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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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What next?



LITI dead

Less than seven hours since the poll started, it's 93 votes for AINI and 105 votes for LITI lol!!! I guess y'all are as torn as I am.

HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?! Y'all need to help me omg... read more belowCollapse )

yes like i told u in prev. poll i choose ice because i want liti to be updated. after that i'll love to see aini updates hehehe.

I like AINI better and want to read this story more.

LITI please ... Unless the AINI muse ties you up first. I have such band feels most of the time.

I chose LITI for the same reason I did with Ice but I'm not completing whatever you decide :D

Nice pictures you use here nicky sii..LITI pict really freaking sexy,but I like AINI more,because the pict really sweet,and fluff,and jae really looks cute..
I hope u post AINI first,because LITI plot seems more heavy than AINI.and I really like to read yunho feels so confuse about jae,but so hard to refuse and oh so addictive to him.and it's a little hard to remember who become who in LITI,I've feels familiar with ice character,and to imagine Lee Yeon Hee become Ji Hye,or Ah In and Joong Ki become Anyang Halla Player teammates just...dunno,hard to imagine it..
That's why I like AINI more than LITI...but it's up to you Nicky,you're the author..I really happy if you choose to post TT drabble too,I thirst to read jae!kitten and yun!yakuza prince..follow your heart,and don't make our musses become your decision..

LITI, because it feeds my very selfish fantasy that they will somehow, someday find their way back to each other. However, either story will make me happy:)

AINI pretty please......

AINI atm. Not entirely sure why but I love that story just a tiny bit more. Possibly for a few reasons:
1) To some degree fanfics of Yunjae reuniting have been done and even though reading them tends to make me feel good every time it also makes my heart cry a little at the thought that they may not have/may never reunite (I tend to swing between the camp of thought that they have already made up and that they haven't).
2)I'm really really really curious to see what Jae's story in AINI is.
3) Although the characters you've written for Jae and Yunho in AINI are still essentially their characters, they're also very different to your other characters whilst I feel LITI and ICE characters have more similarities to each other (compared to any of your other fics) and to real life
Honestly that sexy picture of Yunjae above almost made me want to say LITI cause I can just imagine that concert and the reactions and I would never say no to either story cause your writings always amazing either way but I've got AINI feels atm. I now I should really get back to doing some god damn work instead of trying to analyze my nicki fanfic cravings, no matter how good a procrastination it is. otherwise i'm sure I'll start just reading fanfic soon.

Edited at 2013-08-09 11:17 am (UTC)

Even though i really love both, but i think that you should start updating AINI first, because it stopped just when things were developping into sthg special...
I love Yunho and JJ there! The dependence between them is really cute, and the fact that both started healing each other of their demons just by being around each other is really sweet!
I like tortured characters, and you did very well in showing that in AINI!

Edited at 2013-08-09 11:27 am (UTC)

My good-for-nothing LJ app deleted my long ass comment, but maybe it was for good measure. I'll brief it up this time. AINI because I love that plot. We have an idea how LITI will be because of ICE (though really, with you we don't really know). I moan to highschool!YunJae, and The Tattooist gave me AINI feels. LITI and all its band fic angst can wait. I'll enjoy whatever muses you can catch. Ciao. ;)

AINI. Even though it was very hard to choose because I really like LITI, I think I like aini better(I'm into cute JJ and bad boy Yunho)and I'm really curious about what'll happen!

I still vote for AINI because LITI is not really a mystery since though it's TVXQ with ICE but even the story can be expected from TVXQ's real personality as well as the ICE fic but I am honestly intrigued with AINI as the plot & characters' development. Plus you left AINI quite hanging LOL and I've been in pain ever since. AINI is really different from a majority of your YunJae fics & I like that. Makes it unexpected & really wonderful to see what's your real plan for YunJae and how you're going to go about writing AINI.
P/S: I'll admit that I'm just seriously in love with AINI. It's my second most favorite after SB. But just go with your muse, whichever you decide to entertain.

This is a super hard one. I love LITI, and I'm super curious what's gonna happen next. I'm especially looking forward to some awkward times during the actual filming. I can already feel that delicious tension that only yunjae can bring.
However, I think there's just something so special about the development of yunjae in AINI. I was pretty much hooked right from the start of this fic. I've been itching for an update. Trying to be a good girl and wait patiently.

I voted for AINI because I really really liked this fic, but if you update LITI it's fine for me too...

somehow, I'm lot really sure wether the poll will help you to chose, it's almost 50/50 XDDD

i have been waiting for aini for who knows how long. as much as i know jaejoong likes yunho back i really want to see yunho's feelings being reciprocated in the same blatant manner. i want jaejoong to want yunho so bad he'll throw caution to the wind and claim yunho. i know he does in his own way but i feel that everyone is attracted to jaejoong and that in some way i get frustrated (for some reason i do, can't figure out why) that for jaejoong to win yunho is practically a close case with no competition. i just want yunho to be at a point that he knows there is no competition for him too and to the extent that jaejoong is willing to let go his fears. plus, with jaejoong despite not knowing what is his true source of fear we can see the effect. yunho seems like someone who just do nothing while acknowledging his source; i really want to see the full extent of how screwed up he is. after all it is a big thing to carry on the guilt of thinking you murdered someone for more than a decade. i am rambling. i just want aini so much i guess. thanks for your lovely writing