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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: Trouble
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, angst, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: Well…guess what muses want to play? ;-)

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

SB Trouble

Was I kidnapped?Collapse )

Ngh, it's painful to remember because that oneshot was probably the saddest and scariest of the SB oneshots.
Jae and Yunho still being scarred by it so many years later shows the depth of their love.
I worry that if Changmin does find out, he will get upset with Jaejoong. I definitely would be saddened by that.
But the picture was absolutely adorable.
Pouting Min!

Loved it!!!
The first fic I've read of all your stories was Sleeping Beauty and I fell in love with Minnie ball, he's perfect!!!
Thanks for another magnificent drabble!!!

Minnieball all grown up!!! (OK not all...)

Did you have a drabble on what happened to Min when he was younger?
and omg 'did i die?'

Thanks for writing

the only thing in my mind right now is hotangry!yunho is HOT
and the last part is lol!
minnie yah, dont scare your mama like that again~

The poor Jung's they will never get over the trauma, but then again poor Minnie has no idea what's going on. You are really spoiling us this week with all these updates:) I love when the SB muses get you to write these little gems, thanks!

LOL Minnie you're too much... I think Jae's reaction is very real, because I had a son and when I thought I lost him for 30 seconds to find he's with my sister I almost yelled in the park and that's the only time I let go of him because when he's with me, I don't care if he's 6 now I would still hold his hand... That great tragedy when Minnie is left in the car really scared me... thanks for the drabbles for SB..

So cute, "forgotten" makes me cried that day,
SB verse always got my soft spot,
Always adore your story dear,
Thank you (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

Aww, the kids are all growing up. I feel like I raised them.

Awwww I wouldn't want him to remember that incident either. That made me cry so much. Lol the pic was very helpful :)))

poor minnie, getting scolded... but jaejoong and yunho have the right to do so... considering what had happened to him before... that was such a painful memory. :(((((

i think he should've gotten a chance to explain his side... but in the end he did get to anyway~ making jaejoong cry again in the process~^^

Thanks for writing this fic.I really like sleeping beauty.it feels like Iam there watching them I really like family themed fics and add yunjae it would be wonderfull.thanks for writing.

That picture is gold. Changmin actually does look like a chastised teenager!

And the real question is... WHO WAS YOOLIE WITH?

Today is really not Changmin's day. I could understand his frustration on not being given the chance to explain and how wronged he felt cause he's only trying to follow his Yoolie out of protectiveness. Poor guy, he really didn't expect to send his whole family into panic mode especially his Mama and Daddy. Poor Jaejoong, finding out his Minnie was missing really made him relive the worst time of his life again =.="

I wonder if Jaejoong is crying in happiness or sadness over the news of Yoolie and the mysterious boy.

Edited at 2013-08-08 02:16 pm (UTC)

ok who the hell is tht boy with yoolie??
why jae cry after minnie tell him abt the boy??