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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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What next?



LITI dead

Less than seven hours since the poll started, it's 93 votes for AINI and 105 votes for LITI lol!!! I guess y'all are as torn as I am.

HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?! Y'all need to help me omg... read more belowCollapse )

Here's my stupid comment: AINI because I miss highschool!YunJae. As much as I love LITI, you just finished up with ICE, and I feel LITI is an extension of it (a massive "drabble" of it if you may). The story is fresh in our minds. I think we'll be ok if you continue with AINI. Honestly The Tattooist gave me AINI feels the beginning anyway. Maybe I prefer AINI cause it's less angsty than LITI. I'll enjoy whatever muses you can catch.

I preffer SB or TT but the. Again I don't care as long as you write it..so its all good ill read everything anyways

AINI......Two lost souls finding each other.......two damaged individuals saving each other......it's such a compelling story...... I really want to know that they make it !

LITI PLEASEEE! I was about to virtually scream "LITI" and your picture just convinced me more>< omg I miss the sexual tension, AINI is extremely cute and all but I miss LITI's heat >< so I vote for LITI:)

I really really really wish you'd update AINI.
Jae was getting all touchy feely with Yunho in the last chapter and I can't wait to see what's going to happen when they wake up. Besides, I'm very curious as to what will Hyorin do when she comes back.
tbh, AINI is exactly my kind of fic, unlike LITI I've been there from the start and it means alot to me on a personal level not to mention that I miss it like hell (I've lost count on how many times I've re-read those six chapters >w<)... So yeah, I hope you'll chose your AINI muse. God knows, the poor thing's been ignored so many times already T-T

i choose AINI, why? well i kinda dislike band!fic hahhaha.. but i still read LITI bc you are the one who wrote it.. ^^

but if you ask.. well i definitely choose AINI. i really want to know how YH manages his fragile JJ and how JJ changes for his YH.. AU fic is definitely my chose tbh.. YJ real life is hard enough.. hahaha so yeah AINI!! yeay!

SB, ICE, and TT.. YJ has a completely different characters. and i totally falling in love HARD with three of them, so i'd love to know how you manages to makes me mesmerized for countless time again in AINI

JJ's character in AINI is totally opposites with JJ's character in your fics.. usually you made JJ's character as a fine and independent young man like SB.. or a wicked and proudly man in ICE.. even cheerful and carefree boy like in TT.. but JJ in AINI? he's weak.. fragile.. broken.. hopeless.. different.. and i really want to see JJ become more stronger along with YH

AINI!!!! ^^

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I choose AINI. Something about that fic,that it is just so heartbreaking and heartwarming in the same time. I can't imagine how hard it is to write it because of the first person perspective but that it is the exact reason why it feels so real.

LITI... Coz I miss the real YunJae...
When will they meet IN PUBLIC... OTL

LITI bcoz of the picture kekeke

U__U wae wae!!! with those I couldn.t chose >_<
I love both fics so any update would make me happy *_*
hope ur ok!!! love from Peru!! ♥♥♥

I really really love both of them.
And I too, am a little bit conflicted with what I want updated.

I chose to go with AINI though.

The thing is, is that there are a great number of real-life/lawsuit YunJae fics out there already. Although you have a different take from everyone else, there's an element of predictability and commonness fics like LITI has. For example, we know the characters' history and we can sort of read what they're going to do next (based on their character in real life), etc etc.. Plus, we already have some clue where this is going because of its reference to ICE.

AINI is something that I come across more rarely. Yes, there are a share of high school and damaged!YunJae fanfics, but this one leaves me guessing and I guess, it makes me more excited. I love your fics because their plots have that natural but mysterious feel to it.

I've been craving for original, appropriately heavy/light, and feels inducing fics and AINI has those elements played out really well imo. The way YunJae's relationship unfolds comes out well and yet it leaves me wanting to know more about them, and you write them in a way that I'm having fun with their current interactions as I find out more about the story. It's not frustrating to read, still, it's compelling enough to leave you craving for more. :p

Just my two cents. Either way, i'll be happy though. I'm pretty sure your muses will act up, so I hope it comes to you soon.

Edited at 2013-08-09 05:06 pm (UTC)

considering that i only read chapter 6 of AINI... my vote wet for LITI
i'll read AINI... eventually :)

I would like LITI to be completed first between the two.
But the fic that I would like you to continue next is not AINI.

I want to know how Forsaken ends ^_~
Can you work on that next after LITI?

Love in the Ice, pretty please *changmin's smirk*

Ah such a tough choice, I love them both! I was torn, but I chose AINI because broken!Jae really tugged at my heartstrings. That picture for LITI though... I had to stare at it for a while LOL so hot! Almost made me change my mind ;) so yah I'll be happy either way. Whichever muse gets you first!