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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Quiz Winners' OneShots!
Poll #1931498 SB Quiz Winners' Choice

Which oneshot should I write?

Fic 1 - kingheechul
Fic 2 - hippo_bunny
Fic 3 - jiyool

The winners of the SB Quiz have submitted their fic options so now it's up to y'all to decide!

Please click the link below to see the options before you make your choice! The completed oneshot will be posted in September.

Thank you everyone for taking part :D

FIC 1 submitted by kingheechul - AU

Jaejoong has the hots for the town's skaterboy since god knows when. he follows him around, keeps a diary where all his thoughts and fantasies about yunho are written. one day, his best friend (or cousin or whoever) finds the diary, reads the whole thing and thinks it’s funny and a brilliant idea to send yunho the damn thing.

FIC 2 submitted by hippo_bunny - non-AU

Fic Poster 2

Jaejoong knows that it is cliché, but all he wants is to do is wear his boyfriend’s clothes. He loves all the YunJae fans out there, he just wishes that they would stop being so damn observant.

FIC 3 submitted by jiyool - SB!verse

Yunho and Jaejoong bringing Jiyool and JJ to the ice-skating rink. Jaejoong is pregnant with the twins and therefore cannot skate. So Yunho takes Jiyool to the rink as JJ is still too young. However, JJ throws a tantrum and sulks.

I will take the final results as at Sunday September 1, 11:59pm KST.

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but but i love it alll i i i just.. i want the ice skating SB!verse too and jj wears yh clothes too..

but but the skaterboi prompt really intriguing.. i guh love it so much and the poster is so naisuu and i alr love the summary and omg and new one shot storyyyyyyy (i hope itd a long one shot mehehe)


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