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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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How did it come to this?
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roger that

i also read fanfic via aff will keep my eyes open ^__^

Nikki, I feel you, I do.

you know, sometimes, i felt really tired. you know being a translator is not something u easily do. I've beta-ing lidia, and currently finishing "Fated With You"(my promise to yoojiyool to translate her fic).

Translator is a respectable profession. we have ethics and we even should pass legal exam to be entitled a "Sworn Translator". I spent 2 years for a master degree in English Translation, but why oh why, now i feel ashamed because of those illegal, irresponsible and amateur translators-wanna-be did in communities like livejournal, aff and wattpad.

When your fic first got plagiarized, i didn't cry, because i know, as someone from legal area you know what to do, either sue him/her or limiting the distribution of ur fic.

But when this issue arise, I cried on the plane that took me to Semarang, because i feel ashamed, disgraced with this issue. I can't never tolerate plagiarism (because i know how hard it is to start to write)nor illegal translation, because that was just like someone throwing shit to ur face.

So i know, we'll not gonna see ur works around for a while, but i hope u don't stop writing coz u said urself it's ur faucet for ur emotion, and maybe, soon in the future, i (and all of ur loyal readers exclude those plagiators) might be able to read ur works again.

As a translator by heart, i feel the need to apologize to u for this to happen, i'm gonna miss u n ur works, but i still put u in my top favorite yunjae authors. and i hope u who read this, please share this to ur fellows. i know some of u are underage (middle to high school students) i know how desperately u need to comprehend a good reading material but please, respect our profession, don't (ever) play ignorant (yet not-so-innocent) by carelessly translating something you don't even have permission to do so or worse stating the works as yours.

thank you and i love u Nikki
(may be this is the longest comment i've ever made, i just hope u'll feel the love)

Edited at 2013-09-04 06:16 pm (UTC)

I'm a translator, too (and a teacher). I agree with you.
And I wonder WHY on earth she translated that fic? What she gained with it?
She spitted on author and also she underestimated readers. I wonder if she thinks people are stupid? I mean, this LJ is very, very, very popular, it's one of the most read journals!?!!! She thought nobody would noticed?!

Dear Nikki, you really don't have to worry about stealing - people will notice. Your stories are so unique, it's impossible to miss them.

I'm really deeply sorry for all this mess. She apologized. But I can see the damage is already done. I wanna cry.

I hope not only her but also anyone out there who have and are doing this would really stop and take their lessons, because it doesn't only hurt you but we reader too for everything to become to this point.
I would definitely let you know if there's any illegal translation.
I'm not telling you this for you to consider unlocking your journal but because I really want you to know that there're lots of us who respect you and your works. Your fics have brought such joy and happiness to me and everyone else. Besides all the thank yous, I really want to show my appreciation for you.

ps: and I'm sorry for the late reply, I don't know if you still need it but you know that I'm always here to help in anyway.

Totally agree with you.

I hope others who are doing this would stop because them doing this is hurting the writers and the readers alike.

Hmmm maybe I should have read this first?

Anyway, this post made me really happy ^^. I wonder if I ever told you how much of a sweetheart you are. That really shines through in this post and I'm glad you are setting such a great example for the fandom. It's not easy to forgive especially given the number of cases that you had to go through like this. But you have forgiven the others' mistakes in such an admirable manner, it makes me proud to be your reader. Though I don't know you personally, I really do admire you in many ways (:

Thank you for everything you have brought to the fandom. I will promise to do my best to look out for any people who violate your rules~ I look forward to seeing your updates whenever you are ready! Fighting Nikki-chan~

i can do that~!!
keep an eye!

Your word is my command!! *hugs*

Shame.on.them.really. OTL

which words.does she doesn't understand. Well i'm not reading many fic from many pages only livejournal. But i'll tell you if i found some similar or posted or whatever it is which.posted not using this.journal.

Gonna miss your writting though. But it is okay it is your right whether to post or not. ^.^

Of course! But i hope this doesn't happen again. Thank you for considering sharing with us again your amazing work, you are the best!

You've somewhat calmed down. I really hope you'll find your way into writing again despite all of these.

I pinky promise that I will be one of your security guards for any unauthorize use,sharing & translation if your fics. With the number I (and probably a lot of your other readers) have re-read your fics, some scenes/lines etc already got stuck in our head that if we'll read it somewhere else, we'll know :D

I hope this matter had taught everyone a lesson. Plagiarizing had caused more than one fanfic writer to quit from writing or refrain from sharing their fics because of this. Plagiarism is just a big no no!

I'll always love your fics, nikki. Hwaiting!

im conflicted i do and dont want you to post your stories. i do for obvious reasons and i dont because i dont want everytime you post something to have that "niggling thought". I know how terrible it feels when stuff like this happens, people breaking your trust and uggh. do you, do what you wanna do.

I don't read fics from other places (AFF has lotsa cringe worthy fic that's why I haven't read any AFF fic for soooo long) and I don't have tumbler neither do I surf other sites/ blogs. I'm at AO3 but I go there for Avengers/ Thor fics only. That's why I'm usually unaware of any "re-distributing, reposting, rewritten, translated, adapted, plagiarised or anything similar, by anyone" unless I'm alerted by friends, sorry. But if I do happen to come across any, I promise to alert you immediately.

It's really nice of you to forgive her and ask everyone to leave that blog alone. It's good that she has apologised and has deleted your fics from her blog. I hope she's really learnt her lesson and this serve as a severe warning too all other people out there who has re-distributed, reposted, rewritten, translated, adapted and plagiarised writers stories. What you are doing is not only embarassing yourself, but hurting the writers and their readers alike. Most severe case, they'll cause a good writer to quit writing and that's really sad. Seriously, it's easy to respect the writer's decision.

I'm not sure if I've ever tell you this, Nikki. I truly enjoy your fic cause they have brought so much joy/ pain/ anger/ happiness/ laughter and so many other emotions to me when I read your story. It was a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotion while reading them. You have a gift for writing and I know you write cause you love writing and to de-stress. Of course I hope you'll reconsider to unlock your stories again in future. But even if you don't, I'm glad that I've read them especially Sleeping Beauty, Tattooist, ICE and was reading LITI (but yet to comment), (Wanted to read AINI and Jejuko too but never really get to it, and now I regretted ;_;).

Will definitely tell you if I see any copy cats lurking around.

Ok promise will look out for offenders.