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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: Trouble
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, angst, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: Well…guess what muses want to play? ;-)

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

SB Trouble

“But, Dad—“

“Don’t, Jung Changmin. Don’t even try to justify your behaviour. I am extremely disappointed in you right now.” Yunho’s voice is sharp, anger lacing every word as he marches to the car leaving his thirteen year old son to trail after him.

Changmin pouts, hooking his thumbs behind the straps of his backpack as he follows his father. He is rather glad his father had waited till they were out of the office before he had let fly at him, but it still stings. And really, he still doesn’t think he’s in the wrong.

If only his father would let him explain…

Yunho slams the door of the Audi, and Changmin goes to open the passenger seat next to his father, but a sharp, in the back has him shutting the door quietly and getting in the back seat as instructed.

So his father is a lot angrier than he thought possible.

But the whole thing is rather stupid to begin with.

He didn’t mean to miss the bus.

He definitely didn’t really mean to enter the girl’s bathroom.

He absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, did not mean to steal.

And he sure as heck didn’t mean to get caught.

But he most certainly meant to trail his sister.

That’s what he’s been trying to explain to his father, if only the man would listen.


“Not now, Changmin.”


“I said, enough!” the man roars, stunning his son who sits back, staring at his father in the rearview mirror. The man’s eyes are covered by a thick pair of shades, giving Changmin no chance to look into his father’s eyes.

But the man’s tone is more than enough, and Changmin pouts, crossing his arms across his chest as he stares out the window.

“Do you have any idea how frantic you made everyone?”

Silence from the back seat, Changmin jaw is set in a mutinous line, as he stares out of the window, determined to ignore his father. If the man won’t listen, why should he answer?

“When your brothers called home telling your mama you were missing from school, how do you think he felt?”

Changmin frowns, biting his lower lip, but still refusing to answer. Really, what does his father expect him to say? No matter how many times he says he didn’t mean to miss the bus, it will still mean nothing because the damage has already been done.

“I’ll tell you how he felt, Jung Changmin. He just about fainted. The last time you were missing from school, was the worst time of his life, and mine, and I know you don’t remember it but you just put your mama through that hell all over again.”

Changmin has heard about this particular blank period of his life. No one he asks wants to tell him what happened, but all are united in the fact that it was bad enough to scar all of them for life. Jiyool had told him once that she is extremely glad he doesn’t remember, and she wants no part in reminding him of it because even the memory makes her want to cry. JJ pointed out too that it’s one of the reasons why their mama always drops everything to run to him whenever he calls. She says their mama loves them all, but that he is special because of what happened.

And yet, she refuses to tell him about it too.

What makes him so damn special that missing from school for half a day warrants being yelled at like this? He is thirteen, already taller than his brothers. He doesn’t need protection, does he? It’s not like anyone would dare to kidnap him anyway. Oh wait…

“Was I kidnapped?”

“What!?” Yunho whirls around, staring incredulously at his son.

“The reason why everyone panics when I go missing. Is it because I was kidnapped as a baby?”

“No, you weren’t kidnapped.” Yunho bites out. “Though I almost wish you had been because it would have been less painful,” he utters under his breath. “At least we would have known you were alive.”

“Did I die?”

“You didn’t die!” Yunho roars again, stunning his son into silence.

Dear god, what happened? His father is prickly as hell. Of course he didn’t die since he is here now. Why is he overreacting so much? Changmin wasn’t actually serious with his question.

The rest of the drive is silent, Changmin confused, his belly churning from the strange vibe from his father. The man is still angry, and the teenager really feels it isn’t justified. The whole thing was a comedy of errors from the get go, and all because he thought he saw his sister with some boy.

No, correction.

He did see his sister with some boy.

Changmin scowls at the memory of seeing his Yoolie laughing with some boy at the the theme park. There had been no time to tell the twins about it, because they were all being called to board the buses. The twins were on a separate bus from him anyway, Junsu opting to sit with his soccer mates, and Yoochun of course goes where Junsu goes. Changmin usually goes with them too, but he needed to speak to his homeroom teacher about something, and she was on another bus.

His phone chooses that moment to go flat as well, adding to the chaos.

Changmin really didn’t mean to get left behind.

As for the bathroom, how was he supposed to know there were two exits? He saw Yoolie entering it, but he never saw her exit, and so he thought to check it out.

Well, how was he supposed to know it doubled as a changing room too? The park’s security had been called, and only some very quick talking on his part had gotten him out of that mess.

Yoolie is a very hard person to follow, and the boy with her made it doubly hard. Changmin had almost managed to get him good and proper at the souvenir shop, tripping him up on purpose and everything, but then Yoolie had come back. He knows his sister would probably box his ears for being such an ass to her so-called friend, and so he grabbed the nearest thing he could find to hide his face as he ducked out of the shop.

That “thing” happened to be some stupid gold painted limited edition fan.

Really, who pays almost 200,000 won for a stupid fan?

At an amusement park no less?

In the chaos of being chased, Yoolie had disappeared with the stupid boy into parts unknown.

Changmin’s day had not been a very good one, and if only his father would let him explain. He knows the man is of the same mind as him about Yoolie or JJ with any boys.

Boys are bad.

Changmin knows this because he is a boy, and if any boy thinks of his sisters the way he sometimes accidentally thinks of those pretty kpop girls, he is going to beat them into the ground.

He is jerked from his reverie rather abruptly when his door is yanked open and he is hauled out by a strong fist around the front of his tee shirt. The collar digs painfully into the back of his neck, and he is about to open his mouth to protest loudly when he gets a good look at the person who just dragged him out of the car.

Oh dear god what happened?

His mama’s eyes are red, swollen almost shut as he runs his hands almost frantically over Changmin’s face.

The teenager is unable to say a word, too shocked at his mama’s features to be able to react as he stares at the beautiful man who is whispering under his breath.

It takes him a few tries but he finally makes out what the man is saying.

You’re alive…oh god you’re alive…oh my god you’re alive…you’re alive.


Jaejoong starts crying again as he hears that voice. That same, small, hoarse voice calling for him. Oh god he didn’t fail his son again, did he?

Changmin is scared now, as he watches his strong mama fall apart right in front of his eyes. He gingerly pulls the man towards him, trying to offer whatever comfort he can even as he looks around for his father.

His daddy will be able to fix his mama.

He sees his father standing off to the side, just as his mama pulls him into a hug that borders on painful. He tries to move, but the grip just tightens. It’s like that plant in Harry Potter, the more he struggles, the tighter he gets bound.

Unfortunately, he doubts yelling the spell for sunlight would get him out of this embrace.

And even as he thinks it, he is let go, a tight hand squeezing his jaw painfully as his mama squints at him through slitted eyelids.

The man’s grip is painful, just as his hug was, but Changmin stands still, staring at his mama who is staring at him, as if trying to memorise his face.

“Don’t you ever do this again, Jung Changmin. You do not wander off, just for the hell of it. You do not let your phone run out of battery halfway through the day when there are all manners of gadgets available on the market to portably charge your phone. You do not be irresponsible enough not to call me the first chance you got when you realised what had happened. I raised you to be mindful of other people, not to disregard everyone the way you just did today.”


“Nothing you can say can justify your behaviour today. You are grounded for two weeks. You will do your brothers’ chores for them for these two weeks on top of having no television and video games, because you scared them almost as much as you scared me. I don’t think I’m ever going to recover from this.”

“Mama! Don’t you think you’re overreacting?”

“Changmin, I thought I lost you today. No one could tell me anything worth a damn. All your school did was tell me you were missing, explaining they were trying to find you. Even your brothers had no idea what happened. When you have a child of your own, and that child goes missing, you come back and tell me that I’m overreacting.”

The teenager knows it is futile to argue. His mama is right. He should have called home at the very least.

He sighs, allowing his mama to pull him up towards the house.

His father falls into step on his other side, putting his own arm around his shoulders. The heavy arm of the man whose anger had been palpable in the car. Changmin now knows why, and his eyes prick with tears at having scared his parents so. The look on his mama’s face, the way his eyes were almost swollen shut from crying so hard is something he will have to live with. His parents trust him and his siblings to behave in a rational manner, and to think about others and to examine the consequences of their actions.

Changmin hadn’t given anyone any thought that afternoon. A just turned thirteen year old really should have more care. He figures none of his siblings ever scared his parents the way he just did.

He sighs loudly, getting a squeeze about the shoulders from his father, and a squeeze about the waist from his mama.

“I’m sorry, mama…daddy.”

“We know, Min-ah.”

“I won’t do it again.”

“Yes, you will.” His mama answers. “God help me, I’m sure you will do this again some how. And if it isn’t you, it’ll be one of the twins, or even all of them, or JJ or Yoolie.”

Changmin squares his jaw, vowing firmly in his mind never to make his mama cry again.

He made his mama cry that night when he told her about Yoolie and the mystery boy.

AN: Lol, finishing ICE has let the dam holding back my other muses free apparently.

Aw, poor Minnie!
and omg poor Jaejoong
I wonder if Minnie will ever find out about being left in the car
maybe when he's older

Love these little shots
keep them coming!

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woahh you are on a roll arent you! thats like what, 5 updates in two days?! impressive :o
poor Changminnie, i feel for him i really do, but nothing can compare to how much i feel for Jaejoong having to go through this for a second time - even if it was to a lesser degree :3
on another note, its so weird that they're all so grown up and Jiyool is with a boy already ahhhh! they'll always be babies to me ;__;

Well... nice morning update for me
haha I didn't mean to but I'm tearing up again
Poor Minnie and the rest of the Jungs D:
oh if you feel like continuing this (yoolie and that boy) omg please write
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Changmin is growing up...huhu
N he didnt remember the incident when he was just a baby...huhu
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This was great!!!! When I read the title I though it was about the twins when they got in trouble. I love your Changmin centered stories and hope they keep coming! More!!!!

I was hoping for this story when i saw the picture up on your twitter, and here it is. Thank you!!!!!!

I know how changmin felt... I mean I pass through a thing like that when I was a little girl n my parents told me it's the worst thing ever they pass through as parents...so I kind of understand yunjae feelings too... I totally love ur SB drabbles!!! *hugs*

Poor Jaejoong...he must be worried...he will always blame himself...
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