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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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You're making me cry...Collapse )

Im sorry to hear that. Its annoying that people cant seem to understand NO. There goes another of my favorite authors. But I understand. You need to do it. You have been patient enough. I hope one day you will change your mind. And thanks for sharing your lovely stories to us.

T.T literally crying, this is so sad... but I understand. Your fics really do make us happy, such an amazing escape from reality. Thank you so much for writing them and sharing with us! I really hope you'll be back. I would wait forever to read your stories again! You are seriously one of my favorite authors. <3 *hugs*

Although I was never a regular commenter on your fic, with you locking your journal as of now I would like you to know that I loved reading your fics. Whenever you updated a story it made my day and I would scramble to make time to read them. And when I was getting Yunjae feels I would go back and re-read my favorite parts of your stories or even re-read them.

I am sad that you are locking your journal but I understand your reasoning. I just want you to know how grateful I am towards you for sharing your wonderful stories and how much they make my day. Hopefully, things pan out for you and you will start updating again soon! I'll miss wonderful Minnieball and loveliness/sexiness of Yunjae! Once again, thank you very much!

Hi, I've been a silent reader for since around Feb-ish (when I got into the DBSK fandom) but I had to log in to my reg account to leave a message for you!

I'm so, so sorry that people are translating your fics without your permission. Even worse, asking for it and then disregarding your answer. It's not selfish whatsoever to want to keep your fics as YOURS and in NO way are you being a bitch, your fics are 100% yours and I'm sure any reader of yours including myself is able to tell that you put a great deal of time, and more importantly, YOURSELF into your writing. Those who are translating your fics aren't just stealing your material (giving you credit is not what matters here), but they're disrespecting you as a writer and as a person.

I have to admit to checking your tumblr almost everyday as I love your posts and commentary- I love how open you are with your thoughts lol! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten excited and happy to see that you've updated a fic, and how much I treasure reading them. They've made my bus rides to school something I enjoy, which I never thought would be possible! I love the way you write, and you write a YJ that does seem to be painfully real. There are some things I disagree with regarding your characterizations, but at the end of the day, these are just our opinions regarding people we really DON'T know, regardless of how many videos we watch (emoshinki anyone?). What I love about your YJ is that while they are broken at times (one step forwards, two steps back), you can really tell in the way that you write that they truly do love each other, and that they really are each others' other halves. There is a depth to your writing that I appreciate, and I'm sure even those who aren't YJ fans can love as well. As for your Homin, I have to admit I haven't read very much (just a few chapters, whereas I read all your YJs), but that's mainly my problem as a reader as I just don't feel comfortable reading Homin lol! To me, they're brothers and loyal friends, but personally I don't see any romantic chemistry (I've seen them in concert this June and stand by this), although they are both drop dead gorgeous and freaking hot haha. Tbh if I were to match Min romantically to any DBSK member it'd be Junsu (he's always laughing near him!) or Jae (I agree, he def probably had a crush on Jae! Imagine being stuck with that crazy, gorgeous 4D angel at the age of 15 lol!... and then somehow they became soulfighters xD I love how comfortable Min is with Jae in videos as 5.. Umma indeed) To me, Yunjae is my OTP as you can tell that they truly do love each other, and it's not all just fanservice. They really do seem to be the star-crossed lovers of Korea! I'm sure we all want to find our very own Yun or Jae, and I'm glad that you've found yours.

The thing that makes YJ special to me is that it's the first same-sex coupling I could stand to read. I know this seems small-minded, and I'm all for gay rights (heck, I went to the Gay Pride parade in SF a few months back!), but I never really felt comfortable looking/reading. However, with YJ I just feel like they're truly meant to be and they've allowed me to get over that little bit of myself holding me back (and now I can't seem to go back to hetero-fics lol! The gay ones are so much hotter). Your fics have been a big part of helping me with this. Can I also just mention how much I ADORE your SB and all its amazing fluffy feels, along with its angst (Healing for the Jungs is one of my fav fics ever! I actually read it on my phone when I was closing at work and I got teary xD).

ANYWAYSSSS before I end up writing an essay for you (I haven't gone back and proofread, I'm actually packing for a flight tomorrow! Shouldn't really be writing this tbh but I couldn't help myself. I apologize for what I'm sure will be a ton of mistakes), I hope this huge message hasn't creeped you out and I'm not coming off as a stalker xD. I was planning to just write a short paragraph but I have a tendency to ramble. I'm really sad that you're putting your fics on private, but more power to you. Do whatever you need to do to feel better. Please remember that you have a lot of loyal readers who do respect you and love to read your fics! :)

D: and had a little ashamed to admit translate even without your consent ...
sorry what is happening, I am a silent reader with little to say, but I fully support.
How important are these writings to you and if later you decide to share with us your work, I will be deeply grateful.
Thanks for tremendous stories, thanks for everything! I admire you too

This saddens me. I've always looked forward to your updates and your fics. Thank you for having shared your fics and I hope that you will once again be willing to share them in the future.

I really wish there was something I could do about the other person "translating" your work.

I'm sorry to hear that. But you have to do what you have to do. I will be waiting for the day that you will unlock all your fics again so we can enjoy them again. I'm always be thankful for the wonderful stories you have given us and made our days brighter. As for now be happy and god bless. Keep writing because I know there is so much more wonderful stories to come from you.

As for that person who disrespected Nikki. Thanks a lot for ruining everyone else enjoyment in reading her fics. You really f ck it up for everyone with your selfishness and lack of respect for this wonderful author and person. Hope you sleep better at night knowing that you are stealing someone else's soul.

I'm sorry that things like this has to happen to you... TT____TT I feel bad abt what happened and I feel bad for you... tho I know I'm not in any position to feel so.. nevertheless I hope that people will learn from what happened and just know and truly understands what RESPECT really meant... I hope you will be back though... I mean it really feels like half of the joy in this fandom has been ripped apart from us because we will truly miss your lj posts... be it drabble, one shot or chaptered fic... you're one of the most amazing LJ author I have ever seen in this fandom and you don't know how much I respect and admire you, not just as being beeswaxing Mama but also being Miss Nicki ^-^
stay healthy and happy... GBU Ms Nicki... ^^

(Deleted comment)
Realky can't understand how those people's minds work. Why bother to ask for permission if they just ignore it and do as they like? Even as the readers I feel so pissed off with them... I bet you feel much worse.

I really love your stories and always wait for the new chapter to come out since it made my day. I hope you will come back one day and open you stories again for us. Do what make you happy and I hope you will feel much better after some time.

I know I can't make much of a change in your decision but I'm just really glad I can read your fics. They brought me a lot of happiness and I honestly looked forward to each and every update you have. I'm sorry about the issues you've been dealing with and I wish I could do something to help. It'll be saddening to not be able to read your fics and I'll miss hearing about your little stories in your author's notes too :( <3

P. S. Please feel better and I hope you come back to us happily ^^

Thanks for sharing for as long as you could.

I remember when this happened to you a few months ago. While it saddens me that this has happened again, it's not wholly unbelievable. There are just too many dishonest people in this world who don't give 2 shots about other people and will just do as they please. Especially in the online world where we're all basically strangers, which gives others the confidence to lie and cheat with impunity.

You have every right to do what's necessary to protect what you described as pieces of your soul. I'm not a writer, but I can only imagine what it's like to express your heart and soul through the intricate weaving of words and sentences only to have your soul ripped away from you with such callous disregard.

It breaks my heart at the thought that I may never again read your fics.
I, myself, have a highly stressful job in healthcare and whenever I have a particularly difficult day, I turn to the cuteness that is Jae in "Sleeping Beauty" and re-read silly antics of YooSuMin babies in the drabbles. Or the steamy goodness that is "Ice". The adorable YunJae in "The Tatooist."
I could go on and on. I'm just glad to have had the pleasure of reading your fictions. Your words allowed my imagination to soar. I may not be able to read your fics physically, but they're all pretty much imbedded in my mind. You provided me with the means to de-clutter my thoughts and breathe and smile if only for those few moments and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Another commenter mentioned that we should have all reported the person who translated your work without permission. While that sounds good in theory, the reality is that not all of us read or understand other languages. I, myself, am an English speaker/reader. How can I report something that occurs in a language I don't understand?
Just saying.

I admit that i do feel sad bout u locking ur stories. i fell in love w/ ur stories over n over again. it never fail to amuse me everytime i read it. but since things like this happened i do understand. those respobsibke need to learn their mistakes and stop making it over and over again. i just wish to be able to read ur fic again in the future. i know writing is ur thing. so wish u to keep writing best stories and may one day u can share it aain for others to see what a great author u are.*ohmyenglish

I'm so dissapointed in this person.
I sometimes don't understand the human mind and i'm so sorry that that had to happen to such a wonderful author such as you.
I often wish you would publish or there would be mini films, that's how well your fics spoke to me, my imagination went wild with the scenes, facial expressions, and just overall experience. *sorry if I'm being vague*

I hope to read your stories soon, because as a student under stress they really helped me relax and gave me something to be excited about when i came home from school or when i woke up. and i know as a hobby or i hope, that they helped you relax.
I wish you the best of luck and hope that you get better!

Yes! If these were published I would definitely buy the books.^^