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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Quit Playing Games With My Heart [2/3]
Title: Quit Playing Games With My Heart
Pairing: YunJae, MinSu + others
Rating: It's a surprise!
Length: Tripleshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crack
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Everyone seems to be hell bent on getting Changmin to sort his shit out. Of course, it doesn't seem to bother anyone that Changmin himself doesn't believe he has any shit to sort out. Ex-gf Nicole is in cahoots with Yunho's kitten, and when those two join forces, he might as well wave the white flag. The lady doth protest too much they say, but Changmin is sick of the games a certain idol plays. Once bitten, twice shy. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Changmin is done playing games. But there is still one more game to be played... and the winner takes all ;-)

AN1: Tripleshot from The Tattooist universe, but you really don't have to read that first tbh. This one can stand alone by itself.

AN2: Wow… my doubleshot just turned into a tripleshot. Who is surprised? Ugh… I NEED TO LEARN ECONOMY OF WORDS OMFG.

“You’re serious?”

Jaejoong nods as he once again snuggles securely against Nicole. She can feel every line and curve and soft press of his almost nude body because let’s face it, Yunho’s shirt covers hardly anything especially since the kid hasn’t even buttoned it up properly. Coupled with the lingering haze of lust in his eyes as he smiles up at his perplexed boyfriend, he is looking like a recently debauched harem boy. Her protective instincts are rearing their head, once again thinking all over that Jae is a mite young for the games they play.

“He needs to learn the difference between a kiss…and a kiss,” Jaejoong answers as he closes his eyes and nuzzles into Nicole’s fragrant shoulder. “I don’t want him to say that kissing hyung is different from noona because she’s a girl and he isn’t. Kiss him like you kiss me.”

Alright, she needs to rethink that a little. He might be seventeen, but he seems to have seen right through to the heart of the issue. Things between Changmin and Junsu had escalated very quickly, shocking even her. What had started off as a need to tease, has turned into an unbearable tension in the room between the two men sitting on opposite ends of the long couch.

The thing is, it is entirely self-inflicted by her ex boyfriend. The superstar kpop idol has done nothing out of the ordinary. He is teasing, flirtatious, and generally all round playful, but he is like that with everyone. Rather like the way the sleepy teenager is affectionate with everyone. The problem is, Max totally clams up and gets weird whenever Junsu does it to him, again not unlike the way Yunho used to get all grumpy around the kid before they got together. She cannot see the blond man treating the piercer any different than he does anyone else. Heck, he’s probably flirted more with Eryn than he did with the man, and yet Max chooses to overreact each and every time.

His snark is honestly uncalled for.

She looks over at Junsu who has a blank expression on his face, seemingly lost in thought as he caresses the neck of his bottle of Perrier.

“Stop that.”

All eyes turn towards Changmin who is scowling at Junsu.


“You can’t let it go, can you? That fucking idol persona. Must you always try and be so ridiculously sexual all of the time? Would it kill you to be normal for once in your life? It’s all about your image with you. How the public perceives you. The uncommitted Xia Junsu. God forbid you have a relationship beyond the imaginary one with your fans or the farcical ones dreamed up by your fucking company. Not all of us in this room are your fucking fans Xia Junsu,” Changmin bites out bitterly. “You don’t have to continue being an ass.”

“I’m the ass? I’m the ass?” Junsu turns fully, twisting his body to stare at the angry piercer. “You’re the one picking fights, finding fault over nothing. What have I done now? Is it my hair? You hate it being blond? Well, too bad for me I don’t have a choice in it, do I? I never have a choice.” Junsu snaps back, knowing exactly what the man is saying. The regret is like a knife slicing through his insides, but what’s done is done.

“You know…I actually thought he liked Junsu oppa the way he keeps howling about worshipping at the altar of XIA god…” Nicole murmurs, but Yunho hears her as he turns, shrugging.

“It’s a little more complicated than that…”

“He does it to poke fun at me,” Junsu bites out, having heard her too. The congenial man is gone and in its place is a cold idol. “I used to think it’s funny, but now it just hurts.”

“XIAnism is a fucking religion, don’t you know? Even he believes his own press.”

“Enough, Min!”

“What are you gonna do? Cut off my fingers for insulting your cousin? I’m sick and tired of his games.” Changmin stands, body bristling with anger. He looks past Yunho to glare at the wide-eyed kitten half sprawled across his blonde ex girlfriend, and suddenly he is even more irritated. “And I’m tired of all your games. You wanted a kiss, kid? I’ll give you a fucking kiss.”

He steps forward and jerks Yunho by the collar, pulling him in, his biceps rippling.

Changmin forgets who he is dealing with though, and instead of being the one in control, he finds the hand holding onto Yunho ripped from his grasp of the older man’s top, and his arm twisted behind him painfully. Another hand grips him by the neck as Yunho flips the tables on him in the blink of an eye.

Their mouths meet, but instead of the angry clash Changmin had been expecting, Yunho’s painful grip of him forces him to rethink his approach.

“Don’t you ever take your anger out on Jaejoong, do you hear me?” Yunho whispers calmly against Changmin’s parched lips. “And if you bite me, I will make you regret it.” His tongue snakes out, licking at Changmin’s piercings, before he slants his mouth over the stunned piercer’s. His thumb strokes at the younger man’s chin, coaxing him to open his mouth.

Changmin is pushing against Yunho’s shoulder with his free hand, trying to extricate himself, but he might as well be pushing against a boulder.

Yunho is the immovable object to Jaejoong’s unstoppable force.

Changmin doesn’t have a prayer.

Everyone stares in fascination as the two stunning men fight for dominance. Changmin’s burst of it though is quelled so quickly by Yunho it is almost laughable.

But no one is laughing as they watch Changmin struggling briefly, before he gives up, visibly leaning into Yunho as he kisses the man back.

Yunho’s tongue slips between his lips, feeling foreign and too warm. The man is like a furnace, the heat coming from his body is unlike anything he has ever felt. They are of the same height, standing toe to toe, and kissing a man is infinitely different to kissing a woman. Even with Nicole’s height, it doesn’t prepare him for kissing someone head on. Yunho’s five o’clock shadow rubs against his lip, the scratchiness a little uncomfortable. He can feel the man smile against his mouth when he licks tentatively at his tongue.

It feels so fucking wrong.

His only consolation is that Yunho tastes very good. Sweet from the Redbull he’d been drinking earlier. Very sweet.

“Is it weird that I think this is hot?” Jaejoong whispers, eyes trained on the two men. “I should be angry, shouldn’t I? But…I just feel warm…”

“I’m so warm, I’m moist.”

Eryn elbows Nicole in the side for her candid admission.

Jaejoong chances a look at Yunho’s cousin, and what he sees almost makes him exclaim to call a stop to the whole thing.

“Look at Junsu hyung,” he whispers to the two girls next to him, and they both turn, though all three are finding it hard to tear their gazes from the two hot men kissing to look at the idol.

“Oh dear…”

Junsu is hurt.

That is honestly the best description for it. His eyes are trained on the two men, and the look in them is one of pain. His hands clench and unclench in his lap, almost as if he is trying to draw strength from it. There is a wash of regret in his eyes, and a longing that Jaejoong recognises because he feels it too.

He wants his boyfriend back.


Yunho steps back instantly. It is like someone flipped the off switch, his movements are measured and controlled. Nicole is actually a little surprised at how unaffected he is. It really truly looked like he was into the kiss, she even saw his tongue, but looking at him now with the bored expression on his face, you’d see that the kiss hadn’t done a thing for him.

Changmin is not in a similar state at all, almost toppling over when he loses his anchor. Yunho’s hand against his shoulder, and the man’s deep chuckle makes him flush with embarrassment.

“Well?” Jaejoong questions, head tilted, licking at his mouth. His eyes are bright with interest and a fair amount of arousal which amuses his much older boyfriend significantly as he takes a step towards the couch. “Did you like kissing my Yunho?”

Changmin growls, rubbing furiously at his mouth as he shakes his head. He is also flapping his arm, trying to loosen the kink in his shoulder from being twisted behind his back.

“Could’ve fooled me.” Eryn remarks, smirking at the disconcerted man who doesn’t even have time to glare at her before his attention is once again drawn back to the teenager.

“What didn’t you like?”

“I don’t know. It just felt wrong.”

Junsu scoffs immediately. The sound echoing in the suddenly silent room.

Changmin pivots slowly on his heel to face the man.

The idol has wiped all expression from his face as he stares up at the taller man. Jaejoong marvels at that gift. Yunho can do it too and he finds it rather useful. Maybe they can teach him how to wipe his face too.

“Do you have something to say, hyung?” There is nothing honorific about the way Changmin says the word, scornful instead. His tone is almost daring the man to speak, fully expecting the idol to stay silent.

It really isn’t Changmin’s night though.

“You’re a hypocrite. Kissing a man is wrong, is it? And you tell me I’m playing games? Take a good look in the mirror.”

“Are you fucking hard of hearing? Exactly where did I say kissing a man felt wrong? Kissing hyung felt wrong. I know you’re a little thick at times but even you should have noticed that hyung is wrapped around that kitten’s little paw.” Changmin jerks his finger over his shoulder at Jaejoong who sits up and starts to preen cutely, making the girls and Yunho chuckle.

Unfortunately, even Jaejoong’s naturally adorable antics don’t sway the two men staring each other down.

“So you’re telling me that kissing him would feel right if Jaejoong wasn’t in the picture?”

“I’m not saying that!”

“Whatever, Shim Changmin.” Junsu waves his hand dismissively. “Whatever makes you sleep better at night.”

“At least I slept alone!”

Junsu sends a long pointed look at Nicole who quirks an eyebrow in acknowledgement.

“She doesn’t count!”

“Thanks,” Nicole retorts drily as Changmin whirls around, frustration and anger in his face.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.”

“It’s ok. I know.”

“Why are you being such a drama queen?” Junsu questions coldly. “The whole night, you’ve done nothing but create spectacle after spectacle. You’ve snapped at me all night and now you’ve even hurt Nicole’s feelings and she’s done nothing.”

“I’m ok, oppa! Please don’t drag me into this.”

“No matter. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You. You’re what’s wrong with me. This…this…” Changmin gestures towards Junsu. “You. You’re not you.”

“This is me.”

Changmin lets out a growl of pure frustration as he stalks to the other end of the couch, flinging himself back into his original position.

“I can’t talk to you. You just don’t get it.”

“Make me understand then.”

“It’s too late. I don’t want to.”

“Alright, children. Put away the knives. Seriously, Min, Su, this is a game. You two need to calm the fuck down.”

“Are we seriously still fucking playing?”

“Yes.” Four voices reply, and Changmin grits his teeth, grinding them down so hard that it can be heard.

“Seven minutes in fucking heaven? You really have got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Don’t bite him, Min.”

“Don’t boss him around, hyung.” Junsu speaks quietly as he gets up, heading back towards the stereo.

“Don’t defend me, XIA.”

Junsu says nothing as he fiddles around with his iPod.

Show me the meaning, of being lonely…

The soft strains of a guitar fill the room.

So many words for the broken heart
It's hard to see in a crimson love
So hard to breathe
Walk with me, and maybe…

Junsu takes a deep breath, turning around to face the younger man. Changmin is now expressionless. He can hear Nicole, Eryn and Jaejoong singing along quietly to the song, and he resists the urge to do it himself.

He walks slowly, his feet dragging as he tries to figure out how to do this. How do you apologise for a mistake from months ago? How do you apologise for breaking someone’s heart?

Junsu wasn’t ready then. At the height of his career, he had run scared of a scandal that could ruin what he’d spent years to build up. He had uttered those fateful words as he lay in the arms of a young man still struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. A man, for all intents and purposes, almost as fragile as a newborn foal trying to find its legs. Changmin had confessed, and Junsu had taken advantage of the man’s feelings.

”I can’t be with you… I have certain obligations…”

Obligations to his company to not start a scandal that may ruin him, their biggest star.

Obligations to the actress he is pretending to be seeing to boost her fledgling career, as directed by his management.

Obligations to his fans to be mysterious, toeing the line between is he or isn’t he, but not actually falling off the fence he is straddling so determinedly.

Junsu truly fell off the fence over a year ago when he walked in on Changmin jerking off in his bedroom…

He has always liked the handsome piercer.

No, loved.

Changmin had gone way past hurt. Fury had lined his body, and he had bodily thrown Junsu out. And the idol knows he deserved the humiliating treatment.

He had pushed the man from his mind, but Max Changmin has a way of getting under your skin. He’s known the man for years, and fallen in love slowly but surely. He never thought it was reciprocated, and thus, never ever acted on it. He treated it like a crush gone wrong. A crush that would never amount to anything. He never even pined, simply accepting his feelings for what they were, and leaving it at that.

Till that fateful day when Changmin attacked him, using his body and his words to show him that his feelings were indeed reciprocated.

Was his career worth breaking the man’s heart?

Junsu is very good at suppressing his feelings and emotions. He can appear as dumb as a doorknob when the occasion merits it. His poker face is better than his cousin’s, Yunho’s mother once admitting to him that the don of Yamaguchi-gumi has trouble reading him. Despite his open face, and his benign nature, Junsu is very good at compartmentalizing. He has to, in order to survive in the industry. He keeps his feelings deep within him.

His mask of congeniality is genuine. He truly is what he shows. He is like an inverted iceberg, ninety percent of what he shows is truly himself, but there is a tenth that he hides.

Changmin is demanding he show that tenth to him.

But if he does, what does he have left?

Changmin…A little voice whispers in his mind.

Would he really have Changmin though?

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There's something missing in my heart…

Junsu whispers the last line in the chorus as he pushes Changmin’s knees together, straddling his lap.

The younger man stares stone-faced back at him. Not a drop of emotion is in those large eyes.

Not even anger.

Junsu is staring at nothing.

Neither move, simply looking at each other.

There's nowhere to run
I have no place to go
Surrender my heart, body, and soul
How can it be, you're asking me to feel…
…the things you never show?

“I showed.”

Junsu doesn’t realise he’d been singing along till Changmin’s soft words hit him.

His poker face wavers. He knows those words were only meant for him, for it is barely even a whisper, more air than words. He may even have dreamed it all.

Yes, a dream.

The song is almost at an end, and they have not taken a single step closer towards actually reaching this farcical seven minutes in heaven. Changmin is sitting very stiffly, Junsu can feel the man’s tense body underneath him. All hard thighs, and long, unyielding frame. The younger man is so very slim, mostly muscle and nothing else, not given to fat at all. Everything he eats get converted into muscle it seems, and Junsu can remember envying that about the piercer.

“This is almost as bad as you and Yunho, Jae. What is it with you Koreans and unresolved sexual tension?”

“I really don’t think we were this bad.”

“You wanna bet? Remember when you played Kiss B?”

Instead of answering, Jaejoong unfurls himself from Nicole’s side, stretching languidly, arching back, yawning widely.

He hums, as he straightens, smiling at the two Americans gazing fondly at him, briefly distracted from the palpable tension between the two men opposite them.

“I didn’t notice the tension, but my belly felt funny…” His eyes roam over to his boyfriend who is back at his original seat nursing a bottle of soju he has magically procured from who knows where since Jaejoong hasn’t seen any around. “Excuse me,” he murmurs to the two girls as he gets up, sauntering over to the tattooist who merely arches an eyebrow at him.

Jaejoong settles in Yunho’s lap, prodding the man’s chest as he whispers against his mouth. “What did I tell you about your eyebrow?”

“When it goes up, you go up too?” Yunho licks at Jaejoong’s pout, far more interested in his gorgeous teenager than the issues his cousin and friend are somehow not working out.

The teen giggles, nipping playfully at his boyfriend’s tongue. “ You’re so bad. You did that on purpose.”

Yunho slips a hand underneath Jaejoong’s shirt, caressing the boy’s smooth skin, swallowing the soft moan the teen lets out.

“Your hand is so hot…”

The tattooist moves lower, rubbing over the bulge in the teenager’s underwear. Jaejoong’s body is tilted into him, his back to the girls so he knows they cannot see anything. Junsu and Changmin have a good view, but he has a feeling they’re more interested in each other than anything else in the room.

Don't, don't want you back…

“Oh no…” Jaejoong utters quietly as he pulls back slightly, eyes wide.

“What’s the matter, kitten?”

“Bad song.”

The couple turn just as Junsu reaches out a hand to trail a finger along Changmin’s bottom lip.

Changmin resists the urge to kiss that finger. The song change only strengthens his resolve. And he sings along quietly, staring into Junsu’s teardrop eyes, unaware of the hurt he lets slip into his words.

”But I should have known that I would be… Another victim of your sexuality. But now we're done and over with.”

“Don’t say that.”

Changmin shakes his head. ”I don't want you back…”, he adlibs.

Junsu lets out a soft cry, leaning forward quickly, pressing his lips where his finger has just been.

Changmin wasn’t prepared for the assault, the tables turned on him now compared to that day months ago when it was him who initiated.

This is just a stupid dare, he thinks to himself, keeping his lips pressed tightly closed, feeling Junsu’s soft lips trying to coax them apart.

Junsu stops after long seconds, pulling back slightly, whispering against his mouth.

“Kiss the person opposite you. Seven minutes in heaven with witnesses, and lots and lots of tongue.” He parrots perfectly from memory. “Do you really want Eryn to give us a penalty?”

“Fuck you.”


Changmin shoves Junsu back then, the man almost toppling off his lap but a quick grab saves the idol, and the piercer winces as the idol’s black lacquered nails dig into his bicep.

“I’m not playing your fucking games, Xia.”

“It’s not a game.”

“That’s not how I remember it.”

“You have selective memory.”

“And you have an indiscriminate cock.”

Twin gasps from the two girls as they exchange looks.

“Holy fuck! They really did it?” Eryn’s eyes are so wide that Jaejoong giggles when he looks over his shoulder at her. “He touched XIAcock…”

“Good grief, Eryn.” Nicole mutters, as her friend sucks in huge gulps of air, trying to calm down.

Despite the bickering of the audience, Junsu and Changmin only have eyes for each other.

The song plays out in the background, Changmin fighting with himself. There is no way he is going to allow Junsu to kiss him. No fucking way. He’s fallen down that rabbit hole once before.

Never again.

“I’ll take the penalty.”


“I don’t give a fuck what you want, Xia.” Changmin shoves the idol off his lap, the blond man tumbling off this time, as the piercer pins Eryn with a level gaze. “I’ll take his penalty. I don’t care what you do, just don’t fucking make me kiss him.”

“Was it different from your kiss with Yunho?” Jaejoong queries curiously.


“How so?”

“I hated every second of it.” Changmin lies through his teeth.

Jaejoong sighs as he watches Junsu hyung stand up, brushing himself off, his expression once again perfectly blank.

“I told you that was a bad song.”

“I’m going to the bathroom.”

Five pairs of eyes watch as Junsu disappears through the connecting door into Changmin’s apartment.

“What? Bathrooms in this apartment are not good enough or something?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Max Changmin, cut it the fuck out.” Nicole gets up in disgust, gathering the empty bottles to put in the kitchen. “You’re putting a serious damper on the night. The kid’s got one night off before he has to go back to studying, and you’ve got to ruin it for him? A game’s a game, champ. Stop acting like we’re trying to steal your fucking virginity or something by making you kiss him. And from what I heard, this isn’t the first time you’re kissing him so get that imaginary fucking broomstick out of your fucking ass before I actually show you what a real one feels like.”

The blonde turns the stereo off, before storming away in the direction of the kitchen. Eryn gets up, sending a dirty look at the tall piercer before trailing after her.

“What the hell happened between you two?”


“Like hell there was nothing. I saw you, Min. He was dressed in his full shinigami gear. Blond hair up, eyes lined deeply with kohl, and the two of you were practically yelling the apartment down.”

Changmin straightens quickly, staring at Yunho, his expression stark.

“What did you see?”

“I saw you kiss him. You initiated it, Min. There is no way I imagined you pressing him backwards onto my fucking kitchen counter.”

“Fuck.” Changmin cards his hand through his hair, ruffling the loosely gelled hair, making his hair stick up and stay up. “Fuck, why didn’t you say something?”

“What the fuck was I supposed to say? Who you kiss or who he kisses is none of my fucking business. The two of you are grown men, though after what I’ve seen tonight, I highly doubt either of you are even out of fucking high school. Actually, maybe Junsu is, but you, you’re still in middle school. Jaejoong can behave better than you.”

“Thank you…” Jaejoong smiles, before his brow furrows as he thinks about it. “…I think.”

Yunho squeezes the teenager, rearranging himself in the armchair and draping the teenager’s legs over one arm as he tugs the boy against him. “You’re good, babe.”

“You don’t understand.” The frustration in his face and voice is clear for the couple to see, and Jaejoong feels bad for the piercer, and so he decides to offer him some comfort.

He slips quickly out of Yunho’s lap, skipping out of reach as the older man tries to make a grab for him.

To Changmin’s surprise, he suddenly finds himself with a lapful of cuddly teenager.



“Shush!” Jaejoong admonishes both men as he cups the sides of Changmin’s face, squishing the man’s not very chubby cheeks together, making fishy faces with his mouth.











He drops his hands, cocking his head to stare at the absolutely bewildered older man.


“Ok, what?” Changmin blinks at the teenager, groaning when the boy wrinkles his nose and pouts. “Oh god, please don’t pout.”

“Why?” Jaejoong asks, managing to ask his question and pout at the same time. He wrinkles his nose again, furrowing his brow, narrowing his eyes slightly as he leans forward towards Changmin’s face, still pouting.

The man leans back quickly, as far as he can manage, clenching his eyes shut and shaking his head from side to side.

“Hyung…” he whines, “please take this creature off my lap before I give him my first born.”

Yunho however, decides that he wants to see what his teenager wants to achieve, and so he stays put. The brief spasm of possessiveness goes out almost as quickly as it comes. This is Changmin, and that is Jaejoong. He’s seen this happen enough times over the last two weeks to not be bothered about it. True, Jaejoong is a little too scantily dressed than normal, but he just kissed the piercer. With tongue. He can afford to give the teen the benefit of the doubt.

Changmin groans again when he feels soft hands cupping his face, and then fingers prying his eyelids up.

“Stop it!”




“What the hell do you want?”

“I just wanted to make you feel better.”

Good lord, he can actually hear the pout in the teenager’s voice. He chances a slitty eyed peek, and groans loudly when all he sees is a very pink and juicy pout.


“Stop it, kid.” Changmin growls, squeezing his eyes shut again. His hands are lying limply by his side, not wanting to touch the boy at all. The kid’s tendency towards unnecessary shows of affection baffles him. It’s like some switch just turned on in him, and suddenly everyone is fair game. While Nicole bears the brunt of the boy’s exuberant affection, Changmin does not escape. He has lost count as to the number of times the blonde and the teenager have switched in and out of his lap. Jaejoong seems to have this thing where if there’s a lap handy, he lands in it. He seems to have an aversion to furniture, preferring to be on a human rather than having direct contact with a chair or couch or bed even.

Yes, he knows about the teen’s propensity for sleeping on Yunho. He got that much after that odd conversation from two weeks ago, but he’d also walked in on the two one day, while looking for them because they were running late. Jaejoong had been sprawled on top of Yunho, dead asleep. The older man had been awake, and unwilling to move because apparently, Jaejoong only fell asleep not two hours before.

Jaejoong slips his arms around the man, nuzzling against his shoulder as he lets his body relax into the man. “Stop fighting it, hyung.”

Changmin sighs, his body relaxing with the teen, finally moving his arms to wrap around the warm and fragrant teenager. Jaejoong is sitting sideways so it’s a little awkward for him, but they manage somehow.

“Are you done fighting?”

“You’re not talking about yourself, are you?”

Jaejoong lifts his head to look at the older man, his face and voice solemn. “I don’t know. People always seem to take their own interpretations about what I say. You take it however you want to, and it will be right for you.”

“Are you really seventeen?”

Jaejoong breaks into a beautiful smile, happiness shining from his eyes as he leans forward to press a kiss against his jaw. “I’m still jailbait, hyung.”

“My jailbait, Min.” A warning voice off to the side washes over them.

Jaejoong starts to giggle as Changmin shakes his head, staring fondly at the strange teenager. He is like a mood ring, switching colours and faces, changing like the wind, a breath of fresh air.

“He’s all yours, hyung. I wouldn’t know what to do with him.”

“The same thing you did to Junsu hyung, I imagine.”


“What?” Jaejoong stares back and forth at his irritated boyfriend and a slightly scandalised Shim Changmin. His eyes are huge, his voice absolutely dripping in innocence.

Changmin narrows his eyes at the teenager, staring closely, finally catching the telltale twinkle in his eyes.

“You are a fucking brat.”

“Yunho’s brat.” Jaejoong grins and nods.

“Thank god for that. Now get off my lap before hyung decides he needs to teach me a lesson on not touching what belongs to him.”

Instead of moving, Jaejoong huffs, crossing his arms across his chest. “I am not a possession.”

“My dear dongsaeng,” Changmin starts. “Please get off my lap before hyung decides that I’ve overstayed my welcome in his apartment and kicks me out.”

“Are you going to play nice?”

“Fucking hell, you’re not going to let this go, are you?”

“Hyung…Junsu hyung is hurt too.” Jaejoong sighs, leaning forward to stare at his boyfriend, though his words are directed at Changmin. “I saw his face when you were kissing Yunho. He was upset.”

“Like you were upset?” Changmin asks, ignoring the twinge he feels at the teenager’s words.

“I wasn’t upset. I just felt all warm and tingly. It was weird…”

“Alright, that’s it. Off his lap.” Yunho stands up to retrieve his teenager who has a slightly dreamy look in his eyes. He rolls his eyes at Changmin who chuckles a little uncomfortably. Once the couple are back in their own seat, the teenager firmly ensconced on Yunho’s lap, the two girls return from the kitchen carrying a tray of hot drinks.

Junsu is still nowhere in sight though.

“Is oppa not back?”

Changmin looks around at Eryn’s query. He is avoiding Nicole’s gaze because he can tell the blonde is still angry with him.

“I wouldn’t come back if I were him. I’m sure he can find much warmer company elsewhere.”

Yes, the blonde is most assuredly still angry with him.

The two girls divvy up the drinks quickly. Changmin usually shares a drink with Nicole, but not this time as Eryn hands him his own mug. He watches as Nicole settles opposite him, eyes still a little hard around the edges as she nurses her own drink. He feels a pang at missing the familiarity of her company. The ice cold bitch is very warm in his arms, and he belatedly wonders if they’ve just made a mistake. They are really good together.


His eyes roam over towards Jaejoong and Yunho, the teenager smiling and giggling at something or other that Yunho is whispering in his ear. They are sharing a mug, and Changmin doesn’t need to ask what they’re having because it’s always the same thing.

Cinnamon hot chocolate.

His own drink is a peppermint hot chocolate.

“What are you drinking?”

Nicole cocks an eyebrow at her ex boyfriend. “Coffee.”


“Why not?”

Changmin grunts, deciding to drop it. He stares morosely at his mug, taking a sip every now and again when Eryn’s shrill oppa! breaks him from his reverie.

He looks up, and wishes he hadn’t.

What the fuck, Xia Junsu?

Or is it Xia Tod?

Xia examines his nails, buffing them on his black skin tight outfit before lazily looking around the room. His kohl lined eyes are predatory, a glint of determination within them. He acknowledges the raised mug from Nicole, reading her lips accurately as she mouths good luck to him. She is a very peculiar girl, having spoken to her briefly just earlier. She had gone looking for him, explaining that she and Changmin were most certainly through. She even confided that she will be returning to America with Eryn in the next month or so, asking him to keep mum about it till she finds the right moment to break the news to her friends from Mirotic. She admits to not knowing what is going on, but suggests that he just go for it because to her, he has nothing to lose either way.

He is familiar with the go get ‘em attitude Westerners seem to have. What is the saying they have? Take the bull by the horns? Whatever it is, he decides to just say to hell with it. She’s right. What does he have to lose? He’d already lost Changmin once. It’s not like he has him now so if he loses him again, the status quo simply remains.

Xia smirks at Eryn, making the girl titter, watching as she clutches at Nicole’s arm, staring with undisguised adoration at him.

The eyes of a fangirl.

“Have you decided on a penalty yet?” His voice is low and melodious, washing over the small group. He has not been voted the best male vocalist in South Korea for nothing.


Nicole elbows Eryn who turns to her, eyes wide and mouth hanging open.

“Really, Eryn?”

“It’s Xia…”

“It’s also Junsu oppa.”

“That’s not Junsu oppa… That’s Tod…”

“How did I get saddled with fangirl?”

“You weren’t complaining in the kitchen.”

“What happened in the kitchen?” Jaejoong asks, cutting in as he stares interestedly between the two very attractive girls.


“Kitten, remind me to call an interior designer. I need to rip out our kitchen. It’s been tainted by far too many people.”

Junsu’s head whips round to stare at his cousin, and then at Changmin who is, typically, looking at anywhere but him. He raises an eyebrow in query, and his damn cousin merely quirks his own eyebrow back, lifting his mug in salute as well.

“Are you going to treat us to a personal concert?” The tattooist asks.

A sharp squeal comes from the girl’s couch, Nicole practically having to hold Eryn down, the petite brunette is vibrating so excitedly everything is…moving.

The eyes of the males in the room widen, Jaejoong’s included before the teenager covers his eyes, wailing mournfully. “Noonaaaaaaa, please stop bouncing.”

Eryn stops abruptly, pouting at the teenager who pouts back.

Their pouting contest lasts a few seconds before Jaejoong stops, grinning once again from ear to ear. “Come on, noona. Tell us what the penalty is.”

“Penalty is for Changmin oppa.” Her eyes turn to the man staring resolutely at his mug. Eryn feels a glimmer of remorse, but it’s not enough to stop her next words. “He has to let Tod…I mean Xia…I mean Junsu…no Tod. Uh…oppa! Yes, oppa. He has to let oppa do whatever he wants to him, and not move to stop him. He cannot push him away, or get up off his seat, and he definitely cannot kick him. But if he wants to kiss him, well…” she trails off as Changmin’s angry eyes meet hers.

“For seven minutes.” Nicole finishes, patting Eryn comfortingly on the leg as she glares at Max. “He has to let oppa do whatever to him for seven minutes. If he moves, the forfeit will be stripping naked and taking the lift down to the lobby, and putting on makeup using the mirror there.”

“You are sick.”

“As sick as you. It’s simple really. Just don’t fucking move.”

”Majimak chum…majimak chum…”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” Changmin whispers to himself as he slides low in his seat, Junsu’s voice loud in the living room.

The acoustics are brilliant for some reason, the man’s voice practically echoing. His range is ridiculous, and he has adlibbed the song from the musical. Each syllable is dragged out, holding a pulsating note, as if in warning. He sings it slowly, as if caressing the words like a fucking lover. And despite the change in tempo, Junsu is of course, perfectly on pitch.

He watches as Junsu…no Xia. This is Xia in all his fucking glory. The smiling effervescent man he knew from college is nowhere in sight. He watches as Xia walks towards the girls’ couch, trailing his fingers slowly along the cream leather. His black nails are shown in stark relief, as his fingers slip over the luxurious material.

”Neon nawa chwoyahae…”

He drags out the note, but he is singing at a lower range as he stands directly behind Nicole and Eryn. Both his hands are out, caressing the leather, bringing them inwards towards the centre.

Changmin swallows hard as the man bends over slowly, an extremely wicked look in his eyes.

This is the shinigami critics and fans across the country and beyond, fell in love with.

This is the shinigami that Changmin fell in love with.

Xia’s smirk has to be seen to be believed, as he nuzzles against Nicole’s temple. His eyes never once leave Changmin’s.

”Majimak chum…majimak chum…”

Nicole shivers as Junsu breathes the words against her skin, singing so low she can practically feel his voice box vibrating with the effort to maintain control of the lowered range. Alright, she was prepared for a lot of things, but she was definitely not prepared for this. It is as if Junsu oppa has transformed into another being altogether. A being hell bent on seduction of the worst kind.

And in all honesty, she is captivated and falling for it, hook, line and sinker.

Max doesn’t stand a fucking chance. Not a chance in hell. Not even when hell freezes over does he have a chance of coming out of this one intact. She should feel some measure of pity, but really, all she feels briefly is envy. Envy that she squashes quickly. She can see the look in Changmin’s eyes.

This is someone who excites him.

This is someone who will turn his life upside down, and he will come out smiling at the end of it.

As ridiculous as the comparison is, she cannot help but think that Junsu oppa is the Jaejoong to Max’s Yunho.

It will never be her, and any brief misgivings she has is wiped away by the look in the man sitting slackjawed across from her.

”Gyeolguken nawa hamkke…”

This time, the song soars upwards as the idol straightens up slowly from caressing the blonde American. His hands trail across her bare shoulder, cupping her jaw as the final note soars out over everyone, directly across to the man he is aiming for.

“Are you going to dance with me, Shim Changmin?” A voice like velvet steel slithers across the room to wrap around the object of the question.

“Oh my god…” The hushed whisper from the teenager is heard only by Yunho who squeezes him close, eyes not leaving his cousin. “Can you sing like that?”

Yunho swallows his laughter as he kisses the awestruck teen. “Not in a million years. All the talent went to him on that side of the family.”

“You can hold a note at least, right?”

“I can probably sing the Banana Song with you, yes.”

Jaejoong elbows his boyfriend, hearing his amusement clearly.

“You don’t even have to sing. Can you talk like that? Can you wrap me up in your words and make me feel too warm?”

“I can try…”




No one expects the piercer to answer the question, and he doesn’t disappoint.

Changmin can only stare, the blood is roaring in his ears. Fucking Xia Junsu. He would move if he could, but he can’t. He can already feel his body heating up from the carnal gaze the man is sending him. That gaze is reminding him of that one night they had, and it is as if he is drawing out the entire scene in his mind for him.

He can see his pleasure in that gaze.

Xia sighs loudly.

Purposefully, as he continues along his way, fingers trailing over the bare shoulders of the two girls, rubbing their soft hair between his fingertips as he moves.

His sigh is long, drawn out, and to the two couples watching, completely theatrical.

But Changmin has heard that sigh before elsewhere.

The man had sighed exactly like that when he pulled out of his body…

”Naneun algo isseo… majimak sungan…”

Changmin shifts uncomfortably in his seat. The man is singing out of context, as if reading his mind. That final moment…

Xia continues along, cutting in front of Yunho and Jaejoong as he stalks his prey. His gaze is direct, letting everything he remembers into his eyes as he stares down the handsome man whose mouth is set in a grim line, staring back at him, trying to hide his feelings from his eyes.

But he has seen enough. Enough to know he has to keep going, because he can see the younger man wavering.

Xia’s eyes drop, sliding slowly his body. There is hunger in that gaze, as they roam, and he can feel goosebumps popping up over every bit of skin. Changmin moves, crossing his arms over his chest in an attempt to protect himself from the assault, but the movement does anything but. That little smirk tugging at Xia’s glossy lips widens as his gaze dart backs up to meet his eyes.

The white blond hair looks really fucking good on the man. Impossibly good. His makeup is expertly applied too, as if he had packed his makeup noona in his bag.

And that outfit.

Changmin really fucking hates that outfit. All the black, a sharp contrast to the man’s pale skin. And the worst part is that deep V in the front, splitting down his front almost all the way to his navel.

”Uriui eodomsok… milhoereul…”

His gaze snaps back up, seeing the outstretched hand as Xia sings the next line. The control in his voice, and the way he just lingers on that last note. Changmin can practically see the word hovering in midair between them as the man suddenly takes quick steps to cover the last of the distance between them, making him sit up and press backwards against the couch as far as he can.

He really fucking hates that he did that, but his body had moved on its own accord, as if consciously trying to protect itself.

The piercer stares up at the face of the normally placid man. A man who always tries to make him laugh, at his own expense. Changmin suddenly recalls some of the more cruel teasing that has occurred between them, and how Junsu had taken it all, playing along, and then shrugging it off. The man was like an excitable puppy back in college. The industry hadn’t corrupted him enough back then. There was no fucking Xia Tod. No death, no androgyny and definitely no fucking sex.

They had naturally gravitated towards each other, Yunho preferring his medical journals over computer games. They had even slept together on the same bed, falling asleep from sheer exhaustion after a long stint of Star Craft, and not wanting Junsu to brave the ungodly hours without a bodyguard to return to his dorm that he’d snuck out of.

He’d been cute and talkative, always trying to make the people around him happy.

Changmin frowns, eyes moving over towards Yunho and Jaejoong. The tattooist is of course preoccupied with the kitten in his lap, not caring at all that his cousin is trying to kill him. The teenager on the other hand is simply gazing at him with wide eyes, and a very full mouth, so red and shiny looking that it reminds him of Xia’s glossed up mouth.

Jaejoong and Junsu are really fucking similar. Should he warn Yunho that his kitten is going to turn into a predatory tiger when he grows up?

He feels a touch under his chin, and he freezes, unable to move as the fingers coax him to turn back and look up.

Changmin is staring Death in the eyes.

AN: This is an EXCELLENT fucking example of the lack of control I have over my muses… I just… what the hell even happened here? I wanted three things to happen in this… and only ONE thing happened…the other two got derailed… OTL

AN2: Xia Tod… You’re welcome *curls into a ball* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH24JG89Kr0

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