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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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You're making me cry...Collapse )

Oh i really feel sorry for you Nicki :( Idk what you feel like coz i've never been writing before. But this saddens me really coz im not able to read your stories anymore.
Well it's okay if you're not gonna posting again, it's your choice if it for the better. But i still hope you can post your story again. I love your writing style and so much feel when i read your stories. Sorry, i've been being silentreader before. Im not much commenter :| I do like stalking your LJ tho (been stalking about 2 months) .__.v You're one of my fav. I hope for the better for you. Hwaiting Nicki!!

It sad to see that it has come to this, I wish none of this happened to you. You shouldn't have to go through all this for giving us the privilege of reading your fics. I just wanna say thank you for sharing your work with us. You're an amazing author and have become one of my favourites. I get so immersed in your fics that I feel all the emotions you convey through the characters, they're the type that I'd like to read over and over again and I wouldn't get sick of it. Your fics were something I looked forward to and what cheered up my bad days.
Thank you so much.

i respect your decision even if it hurts, because i know that you'll be back someday!
you have to know that you have my and many oter people's support!
some people do and say useless things because of jealousy so don't let them pull your spirits down, your supporters are much more numerous than those stupid haters!

Edited at 2013-09-04 03:44 pm (UTC)

I found your livejournal recently and I was in the process of reading your fics; ______; your fics are amazing, I love the plots and your writing. I'm really sad about all this, firstly because they can not respect you and secondly because I could not read all your stories </ 33333 I know you're hurt right now, but I hope someday you let us read your fanfics again ;___;

To know that this has happened so many times to just you within the past 8 months is just really depressing. Especially to know that so many people within our fandom are such people.

I am sorry and this had to happen so many times to you. I'm happy that you'll still be writing as I know how important writing is to you. Even if you won't be posting them, that's alright. I'm glad you won't be deactivating twitter though ^^. As I would love to keep in touch with you in the future (:

Thank you for all the wonderful stories you have written ♥. Fighting Nikki-chan~

:-/ Sorry to people being disrespectful like that towards you. No matter fandom, readers should always feel grateful that fanfic writers share what they write. It just fails when there's those that just walk all over writers like that.

No matter how long you're going to be away, even if you will never come back here, I'll always support you~

Thanks so much for all the fics you wrote. I wish I had found you sooner but the time and stories were great. Keep writing. I wish I had the talent and courage to post. If (WHEN?) you come back, open arms all around. Take care and God bless (hopefully that last comment doesn't offend, its not my intention).

why did they ask you in the first freaking place if they just would do it in the end? knowing what happened to you, i feel really upset myself D:<

i will wait forever if i have to. be strong bb :")

Well yeah, I understand how you feel somehow.
Eventhough I'm not a writer and just a dedicated reader, I know that it will be pissed the writer to have their hard work plagiarized. Hell, even I feel pissed.

Clearly, the plagiarist seemed didn't give a flying fuck about their behavior. I have this experience from my country on FFNet. There are several YunJae, KyuMin and WonKyu writer who have excellent fics of their works. And there is this person who plagiarized those fics and only changes the characters of those idols and the title of FF then post the plagiarized work in the same category on FFNet.
Hell, not only readers and the admin who gave her warning, even the true author also gave her the ultimatum. But do you know what she said, (I'll try to summarized her sentences) "If you gave me this much of responses, it means that I win. I don't care what I'm doing because you can't do anything to stop me." Shocking right?
That makes many excellent writers went away from that site and some of them deleted their fics. It's soooo frustrating!

This is kind of plagiarist do these days. They have no shame and will be continued on and on.

But please, eventhough out there will be several irresponsible people who will do that (which I'm sure of it), please don't stop writing like some writers in my country because of plagiarized case.
I'm sure there are lots of your dedicated readers (me include) who always give you tons of supports.
Keep fighting!