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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Pimp Post

Have y'all checked out DONG BANG DADDIES Because you should, especially if you like DBSK with babies/kids lol. The name of the journal is self-explanatory.

Some Sleeping Beauty oneshots were recced for the month of September here. It's a little awkward for the other mods to rec fics by a mod though lol so can y'all rec us fics for future posts?

You can submit your recs here!


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omg yey! \O/ will you call me weird if I say that I'm actually waiting for DongBang Daddies to recommend your fic... hehehe~ Sleeping Beauty is one of my fave fics because it's full of love and so much hope and faith... ^^ and Forgotten, & The Healing for the Jungs is prolly the best SB universe... hehehe, and so was 'We Can't Take the Jungs Out' kkkkkk, xP

I love the gif of the lucky fan hugging JJ, well more like jumping on JJ. LOL, but nevertheless I wish I was her xD

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