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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Take the time you need. Hope he is safe, n gets better soon.
You take care too. We will find a ton of nsfw pics for you to enjoy :-)

i hope everything goes well and you stay strong for your mum and dad.
take all the time you need Nikki, do whatever you have to do.
have a safe flight!

omo hope your did will be alright, will pray for him, have a safe trip and get well soon to your dad

hope that everything is okay with your dad! prayers to your dad and family ♥

Have a save flight dear,
Hopefully your father will recovery soon,
Everything's gonna be alright dear, take your time, parents always come first in my life, I know what you feel, you got our support here,

Hopefully everything will turn out good :)

I am so sorry to hear that about your father! Hopefully everything will be alright very soon. Travel safely, and I am sure we will all still be here waiting for your return!

Sorry to hear this, I hope your dad gets well soon!

hope everything is gonna be okay,dear.
keep strong, okay?^^

I hope nothing but the best for your father's health. I will include your family in my prayers. Take your time and be with your family.

I lost my father recently & my biggest regret was that I was not able to fly out and see him before he passed because his illness didn't seem too serious at first.
I hope your father will be okay. You'll be in my prayers.

Hope all goes well with your family. Take care! Safe trip. :))

Hope your father is alright and get well soon.

Hope your dad will be okay. Don't worry too much about Yun-oppa. We'll keep tabs on him for you. I'll help pray for your dad's recovery. Take care and come back soon.

I hope ur dad will be okay..have a nice trip,I'll miss you :)