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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty universe...

Do you want a quiz game based on the Sleeping Beauty universe?

I'd rather you write something else

While this poll is going on (till Friday noon KST)...how about a quick side game? I'm more than sure that some of you know SB better than me so ask me a question related to the verse in comments and if I can't answer it, I'll write you a 3-word prompt drabble from ANY universe. I'll only write three max! :O

I need drabble practice not just for SB but in general so this kills many birds with one stone :P

Go go go! Prove to me you know my fics better than me cos I've only read SB in its entirety once lol :P

Sleeping Beauty seems to be the most widely and repeatedly read fic so I was just curious as to whether y'all would want to play a game.

I was talking to some readers on Twitter and I'm pretty sure a good half of you know the verse better than I do so I thought maybe I should reward y'all for the insane number of hours you spend reading and re-reading this verse.

I was thinking of having a post and posting a question in comments and the first correct answer wins. Of course I'm going to have to trust your integrity because you're supposed to answer WITHOUT checking for accuracy and based solely on your memory. There may be one or several questions a day and it'll all be in the comment section of the quiz post.

I think I might have 3-5 questions in total and then the winners will need to do something in relation to the SB!verse for me to pick an eventual winner.

Prize would be fic obviously lol!

What do you think? I'm really busy at work and finding it hard to squeeze in writing and I wouldn't mind having some random fun with a universe I consider my actual baby...


although my memory not really good.. i wanna give it a try since SB is my most favorite ^^

1. named the other twins.. ^^
2. which side of YH's face got scratched when JJ throwing tantrum bc YH ruined his cooking?
3. The girl who drives JJ back home from the hotel, what is her name?

omgggg this will so much fun!! never had an author making a quiz for a fic and I think this is very interesting and exciting!! ^^

1. What is the name of the bodyguard Yunho hired for Jaejoong?
2. What is the name of the Captain that Yunho compared himself when all of his children are laughing over dinner? (this is in relation of the Minnieball inceident) xD
3. How old was JJ when she thought she doesn't 'need' her Mama because she's old enough?

did my question even make sense? LOL. but.. gotta try ^^

i would love too *ㄱ* the fics would serve as our reviewers:DD

I don't mind participating in a quiz! ^.^
But if the quiz has time limit and it's during my office hour, then I won't be able to participate >.

I don't mind the quiz....but I'm still waiting for my YooSu's driveway incident....

Yes please!! Or any other twin YooSu one shots ;;____;;

If only i read my text books like i read your SB & SB universe. Bring it on mama :))

1. The half eaten ring pop, what country does it from??
2. Changmin's first girl crush name??
3. Jiyool's first colour related word??
4. The longest hours did Jiyool managed to spend at the creche before she starts to scream & cry thus prompting beautiful mama to pick her up??
5. Name the branded sunglasses of Jaejoong that Jiyool likes to chew??
6. Is your hand creme L'occoitane?? (IDEK how to spell it)
7. The elastic rubber inside Joongie's platinum band whom he gave to Yunho, what colour was it??
8. How old was Jaejoong when he brought home a homeless man to sleep in his room??
9. Lee So man & park jin Young, who are they in this story??
10. What is Chaerin's first car??

O<--< Fangirling SB too much here >-->O

bring it on!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD and i hope when u posting the quiz, i'll be here to answer it. n please dont for this weekend. pretty pretty please~~~ hehehhh.. n if i'm not mistaken, u asked us to ask u a question rite??? hurmmm what i should i ask u??

what time it was, when jj called yunjae sniffing cos she wanted to hear her mama's voice while she sleepover at her frend's house?? n nope! u cannot check it!! ;ppppp

Re: come on babeyhh!!

Lol I like odd numbers and my times all tend to be similar. 11:27 or 11:37pm I think.

I would love to try answer the quiz..,its one of my fav fic (I love almost all of ur fic though)

me questions you! :D

1. all in all, how many are the grandchildren of the Kims? (lame question, i know)
2. How many people are there per DVD in Yunho's wife's disgusting gratification collection DVD?
3. Why was Yunho upset even though his ex-wife is dead? d:
4. What is the name of Yunho's devil wife? :D

1. 15 + the Jungs (though there are more now but let's not make it confusing hah!)
2. 20... I think :S
3. Dude, you need to be way more specific... he could've been upset about anything!
4. Choi Sunye aka Jung Sunye... :P

It will be fun to participate as SB is my favorite.

reading all those questions from the others, I'm not so sure if I've read SB enough. :)) those were too specific. gosh, i feel old for not remembering most of the details.
i'll reread again :))

i want to re read all over again LOL

ok I think these are easy but there you go:

1. Where did Jaejoong find Sunye's hidden DVDs?
2. Why did Changmin blame his Mama for his big ears? LOL
3. How old was Jiyool when she found out she wasn't Jaejoong's biological daughter?

1. In some little safe thing in the walk in closet of the spare bedroom in the apartment.
2. Cos he found a photo of himself as a baby and Mama!Jae tugging at his ears. SO DAMN CUTE.
3. Nine...

I'll play along...

1. The dvd's...how many where there in total?
2. How many names were on the discs, and many people did that
3. In the oneshot Trouble, what happened in the gift shop?

4. How does Jae hurt his hand?

Edited at 2013-08-22 03:49 pm (UTC)

1. Seven plus the one of Yunho and the one of Jiyool.
2. 20 so 140 total :-/
3. Minnie tripped up Moonbin and then snatched a fan to hide his face from Yoolie but he walked out with it and it was a VERY EXPENSIVE fan and he into trouble hah!
4. Jae hurt his hand? Where? Forgotten? Nails ripped out when he was trying to get to Minnie...