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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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All I Need Is... [7]
Title: All I Need Is...
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: High School fic, Angst
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED.

Summary: He fears the darkness, but yet hides in it. Shadows follow him wherever he goes whether awake or asleep. No one knows him, yet everyone knows of him. Everyone except another boy in his year. A rebel without a cause some say. Two boys who don’t know the existence of the other, until a chance encounter under the bright moonlight as they both search for the one thing they need that they cannot seem to get.

AN1: I think there needs to be a Nikki definition for hiatus the way there are “Nikki drabbles” OTL

AN2: I wrote this within the battery life of my MacBook Air on the plane… All mistakes are mine, especially since there was a great deal of turbulence!


You say you can't be touched and yet I can touch you.Collapse )

Your thought about LITI's angst is too real is really same as mine why I choose AINI for now.. AINI is an AU, so I still can handle it fine enough.. But LITI? Well damn, it's too hurts.. Lol

One of the reason I love AINI bc I can't guesses what will happens next to their relationship.. And that excites me more..

Thanks for choosing AINI to update first ^^

thank u for update even in this kind of situation.
hope your dada can get better soon :)

I voted for AINI, just so you know! :D
Anyway, I read some of the comments above and a couple of people are wondering about Yunho's nightmare. I really think you guys should reread the previous chapters or read more closely next time. js :)
And the alarm clock didn't work, gdmt.

Well-wishes to your dad. :)

first time reading this. i really like the story, damn this is so good.. like in dramas yet better because it's written and i can actually grasp every feeling of the role. thank you for the good story :)

The line about the broken helping the shattered just about sums the pair up. They can only do so much for the other and that must make them feel helpless. Best wishes to you and Thank you.

This..This was breathtakingly beautiful

The chemistry was just starting to turn for the better and then yunho in his vulnerable state bursts.....

Update soon I'll be waiting patiently

Omg yes ! I love this story so damn much

Read this in one go~ Or at least I tried to read it in one go... haha. I was very adamant on reading this though so I was like... eff everything. I am such a sucker for High School AUs... I don't know why OTL.

I am enjoying this a lot, despite the angst. I lvoe the protection that Yunho is showing towards Jaejoong and how they find comfort from their demons when they're with each other. I really look forward to how they'll be able to shake off everything they've gone through and learn to move on from their past. Looking forward to an update for this fic ^^.

I loved this fic from the very first chapter...I don't understand why u hate first person fics, u're doing great job... It's really really amazing... more emotional... and u can draw for us great person as u always do. I mean, with first person fics u can express so much many thing, emotions, feeling, thoughts... everything. and u are doing it just great... I even can't tell.. I was searching school period fics, I mean good fics not silly, but as usual they are silly... I'm just so happy that u start writing it ^^

yeeeeeaaaah, I'm waiting for new update oooh so much... I'm craving of this...

sorry for my numerous mistakes... English isn't my mother language.. I just hope I express my feeling good enough..

P.S. I"m reading ur fics just until yet I haven't had a chance to comment.. first I didn't have an account, second I'm reading in my freaking, dumbass phone (I think it's ancient already) and can't register or do many thing from it but can read and reading though I tweet u sometimes... yeaaah, It's me - lover of smut chapters of ICE... lol :D :D :D :D

oh, so many I write... don't kill me, pleaase... sorry... really waiting fro this updates with all of my heart really...

I love this fic. I already read it twice and I hope you will find some muses between Jungs ones to write more.
It's amazing.

re-read it for like the hundredth time!
the chemistry between yunho and jaejoong here is just amazing.
they fit each other perfectly!
everytime I read the last chapter I can't help but think of what could happen next and it's killing me!
I hope that you will update this fic soon!!!

As I said, they will heal each other.
Perfect description of those trubled dreams. Just perfect. The fact that they could sleep so much when being together is meaningful and they both should understand what happened to them. They should understand that they are each other's chance to cast away their past and nightmares. They are each other's chance to live and love...

Their families should understand this and give them a hand. Yunho's father should communicate better with his son and tell him that he loves him but he didn't know how to do it so far.

My sweet authorssi, please think about continuing this wonderful fic and give us a happy YunJae ending.

I miss this story... how deep the feelings are... I miss YunJae completing each other so fully like in this story ♡

Hello!!! I haven't been around for a while. I have so much reading to catch up with... I hope you're not giving up on this BEAUTIFUL story! It id one of my favorites in this journal.
Keep up the good work. It's a pleasure to read your stories

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Ok, I am going to focus on the pillows as weapons. Still...