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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: #BelieveInYunJae
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Genre: Non-AU, Fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED

Summary: TIME has taken them away from each other this day, but a crazy explosion of trends on Twitter reminds one and all that YunJae is very much alive and kicking.

AN1: This was just really random cos I found screenshots of the trends on my phone while trying to find a photo for work. The things I do in half an hour in between reading identical contracts to make sure they’re identical :-/ Why they didn’t give me a soft copy I will never understand ugh!
AN2: I miss them, ok... let me be T____________T


“Does hyung know?” Junsu blinks at the screen.

“I messaged him when the third trend hit the worldwide trending topics, but he hasn’t replied.”

“What number are we even at now?”

“Five I think.”

“Yes, five.” A third voice chimes in through the phone sitting on the desk next to the two men currently gaping at the laptop screen. “YunJae6thAnni, YunJaeTime, ForeverWithYJ, WeMissYunJae and BelieveinYunJae. That last one was actually the top tweet on the worldwide trending topics. I’m a little stunned to be honest. How long as it been since the split?”

“How are you even keeping track of the tweets?” Junsu’s voice is slightly awestruck as he scrolls through the crazy amount of mentions. It does not matter that it is YunJae’s “wedding” anniversary. Being one of only two accessible members on Twitter, he gets hit with all the trends too. He has also deliberately avoided their maknae’s question, not wanting to answer it because even after all this time, it still hurts.

“I took screen shots,” comes the slightly sheepish answer, making Yoochun laugh.

“I thought I was the president of the YunJae fanclub?”

“You’re not doing a very good job at the moment,” the maknae sniffs, as he flicks idly on his iPad. “I even have to smile and nod approvingly at YunJae banners during concerts now. It’s so stupid but it makes hyung happy so whatever.” Yunho had gone to bed hours ago, thoroughly exhausted from their Osaka Dome concerts. He is bone weary too, but after the first message from Yoochun reminding him what day it is, he has perked right back up. Though the irony is not lost on him that it is the three of them who are “celebrating” this day rather than the actual subjects of the day.

“Hey! It’s not my fault that our damn agency is militant about YunJae banners. They’re pissing off hyung more and more each day but our hands are tied. I have no idea where hyung is either. We don’t live together anymore and he tends to do his own thing.”

“Guys! Guys! Oh my god the next trend just got mentioned to me. How are these girls coming up with these things?” Junsu interrupts, eyes fixed on his mentions.

There is silence on the phone as Changmin refreshes his page and sure enough, a new trend is on the worldwide trending topics.


“I don’t get it though,” Junsu admits.

“Hyung is in Japan, and Jaejoong hyung is here in Korea. What’s there not to get?” Yoochun pats Junsu on the head.

“Oh…” the main dancer and vocalist breathes out as he leans against his hyung, rubbing his cheek against Yoochun’s thigh as he continues to scroll. “Your tour has really bad timing.” Junsu grumbles as he flicks through the mentions coming at him at top speed. This is one of the days where he wishes his English were better. It all seems rather fun and exciting.

“Don’t start, hyung.”

“Where’s Yunho hyung?” Yoochun asks, changing the topic.

“Asleep.” Changmin flicks through his iPad when a sound outside his room causes him to sit up on his bed. “Wait…I don’t think he’s asleep.”

“What?” twin voices chirp through the speaker phone.

“Shush! I thought I heard something outside.”

“Maybe it’s Sadako coming to get you.” Yoochun laughs evilly, Junsu cackling along beside him as Changmin growls at his hyungs.

“How the hell do you even know about that?”

“We have a direct information line from Yunho hyung to Jaejoong hyung.”

“I thought you don’t see him anymore?”

“Changmin-ah…” Yoochun starts as he cards his hand through Junsu’s hair as the younger man flips over laying his head properly in the older man’s lap. “Jaejoong hyung is always ready to crow about your achievements to the world. I swear if he knew you as a kid, he’d tweet about you losing your first milk teeth! I don’t have to tell you how much he loves Yunho hyung, but don’t forget that he loves you too.”

Changmin groans quietly at the maudlin tone in his hyung’s voice. “You’re going to cry aren’t you?”


“Yes!” Junsu replies at the same time, earning himself a hard tug of his hair, and he howls.

“Shut up, you two.” Yoochun growls, pretending to be angry.

Changmin is about to reply when he hears another sound from outside. He gets up slowly, not bothering to get dressed, picking up his cellphone as he stealthily approaches his closed door in his underwear. “Shush. I heard something again.”

“It’s probably Yunho hyung looking for something to eat.”

“He doesn’t eat after 7.”

“His rule or SME’s?” comes the sharp reply.

“Don’t do this, hyung.” Changmin replies quietly, as he opens his door a crack.

The light is on down the hallway, and he frowns, knowing he definitely turned it off. He opens the door a little more, slipping between the space, tiptoeing barefoot towards the light. In retrospect, he probably should have grabbed a baseball bat or something. What if it’s an intruder? A dead to the world Jung Yunho and all his hapkido are not going to be much use to him while unconscious.


Changmin jerks at the sound, almost dropping his phone as he quickly takes it off speaker. He whispers into the receiver, “Give me a minute. If I don’t come back, call the Police.”


Changmin covers the mouthpiece as he steals a look round the corner.

Just in time to see a topless man slipping into his hyung’s bedroom.

His eyebrow goes up, and he brings the phone back to his ear, smiling this time. “Hyung, when was the last time you saw Jaejoong hyung?”

“A couple of days ago. Why?”

“Do you think you could leave home now, go to the airport, and leave the country without anyone knowing?”

“Doubt it,” Junsu scoffs immediately. Yoochun’s answer is a little late in coming.

“Maybe, if I planned it well enough. I’ve done it before.”

“Hyung’s ninja skills are expert level.”

“What?” Junsu asks, confused, but Yoochun gets it as he smirks.

“I guess Yunho hyung will be having dinner after all.”

“Oh god, get me out of this apartment!”

AN: Yes, I changed a couple of those trends slightly and made them current to 2013 even though they’re all from 2012. I wasn’t around this year so I don’t know what happened lol.

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i participated in those trends......sweet time ^^

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