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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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How did it come to this?
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Mama Bee please dont go T_______T we promise to look out for any stupid mofos out there ;;;;;;; please reconsider about your decision in locking your fics. I have developed a habit to read at least one of your one shot before going to sleep every night for these past 5 months;;;;; its something im looking forward to after a loooong loooong loooong difficult day ;_____;

Please reconsider?

i do promise to report shenanigans if they do these things in the future. (:

you don't only make a small part of the fandom happy because of the stories you share to us, there are some people like me who are really inspired in continuing to live a normal life by seeing the lessons of life in your fics. (i promise, they do really tell me lessons about reality and life ^)

You have my promise, but honestly I am not technically savey. It is very depressing to know that because of some idiot this has happened. Well, at least you know your readers are protective of your stories, and can apparently find anything.

Pinky promise!
Cheers to those who discovered the truth! ^^

Yup....we will keep an eye out for these violators....I really hope that you will continue to post your fics :) They honestly are one of a kind.

The first time I read ur problem,I couldn't say anything.
I'm sorry it happened,I couldn't do anything,but you could keep my word that I'll always support you,no matter what...
To those who'd done this,karma had its way...

Be strong bb
But if let me be mean I will tell u that these persons will.do the same thing again to other writers and its freaking pity for all of us !!!
Keep writing love cause we're taking great pleasure and mood making from ur fics!!

I will, because you should feel safe in your own journal.

1. I am happy to see the sincere apology.
2. U KNOW the ninja YunJaeshippers/cassies are pro at shenanigan hunting!
3. Hwaiting with your writing. Always

Hi~~~ I was a silent reader for a few weeks until now. I can understand you, I'm a writer too and I'm studying laws jejeje so I can promise you that I will report you if I see a plagiarism or a translation of your fanfics because my language is the spanish x)

I did it once and I will again because I love your stories and that you let us know a part of your life and like we have the career in common jeje I admire you and everything you let us know that you achieved and I can bet that is minimal part of it.

You can count on me and I hope that you let us read you again ^^

I was offline for two days...and I didn't knew what happened here...
but then I read it all and damn...!! (I cnt curse)

I am so worried now...
what will I do if the author decided to lock the
oh no,that's really bad for me.
argh...those bad people !!!!

this journal is a really must for YJS..I love to read fanfics...I read them so many times...whenever I feel bad I came here to read sleeping beuty series and that makes me feel happy just by reading.
but if something happens to the journal then where Will I go...???
just because of some bad people the whole Fandom have to suffer..

I am not good with words and I don't know what should I say to the author...but author nim...what should I say...(dumb me -_-)
I wanna say that yes ofc,we will keep an eye out for this....but I should tell u this.that I am from India n I read english fics only.... I dont know or can read other languages....so I don't visit other language journals/blogs..but if I see something like this in any english language place then will report abt it...

and we all support u.. love u...

(I am thinking about formig an army or anti- plagiarized team with fellow YJS..so that we don't have to face these types of problems again)
fighting~ YJS.

Edited at 2013-09-04 12:44 pm (UTC)

Nikki, I signed a contract with you once and I keep my promises.
I feel like I'm a part of a sisterhood or whatever it is, when I decided to love yunjae, so... I'm with you to support you. I told my colleague what happened and she thinks the same.
I'm not the best tech, but I'll be ojo águila.
Big hug!!!