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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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How did it come to this?


All of you, please sheathe your claws and leave her blog alone, ok?

What I have learned from all this is that y'all are very good at spotting shenanigans so please, if you see anything like this again, do let me know. I know the consequence of one of you telling me about this particular incident has been pretty detrimental, but i'm not one to hold a grudge.

I still honestly have no idea if i'll ever post anything new any time soon because even as I write today, the niggling thought at the back of my mind is WHO ELSE IS GOING TO FUCK WITH THIS FIC?

I will consider unlocking my journal if you promise to help me keep an eye out for shenanigans though. The trust goes both ways. I am trusting y'all to tell me if this shit happens again, regardless of the consequences.

And just because repeating myself seems to be necessary...

All my fics are written and owned by me. Under no circumstances whatsoever do I want or allow for them to be distributed (in the form of PDFs etc), reposted, rewritten, translated, adapted, plagiarised or anything similar, by anyone. If you want to share my fic, link it back to my journal.


ii am sorry for what because people made you angry i really like reading your stories about yunjae i read all of them about 6=7 times i was waiting for love in ice,and the intern.so please dont let the people change you.good luck.ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!

I don't think you'll have to worry about who will read your fics ;-)
We should all really keep an eye out and tell you if we see someone who is breaking the rules. I hope no one is going to do this ever again.

I'm really not good with my words... But this whole thing with ppl not respecting others is really really irritating and it breaks my heart to see Nikki and this journal locked and with the uncertainty of posting new fics! Reading your writing and ur fics is one the only thing right now that I look forward to everyday! It really breaks my heart to not be able to read new posts!

I really hate it when rat poo destroy the whole pot of soup for everybody... The sad thing is that there is so many fuckers out there! I wish there is a giant Internet hand where I can use to smack these idiotic violators !!

Please take your time with new posts! But please do continue to post ! Reading your stories made my ever so stressful work, relationship less intimidating and painful to deal with!

I hope to read ur beautifully written works again in the future!!!

can I just call myself your fic lover? I almost wish there is a fan club name! The bumblebees?

Love your fic and fighting!!! Please everybody lets respect others and not fuck with other's rights!

well, yours are worth protecting for and your readers will make sure of that...

yes sir..you can keep my words!!

/cries/ I will miss you and your stories. I only read stories of yours for this past months and I'm currently in the middle of re-reading ICE after finishing re-reading Sleeping Beauty yesterday. You're one of my favourite writer (of fluff, AU, band!fic, smuts, even angst), stay strong, we'll be on your back, or front, or beside you

See people out there? Can you read English properly? Nicki doesn't want her fics to be translated into another language. So just please respect her. She even didn't hold a grudge to you all. She's such an amazing person.

Nicki, although I don't have connection or authority to see those kind of people out there, but I will try all my best and will informs you ASAP</p>

Your loyal readers will always follow what you have decides..

You've got my pinky promise, girl guide oath and cross my heart and hope to die one as well. There's also the may thunder/lightning whack me if I break the promise (old Chinese promise breaker curse).

Weirdly enough it's raining where I am and the electricity just got cut when I wrote my last sentence. Okay got the lights back on. There ... That's how powerful my promise is.

Wow ive really missed out on a lot (was on a 2 month vacation from yunjae and i really miss them so) it sucks to hear what ur going thru...i think we lose a lot of great authors and even yunjae fans from these types of acts...

im always in awe at how talented authors are, to be able to bring readers into a whole other world, a world that keeps us wanting more and more, a world that makes us smile, laugh, cry, hot under the sheets, etc...i dont know how many times ive read sleeping beauty over and over again (everytime u write a drabble i reread it hehe) but i love it every time and always look forward to drabbles and crossovers! As someone who has absolutely no talent whatsoever in writing, i must apologize for not commenting as often as i should to support all authors and acknowledge their talents. I respect ur decisions, as only u hv that right, and am hopeful for ur return...

I love yunjae!!

I am personally not good at spotting people like that i think, but i will try my best to protect your fics! I think we will all do our best to protect your stories, justbecause it's your damn right to have all the rights over them! and because we all fell in love with your stories :)

You're one of my favorite writer. I like all your fics especially ICE. Your updates always brighten my days. I fell like blown away when i read the intern because... hey, i'm an intern myself! When i'm down i always turn to yunjae and your fics, and my spirit turn alive. Hope you're not done writing yet because it will be such a big loss to me. I'm so sorry that certain people can't apreciate your talent. You have right to be respected. It's such an honor to have the oportunity to enjoy all of your work as a writer and an artist. I hope i still have the oportunity to do so in years ahead. I love you ^_^

I would tell you because there is no reason for plagiarism to be acceptable. YOU are the author YOU make the rules regarding your work. If I ever cross a translation of on of your fic I WILL report it to you; it would be egoistical not to do so.

Ok^^ we will keep a lookout for it^^

Pinky promise!! I'll protect your stories as much as I can.