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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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You're making me cry...Collapse )

I'm really sad to hear that the fandom will suffer just because of the stupidity of a few disrespectful people.
I'm an avid reader of your fics and they really make my day. I always look forward to your updates...they never fail to make me happy.

I hope that you will start posting your fics again in the future. They really are one of a kind :)... I'll wait till the day when u hopefully start posting your fics again.

The girl wrote an apology on her blog. The story has been taken off.


Nicki .. I hope you'll open your creative mind and stories to us again. I have serious SB withdrawal symptoms OTL.

Edited at 2013-09-04 06:40 am (UTC)

I am deeply sorry for what happened to you and I fully understand where your coming from...
Writing fic this posting and sharing are suppose to be something that we enjoy...
Thus if you feel hurt and burdened by the results know that we understand...:))
though the lost is still there...
take care...

ur silent reader...:))

A very sad day...I've definitely loved your writing and worlds you've crafted, and am like everyone else, sad not to experience them anymore (at least the time being).

Please take care and if you ever feel like sharing your world(s) with us again, i will be one of those ecstatic readers. :) i also hope everyone can give it the stories the respect they deserve if you share again

I understand why you'll lock everything, I just wanted to say that I'll really miss your fics, especially AINI because it isn't complete and I love the plot. I hope that the ones responisble for this, will at least apologize.(And sorry for my poor english :-) )

Thank you for everything, for making me laugh and cry, take care! Hope sometime I'll get to read your fics again.

Edited at 2013-09-04 07:05 am (UTC)

god I really hate these people! why can't the fandom be a nice place without stupid people like that ?! Why did she even ask? thats just so disrespectful!

but i am also really sad that you decided to make the journal private, cause I will really miss you r stories. I think you are one of the best writers out there and it's really a loss ><
And I will regret forever that i didnt already read the last chaps of ice haha
I will just hope that you will regain your forces and come back sometime.
Don't let this hurt you, there will always be stupid people, we cant change that, but we can do our best to overcome their evilness :)

that is just so wrong
i love you dear and your work and your moods and everything...
i hope you'll come back soon~

This fandom is already concentrated with too many issues, especially fan attitude, we do not want to worsen the situation.. for those who guilty, please reflect back for what you have done...

Let us live happily and always keep the faith like what we always pray and hope..

I hope this is not a good bye post, because i will wait for you like forever...~_~

I'm so sad that I can't read your SB again...it's like my soul...now I will dig that person out and shame her...for my revenge!!
But I hope one day you will reconsider it again...

OMG, I just discovered you last week and already read all your fics, some of them twise and more. I understand why are you doing it but it makes me so sad :( hope so much that you will come back. You're so talented, love every one of your fics :)

i'm sorry that everything have turned out like this to you. But Just so you know that reading (and re-read) your fic is my way to relief the stress from my college and internship in hospital. I hope the best for you, stay healthy and don't let this make you down :)

ps : sorry for my bad english > <

I'm so sad to see this. I've been following you since you wrote Slept So Long and you one of my favourite author. You have improved so much since then and I'm really sad that is has come to this. Thank you though for giving us a heads up and not pulling another another Sekushiai(miss her). I keeping my hope up since you'll not be deleting this journal and you will still be posting albeit privately. Until then =)

As one of your readers I am really sad and angry at the same time because you're not going to post anymore until idk how when, or at all. I am sad because I really enjoy your stories and looked forward to read them and you're not a writer out of duty, what makes your stories beautiful is that you put your soul in, something that not so many people get, and when they plagiarize it, it hurts you, because a part of those stories is you. I am sad because you're one of the few writers that I look forward to read, not because of the plot or how the story goes on, but because of the emotions that you pour into the chapters and how they get me. You made me read HoMin and JaeChun over YunJae, and taking in consideration that I have JaeChun phobia and I avoid it at all costs can say that I'm not a reader of yours for the pairings. I am here for how you write, not what you write.
I am angry because this people don't know how it is to write something and leave a little part of you in that piece, angry because people don't know what respect is, angry because it seems that more and more this world is becoming even more fucked up that a simple "no" can't be taken because it's not what you wanted as a response.

As a writer myself ... I understand you, we talked on twitter about how you write all your stories, writing them as a form of therapy, you said it in your A/Ns too but people don't seem to get it :\ It's sad, because the people you wanted to make happy "back-stab" you because of their own selfishness.

I enjoy your writing and all the emotions you put in, and the fact that I got to somehow know you through your writing and see that you're not the bad person that lots of the people want to make you be, you're just too outspoken and blunt, and lots of people can't get that because they get offended personally. /sighs/

I wish you the best, Nikki!
I will still "stalk" you on twitter hehehe

Edited at 2013-09-04 10:04 am (UTC)

Shame on some people...
I seriously admire your work, it makes me cry, it makes me laugh...
I hope we all will get to read 'parts of your soul' again! ^^ Even so, it is important to do what makes you content.

Most of the most amazing fic writers have these problems >.< why translating fics? They will lose their magic if its not in the language it was written !!
Hope u'll be back soon babe !! Be strong and dont have mercy on these assholes , cause because of them we're all suffering !!