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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Quit Playing Games With My Heart [1/3]
Title: Quit Playing Games With My Heart
Pairing: YunJae, ninja!MinSu, super ninja!HoMin? lmao! NicRyn :P
Rating: It's a surprise!
Length: Tripleshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crack,
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Everyone seems to be hell bent on getting Changmin to sort his shit out. Of course, it doesn't seem to bother anyone that Changmin himself doesn't believe he has any shit to sort out. Ex-gf Nicole is in cahoots with Yunho's kitten, and when those two join forces, he might as well wave the white flag. The lady doth protest too much they say, but Changmin is sick of the games a certain idol plays. Once bitten, twice shy. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Changmin is done playing games. But there is still one more game to be played... and the winner takes all ;-)

AN1: Doubleshot from The Tattooist universe, but you really don't have to read that first tbh. This one can stand alone by itself.

AN2: Strange things happen when I am assaulted by SCREAM for most of today on all platforms… Even YouTube is recommending I watch it whenever I go on it :-/ I would write more but I have to hang out with my parents and trust me when I say they are VERY good at cockblocking...


“Well? Are you doing it or forfeiting?” Nicole asks, as she massages between Eryn’s shoulder blades. The petite American is seated on the floor between her legs, both having moved to the couch opposite a very annoyed Max Changmin, and a poker faced XIA Junsu.

“It’s my dare and I’m doing it.”

“Easy for you to say,” Changmin snaps at the man seated at the other end of the couch. “This is your fucking dare. Why the hell do I have to be dragged into it?”

“Don’t be such a spoiled sport, hyung. You didn’t let Yunho and I off either two weeks ago. Why are you protesting so much? It’s just a kiss.”

“Kid’s right, Max. It’s just a kiss. In fact, you have my blessings and then some.”

“Giving me away already?” Changmin’s voice is testy as hell as he glares at his soon-to-be former girlfriend.

Nicole shrugs, slipping a hand round to cup Eryn’s chin, tilting the brunette’s head up. She bends over and presses her mouth against the other girl’s full lips, kissing her softly. Eryn lets out a soft sound, licking her lips, before they both pull apart.

Jaejoong’s eyes are practically popping out of his head. “You…you…what’s going on?”

“Nothing, kid.” Nicole smirks. “We’re playing…i’m playing. See? No harm.”

Jaejoong chances a look down at Eryn, and he’s not sure if Nicole is right. The curvy noona is frowning slightly, even as she leans back, pulling the taller girl’s long legs across the front of her body and hugging them. The frown smoothes out as he watches, but her eyes remain a little troubled, even as she caresses Nicole noona’s smooth bare legs, hugging them to her ample chest.

“Don’t be a pussy, Min. Just get on with it so we can move on. I want to play.”

“You’re welcome to kiss him.” Changmin bites out, still unmoving, his arms crossed, biceps bulging. He is wearing a sleeveless vest, and nothing else. His arms are bare of tattoos, but he makes up for the lack of ink in piercings. He flicks at his snake bites, a near constant low, irritated growl coming from his throat as he glares at everyone in the room. He can easily just tell everyone to fuck off, and go to bed, but bed means talking with Nicole, and after that kiss with Eryn, he has a feeling he knows damn well where their conversation is going.

Now, which is the lesser of two evils?

Kissing XIA Junsu?

Or breaking up with Nicole?

He feels a pang in his chest as he stares at the blonde gazing back at him with fondness in her eyes, and understanding. They know each other too well in that short amount of time. Nothing surprises them anymore, and since they’ve only known each other seven months, that really isn’t a good thing.

“Do you really want this, Nic?”

“You know it’s never been about me.”

“Are you sure you want to do this? For us to do this?”

“We are practically the same person, Max. You know the answer to that.”

“What are they talking about?” Jaejoong whispers into Yunho’s ear. “I want to be like them and read your thoughts too.”

“No, you don’t, kitten. You really don’t want to be them.” Yunho whispers back, taking the opportunity to lick up the curve of the beautiful teenager’s ear, chuckling as he feels him shiver, hiding his wince when he gets a very sharp pinch on the forearm for his troubles.

“This is it, then?”

Nicole smiles, love in her eyes for the breathtakingly gorgeous man sitting opposite her, staring at her seriously. Her eyes travel over his perfect features, because really, the man is perfect, lopsided eye smile included. Perhaps a little too perfect. They would’ve made beautiful babies to be sure, but there is no excitement. He doesn’t drive her crazy the way she can see Jaejoong driving Yunho insane, and vice versa. They have a comfortable type of love. Max is not an easy person to love because of his acerbic tongue and inability to tolerate fools. You’d have to get past that prickly exterior in order to really know what a dork he can be.

Dorks don’t excite her though. They speak on the same wavelength, share the same humour, have the same attitude, but apart from exercise and sex, they don’t share anything else in common. And plus, she’s homesick. She wants to go home, and what better way than to leave, knowing the man she is leaving behind is finding love where he should have done in the first place.

“This is it.”

“Can someone please expand on this conversation? I feel like I missed two thirds of it,” Jaejoong complains as he pouts, staring back and forth between his hyung and his noona. There is a strange, almost sad vibe in the room, but yet there is almost a measure of relief and happiness. He thinks he knows what just happened, but he doesn’t want to assume.

“Was it me?” Junsu asks quietly.

Changmin’s mouth twists into a sneer and he opens his mouth to reply, but Nicole beats him to it.

“Don’t, Max. Don’t do it.” Her voice is sharp, laced with a healthy dose of warning as she turns to the blond man on the same couch, smiling at him and shaking her head. “Not at all. Don’t worry about it.”

Yunho can see Changmin flexing his jaw as he struggles to keep his mouth shut.

“Are we done with the cryptic conversation only three people seem to get?” Eryn asks petulantly, tilting her head back up, dropping it in Nicole’s lap. “I got the gist of that, and while I applaud oppa and Nic for being so mature about it, I want to finish this game before the sun comes up!”

“Impatient minx.” Nicole grins as she curls over to kiss the pouty brunette again. Lingeringly this time.

“She didn’t waste any time, did she?” Yunho observes ruefully as all eyes are on the two beautiful girls exchanging saliva.

“Fuck.” Changmin grits out, realising one thing that has officially damned him. His now ex-girlfriend is kissing a gorgeous girl, and he is feeling nothing.

Nothing worth mentioning anyway.

His cock twitches, but that’s it.

Maybe the alcohol has numbed his senses. Maybe his body is a lot more alcohol laden than he realises, and that this is the best time if any to get that fucking kiss over and done with. He is all too alert, but his brain appears to be asleep.

The girls finally break apart, both smirking like the cat that just got the cream. Eryn gets up off the floor, snuggling against the tall blonde’s side as she once again nods towards Changmin.

“Well? We haven’t got all night.”

“Can we change the song?” Changmin asks. No Reason has been on repeat for ages now, he feels like Junsu’s breathy singing is just one more thing he can do without for now.

Junsu gets up, smiling slightly as he heads over to the elaborate sound system to fiddle with it. “The only reason I chose it is because two cycles of the song is the closest thing to seven minutes I can think of.”

“We can just time it, you know?” Yunho adds as he leans back, hauling his teenager high in his lap, nuzzling against the back of his ear.

“Timing isn’t very sexy,” Junsu retorts as he flicks through his iPod.

“Fucking hell, XIA! It’s just seven minutes in heaven, not a fucking seduction. Just let the kid time it because he’s the only one I trust to keep to the seven minutes.”

Yunho’s lap is suddenly empty as Jaejoong shoots off it, giggling as he runs to grab his phone.

He is back in no time at all, just as music starts to play.


Both Nicole and Eryn start laughing, cackling even louder when they catch sight of the baleful glare that Changmin has just leveled at them.

“Are you not popular enough that you need to play your own damn songs with your friends?”

Junsu merely shrugs as he smirks. “Would you rather I put on the Elizabeth soundtrack?”


“How do you want to do this?”

“I vote penalty since it’s taken almost an hour since the dare was read out.” Eryn’s voice is gleeful as she grins at XIA who is shaking his head at her, even though his mouth is quirked in amusement. They both know who the real victim of this dare will be.

“What the hell is the matter with you? Nic, please control your girlfriend!”

“Eh?” Nicole quirks an eyebrow but she doesn’t say anything else.

“Aish! Just let them kiss already,” Jaejoong cuts in, shaking his head, feeling sorry for his hyung. “It’s not hard! Here, let me demonstrate.”

And with that, he pushes a bemused Yunho back against the couch, straddling the man quickly.

“Babe…” But Yunho is cut off as a soft pout presses against his mouth, and all thoughts of protest fly out the window. He wraps his arms around the teenager, slipping under the oversized shirt and into his Hello Kitty boxers, hands gripping the kid’s ass quickly, as Jaejoong raises onto his knees, deepening the kiss.

Four pairs of eyes watch the couple as the slim teenager all but climbs his much broader boyfriend. They can hear the soft mewling sounds the boy is making, and the low moan in his throat as Yunho does something to his liking. One and all can see Yunho’s hands kneading the teen’s ass in his boxers, but Jaejoong is giving as good as he gets.

A groan is ripped from the tattooist’s throat when Jaejoong reaches up to snag a fistful of hair, tugging Yunho’s head back hard, and following his mouth as he does so. The kiss gets rougher, one of Yunho’s hands grappling at the lithe teenager as the boy squirms against him, suckling his tongue wantonly, making the most delicious noises ever.

“Why do I always feel like a voyeur around them?” Nic asks the room out loud, not really expecting an answer. Yunho and Jaejoong’s PDAs have dogged them for the last two weeks. It is yet another reason why she doesn’t think it will work out with Changmin in the long run. They have never, at any point, been like Yunho and Jaejoong. Of course, something has to be said about the insatiability of youth, but it’s not like she’s some ahjumma, and Changmin is younger than Yunho.

When Jaejoong’s starts to rub against the older man, his jerking hips clear for all to see is when Changmin calls a halt to the half time show.

“Ok, ok, we get the point!”

Jaejoong rips his mouth from Yunho’s, ignoring the older man’s growl. His mouth is lush and wet, swollen from the hard kisses, his eyes cloudy with lust as he blinks blearily at Changmin. “Point?”

“Yes, your point. I get it. I know how to kiss, thank you very much.”

The teenager breaks into a beatific smile as he settles back down in his boyfriend’s lap, nuzzling against the man’s neck, purring softly. “I can’t pee now cos I’m pointing up.”

“Huh?” Junsu’s face is comical, having not really been subject to Jaejoong’s random pee comments.

Jaejoong hums, eyes closing as he rubs against Yunho. He can feel Yunho’s jean clad bulge, and the hard material against his soft skin is making him feel all tingly. He rocks his hips against the older man’s belly, his trapped cock rubbing deliciously against the man, and he mewls quietly as the contact sends a lazy bolt of lust dancing through him.

“He has a weird fascination for pee.” Eryn stage whispers conspiringly to the idol. “Even I’ve heard him randomly drop it in enough times to be immune to it.”

“Up, up, up,” Jaejoong giggles, his voice taking on a sing-song quality, sounding a little tipsy. “I wanna go down, down, down…”

“Is he drunk?”

Changmin shakes his head, staring at the smile still playing about the teenager’s lips. His forehead is tucked against the crook of Yunho’s neck, and his face is turned towards the couch he and XIA are sitting on. He can see Yunho murmuring something against the boy’s hairline, but he is too far to make out the words. Though really, judging from the widening smile, as his eyes flutter shut, he can only imagine what it might be.

“He’s love drunk. He usually gets like that after sex though. Unless hyung has some sort of super power where they can fuck while in different rooms, I have no idea why the kid is like that.”

“Yunho makes me stupid.” Jaejoong slurs. He has been hit by a wave of sleepiness that has come out of nowhere, and with Yunho being so warm and hard underneath him, he is not too far away from nodding off.

But he can’t sleep just yet, for Yunho just promised to make him stupid.

He really shouldn’t be happy about being made stupid, but all he can think off is those gorgeously long, slim fingers pumping in and out of his body, prepping him for more, and he really couldn’t care less about anything else. It’s Friday night. Surely he’s entitled to a night off?

“I want to be stupid,” he murmurs happily, nuzzling the older man as Yunho’s chuckles vibrate through his chest.

“I thought you didn’t want to be stupid?”

Jaejoong pulls away from Yunho’s warmth to turn around and blink at Changmin. “Hyung…just let Junsu hyung kiss you, and you’ll know why I want to be stupid.”

“He’s not Yunho.”

“Do you want to kiss Yunho?” The kitten frowns instantly, that peaceful, languid, beatific expression wiped from his face like magic. He squints at the piercer, staring at him almost thoughtfully instead of angrily as everyone expects.

“I wouldn’t want to be clawed by an angry kitten.”

“That’s not a no I’m hearing,” Jaejoong notes, before breaking into a naughty grin. “Alright, you can kiss him.”


Not one, not two, not even three voices exclaim.

Five shout in unison, staring in disbelief at the smiling teen who is swaying slightly in Yunho’s lap, as if still a little high.

“It’s simple really. You know what kissing Nicole noona is like, and I know you like it. I know Yunho is a very good kisser, so he’s like the control in this experiment.”

“Experiment?” The two girls echo, mouth hanging just a little.

“So he knows the difference between kissing Nicole noona, you, and Junsu hyung.” Jaejoong nods emphatically with his statement, as if it’s a foregone conclusion.

“That doesn’t even make any sense!” Yunho exclaims loudly, earning himself a pouty look from his teenager.

“I told you, you make me stupid. Just pretend it makes sense.”


“Yunhooooooo…” Jaejoong’s tone is whiny as he bats his gorgeous doe eyes at his boyfriend. “Just do it, please?”


Jaejoong pauses, thinking for a moment, before smiling. “If you won’t kiss him then I can be the control and he can kiss me.”

“Over my dead body!” Yunho practically roars, stunning everyone but the beautiful teenager in his lap who smirks.

“Jesus, hyung. Possessive much?”

“Shut up, Su. I’m sure this is all your fault somehow. Whatever it is, I’m blaming you so be quiet.”

“That’s not fair!”

“Life’s never fair.”

Jaejoong extricates himself from Yunho’s lap, standing, swaying slightly on his feet as he places a delicate hand against a broad shoulder to keep his balance. There is still a noticeable tent in his boxers, but Yunho’s shirt drops lower than his underwear, and it is billowy enough to keep his modesty.

Not that the teenager cares.

He has no idea why he’s feeling so naughty, but he is just a smidgen exhilarated by the fact that he has clearly stunned an entire room of adults. He pivots on his heel to take in his audience, hiding a smile at the poleaxed expressions on all of them.

He, the seventeen year old, just left five adults speechless.

Not bad, Kim Jaejoong.


“Well what?” Yunho asks automatically.

The teenager sighs dramatically, taking a step towards Changmin, who in turn, shifts on the couch away from him, and closer to Junsu at the other end. “Either you or me, Yunho.”

The tattooist moves like lightning, stepping in front of Jaejoong, standing between the bemused piercer and the smiling teenager.

Jaejoong moves to hug Yunho from behind, feeling the tension in the man as he kisses his way up the back of his neck. “I love you,” he whispers against his ear.

“You are a closet deviant aren’t you?” Yunho mutters under his breath as he captures the teenager’s hands, linking their fingers.

“Your deviant.”

Nicole shakes her head at the sight before her. “Oppa, you have the audacity to complain about Max and I. You and Jaejoong are far worse. What happened to my innocent little baby? You’ve corrupted him beyond repair!”

Jaejoong immediately pulls free from Yunho, moving towards the blonde, curling up around her free side. He throws his leg over her lap, catching Eryn’s lap as well with his long limb, as he wraps his arms around Nicole, nuzzling against her shoulder like he used to do countless of times before. She chuckles, kissing his forehead, pulling his leg higher up her lap. She makes no mention of the semi-boner he is still sporting that is pressed against her, figuring it’ll do no one any good pointing it out.

“I’m still your baby,” Jaejoong pouts, making both Nicole and Eryn laugh.

“Not quite, baby, but you’re definitely still very sweet.”

Jaejoong purrs once again, curling completely around the blonde. He is larger than she is, but he has a talent for making himself seem smaller than he is. To the three men watching, he does look like an innocent little baby smiling happily as Nicole cards through his hair.

“Hurry up! We don’t have all night!” Jaejoong waves a hand at Yunho.

A very demanding innocent baby.

AN: I AM HORNY. AND MY HUSBAND IS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS PAIN? Jaejoong is such a brat omg... don't ever doubt he is smart and he learns very fast :P

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Kinda expect the NicRyn coupling and ChangNic to split after reading Tatooist chapter 14 but didn't expect ChangNic to split so soon. What a shame but well, both of them realised that their feelings towards each other is not strong enough to sustain their relatinoship for long. Moreover, Nic is homesick while Changmin, well, his history with Junsu goes long before Nicole appeared in his life.

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