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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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How did it come to this?
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Hm im not really good at words. I'll keep an eye of your fics :) promise!

If I ever see someone doing something like that you can trust me to tell you right away!

Hope that won't happen anyway...

i will.. as the rest of us too will..
please do what make you happy, Nikki ^^
cheer up.. ^o^
i'll always support youu

not again... if they like your fics they should just link it for others to see... or be like me a stalker of your updates in LJ awww... stealing is bad aish... gives u hugs for emotional support...

No worries~ will keep watching out those shenanigans.

Don't let those people make you feel insecure with your hobby :) Cheer up! Always support you.

Its good to know she apologised. I would definitely tell you if I see anything, even if you didn't ask us to, its plagiarism.

No problem, I'll definitely let you know!

I am glad people will keep an eye for you (I will do as much as I can too!). Hope you will find the strength and will to post again, so we would have the pleasure of readings your stories for a long, long time. It will be so sad if because of those who can't learn to respect others the rest will have to bear the consequences.

PS. I am not one to approve bashing, but may be people warning to report her blog helped her to finally understand that no means no and to apologies; she clearly treated it lightly before..

as a (frustrated) writer myself, i do believe that your 'wor(l)ds are your own' and you can do whatever you wish with them. share them, keep them, you do as you please. i write for myself as well; so somehow, i understand... maybe, i don't know. but what i know is that whatever your decision, i respect. we'll move on. i'm glad i was able to read your fics. thanks for sharing. ^_^

All my support goes to you!!!

done and done! at the end of the day, do whatever you feel comfortable with Nicki, thanks for all the writing you have shared with us so far though <3

you're right. we should all keep an eye out for those kinds of people. hopefully with everyone lending an eye out for you, we'll be able to keep guard better.

whoever this person is who translated your work and passed it as her own, i really hope that she stops it. i don't even know who she is and i didn't even think of going to her blog (i don't even know what her blog is or the link to it) but angry netizens can really cause havoc. maybe she's learned her lesson. but i'm not really siding with her right now. so who cares.

i just want her to stop stealing your work to pass it off as her own.

Fact is nothing I say can make things better for you. It really sucks when people ignore your wishes & do what they like.
It's really an easy rule to follow for any fic readers. The fic belongs to the author & whatever he/she says goes. What is so hard about following that rule? This has happened so many times that I've just lost count on it.
However please do remember that for every one of such selfish person, there are 50 more of us that are respecting your wishes. So don't let the minority destroy your perception of the whole.