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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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How did it come to this?


All of you, please sheathe your claws and leave her blog alone, ok?

What I have learned from all this is that y'all are very good at spotting shenanigans so please, if you see anything like this again, do let me know. I know the consequence of one of you telling me about this particular incident has been pretty detrimental, but i'm not one to hold a grudge.

I still honestly have no idea if i'll ever post anything new any time soon because even as I write today, the niggling thought at the back of my mind is WHO ELSE IS GOING TO FUCK WITH THIS FIC?

I will consider unlocking my journal if you promise to help me keep an eye out for shenanigans though. The trust goes both ways. I am trusting y'all to tell me if this shit happens again, regardless of the consequences.

And just because repeating myself seems to be necessary...

All my fics are written and owned by me. Under no circumstances whatsoever do I want or allow for them to be distributed (in the form of PDFs etc), reposted, rewritten, translated, adapted, plagiarised or anything similar, by anyone. If you want to share my fic, link it back to my journal.


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Wow ive really missed out on a lot (was on a 2 month vacation from yunjae and i really miss them so) it sucks to hear what ur going thru...i think we lose a lot of great authors and even yunjae fans from these types of acts...

im always in awe at how talented authors are, to be able to bring readers into a whole other world, a world that keeps us wanting more and more, a world that makes us smile, laugh, cry, hot under the sheets, etc...i dont know how many times ive read sleeping beauty over and over again (everytime u write a drabble i reread it hehe) but i love it every time and always look forward to drabbles and crossovers! As someone who has absolutely no talent whatsoever in writing, i must apologize for not commenting as often as i should to support all authors and acknowledge their talents. I respect ur decisions, as only u hv that right, and am hopeful for ur return...

I love yunjae!!

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