Yunho merely hums, indicating to Jaejoong that he is listening. He rubs his foot over the back of Jaejoong’s calf, trying to soothe and ease the man, wanting him to continue talking.

“I think even the fans would be less crazy there since I’m not that well-known in the states.”

Jaejoong smiles when Yunho makes a scoffing sound, and he squeezes the younger man’s bicep in appreciation for his support.

“I sold my apartment because I thought that maybe if I didn’t have a home, you wouldn’t be able to say no to me.”


“Let me finish,” Jaejoong nips at a nipple, making Yunho’s eyebrow arch, though the beautiful man doesn’t see it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t give you a choice in this. My home is anywhere with you, and I know that. I believe that. I really believe it.”

“Love, right back at you. My home is wherever you are, give and take a child or two. I’m here for the whole thing.”

“I’m scared shitless.” Jaejoong admits as he is finally able to relax his body, sinking into the larger, broader man.

“That makes the two of us.”

“What do we do?”

“We face it together. Together being the operative word, Jae. No more running away. But if you do, count on me chasing you down to the ends of the earth and bringing you back home. This is the last time I’m letting you run away like this. I’m more than happy to give you space when you need it, but not like this.” There is clear warning in Yunho’s voice. He knows when to push.

Jaejoong squeezes Yunho’s bicep again as he nods, accepting the younger man’s words, even feeling a measure of security in them. No one has ever thought him worth enough to chase down to the ends of the earth, but he knows Yunho would probably walk over hot coals for him if asked.

Hot coals this time, being Jung Ji Young.

“We have to face your mother together.”

Yunho’s hand pauses, dropping to Jaejoong’s shoulder and squeezing him. “What do you mean face my mother? My mother will be on our side, wouldn’t she?”

“I’m not sure about that…”

“What do you mean?”

“She is hell-bent on destroying Seunghyun because of Jihye. Messing with you is one thing, messing with her has pushed him straight to the point of no return for her. And I think she already suspects about what happened to you. One whisper of that information, and the man is as good as dead.”

“She won’t be hearing it from you, right?”

“Of course not!”

“We’ll talk to her and dad tomorrow.”

“What do we say though?”

“Simple. We take the company and that’s it. I don’t want Seunghyun hyu—“

Yunho is cut off by a deep warning growl in Jaejoong’s throat, and he reassesses his words.

“I don’t want Seunghyun to feel vindictive towards us. You corner an angry or injured animal, and they will bite, no matter what your intentions are. We have two children to think about, I want to let it go.”

“I do too, but your mother is…scary.”

“She’ll come round.”

Jaejoong props his head up, eyebrow cocked disbelievingly. “Have you ever seen your mother in the boardroom? I’ve had several meetings with her over this damn management agency and really, I would never ever want to come up opposing her in anything.”

“I know how to say no to her, Jae.” Yunho’s lips quirk into a slow, assured smile.

A devastating smile of raw masculinity and a complete belief in himself. That confidence makes the smile even more fatal to a Hero Jaejoong who is trying to ignore how wonderful it feels to be on top of the man.

A smile that makes his cock twitch, and his belly roll in need at having this gorgeous young man assert his will and dominance over him.

Hero Jaejoong made love to U-Know Yunho.

Now he wants to be fucked.


Jaejoong raises his head to look over his shoulder at the sleeping children before ducking down to whisper against Yunho’s ear.

“Where’s the other mattress?”

Yunho’s smirks in the darkness as he rubs circles over the man’s ass, ghosting his long fingers down his crack. “Why?”

“I don’t think we can stay in the room.”

“Why is that?” Yunho asks, knowing full well what the answer is.

“Must I spell it out?”

Yunho chuckles lowly, hearing a note of petulance in Jaejoong’s voice. “I thought you told me not to think about it?”

“Well, I damn well want you to think about it now!”

Yunho moves abruptly, flipping them over, ignoring the twinge in his ass as he pins the older man to the bed, leering down at him in the dim light. “Do you want more?”

“Fuck you.”

“All you had to do was ask, love.”

“I know all your favourite spots…” Jaejoong breathes out, tongue licking at Yunho’s mouth.

Yunho ducks his head with a groan, pressing his mouth against Jaejoong’s, a tongue-thrusting kiss that serves to tell the man exactly what he can expect to be done to him. His tongue mimics the act, and the low moan pulled from Jaejoong’s throat makes him smile.

He cups his cheek, pulling him away, his smile widening as the older man whines at the loss of his mouth.

The captain nips at those pillowy lips, so lush and wet, and erotic as hell without even trying to be. Hero Jaejoong drives him crazy, no doubt about it.

“Sing it again,” he demands.

Jaejoong complies instantly.

”I know all your favourite spots…

“…and tonight we will connect the dots.”

AN1: LMAO… Did you see the sneaky crossover? I’m terrible, I’m sorry. I’m way too lazy to create new characters in an already insanely crowded fic, so I’m using someone most of you are already familiar with. We know how good a family lawyer Kim Jihyo is ;-) And she is married to an excellent entertainment lawyer too… :P

AN2: Btw, if you don’t think your parents fucked while y’all were asleep in the room…you are totally kidding yourselves :P And any complaints about the pairing, please take it to your own personal journal and leave it off mine. You know what the pairings are in this fic, and it’s already ch24 so if you’re still “surprised” then I really don’t know what to say anymore… OTL
Tags: fic:ice, nc17, pairing:jaeho, pairing:yunjae

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