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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[11] Constant Cravings
Title: Constant Cravings
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin, JaeChun, HanChul
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg - seriously, don't read if you cannot deal with this
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: There are all sorts of cravings during pregnancy, and Jaejoong and Changmin want what they want. It’s just up to the husbands to provide…are they up to the challenge? :P

AN1: Hmmm… you wanted fluff to wipe away the angst right? But you didn’t specify what kind of fluff ;-) Tbh I really wish some of you YJS would give Trophy Wife a try lol. Not sure what the aversion is people have to other pairings. All pairings in DBSK are good pairings, HoSu included XDDD! Eh…

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O


Changmin and Jaejoong are sitting quietly, flipping determinedly through the magazines in their hands, their mouths formed into identical pouts. The office foyer is silent apart from the steady tap tapping of the keyboard by Mrs. Lee, Yunho’s secretary of over a decade. Minutes pass before predictably, one of the young males on the couch tosses his magazine irritatedly onto the coffee table and folds his arms across his expanding belly, huffing to himself. His companion ignores the man, used to his little fits for attention after so many years.

“I’m hungry.”

Changmin makes a non-committal sound as he continues flipping through his magazine.


The younger man sighs and puts his magazine down, turning to face his friend whose pout is in full force, huge doe eyes unhappy. “What do you want me to do about it, Jae?”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose. “This is your husband’s office.”

“But he’s in a meeting with your husband.”

“But it’s Yunho’s office!”

“I don’t see how this is relevant.”

Jaejoong exhales forcefully with an indignant puff, leaning back and folding his arms across his chest, resting lightly on his portruding belly. “I want blueberry jam, with scones, and cream, with durian cake.” His voice is wistful.

Changmin’s belly rumbles and Jaejoong pounces.

“There! You’re hungry too!”

He rolls his eyes at his best friend and crosses his own arms across his chest and the two young wives sit there glaring at each other.

“What’s wrong, my pretties?” A very amused voice cuts short their staring contest.

“Hyung, he won’t get his husband to get me food.” Jaejoong pouts mournfully as he dobs his friend in who is sputtering in indignation while moving over to make room for the newcomer.

“And why on earth would Jung get you food? Don’t you have your own husband?”

“Yes, but he’s in a meeting with his husband and your husband and this is his husband’s office and— Oh forget it!” Jaejoong huffs irritatedly, feeling thoroughly put upon as he glares at Heechul and Changmin who are wearing almost identical smirks.

“My, my, aren’t you a gnarly one when thwarted. I can’t see Micky playing with you very much. You’d just be screaming at him to fuck you, wouldn’t you? Delayed gratification can be a good thing, pretty boy.”

Jaejoong’s jaw drops as Changmin hides his laughter in his arm, snorting as Heechul blinks at the two younger man, completely unperturbed. He turns towards the amused teenager, satisfied that Jaejoong is shocked enough to be silent for a bit and takes in the odd sight of the unstyled hair of the younger male, the dark locks trying to hide some distinctly orange hair. His bangs are almost in his eyes having grown out a bit, though it actually does look rather good.

Heechul sniffs as he takes in the former supermodel. The teen’s wavy hair is falling in soft natural waves, and he is stunning. Absolutely stunning, which irritates the older man just marginally. It normally wouldn’t bother him, but he’s feeling a little out of sorts, so he gives in to his ornery tendencies.

Jaejoong and Heechul are cut from the same cloth. Their features leaning more towards feminine, both of them impossibly beautiful. Both though, do well with a little bit of makeup, not to hide imperfections, but rather to enhance their natural beauty.

Changmin on the other hand is not feminine at all. His features are strong and breathtakingly handsome. His only “flaw” is his lopsided eye smile, though as a supermodel, it doesn’t actually matter anyway since he barely ever smiles. He doesn’t need makeup to enhance anything, his skin is so smooth that Heechul knows that he almost never needs anything touched up after his shoots. He doesn’t even suffer from pregnancy acne! How unfair is that?

“And you, what happened to your hair?” His eyes drop down to look at the rest of Changmin’s outfit, eyebrow arched so high it practically reaches his hairline. “And your supermodel training. Really, now. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you suddenly turn into a hobo!”

Changmin bristles at that, running his hand through his hair, ruffling it as he glares at Heechul and then at Jaejoong who is looking anywhere but at him, his chubby fingers drumming nervously on the arm rest. He doesn’t answer the older man, content to just glare and hope his mental plotting of the two men’s demise is showing on his face. He is only just getting used to the strange shade of his hair and the haircut has oddly grown on him. It makes him look so much younger next to Yunho and for some reason he gets a real kick out of this, so he leaves it. He hasn’t bothered styling it today, letting it air dry naturally, giving it some texture. Heechul is still looking at him like he is a side-show exhibit though, and he huffs irritatedly, annoyed at having to hold his tongue, leaning forward to grab his sunglasses off the coffee table and putting them on. He feels calm almost instantly, now that everything is dim and he cannot see Heechul’s amused expression. His belly flutters slightly, as if in approval, and he hides a tiny smile behind his hand at the movement.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

“They’re sensitive to rudeness.” Changmin replies pointedly, leaving no room for guesswork as to his meaning.

Heechul lets out a loud cackle at that, startling poor Mrs. Lee who looks longingly at the intercom, probably wishing she could contact the three men within it to tell them their volatile wives are waiting outside.

“Ah, at least you’re still fiesty. Jae here has turned into a big old softie in pregnancy. Haven’t you, pretty boy?”

“It’s too much effort to be grouchy.”

“But it’s so much fun.”

“I feel sorry for your husband.”

The door to Yunho’s office opens just then, and Micky is the first one out. Jaejoong breathes a sigh of relief, practically flying off the couch, quick despite his size, to his husband’s side, latching onto his arm and pouting beautifully into his face. Micky is momentarily blinded by that pout, his wife not considered one of the country’s ultimate ulzzangs for no reason. But he is not the only one stunned, the two taller man behind him seeing it too and equally mesmerised, even if it doesn’t last long.

Changmin, who takes off his sunglasses to perch them on his head when the men come out, and Heechul watch amusedly, both secure in the affections of their respective husbands to appreciate their dumbfounded expressions in the face of Jaejoong’s beauty. The man was a traffic stopper before pregnancy, and now, with his gently rounded figure and that contented glow about him, he is even more beautiful. Jaejoong though, is oblivious, his mind only on one thing. To satiate his hunger.

“I need food.”


Micky cannot formulate words, his eyes trained on Jaejoong’s full mouth and that pretty pink tongue licking at it, leaning forward to grab a taste but his wife quickly side-steps out of his reach, poking him in the chest, while still pouting. While trying to avoid his husband, Jaejoong ends up between Han Geng and Yunho, and he glances up at both men, blinking owlishly at their gaping jaws, unsure as to why they’re looking at him like that, before turning his attention back to his husband who is wearing a pout of his own now.

“Food, Yoochun-ah. I’m hungry. Your baby wants blueberry jam, with scones, and cream, with durian cake.”

“I think I’m diabetic just thinking about that. Are you sure it’s our son that wants that, and not you?”

“Well, he’s the one next to my belly so I’m blaming him. I’m hungry!” Jaejoong grumbles, hooking a hand around Yunho’s bicep as he berates his husband.

The older man stares down at the blonde head, then at the hand curled firmly around his upper arm, and then over at the couch where his own wife sits smirking, and then back at his best friend who doesn’t seem to notice the action. He tries to gently extricate himself from the younger man’s grasp, but for a pregnant male barely out of his teens, Jaejoong is pretty strong, and his grip tightens as he looks up.

“Where do you think you’re going? Your wife is hungry too.” Jaejoong scolds Yunho before turning to Han Geng who is watching the unfolding scene with a bemused expression. “And you! Your wife has a very foul mouth. You need to wash his mouth out with soap.”

“I’d rather he wash it out with something else,” comes a sing song voice, filled with amusement as Heechul merely cocks an eyebrow, his expression almost gleeful as Jaejoong flushes at his words. Oh he loves to tease the young beauty. Changmin has a similar sense of humour to him, but Jaejoong, despite his cold and fierce exterior most times, has grown mellow in pregnancy, using his pout more than his glare to get what he wants. He’s also strangely prudish, innocent even.

“Chullie, stop.”

Heechul’s smirk falters slightly at the quiet admonishment by his husband. The Chinese national is very soft spoken, and his speaking voice is even quieter than Changmin’s which is saying something. And yet his wife complies. In the silence, a sound disturbingly close to that made by a whip crack is heard, coming straight from behind Changmin’s hand covering his mouth.

“Changmin…” Yunho starts, but even to his ears it sounds weak because in all honesty, he’s finding it just as amusing as the teenager. He gets a wicked smirk for his efforts as his young wife unfolds himself from the couch, and walks towards them to free him from Jaejoong’s hold.

“Good god, how old are you?”

The sudden loud exclamation from Heechul has five men staring at him in confusion.

The beautiful older man is staring at Changmin though.

The teenager is in ripped cut off jeans that stop at his knees, with a soft grey top underneath a furry jacket. His sunglasses perched on his head push up his hair as he blinks curiously at Heechul. Large, warm, brown bambi eyes, all soft because he is happy to see his husband instead of filled with irritation as they are normally wont to be, adds to the youthful luster, not to mention like his best friend, this teenager is glowing from his pregnancy.

With the sunglasses, he looks every inch the haughty (slightly hobo-ish) supermodel.

But without… Heechul is a little flabbergasted.

“I knew you two were cradle snatchers, but Jung, are you sure your wife is even out of the cradle? It’s like he’s aged backwards since his pregnancy. What the actual fuck? I’m a little disturbed.”

“Heechul, enough.”

“What, Hannie? It’s true. Just look at him! Stop trying to shut me up. If you really want to, you know what to do.”

“Are you pregnant?”

Heechul flushes uncharacteristically, as suddenly all eyes are on him after his husband’s quiet question. A strange question to be sure, to blurt out in the middle of Jung Yunho’s office. It’s annoying how Han Geng’s indoor voice commands attention. Actually, his voice is always an indoor voice and Heechul takes great pleasure in trying to push him up a few decibels. However, he is silent now, fully aware of the high colour in his own cheeks and the sudden softness around the lines of his husband’s eyes. This is what happens after you’ve been married long enough to a stupidly observant husband. Nothing gets past him.

“What’s it to you?” Heechul grouches, unwilling to give in. Damn his husband. What the hell gave him away? He’d literally only just found out that morning.

“I’m not hearing a yes or a no, Chul.”

“Do you really want to do this out here?”

Han Geng looks around, his mouth quirking at Yunho’s secretary who has earphones in her ears as she types up the minutes recorded from their meeting, before glancing pointedly around the room that is empty apart from them.

“These are our friends, and you started this. Are you going to finish it?”

“Aish, this man,” Heechul huffs, crossing his arms across his chest as he glares across the room.

Before anyone can react, that is a high pitched squeal, and a blur of blonde whizzes past the circle of men, slamming straight into the older wife.

“Get a hold of yourself!” Heechul snaps, but even he is unable to remain firm in the face of the gorgeous Jaejoong with his shining doe eyes and his recent tendency to purr.

And purr he does as he strokes Heechul’s still-flat belly, cooing at the older man.

“What the hell has happened to your wife?” Yunho asks his best friend, quite bewildered by the change in the young man. It wasn’t long ago that he’d been subject to the blond man’s utter fury when Changmin had gone missing and those photos of Yunho and an unknown woman had surfaced. An angry Jaejoong would send even him running for cover. He is brave, but Jaejoong is something else altogether. When it comes to Changmin, the only slightly older former supermodel is like a mama bear protecting her cub. Fuck with Changmin, and be prepared to lose your head. Jaejoong doesn’t give a damn that the head he is about to pull off is his best friend’s husband.

He understands why Micky questions Jaejoong’s love and loyalty sometimes, because even he has come up short in a contest between Changmin and himself.

“I don’t know.” Yoochun shakes his head, a tiny smirk playing about his lips. “But I like it very much.” He winks at his friends before walking over to retrieve his wife who is trying to unbutton Heechul’s shirt and squeaking when his hands get smacked away by the exasperated man.

“Are you going to undress me right here? Control yourself!” Heechul slaps away at eager hands once again, prompting his own husband to step forward and grab hold of him.

It is a comical sight to the tall Jung pair, as both Micky and Han Geng wrangle their wives. Han Geng has both arms locked around Heechul, pinning the man’s arms to his side. Micky cannot quite manage that considering his wife’s girth, hugging the gorgeous blond from the back and holding onto his hands instead.

Everyone’s eyebrows go up when Heechul suddenly arches his back, and very clearly and deliberately rubs his ass against his husband’s crotch.

“Hannie…I’m hungry.”

“Heechul!” Han Geng sends apologetic looks to his business partners and their wives, before letting go of his wife and grabbing his hand instead. He tugs the beautiful man towards the bank of elevators, unaware that his irrepressible wife has turned back to the watching two couples.

Changmin’s laughter is loud as he watches the former supermodel make a lewd gesture complete with his tongue popping in and out of his cheek. He feels his ass getting squeezed for it, and he simply smirks.

“I’m hungry too,” Jaejoong cuts in, missing Heechul’s actions as the elevator door shuts on the older couple. His hunger has managed to knock out his excitement over the older couple’s news, his cravings strong indeed.

“So am I,” Changmin smirks, getting a pinch on the bottom for the lewd quality in his voice.

“Go feed your wife.”

“Where am I going to find scones and durian cake, Jae? They don’t even belong on the same continent!”

The blond beauty huffs, crossing his arms and glaring at his husband. “I don’t care. I want blueberry jam, with scones, and cream, with durian cake.”

Yunho chuckles as he slips his arm around his tall wife.

“You best see what all your money can buy, Micky.”

Jaejoong beams at Yunho, momentarily blinding the man which makes Changmin laugh all over again.

“Go find your food, Jae. I’ll see you at the mansion later.”

“You’re not coming?” his best friend asks as he tugs a bemused Micky Park Yoochun towards the elevators, already imagining all sorts of goodies awaiting him because his husband has a lot of money and he is sure he can buy whatever he wants.


The Jung couple watch as once again, the elevator door shuts on their friends.

Yunho turns to his wife, quirking an eyebrow. “I thought we were supposed to have dinner with them? I’m sorry about dragging you here straight from the airport. You could’ve gone home.”


There’s that word again. Yunho follows his wife back into his office, watching as the teenager shrugs off his (fake) fur coat. From the back, you would never guess the teenager is almost six months pregnant. His figure is slim as ever, his long torso accommodating their twins easily. He contemplates his wife’s delightfully pert bottom, encased in sinfully tight cutoffs, actually growling when his view is obscured as the young man turns around.

Changmin leans back against Yunho’s large mahogany desk, crossing his ankles as he rests his arms on top of the gentle swell of his belly.

“You really do look a lot younger.” Yunho observes, taking in his wife’s features. “How is that possible?”

The former supermodel smirks, pulling his sunglasses from his hair and chucking them behind him. “Better?”

“Not really.”

“How old do I look?”

Yunho takes the question seriously, examining and dissecting the teenager’s features, smiling when his wife smiles. It is that very easy smile that makes him look so young.

“Sixteen? Seventeen maybe?”

Changmin pushes away from the desk, sauntering slowly over to his husband. He’s taken to walking slowly on purpose, so as not to be knocked off balance. He is carrying his twins very high up, and out, and all the weight in the front makes it hard not to sway. People usually say girls make you big all round, but for some reason, he is the exception. Maybe it’s because he’s carrying twins and his girls want to plaster as closely to each other as possible. He’s never really been given to fat either, unlike his adorably chubby best friend whose chipmunk cheeks make him want to squeeze the blond man at the strangest of times.

He props an elbow on Yunho’s shoulder, leaning into the man, his voice dropping.

“Sixteen? You had me when I was seventeen and now you want me to be younger?”

“You look younger than the day I met you.”

Changmin leans in, nuzzling Yunho’s ear. “Do you like it?”

“I like you.”

The teenager chuckles as he starts to nibble.

Yunho hugs his wife, his hands meeting easily despite the additional girth, and he squeezes gently before unclasping his hands and dropping one against the curve of the teen’s ass. “I thought you were hungry?”

“I’m not hungry like Jaejoong.”


“I’m hungry like Heechul hyung.”

AN1: I’m sorry… Changmin is severely breaking my brain and I really am unable to can with him. This is two Changmin updates in one day, and I’m already a writhing ball of feels. If I go to NC17, there won’t be a Nikki left to write anymore at all.

AN2: If I wrote HoMin for comments and not for my own guilty pleasure, I would've stopped writing a long time ago lmao.

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Wow three stories in one day I'm impressed. But anyways love all your stories it doesn't matter which pairing. This is so funny with the cravings. I remember those. They are not pretty. You feel like your guts are gonna rip out if you don't get the food that you want. So yeah I understand jae's feelings. As for here heechul and changmin that's there too (smirks).

Both types of cravings are kinda hilarious. But seriously, when my friend ate MACKERAL with nutella...I thought I was going to hurl.

Wow really well you should see what I craved which was miso soup with balut. It's boiled duck egg that has an embryo in it lol. Yeah I can feel your friends pain and crazy appetite. As for durian tried that once. Didn't like it either and I eat some pretty crazy stuff considering my mother is Filipino and my dad is a crazy white guy kinda like Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre Foods.

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