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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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How did it come to this?
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I'm shock to see your posts about this. I really can't understand why they can't respect author's rules.

Nikki,I'm really sorry this happened to you.. Again.. >.<
You're my fave author. Your stories are amazing. Really love your "The Tattooist" and "The Trophy Wife". Usually I don't read Homin,but your "The Trophy Wife" is exception. ^^

And you are a amazing person. You still let silent reader (like me >///<) to read yours. Thank u so much,beib.

Hope we will able to read your story again. ♥(ɔˆ⌣ˆ)ˆ⌣ˆc)


I'm so sorry that this has happened. No one should have to suffer having their work stolen or used without their permission. I don't post much of what I write, but I can only imagine how upsetting it would be to have something you've put so much of yourself into taken from you. Although I normally only read YunJae fics on livejournal, I can promise that I would let you (or any author, for that matter) know if I suspected their work was being plagiarised or used without their consent.

I think you are completely justified in wanting to lock your fics or stop updates in order to protect against this happening again, but I hope that you won't. I truly enjoy reading your work and I think you are a wonderful talent that this fandom would be loath to lose. All I can do is hope you will consider trusting in us again; this fandom runs on hope and faith, after all, so a little more can't hurt.


I usually don't comment....shame on me....but I am addicted to your writing. It's just brilliant. Being completely selfish in my hope that you'll continue to share with us. I only recently found you. Please don't go away!

Scout's honor that if I see any of your fics abused, stolen or otherwise wrongly used, I'll report.

Wow.the last time I opened my journal was two days ago and I don't know this things hapened.I freaking out right know when I read your planed to locked your journal.I know it made you angry and this whole plagiarism make me irritate to,but please don't lock your journal.reading your fics is one of ways to relief my stress,you're one of my favorite authors.

I'm not good with words (that's why I never tried to write story,even if I want to) but one thing for sure: your command is my bible so,
"Always keeping an eye"
Aye aye ma'am

hello! Your reader silent again ~
I do not know English, but I make an effort to read it, because I like the big varierdad of stories in this language.
I wish all people who wanted to read, also strove to read it in its original language, fully support you! you are great! of those authors who are worth having and save to favorites! : D

hey .we look after your fics dont worry. hope this is the very end to this kind of shit.

*hug u nikki*


I will consider unlocking my journal if you promise to help me keep an eye out for
shenanigans though. The trust goes both ways. I am trusting y'all to tell me if this
shit happens again, regardless of the consequences.

will do!

Well, I just can keep on supporting you.
Fighting Nikki!