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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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*hugs u* i hope ur dad get well soon. i know how it feels when our parents got sick. take ur time, i hope everything's alright.

Awww nikki. my prayers for ur dad. hope everything is ok. Yes, u made da rite decision to go btw. believe me... Be back safe nikki! :)

I hope your dad is ok. Take care of your family first. I will be praying for his recovery.

hope your dad be fine. take your time we are going to miss you.

I hope everything turns out well. I will send positive thoughts and well wishes

Travel safely and keep positive I hope evething turns out well.

hope you dead will get better soon
take care

I'm with you, Nikki!!!
Big hug!!!
Dios los acompañe!!!

I hope all's went well.
dont forget to take care of yourself..

Wish a fast recovery to your dad!
Make him rest and cheer him up!
HWAITING and see you soon!

nahh,it's okay, as you said on every fic:family comes first :)
hope your father get well very soon :)

i hope your dad will be alright
hope the best for your dad :)

Have a safe flight and hope ur dad will be alright!

You being on hiatus is understandable tho .. family first! :).. hope your dad will be fine :)

Sending hugs and prayers for you and your family. I hope everything will be alright.