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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I don't have words right now and that hug honestly sums up everything I feel for y'all.

I also just wanted to clarify that my journal is not FRIEND locked. I put it all on private so it's locked for everyone. Only I can see my posts. Not even being my friend will allow you to see anything. I left the Dong Bang Daddies fic recs up because it isn't fair to the comm cos all this happened after they rec-ced my fic. Once September is over I will put them on private again.

I don't know if I'll be back. I'll keep writing but no clue if I'll be posting. My fics are literally like pieces of my soul. I write to feel what I cannot seem to IRL and I guess being violated time and time again is just too much. This is at least the fifth incident of translating without permission in 2013 (PLUS all the plagiarism crap too), and the main reason why I'm finally saying enough and making my journal private is because this person claims to have asked me, admitted that I said NO and then proceeded to do it anyway.

That lack of respect is just too fucking much.

I've said time and time again that I write for me. I don't need an audience. But I posted because it seemed to make a small part of fandom happy. In all the real life angst that is Cassiopeia, I thought giving something to you would be fine considering how much relief I get from losing myself in writing about these five men.

But you know the adage fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me? My tolerance level for these shenanigans has been pretty fucking high and I'm just done.


Truly sad to see that this is the ultimate outcome of what other freaking idiots did, but I understand. I do hope you will come back, because while I can't say much for the others, I LOVE your stories, they can be what get me through some days. Hopefully once you get unupset we will see YunJae through you eyes again! Otherwise take care.

I stumbled upon your stories pretty recently, and although I haven't had the time to read all of them, the ones that I have read have always been superbly written, and a great distraction from the stress that is my real life.

I had a great time losing myself in the worlds you created, and although I'll be sad to see you go, I understand the frustration of being continuously disrespected. I hope you come back and share your writing with us, but if you don't, definitely keep writing and doing what makes you happy. :)

I posted this on your other post but it was marked as spam. I have no idea how LJ works and I hope you can see this. I'm upset about this but I know as upset as I am that I cannot be more upset than you. I pray that you come back some day for your fics, both AU and non-AU have such a quintessential yunjae quality that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. You give them so much depth and they feel so real and relatable that fandom has suffered a huge huge huge loss this day because of the inconsiderate behavior of readers who claim to love you.

My message:

Is it this person? http://cassiopeia5antique.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/oneshotyunjae-chiec-nhan/

I don't know why you're hesitant to name and shame. This person should learn that it is not ok to steal under any circumstances. In my view translating without permission is just as bad as plagiarizing because they are taking your work and using it. I don't speak Vietnamese but hopefully you have some readers who can sort this rude person who has no care whatsoever for you out. They have just managed to ruin a small part of fandom for so many people and I'm disgusted.

if it is her .. i'm so upset right now a little part of me wants to hurt her... and then i thought thats probably why she doesnt want to name and shame .. >..<;

Sad with this. hope you will be back but as long as you are happy then its fine.

I really look forward to reading your stories that most of the time your updates really make my day after work and school i even got my really picky roommate to get addicted to you >.,< ... I really dont understand people who do things to upset the writers that they like when there is a possibility that the writer will stop posting and ruin it for not only for the rule breaker put also other readings ... i hope you feel better and i'll wait for you to come back ^^

Why ask for permission in the first fucking place if you're going to translate it anyway?

I'll wait forever, I admire you so much ;;;;

but but.... now i hate them so fucking much... but i can't read your wonderful writing again? i will so devastated.. sobs...

We understand if you stop posting your fics. It'll be a sad loss for the fandom, but it's better for yourself. To be honest, I hope that you can heal from this and continue to post your fics because they ease the pain the fandom has suffered. You make DBSK come alive again. Just like we wait for DBSK to come back, we'll wait for you.

But... But... I love reading your fics.... Why World Why!!!!! What am I going to do with my life...

I understand though, I guess it's the best decision right now... I'll miss your work.

I<3 U

(From a mostly silent reader...)

sad to hear because your work alwayz made my day...
but i understand what it feels like..
hope youll return someday :)

I am so sad that you are going to be putting your fics on private again. T_T
I love reading your fics and I always look forward to reading updates.

I really dont understand why there exist people cannot understand simple instructions and then go and spoilt a good thing for everyone else.
Asking does not mean approval to translate especially when you have mention it outrightly that there is to be no translations of your fics.

I'm going to miss reading your fics T_T
No more Minnie ball T_T

It is sad to see this happened, but I understand truly. Patience does have a limit.

I will be waiting for your updates in the future baby. For this while, hope we can see you on Twitter and take care.

Pagamos justos por pecadores, as we say in my country. I'll wait for you.
This Friday I'll get my new tattoo, because of TT.
Oh, I'm crying... AINI, LITI...
I hope you want to continue them one day.

Breaks my heart, and I hate sounding cliché and spouting sympathetic empathy, but I know how hard it is for someone to put pieces of their heart on display for everyone to see, only for it to be exploited. Gave strips and parts of my heart into my music until it left me bare and then it got torn from me like a joke and I shut off that part of me for two years.

Any how, just wanted to say that what you're doing is understandable. You take as much as you need, and even if the trust will never come back, it's okay and I thank you for sharing before distrust killed it. Lots of support and respects to you and the gif is returned.