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Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: Ouchie...
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: LMAO… Those who follow me on Twitter know where this came from. Changmin injured himself on Cool Kiz and I was in the middle of writing ICE but then Minnie Ball IS REALLY FUCKING LOUD so I answered his howling and you get a drabble ;-) Wrote it in half an hour so i'm sorry in advance for mistakes!

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

Minnieball fat lip

“Minnie! Be careful!” Jiyool shouts after her baby brother who is running full tilt ahead of her over the uneven brick laid path. He is chasing his ball, as are the twins, and all four of them are heading towards their parents and their sister. JJ had opted out of the ball game, preferring to sit with their parents to give them a blow by blow account of her audition for the school choir. They are in the same park they got into trouble in just the previous week for escaping into the large storm drain to pick flowers for their then sick baby brother.

Jung Changmin is anything but sick now, his stocky frame chasing after his older brothers, squealing madly as he tries to catch up with their much longer legs.

And then it happens.

His foot snags on a portruding bit of brick, and he goes tumbling.

Head over heels.

For what feels like forever to the six year old Jiyool.

Her feet pumps faster, running as if her life depends on it, as her brother sits up and starts to wail.

She sees a spot of red on his face, and young Jiyoolie herself starts to cry as she gets to her brother first, well before her other siblings and her parents.

Little Minnie is wailing something fierce, tearful and angry, pounding his heels at the offending ground as he turns towards her with his pouty mouth smeared with blood.

Jiyool has no idea what to do, staring at her brother, both of them crying at each other as her Mama and Daddy both appear.

“Oh, baby.” Jaejoong picks up the little ball of hurt, wiping gently at his mouth, making the irritated toddler even angrier as he squirms, trying to get away.

Minnie is very angry with the ground. Here he was, minding his own business and chasing after his brothers and his ball that they have taken from him, when the ground decided to hit him. He is very angry with the ground indeed as he squawks at it. His mouth hurts, but he is far more annoyed at losing at his game with his brothers.

“Ball! Mama, ball!”

“I think he’s alright,” Yunho murmurs, stroking his hand over his son’s forehead, pushing his hair back as he examines the damage alongside his wife. His other hand has already snagged his oldest daughter, holding her face against his hip as she cries quietly. Two hands stroke his children’s hair, knowing that they will both be fine soon enough.

“Minnie want ball!”

“Does he even know he fell?” Jaejoong asks, frowning slightly as he finds the source of the blood. His toddler’s little teeth had cut into his top lip when he fell, and even as he looks at it, his son’s already pouty mouth is growing poutier still.

“Ball, Mama!”

“Here’s your ball!” Junsu, the younger twin gingerly holds up the blue ball, looking distressed as he eyes his younger brother. He’s had many falls before from playing, and he knows blood when he sees it. He is feeling bad because it was him who had kicked Minnie’s ball away and made him chase after it.

Jaejoong lowers himself slowly to the ground, as his children crowd around him. Yunho too lowers himself, and yet again, for the second time in a week, they find themselves talking to their children in the middle of a park, sitting on damp grass rather than the perfectly good picnic mat over by the wayside.

“Mama, Susu is sorry…”

The young man immediately looks up, cupping his son’s cheek and shaking his head. “Nothing to be sorry for, baby. Minnie is ok.”

Yoochun, the older twin has settled himself immediately opposite his Mama, staring at his baby brother’s face. Said baby brother is far more interested in his ball though, holding it and examining it closely, as if trying to find fault with the ball his older brother has just given him.

“My ball?” He turns to Junsu who looks on the verge of tears. The older boy nods, and he smiles, though it falters almost immediately as the pain on his mouth finally hits him.

“Mama!” His voice is indignant. His mama touched his mouth earlier and now it hurts, so it must be mama’s fault.

“What’s wrong with his mouth?” Yoochun asks, peering a little closer at the toddler. He reaches out a hand, and before anyone can stop him, he pokes at the baby’s fat upper lip.

Cue the howling.

Like JJ and Junsu, Changmin is blessed with a set of pipes straight from his Mama, and boy can the baby howl.

Yunho can’t move to help his wife, his lap full of his daughters who are watching quietly. JJ is singing under her breath, trying to soothe her older sister who is still tearfully hiccuping, feeling responsible for the whole mess.

The Jung family are a woeful sight indeed with three children crying, for Junsu has now joined in, along with two more confused children.

“Hush, love. It’s ok.” Jaejoong pulls his youngest son tight against his chest. The movement causes the toddler to drop his ball, which is caught by Junsu before it rolls away. The younger twin sits behind his older brother, hugging the boy from behind, hiding his face behind his shoulder as he sniffles.

“Mama!” Changmin bellows loudly. “Chunnie hit!”

The youngest is also the best at tattling.

“No baby, Chunnie didn’t hit you. You had a fall remember?”

But Minnie is not about to listen to reason, shaking his head wildly from side to side bellowing indignantly.

At a loss for once, for Jaejoong isn’t feeling very well himself having caught whatever bug Changmin had the previous week, he digs out his mirror from his back pocket.

He pops it open, showing his son his reflection.

Changmin is about to launch into full voice once again when he catches sight of his reflection and stops short.

The only sound left in the peaceful green glade is the quiet hiccups of Jiyool, and the sniffling of Junsu.

All eyes are on the youngest and Jung.

Changmin stares at himself, reaching out with both hands to grab the mirror from his Mama’s hand. He peers into his reflection, reaching out a finger to poke at the reflection, only to find a cool mirror rather than firm flesh.

Not to be daunted, and rather bright for his age, he realises what it is, and his hand moves to his mouth instead.

Half of his upper lip is swollen to almost twice its usual size. And he pokes a fat finger at it curiously.

The mirror drops immediately as he starts to howl once again, though this time he really has no one to blame but himself.

But then again, Changmin never blames himself for anything when he has someone more convenient to land the blame on.

“Ouchie, Mama! Ouchie!”

AN: Did I pass drabble school? ;-)
Tags: drabble, fic:sleeping beauty, g

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  • Falling In Love

  • Daemons

    Just a photo dump for this fic cos I don't use a photo hosting site hah. Maybe I'm just too used to LJ...compared to AO3 anyway.…

  • So I am writing again

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