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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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SB Quiz answers...
Sorry, I haven't been around. Swamped with work and my phone's 3G has been useless at best.

Alright so my answers are from memory. I didn't go and check them so I MIGHT have gotten some wrong. I don't think I did but who knows. If you don't agree with an answer, just leave a comment with the chapter of the fic or oneshot, and i'll take note. I'll go and "grade" the submissions later and then un-private the initial quiz post so y'all can check them out too.

TOP THREE with a score of 15.5 each were jiyool kingheechul and hippo_bunny

Can the three of you: each make a fanfic poster OR find an appropriate gif/photo to represent what you want, plus a 50 word "summary" of the fic you want me to write.


PM me your posters/gifs with the summary and i'll post the poll on Sunday 1 September.

1. What is the age difference between Chaerin and JJ?
18 years

2. What was Jaejoong's reason(s) for attempting to quarantine Changmin from his siblings?
Minnie was sick and he didn’t want Jiyool or JJ to catch it as Jiyool has a show and tell at school, and JJ has her audition for the school choir.

3. Why was Jiyool upset with her daddy on JJ's birthday?
She thought he ate the cakes meant for JJ and her mama when he came into the bedroom empty handed.

4. What was Jiyool's Halloween costume?
Little Bo Peep

5. How would you tell Nana and Mimi apart? Be as detailed as possible.
One has a mole on her right cheekbone and the other has a mole over the right side of her upper lip.

6. How old were Chunnie and Susu when that infamous driveway incident, that i've mentioned but never written about, happened?
Just over 2 years old.

7. What were Yunho's and Jaejoong's weapons of choice in the game on Boxing Day?
Nerf Gun for Yunho and Super Soaker for Jaejoong.

8. How tall are Jiyool and JJ when Changmin is 11 years old?
Jiyool is 5’8 and JJ is 5’7.

9. Answer this question: "Are you marked as mine yet?"
“I can still taste you, Jae.”

10. In what order was the trail of clothes YooSu left behind when they went to wee.
Jackets, pants, teeshirts, pull-ups.

11. What did Junsu ask Fuku?
“Who are you?”

12. What car did Jaejoong drive when he went to the bank?
A Bentley Continental ;-)

13. Who does the Thomas the Tank Engine bed belong to?
It originally belonged to Jiyool, and then it was passed to Changmin.

14. What is JJ's favourite colour?

15. Who are the angels and who are the devils when it comes to immunisations?
Angels - YooSu and JJ; Devils - Jiyool and Changmin

16. Name me every place and surface (where applicable) that YunJae have had sex in (both the main fic and the drabbles/oneshots)
Hahahahahhahahaha this wasn’t a serious question so I’ll give everyone a point :P

17. What did Yoochun threaten to do to Kazu?
Break the man’s own guitar over his own head :O

What is Jiyool's mystery boy's name? :P

PS: My boss is a Yunho fan hahahahhahahahhahahaha!!! I was watching AADBSK3 while working and she came in during one of the Mirotic performances and was all WOW HE'S REALLY HANDSOME. And I kinda side-eyed her and told her that's my bias and she already knows it. And she was o____O and said BUT HE'S REALLY REALLY REALLY HANDSOME HERE and I kinda just smirked lol. What could I say? And then she once again (in a repeat of before when she found out he was my bias the first time), told me YOU HAVE A TYPE. HE'S LIKE YOUR HUSBAND. Yes, m'dear Boss lady. I know... OTL

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MOONBIN?! LOL LOL JiYool definitely has her mom's taste..

now i wanna see your hubby's face

I am totally okay with missing so many, and wow, I had no idea that Jiyool's husband is Moonbin! BUT #1 is the only one I am frustrated about! I originally put 19, but immediately changed it to 18 before answering the other questions, but right before finishing, I believe I changed it to 17 years. Ugh!

omigod LOOOOL to that XD
i mean really. it's hard to name ALL possible places where Yunjae had sex y'know :3 . their most common place would be their bedroom. xD but yeah, let's keep the kids' rooms holy.. until further notice

and thank goodness i answered Moonbin XD

good luck to those who answered great! ^_^

Hahaha...your joke question...
I got the first question wrong...because I read wrongly!!! OTL...
Moonbin is really the mystery boy? OTL...I was just guessing...I wanted to put some other name there...thank goodness I put Moonbin...hahaha

Yuki-Chan! you won the quiz! congratz!

I did? I don't think so...hahaha

I tohught te accident with changmmin was the one in the driveway... Can you confirm or deny pls?

The infamous driveway incident is the unknow incident with the twins...
Changmin is the one with the car incident...where Jaejoong left him in the car...

thanks... I thought the Changmin in the car thing was in the driveway...

i really think you are serious with question no 16 LOL
13point not bad point. thanks for the quiz. it's really fun.

i didnt participate, but this was fun/cute :)

offtopic, how similar do you think you are with the real JJ :)

Just wanted to chime in and say I find the conversation with your boss hilarious. X-D *goes back to lurking*

It really cracks me up when you appear out of nowhere :P How much do you actually lurk here? Surely there's nothing to interest you lol.

You have no idea... *waggles eyebrows*

the answers are awesome. LOL. i've read SB about 2 times and your drabbles once so... LOL. OTL for me for not getting most of them right~ tho i had a good guess who jiyool's mystery guy was and i was right~^^

Congrats to all winners.

Sorry for not being able to participate.

Congrats to all the winners :D

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