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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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What next?



LITI dead

Less than seven hours since the poll started, it's 93 votes for AINI and 105 votes for LITI lol!!! I guess y'all are as torn as I am.

Ok so ICE is done. I know that last poll had AINI beat LITI but I wonder if that's a fluke because most who would vote for LITI voted for ICE since i've mentioned before that I wouldn't write LITI unless ICE is done.

I have a feeling LITI will win tbh, but my muses are really torn right now (TT and SB are also jumping but i'm flat out ignoring them for now) so those who want AINI, comment on why, please? I turned off comments for literally the whole stretch of AINI so idek what the response is for that fic. I was more than surprised though at how many voted for it, so yeah... I love AINI but it is a damn hard fic to write because it's first person and writing it makes me die inside a little...

So let's see which muse I can grab from frolicking in the field this time. Y'all have the whole weekend since my husband's brothers are here and i'm busy till Monday. AINI has the advantage of comments this time though so even if LITI wins the poll, AINI might get written...

Who knows? :O


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First i've been waiting for yunjae waking up with boners and not knowing what to do about it XD
Second, i like LITI, but i prefer AINI, it's the only fic you've written so far where yunjae being intimately close is highly improbable. I like this concept =D

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