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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Really fucking pissed right now
not right


I get that kpop reaches all corners of the earth.

I get that not everyone in the world reads or understands English.



How difficult is it for you to understand this? Use google translate for your own personal benefit, I really don't give a fuck. But to actually translate it AND THEN POST IT ON YOUR BLOG?

There are tons and tons and tons of fics out there in whatever language you want. Mine is in English. It will stay in English. There is honestly no big loss to anyone who can't read my fics if they cannot understand English, and if they really really desperately want to read it for whatever reason, GO POINT THEM IN THE DIRECTION OF GOOGLE TRANSLATE.

So why the fuck would you do this when you actually asked me and I said NO. Which part of NO didn't you get? I really don't give a toss about how wonderful you think my fic is. You CLEARLY don't think my fic is wonderful enough to respect ME. So what does that really say about you and what you think, huh?

I'm tempted to name and shame tbh, but god, i'm just so over this.

I'm tired of being nice. Being a bitch is what got me where I am in my real life. Do you really want me to be a bitch in my fucking hobby as well?

There are so many other YunJae/HoMin authors who allow their fics to be translated and are happy for you to do so. Go and translate their fics.

Don't fuck with mine.


(Deleted comment)
Sigh, some people really can't understand No means No. Regardless of how much he/she loves the author's stories and would love to share it with others, if the authors doesn't allow their fics to be translated or posted elsewhere, then he/she should respect the decision of the author and not post people's fic secretly =.=

*patyou* I hope you've cool down a bit now.

Im sorry to hear that people dont seem to understand the meaning of the word no. I dont write stories but i make videos for kpop and i get tired when people ask if they can translate my video, but they'll give me credit for it. I hope it doesn't happen again for you. I do have a question for you, did you lock your fics because i can no longer read them. I enjoy reading your fics and I look forard to reading them again one day. :)

I'm sorry you're going through this again. I hope this sorts itself out soon the person realizes how to respect other people's wishes.

oh come on people .learn to respect authors wish. just how many great authors we lost in fandom hA? you guys still didnt learn .

wow wow wow..
slow down dear..
i'm not an author..so i dont know exactly how pissed you were..
"You CLEARLY don't think my fic is wonderful enough to respect ME"
but about this one..I absolutely agree with you!!

ah you locked your fics. I really liked reading you wonderfull job. it would brighten my day. but those people have to ruin everything. I am sorry it happened to you. maybe you should report whomever done this aweful job. some people just dont understand the word no .

Why can't people respect other people's work? I'm sorry to hear that keep happening to you, Nicki.

you locked your account. I'm sad, but i can understand you must be very upset, hope you to feel better later and for the selfish person who did that to at least delete and apologize to you.

Edited at 2013-09-03 07:11 am (UTC)

oh god i am so sorry you have to go through something like this //again//..
i really hope everyone can just enjoy your writing and just ughh enjoy and spazz . why its so hard..
i hope you'll feel better bb :(

Edited at 2013-09-03 08:31 am (UTC)

I hope you calm down and feel better right now..

The funny thing about this whole thing is that this person doesn't realize that you are still being nice. I would put them on blast and let all of my readers and friends spam the crap out of there page. I noticed your page is locked take you time your loyal readers will wait for this to pass. Plagiarism is still that especially all the notes saying NO maybe it should be HELL FUCKING NO. Just a song for your mood Break Stuff Limp Bizkit.

I understand how you feel same thing happened to me after I told the person no they did it anyway. Why ask if you're going ignore my wishes anyway? I hope that this doesn't cause you permanently lock your journal because honestly I love your work. Xxxxxxxx

Oh I am so sorry to hear that. People do not listen!!!!! I do not get them sometimes. Hope the fics' luck down is not permanent. If I know correctly this is the second time that some inconsiderate idiot breaks your rule and force you to take actions. Sorry again.

Some people simply don't understand the meaning of 'NO'...
I definitely get your feelings!
Here's another fan of your work xoxo