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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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You're making me cry...Collapse )

I can't write a proper comment about my feeling..all of them before me had well written and i could'nt agree more..i hope you come back soon and i'll be waiting here..i really love your yunjae in all your fics..made me felt i become closer with them through your fics..hope you will feel better soon~~

This is so sudden. I can't imagine my day without waiting for your posts but I guess it couldn't be avoided. And I'm really pissed at the person who did this to you right now. They know no fucking boundary. Also I feel really ashamed, I'm myself Vietnamese but I can't tolerate this and really no one can!!! There's no excuses for stealing other people's hard work. How I wish I could meet and put in their brains some fucking senses.
Although it's really sad to see you go, I hope you'll be back and don't stop writing because of some stupid thieves.
I'm going to miss you and your a/n about how you can't keep your fics short!

I tried to send you a PM but LJ keeps giving me an error message and I don't fucking know why ugh. Someone actually did post the link up top. Third comment I think. And it's in Vietnamese and I was wondering if you could make a comment on the post in Vietnamese for me? Can you try and PM me?

This is extremely heart breaking. I will miss ur fics soooo much..... However I do understand since its not the first time this happened to you.. you hav every right to be upset.... just know that I loved ur writing and they made my day when I was down or upset. . Thank you. .. tc

Today is a sad day...it is even raining right now at my place....to hear our best and favorite author is leaving.

I'm definitely going to miss you and your wonderful stories. Your stories really light up my life. It makes me so excited to read what is happening to Yunjae. i can feel like I'm there with this characters. It is truly amazing.

So I hope you will come back in the near future...hoping soon....cuz a lot of people will definitely will go crazy missing you.

Take care and wish you all the best!

From your loyal fan/reader

nooooooo. i...your fics.....what to do X"C. today became a sad day for me. i get why you're stopping and its sad to see you go, but if that'll stop the bs, i wont cry. i feel so sad? mad? that it came to this point. i hope that you continue to write and get your relief from writing even if you don't share. your stories will always be in my heart!

But hey do what makes you happiest. Maybe when you reopen the f fics, ongoing ones be completed ! Here's to optimism!

Why not friend lock though? Or are the idiots that did this also backstabbers.

Hwaiting with your writing in any case. Hope the SB quiz winner won't be too down!!

Take care OK?


truly sad
ok...it must be hard, and we will accept whatever your decision is
we respect you

i'm glad to be able find your precious fic and read it

take care..
n still hoping for your comeback
dont care with the time

Sad to hear this.. I've been a big fan of your works, although I'm usually a silent reader.. Hope that you will return soon!! Till then, take care!!

You'll always be my favourite fanfic author. If you do come back, then I will be happy and so will all of your readers.
Good luck and thanks for all the fanfics you shared with us :'D

it's so sad but please come back soon. and i'll be waiting for your beautiful writing.
thank you for sleeping beauty drabble i love it so much


/sad face because of people/

i'll miss you!

Nicki, I've loved your writing and stories since Slept So Long. Sleeping Beauty and all it's little stories were my go to stories whenever I needed to get out of emoshinki slumps (and they were numerous). The Jungs and their brood have simply become so precious to me even though they exist in your stories.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful, expressive, creative stories with us. I sincerely wish you all the best and hope that I'll be able to read my fav stories again.

Oh my.... Hiks.... Don't go..
I really like your writing..
Hiks ..
I don't know what to say.. Can't we just kill d person who hurt you? (ʃ´̩ ̯`̩ƪ)

I wanna reply by giving a hug gif but I can't make a gif .. *giving u virtual hug* (ɔ ˘̩̩̩.˘̩̩̩)˘̩̩̩_˘̩̩̩c)