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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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D: Hope your dad is okay Nicki.

i hope youre dad gonna be fine soon..be safe n fighting!!!!

i hope your dad gets well soon! please also take care. :)

I just read this then a few more on twitter I hope ur dad is doing doing fine...and I do hope ur getting rest too. I mean u had just been back and forth traveling for work then got sick and now traveling again. Although we know it can't be helped. I just hope everything goes well. Regards to ur family!

take all the time you need. i hope your dad is going to be okay and it was nothing serious. best of luck. :)

awww. it's okay eonnie. i hope your dad's gonna get well soon. stay strong! /sends TLC/

Nicki, you keep safe. Hope your dad gets well soon.

All my prayers are with you and your family. Take care.

be safe too Nicki... and I hope your Dad gets better soon and it won't get more serious that it already is...
I'll pray for your Dad's, for you and for everyone you love's safety and healthy...
don't be too hard on yourself and please take care of your health too... we will always be here to wait for you... ^^
until you came back... keep safe Nicki... <3

hope u had a safe flight n
I hope ur father gets well *hugs*