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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[11] Constant Cravings
Title: Constant Cravings
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin, JaeChun, HanChul
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg - seriously, don't read if you cannot deal with this
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: There are all sorts of cravings during pregnancy, and Jaejoong and Changmin want what they want. It’s just up to the husbands to provide…are they up to the challenge? :P

AN1: Hmmm… you wanted fluff to wipe away the angst right? But you didn’t specify what kind of fluff ;-) Tbh I really wish some of you YJS would give Trophy Wife a try lol. Not sure what the aversion is people have to other pairings. All pairings in DBSK are good pairings, HoSu included XDDD! Eh…

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O


What's wrong, my pretties?Collapse )

I opened my LJ..saw your posts and GOd as soon as i noted it was from trophy wife series..i just had to read this before reading all other posts..Like seriously....I totally love this series...and you have no idea how much i love you for writing this..
and Plz make it nc-17 plz...it's been so long i've read a rated Homin fic....Lol....

Lol no can do re the NC17. Whenever I write any Changmin related NC17, I become completely incoherent...

i was really excited to see an update hehehe love the Hanchul dynamics! and Jaejoong omg what are we gonna do with him xD

it's really sad though how a lot of shippers disparage other ships like come on that's just unfair

IDK about unfair. I just think they're missing out lol.

Look at my MinSu... I never EVER imagined i'd write such a pairing and now look what happened? And the best part? I'm rather enjoying it...

They are making me both hungry and horny.

Ok I read this ... And it's wonderfully cute, adorable, fluffy and sweet.

I don't like durian cake made the traditional way in Malaysia but I am rather partial to durian pancakes.

i love youuuu nikki!!!
thank you for updating this series > <
I'm so tired right now after spent 8 hours in the bus, but i'm so happy to read pregnant!changmin, it feels like you give me a gift ^^
ps: now, i want to eat durian ice cream >

mmmmmmm HoMin ... they are so cute and I love the Trophy Wife universe
and of course I love Heechul
so he's my favorite in this update!

People don't comment on HoMin only YunJae? It's mean!

I really like this story, I was so happy when I saw this update, missed pregnant Min and Jae so much, they are so amusing!

Thank you for the lovely chapter, I really enjoyed it!

Ahhh you updated! I got so excited when i saw that there was a new post in the trophy wife tag! This is like my favorite homin series ever, i love yunho and changmin's interactions, and i love how you included heechul and hangeng too, i feel like they serve as a some type of model for the younger couples. Thanks for the update!

omg thank you!! So cute. haha Jae is funny, the power of a pout. xD

Oh Min i'm constantly Heechul!Hungry for your hot husband too. Don't kill me. hahaha

Thank you so much for this lovely update. \o/

ahh this was soo cute. i thought you forgot about this lol. i love heechul and hangeng, and they whay heechul obey's what he says. and when hangeng asked him if he was preggo XD.
you have been on a roll with cute, pouty, and touchy feely jaejoong lately.
is your dad okay???


off to read~~~~

Yes yes yes!

FINALLY. Thank you!!! :))

I truly missed Trophy Wife.

oh wow~ LOL.

there really are times that all of them look YOUNGER than their age... i think there was this one magazine spread that did that to both yunho and changmin and then recently with jaejoong narrating for The Zoo is Alive 2 - his photos with the cap on backwards really made him look like a teenager. LOL

cravings of all kinds. durian cake? really? those are hard to find... especially if you're living in a country that doesn't have them~XDDDDD

First of all, damn it, I want scones now!!!

Second, I'm in love with HoMin here. But I'm especially in love with the tender side of Min that's only for his husband to see. I'm also very much in love at how Yunho just admires his wife all over. I could imagine him looking at Min while he took off his coat and I could feel the love radiating from his eyes :) WAH! So many fluffy feels~~

I WANt the scones and cream now.. Durian cake?!!! hahaha.. It's going to send Chun running for the hills././