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I Love Rock n' Roll

Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: I Love Rock n' Roll
Pairing: YunJae / KazuMin
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here.

Summary: While his siblings like classical music and pop, Jung Changmin vastly prefers rock. Out of his entire family, Jung Jaejoong would be the closest to himself in terms of music tastes. Question is, exactly how similar is Changmin to the man who gave him life? ;-)

AN1: Pretty sure most of the fics that will eventuate from this are all smutty lol. I’m sorry to disappoint OTL
AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

Yunho and Jaejoong watch fondly as their baby son once again wiggles and giggles happily to the music. His choice of music is interesting to say the least. All their children love music, and both Yunho and Jaejoong have encouraged this love. Singing their kids to sleep is something they both do on a regular basis, though they’ve hit a stumbling block with their youngest.

Love In The Ice doesn’t work with Changmin.

Neither does Hug.

Jaejoong has even branched out, singing English songs.

But it isn’t really the language of the songs that is the issue, it is the songs themselves.

Jaejoong had chanced upon his son’s strange preference by accident one afternoon, as he spends a rare afternoon off alone with his youngest, while making dinner for the rest of the family. Their baby had just turned one, and was having tummy time on the floor in front of the ranch sliders, gurgling in a particularly sunny spot. Jaejoong had the radio tuned to a Japanese radio station, and X Japan’s Rusty Nail had come on.

Now, this song is almost as old as Jaejoong himself, but that didn’t seem to deter his son, whose radar like ears had perked up instantly.

Every time the “noisy” part starts up, the infant starts gurgling and head banging along.

It was the most comical thing ever, and Jaejoong had recorded it to send to his husband.

Now the baby boy is almost two, and still head banging to X Japan. His poor siblings find the music unbearably noisy, but change the channel at your peril, for Changmin’s pipes are even greater than JJ’s and he will howl louder than Toshi should anyone dare to change the music while he is busy enjoying it.

“Mama, who is that?”

Jaejoong glances up to see Changmin sitting mesmerised in front of the television. He squints at the screen, recognising a band that most of his nieces seem to be into. In fact, he knows the band well enough to name them, since he too enjoys their music.

“Tohoshinki,” he replies before looking back down at his papers.

“No, no, not the men, Mama. That boy.”

Jaejoong looks up yet again as his seven year old gets up off the floor and goes to the tv, pointing at the boy in question. He suppresses his grimace for he can see Changmin’s finger print from way over here. He leans over closer, squinting even more, wishing he has his glasses.

“I’m not sure baby. Their guitarist?”

“Isn’t he a little young?”

“He looks about Krystal noona’s age.”

“I think he’s Hara noona’s age.” Changmin counters, nodding in affirmation at his own conclusion as he moves away from the screen, settling back on the floor to continue gaping.

“What is that godawful sound?” Yunho asks, as he drops his briefcase onto the breakfast table to stare at his wife behind the kitchen bench. “Is someone attempting to murder a guitar?”

“We need to soundproof the house.”

“The whole house? The music room is soundproof.”

“JJ and the twins kicked Changmin out of there a long time ago.”

“Oh yeah…” Yunho winces, remembering that fight. But he had to side with the majority. Changmin had been aghast to learn that his sibling’s musical ambitions surpass their love for him. The boy hadn’t sung for a whole month in protest, and even letters from the head of the school choir fail to move him. The boy’s stubbornness is second only to his Mama’s. Even the threat of being kicked off didn’t even cause a flicker in his serious bambi eyes. It is only the twin boys’ intervention that he manages to keep his place. That, and the fact that JJ had threatened to quit if they kicked him off.

His siblings do love him very much.

Just not his choice of instrument.

“Should I be glad he didn’t want to take up drumming?”

“Bite your tongue, Jung Yunho!” Jaejoong shudders as a particularly loud twang echoes through the house. “We really need to do something.”

“He doesn’t want a teacher.”

“He does.”

Yunho groans as he sits across from his wife, taking the steaming mug of hot chocolate gratefully. There are better things to be doing on this chilly winter afternoon, and listening to his youngest son murder his $3,000 guitar is not one of them.

He takes a fortifying sip before he answers his wife who has his arms crossed, watching him carefully.

“I can’t do that, Jae.”

“You can and you know it. He’s been pining since he was seven. Seven, Yunho! Doesn’t that remind you of someone?”

“You weren’t pining.”

“How do you know? I cried for weeks when you never came back for me,” Jaejoong teases, though he stops instantly when he sees the regret flash across his husband’s eyes. He hurries round the bench, tugging at Yunho to turn from the table to make room in his lap for him.

And 33 year old Jung Jaejoong climbs into his husband’s lap as if he is still 19.

The he tries to fit himself in the older man’s arms, tucking his face against his jaw, as if he is still barely three years old.


“I’m sorry,” the younger man apologises mournfully. He’d only wanted Yunho to understand what Changmin is going through, not dredge up bad memories. He hadn’t thought beyond trying to make his son happy, and he’d spoken without considering his husband. “Forget I said anything.”

Yunho doesn’t answer, merely hugging the gorgeous man to him.

“Mama! You’re not three anymore!” Jiyool rolls her eyes as she enters the kitchen to find her mama once again, making like he’s a baby koala. She’s heard the story of how her parents met of course, and in all honesty, she doesn’t think her mama ever outgrew his tendency to cling to her father. She has a horrid feeling that he will be right there, bawling in her father’s lap on her wedding day. The thought almost makes her not want to get married.

Another loud, rather extended twang echoes through the house just then and Jiyool actually stomps her foot in frustration.

“Mama, you have to do something about this before I strangle him with his guitar strings! Nana and Mimi were woken from their nap yesterday while you two were out, and they were the grumpiest babies I have ever had the misfortune to be related to. Imagine Minnie ball multiplied by two! He did go outside when asked, but it had started to rain. Why won’t he take lessons like any other normal kid obsessed with a guitar?”

Jaejoong hides a grin as he hears Yunho sigh against his ear. What might take him awhile to convince his husband of, their fifteen year old daughter can do easily enough. Yunho is the disciplinarian in the house, but he is also the softie when it comes to their four girls.

“He only wants lessons from one person.” Jaejoong points out, remaining firmly in his husband’s lap. No one has been able to guilt him into climbing out of it in fourteen years, and his own daughter is definitely not going to be the first one to succeed.

Jiyool waves her hand dismissively as she starts to empty the dishwasher for her Mama. Both her and JJ are constantly mindful of setting an example for their siblings, and they both try to complete their chores without being asked, in the (vain) hope that their brothers will follow suit. Junsu is pretty good at it, but Yoochun and Changmin are hopeless, constantly skiving off one way or the other, and Junsu always ends up doing their chores for them.

“Yes, I know. Kazu this, and Kazu that. Daddy, you know you can put an end to his and our misery, right?” She waves a spatula at her father, not unlike the way her mama did some fourteen years ago. Though the difference is that she is not planning on throwing the utensil at her father’s head.

Not yet anyway. It all depends on his answer.

“He needs to learn that he cannot get everything he wants.” Yunho finally replies, ignoring the irritated huff from his wife.

“Daddy,” Jiyool places both her palms down on the kitchen counter and leans forward. “All he wants is to meet the guy. I promise he’ll be so tongue tied he won’t know which way is up.” She pauses, taking in her father expression before clicking her tongue and shaking her head ruefully. “If you’re this bad with Minnie and some boy he has a crush on, imagine what would happen if I came home with a boy too?”


“Changmin, calm down so help me god I am going to tie you to your seat and then you won’t get to meet him.”

“You wouldn’t!” Changmin gapes at his seventeen year old brother, for once unable to think past the immediacy of the next few minutes.

“Watch me.” Junsu replies menacingly.

“I’m taller!” The younger boy tries to threaten lamely.

“You’re taller than him too. What say you about that?” Yoochun replies a little sourly. They have both been tasked by their parents to escort their baby brother backstage to finally meet the lead guitarist and sometime bassist of one of the legends of the entertainment industry.


Both him and Junsu are here for the group itself, but not Changmin. Their brother only has eyes for a band member. Years of trying to get him interested in girl groups only resulted in desultory forays into it. He blames Ye Eun for this. If she hadn’t rejected Changmin all those years ago because of his ears, he wouldn’t be here worrying about some man taking advantage of his baby brother. He has no problem with Changmin liking boys of course, but this “boy” is eight years older, and their baby brother has been more than a little enamoured for almost a decade.

He doesn’t like the implications of that, especially with their mama’s track record. He used to hear their father joke about what Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets. In Yoochun’s reality, it’s a case of what Minnie wants, Minnie gets.

Yoochun really wishes it was Yoolie here and not them. Changmin listens to her. But his oldest sister had gone and gotten herself knocked up barely two freaking months into her marriage, and she is currently in bed being cooed over by their mama and her husband as she dies from morning sickness.


Well, he really shouldn’t say that. All three of them are like their mama, but Yoochun feels safer than his brothers since his preference definitely lies in the female direction.

So far anyway.

A security guard comes over just then, calling out their seat numbers.

This is it.

Kazu has no idea what to expect. The call had come from management, and even higher than that, from the CEO of Avex itself. Jung Yunho, head of the biggest private equity firm in the Asia Pacific had requested an audience for his sons.

Well, son.

Apparently the other two are more interested in Tohoshinki which is completely understandable.

Expected even.

But this Changmin had wanted to meet only him.

And really, no one says no to Jung Yunho. You might find yourself at the receiving end of a very hostile takeover.

It’s not as if Kazu has anything worth taking anyway. Tohoshinki is his life, so much so that U-Know and Hero both joked that he is married to his guitar. Micky and Xiah are kinder, understanding completely where he’s coming from. Max on the other hand merely smirks in that annoyingly superior way of his, as if he knows something Kazu doesn’t.

Alright, so he’s been playing for Tohoshinki since he was fourteen, literally plucked off the pavement as he busked on a random street corner he cannot even remember. And yes, he is the only band member who doesn’t just play for Tohoshinki, but also for their international alter ego TVXQ. He has lived on the road for the last nine years, not really knowing anything else, and enjoying it that way.

Everyone knows that U-Know and Hero are together, as are Micky and Xiah. Max is very firmly with the leader of some girl group back in Korea for several years now, so groupies all get thrown towards the band members.

Girls and boys who would do anything and everything to get closer to their idols. None of them would hesitate to sleep with the band, and all the members know it. It’s an unwritten rule where everyone closes one eye to the shenanigans. As long as Tohoshinki or TVXQ’s reputation remain untainted, the band can do whatever they want.

All except Kazu.

You see, he lost his heart over five years ago.

The fan letters from this boy are different. He doesn’t talk about Tohoshinki. In fact, he barely mentions them.

But he does talk about how much he sucks at trying to learn how to play the guitar by himself.

How he’s a top student in his school, and the male tenor in the choir while his sister is the mezzo-soprano.

How he drives his siblings and parents crazy with his inability to figure out his guitar.

How his oldest sister had threatened to break his Fender Select Stratocaster over his head in a frustrated rage. Kazu had almost choked when he read that particular letter. And the reason why he choked? He had cared more about the invisible boy’s head than the $3,000 guitar.

For someone who lives and breathes music the way Kazu does, that knee jerk reaction was all too revealing to him.

And he’d only been eighteen at the time.

He knows all about this boy; from his fears, the prominent one being cockroaches, to his love for all kinds of food but his mama’s cooking is the best, and even to the secret tattoos on his father’s back.

Kazu has no idea why they’re a secret, but the boy had spoken of them as if they’re the most precious information he has to share.

I know I shouldn’t be sharing this. I know I shouldn’t. Deep down, I know this isn’t information for anyone but family. Actually, I don’t think half of my uncles know about this either, or even some of my aunts. But everyone has someone to talk to. Yoolie has JJ. Chunnie has Suie. And I have you. I do have you right? I know I’m probably just some fan to you. Heck, you probably think I’m super strange. I think I’m strange too, don’t worry.

He had almost teared over that and he hadn’t even gotten to the rest of the letter! He feels exactly like the boy. Everyone has someone. He has his guitar. He isn’t close to any of the band members mainly because he prefers to go home and read instead of going out partying. He only goes when Tohoshinki or their dancers are going, which leads many of the other musicians to believe him too snobbish to hang out with them. The reason couldn’t be further from the truth. He merely feels safer with the five men and their dancers. They never ever press him into doing anything he doesn’t want, unlike the band.

His lost virginity was a direct result of the band pressing some random girl onto him. Kazu doesn’t even like girls, but did they care?

”A hole is a hole, kid. Who the fuck cares? If it’ll make you feel better, you can fuck her in the ass.”

That had been the last time he’d gone out with the band. Band culture is just not for him, and he is more than willing to hide behind the protection of Tohoshinki who have sort of adopted him as some kind of long lost brother.

I guess you’re like a diary that talks back in a way. No one knows I talk to you, so I guess if you break my confidence, then I have no one to blame but myself. But I guess you need to know the reason I’m telling you. Yoolie is getting married, and she told hyung about the tattoos. I think if anyone should have the right to tell anyone about our father’s tattoos, it would be me. She’s only known hyung for three years, but I’ve been talking to you forever. Well, longer than her anyway.

Call it petulance on my part. I prefer to see it as a promise. We only tell family about this, and I guess to me you’re already a part of the family. How you want to be part of that family is well…

The boy had trailed off then. His next paragraph had launched into a short explanation about his father’s tattoos. To Kazu, they sound absolutely beautiful, and he knows the boy comes from an extremely loving family. The way he talks about his mama in particular sends warmth right through him.

He’s asked to meet the boy several times. Despite the crazy amount of correspondence they’ve exchanged over the years, the boy had stuck to the old fashioned way of communicating by snail mail. No technology involved and therefore no real chance of tracing him.

Kazu knows several things though.

He is almost eight years younger than him. The boy was born in April, while he himself in June.

He has six siblings. A number that fascinates Kazu to no end, and months and months of correspondence had centred around that fact.

He is well off, though Kazu has no real idea how well off. But there aren’t many ten year olds who own $3,000 guitars.

The boy will be fifteen now. Well, sixteen actually. His birthday is today.

The boy is very smart, already at university with his older siblings, though he hasn’t quite decided what he wants to be.

He’d joked about running off to find Kazu once, and the guitarist had shot him down immediately. While the idea seems fine on paper, the kid is jailbait, and much too rich for someone not to notice.

There is one more thing about the boy though.

He has a profound way with words.

So profound, he’d brought Kazu to tears as he read hand written, scribbled sheets of music of a song he’d penned, the music composed by his siblings.

For someone who likes X Japan, the kid’s song leans more towards something Tohoshinki would sing.

“Kazu-san! The boys are here.” Max calls out cheerfully from the doorway.

Kazu looks up to stare at the tall man who quirks his eyebrow at him.

“Are you still pining over that kid?”

“I will find him, Max.”

“Or perhaps he’ll find you,” the man replies cryptically before turning to walk away, leaving Kazu to stare after him.

Changmin wants to throw up.

Actually, he did throw up, much to the worry of both Yoochun and Junsu who were afraid that he’d really fallen ill. In fact, his younger older brother had decided enough was enough, and they were going home.

But Changmin hasn’t gotten this far to give up.

He’d finally confided to his mama two nights ago about the seven year correspondence he’s had with Kazu.

And trust the man to already know about it.

”Minnie-ah…who do you think picks up the letters from the letterbox? They don’t magically appear on your desk.”

His mama’s parting words had been both a warning and an encouragement.

”Bring him home.”

There’d been an “or else” silently tacked onto the end of that, but it is encouraging to the teenager that his mama believes him capable of convincing the 23 year old to take the family jet back to Seoul with his brothers. He knows this is the final date for Tohoshinki, and thus everyone, including the band members will be on a week’s break. Knowing Kazu, his only plans will be with his Kindle.

Such a silly man.

“Are you sure you’ll be ok?” Junsu hovers anxiously. Changmin still looks a little green about the gills, and they’d all been so excited about the concert that all of them had forgotten that today is Changmin’s sixteenth birthday.

Sweet sixteen.

He doesn’t make a mention of it though, not really wanting his brother to get all huffy just before he sees his idol. He can buy something on the way to the airport and surprise his brother on the jet or something.

“Suie, your mother hen tendencies are worse than mama’s. Are you sure you’re not pregnant?” Changmin retorts, poking his brother’s firm abdomen. “I thought only husband’s got the whole by proxy pains? Yoolie is pregnant but sometimes I think you are too.”

Junsu smacks his brother’s hand away, blushing profusely as he looks around the room to make sure no one’s heard him.

“Don’t be a brat, Min. Su was just worrying about you.” Yoochun scolds his brother quietly. “We’ll be separated in a few minutes, and I don’t want to have to beat your guitarist with his own damn guitar, so make sure you behave yourself.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Watch me,” Yoochun replies grimly.

Changmin looks over at the younger twin to see if he’ll get help from that quarter but the soccer captain’s firm nod dissolves any such hope. It is a giant pain in the ass to have older brothers. It doesn’t matter that he’s in first year of university with them. It doesn’t matter that he’s taller and bulkier than them. He is still the baby, and they treat him like one.

Well, hopefully, by the end of tonight, he’ll have the last laugh. At least he knows their mama is on his side. The only problem is the flight to Seoul. Their mama won’t be there to play referee.

Oddly enough, Changmin has stopped worrying about needing to convince Kazu to come with him. His mama believes he can do it, and therefore he will.

Simple really.

Kazu is drumming his pen anxiously on the table. It’s really weird how the whole thing is set up. He is sure that “fan meets” don’t occur one on one in a room. Or perhaps he’s thinking too highly of himself. Of course he only has the one fan and therefore he won’t need the hustle and bustle that Tohoshinki require.

He is staring at the table top when he hears the door open, and a soft greeting in accented Japanese.

This has to be Changmin.

The guitarist looks up, blinking at the very tall person standing in the doorway. He’s almost Max’s height. The Jung kid walks in quickly, carrying what looks to be a folder of some sort, before he settles down opposite him.

They stare at each other.

Seconds go by, then minutes.

Neither seems too inclined to speak.

Changmin is too busy trying to calm his racing heart as he looks into the gentle eyes of the older man.

Kazu is too busy trying to remember he loves someone else because the boy has just about taken his breath away.

“You don’t know me, do you?” Changmin finally breaks the silence, growing slightly alarmed at the torment in the older man’s eyes.

“Sh-should I know you?”

“Well, I’m not sure.” The precocious teenager drawls, finally finding his equilibrium. He knows who Kazu is, but the man has no idea who he is. He already has the upper hand. “Do you want to know me?”

“I shouldn’t.” Kazu replies honestly, completely non-plussed.

“Why not?”

“I…I don’t know.”

“Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend or something?”

Kazu has never been to a fan meet. Well, he has been to Tohoshinki ones, and the members all joke about the random stuff their fans say to them.

Are they as weird as this conversation?


Changmin laughs, and the sound brings a thrill to the other man that he resolutely tries to push away.

“That sounds like a question, Kazu-san. Surely you ought to know?”

“No. It’s a no.” Lies, all lies. But how is he supposed to explain the truth? Oh, I fell in love with a faceless and nameless boy who could be the Hunchback of Notre Dame for all I know.

Changmin is startled by the man’s admission. He had whispered it, but Changmin has big ears.

“I’m not the Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Changmin is rather impressed by his tremor-free voice. His heart is starting to gallop. Soon it’s going to gallop straight out of his chest, and he will die, and Yoochun will beat Kazu with his guitar. He cannot have that!

“What?” Kazu gapes at the stunning teenager.

“I said I’m not the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Kazu blinks uncomprehendingly at the teenager. This has gotten weird way too quickly. His brain is a jumble of his nameless and faceless correspondent, and for some reason, his mind wants to fit this gorgeous teenager into the mold of the boy he fell in love with.


”Bogo sipda, nae sarang…nae nunmul gateun saram…”

Changmin sings softly, under his breath, not taking his eyes off the older man’s.

The reaction is immediate.

Kazu stands up so violently, his chair gets thrown back. His eyes are so wide they’re almost popping out of his head, and he stares at Changmin as if he’s the devil child himself.

“Are you sure you don’t know me?” Changmin asks quietly.

Too much.

Way too much.

Kazu takes another step back, stumbling over his chair, almost pitching sideways but he manages to stay upright.


This can’t be right.

His nameless, faceless correspondent is a normal young man, slightly richer than most people…and of average looks. Yes, average. Not this…this…

”Haneobsi heullyeodo, niga dasi bogo sipda…”

Kazu starts to shake his head from side to side. Changmin can see the panic in his eyes, and he sighs.

Really? After all these years?

“Are you sure, Kazu…” Changmin trails off, deliberately leaving out the honorific.

“You have no right—” Kazu starts, but he is cut off abruptly when the teenager stands up, unfolding to his full height.

The boy is almost a full head taller than him, and looking a little tense around the eyes.

“No right? Really? I thought you loved me?”

“I—I didn’t say that.”

“Yes you did. How many nameless, faceless people have you fallen in love with?”

“You’re not him.”

The boy smiles then. Such a brilliant smile, it makes his eyes go weird, but there is such amusement in that smile.

Amusement of the self-deprecating kind.

“Kazu…san,” he adds almost as an after thought. “You’ve made me wait years.”

“No, I haven’t.”

Changmin shakes his head. “Remember when I told you I’d run away from home to look for you? Three years ago? You told me to wait till I was sixteen.”

“Oh god…”

“I’m sixteen today.”

This is a joke right? He’s almost eight years older and yet in that moment, he feels terribly gauche. There is a knowing look in the teenager’s eyes, not unlike the look Max had sent him earlier. Are all tall people this smirky? This sure of themselves?

Of course this particular teenager is sure of himself. He is well and truly loved by his family, and his father is one of the richest men in all of Asia.


“Oh dear god you’re Jung Changmin…”

“A rose by any other name…”

“This isn’t the time for word play!”

“What about foreplay then?”

Kazu almost swallows his tongue as the teenager’s smirk widens. There is a definite sparkle in his eyes, and Kazu backs away quickly as the teenager takes a step towards him.

He is feeling decidedly hunted.

“S-stay where you are.”

Changmin huffs, crossing his arms and cocking his head. “Why are you being so difficult? It’s inevitable, can’t you see?”

“I can’t see.”

“I never thought you were blind. You didn’t seem blind on paper.”

“On paper you weren’t Jung Changmin!” The poor guitarist practically wails. He is normally far more put together. Calm even. Very even tempered and able to stay just so in the face of anything. Even Hero running out of his hotel room naked and screaming one morning chased by a very irate U-Know hadn’t fazed him one bit.

But this boy disconcerts the hell out of him with one simple look.

“Then I won’t be Jung Changmin.”

“How can you just change your name?”

“I can if you marry me.” Changmin takes a step closer, feeling bold. Kazu is looking half terrified and half hopeful. It is the hopeful half he is latching onto.

“Why would I do that?”

“Because it’s how it’s supposed to be.”

“You’re very sure about this, aren’t you?”

Changmin shrugs, taking another step closer. He is three steps away from the older man, and he is pretty sure he doesn’t realise this.

“Have you heard of Jung Jaejoong?”

“Your mama?”

“They say, what he he wants, he gets.”

“What does this have got to do with you?”

Changmin takes another step closer.

“I am my mama’s son.”

“A-and?” Kazu stammers, suddenly realising the teenager is close. Far, far, too close. And god help him if he doesn’t want to kiss that knowing smirk right from the impossible teenager’s mouth.

Changmin takes one more step, and plants both his feet.

“And you have to take that last step. I can’t do it for you.”

“I thought you said what your mama wants, he gets.”

Changmin nods. “My mama wants me to bring you home, but I want something else.”

“What do you want?”

Changmin drops his gaze, suddenly feeling vulnerable. He’s not sure where the attack of nerves originates from, but the words are suddenly stuck in his throat. It all seemed like such a game in the beginning, but standing here, almost toe to toe with the man, he suddenly can’t bear it if rejection is on the cards.

He has a firm belief that it is a sure thing.

But then again, his mama thought his marriage to his father at the age of three was a sure thing too.

Changmin is really not patient enough to wait another sixteen years.

“I want to give you a choice.”

“What choice is that?”

“Eternal happiness if you take that final step, or your life as you know it, but without hearing from me ever again if you don’t.”

“That’s blackmail.”

“Is it?” Changmin cocks an eyebrow. “If I really mean nothing to you, you wouldn’t care if you never hear from your faceless, nameless correspondent ever again.


The teenager smiles. It is a little weak around the edges, for his heart is pounding so hard he can barely see straight, but it is a smile nonetheless. “Say my name again…”



“You are a miserable wretch.”

Changmin stops, stunned at the sudden burst of emotion from the older man. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you’re going to drive me crazy for the rest of my life, that’s what I mean.”


The teenager is cut off though, as he suddenly finds himself with an armful of rueful guitarist, pressing a soft kiss against his mouth.

The twins watch from the doorway, each with a hand against the other’s chest, to keep each other from storming the room and breaking Kazu’s guitar over his head.

“Kazu!” Yoochun finally shouts out when it doesn’t seem as if they’re coming up for air anytime soon.

“Huh?” The guitarist pulls back, slightly dazed as he looks at the two young men who look anything but friendly in the doorway.

“Where’s your guitar?”

Changmin’s eyes widen, and he steps back quickly, turning around to keep Kazu behind his back.

“No, hyung!”

“I think I have more butterflies than I can imagine.”

“You always get like that before any of the children’s performances.”

“Yes, but this is Changmin’s first solo, and a rock-ish song, no less.”

“He’s in good hands.”

Before Jaejoong can reply, the lights go down, and a piano starts to play. His eyes tear up when he sees his youngest with the spotlight on himself. Unlike his siblings, Changmin’s solo debut is on one of the biggest stages in the world.

Nissan Stadium to be exact.

As the top music scholar in the country, he’d been invited by Tohoshinki themselves to perform at their closing concert. It is their way of promoting musicians who don’t go the traditional route of signing with an agency. The Western concept of an “opening act” so to speak, though Changmin’s solo happens smack bang in the middle to give Tohoshinki a chance to take a breather.

Changmin is more interested in producing and broadcasting, along with composing anyway, rather than singing, but he’d been talked into doing this by his fiance.

Yunho smiles as his son plays the electric guitar as if he was born to do it. Who would’ve thought he’d only been playing it for three years? He can only thank god there are no more godawful twanging sounds in the Jung household.

He watches fondly as the teenager fools around cheekily with the cameraman. The cameras love him, and so do the fangirls, if the sudden screams as he throws his pick into the audience is anything to go by. His son is tall, and broad, filling out in all the right places. In leather pants and a loose, flowing tank top, he looks every inch an idol prince.

The teenager swaggers, smirking right up to the lead guitarist on the moving platform, as it starts to make its way to the centre of the stadium. But he cares nothing for that, his eyes only for the slim, shorter man, smiling fondly at him. The girls titter and scream as he slips a hand around the handsome guitarist’s neck, placing their foreheads together.

The cameras capture every moment, and Yunho suddenly finds his view obscured by a sobbing wife clambering into his lap as if he’s not already in his early 40s.

“You really need to stop crying over everything,” Yunho whispers against Jaejoong’s tear damped cheeks. “He’s older than you when we got married.”

“But he’s my baby…” Jaejoong sniffles mournfully, completely missing the exchange going on onstage.

Yunho catches the shy smile Kazu sends his son, and you’d have to be blind to miss the love in Changmin’s eyes as he pulls the surprised guitarist in for a hard kiss, before relinquishing his hold and going on his merry way.

“And you’ll get to hold his babies soon enough.”

“Oh my god, he’s still a baby!!!”

AN1: BLAME MY MINNIEBALL BIAS ON THE FACT THAT REAL LIFE CHANGMIN IS DRIVING ME FLAT OUT INSANE RIGHT NOW… He even turned The Tattooist into MinSu… He has powers I don’t want to think about. Just roll with it and let me cry my pain under my desk at work.

AN2: What is it with me and age difference? I guess the grass is greener on the other side? My husband is 2.5 months younger than me OTL
Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, pairing:kazumin, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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