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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [9a]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Btw, if y’all are confused about who is whom in the drama, just go here. I was supposed to wrap this up in one post but things got long as they always do… FML OTL

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, well... it's ok. This fic references that fic a bit but it's nothing substantial that you can't just guess what's going on... ICE was AU and this is non-AU so yeah, it'll be fine.

Their love-making is intense, so utterly wrapped up in each other that it borders on terrifying the way Yunho holds onto Jaejoong and vice versa.

There is a note of goodbye in every single touch.

Every lingering kiss.

Every harsh caress.

The hurt spilling from Yunho is overwhelming, his anger just there, bubbling beneath the surface, but yet despite it, the desperation of his touch rips Jaejoong in half as he fights back his tears, loving this strong, proud man with his body, for the words no longer mean anything anymore.

He knows it is goodbye.

But how can he let him go?

He couldn’t let him go then, and now faced with him again after over three fucking long years, he cannot let him go.

But he cannot have him either.

Not yet.

If only he can figure out how to balance their past, present and future.

A song keeps repeating in his head, as the memories of their final coupling play out in his mind.

”Baka da ne… baka da ne… baka da ne… atashi…”

It is so easy to blame Yunho for the giant chasm he finds between them, but even his conscience refuses to let him free from blame.

He is an idiot.

All manner of idiot.

”Aishite… hoshii to… omotta… nante…”

He knew.

He knew Yunho loved him then.

And he knows now.

He knows that Yunho loves him still.

And he walked away anyway.

He walked away then.

And he is walking away now, because he is scared.

Scared at the depth of his feelings, at the emotions that are threatening to drown him, and at the fragility of their bond.

They are close.

Too close, still.

And yet, not close enough for him to be certain that bond will not fail him this one final time.

Because one more time, and Jaejoong will be done.

There is only so much a man can take.

The intense yearning he feels for the man seated across from him is so strong, he is rather surprised no one has commented on the bolts of lightning he is imagining shooting across the table between them.

”Baka da ne… baka da ne… baka no kuse…”

How does Jaejoong tell him that despite the years, his lips hold only the memory of Yunho’s body, and if anyone else were to take from his mouth, they would taste only the handsome leader of TVXQ…?

”Aishite… moraeru… tsumori de ita nante…”

And how does he ask the younger man, if the memory of his touch is still a stain upon his skin, that if anyone else were to touch him, they would be touching the foolish lead singer of JYJ…?



The singer looks up to find everyone staring at him. He shakes it off, hoping his thoughts are not showing on his face, but when his eyes slide over to the man sitting opposite him, the hope flickers out of existence.

Yunho’s expression is haunted, as he licks his bottom lip, looking at the table top rather than at him.

When did the lead dancer stop staring at him?

Can he read his thoughts now?

That very last time they shared a bed.

The taller PD clears his throat, acknowledging the worried glances thrown at him from around the room, including the stark expression on Yunho’s manager’s face. “Jaejoong-ssi, there’s been a change of venue today and we’ve also decided on a change of approach for this afternoon’s press con.”

Jaejoong smiles apologetically at the PD, shaking his head and asking for the man to repeat himself, promising to pay close attention now.

“We want you to stay in character for the press conference.”

Jaejoong frowns slightly. “I thought we already agreed that Yunho and I would come in at the end? With maybe twenty minutes to spare so they can’t really talk to us? What’s the point of being in character?”

Both PDs nod before one of them speaks up. “I know, Jaejoong-ssi, but in light of the last few days, I actually think there would be a greater impact if you came in as your character.”

“Aren’t they always in character?” Joong Ki muses aloud, getting an elbow from Ah In. He grunts as he glares at his friend who glares right back. Clearly, Ah In is still bothered by whatever it was that happened earlier. And he still has no bloody idea what the heck crawled up his friend’s ass and settled there.

He’d volunteer to help him pull out the broomstick lodged in his butt if it weren’t so…uh…questionable to do so?

“That’s why,” the other PD mumbles, exchanging looks with the taller PD, imitating his colleague as he acknowledges the nods of the older cast members in the room.

Yunho flushes, hands clenching reflexively as he moves to hide them underneath the boardroom table. He can feel the tick of the muscle in his jaw as he grits his teeth. He is the hoobae here when it comes to acting, and he knows it is his seeming inability to behave that is causing the issues. He doesn’t want Jaejoong to have to be in character. Hell, he doesn’t want to be in character.

He just wants to be Yunho to his Jaejoong.

But he’s already fucked it up countless times since they first came together in this project, and he has a feeling this move is more to protect them and the production than anything else.

In fact, he is positive of it, because he is a hundred percent sure that Jaejoong hadn’t realised he’d been singing out loud.

A soft, lament.

A whisper of longing and pain, as he stares off in the distance, eyes cloudy with remembered love and lust.

Yunho knows that look all too well.

And he has to fight with himself to keep his own memories from bubbling to the surface.

Jaejoong cannot be Jaejoong this afternoon.

And he cannot be Yunho.

Do Hoon and Kyung Tae it shall be, for the NDAs will not protect them beyond the cast and crew.

“So let me get this straight.” Jaejoong starts, straightening in his seat and pinning the PDs alternatingly with a level gaze, dark eyes unflinching. “You want me to be the 29 year old rock star today? Sneers and all?”


“It’ll be a nice practice run, hyung. Your sneering isn’t very good.” Changmin interjects, smirking slightly as the mildly irritated singer’s gaze turns to him. Like everyone else in the room, he heard Jaejoong’s soft singing well enough, the oldest member completely unaware of it. His voice is filled with the wistfulness of a remembered lost love. And the pain of that loss, though there is another note within the melody of his acapella singing that he cannot quite place.

But Yunho seems to know what it is, if the look his leader sends the beautiful lead singer is anything to go by, before he resolutely looks away.

He knows not everyone in the room understands the lyrics.

But he knows what it means, for he remembers hearing Jaejoong singing it to himself in those final miserable days in Japan, as he nurses bottle after bottle of soju, Yoochun’s piano giving off discordant notes under his fingers in his inebriated state.

An idiot, an idiot, I’m an idiot aren’t I?
For thinking that I wanted you to love me…
I’m an idiot, an idiot, and yet being such an idiot…
I can’t believe I was planning on receiving that love anyway…

His hyungs are both idiots.

But they are each other’s idiot, and he fervently hopes they will find a way.

They have to.

“Could’ve fooled me.” It is Ah In who mumbles this time, causing a smattering of awkward laughter to roll around the table. Everyone has picked up on Jaejoong’s belligerence towards a man he considers at least an acquaintance, and Ah In really has no idea what has gotten into the man. He knows the singer prefers Joong Ki to himself, but he’s always been nice at least.

“It will be the same as the original plan. You and Yunho won’t come in till the very end. But instead of joining the cast onstage, you’ll be performing.”

“Performing?” Jaejoong cocks an eyebrow, noticing out of his peripheral vision that Yunho has leaned forward as well. “I am not performing Kiss B.” His voice is harsh even to his ears, as a swarm of bumblebees suddenly explodes in his belly, buzzing around like crazy and he suddenly feels the intense urge to lose his breakfast. He is proud of the strength in his voice, even if he wants nothing better to do than to curl over and groan in pain.

The idea.

Just the mere fucking idea of performing with Yunho again properly in front of a real crowd. A crowd the size of the one they debuted in front of in Japan no doubt, but still a crowd.

A genuine crowd.

With Yunho, and no one else.

Kiss B.

Fuck, no.

And he says exactly that.

Jaejoong keeps his eyes averted from Yunho, not wanting to see the man’s reaction to his vehement refusal to sing Kiss B. He rants and he raves, and he stands, pacing around the room, not letting anyone get a word in edgewise, because if Yunho performs Kiss B with him the way they performed for their cast and crew on Monday, he is dead.

So very dead.

He might as well just grab a YunJae towel and drape it over his head.

Jaejoong is working himself up to a fine lather, channelling the icy rock star he is supposed to be playing, snapping out his irritation at being inconvenienced, having a performance thrown at him at the very last minute, doing an extremely good job of hiding his genuine worry behind that cold mask.

Kim Jaejoong is a beauty to behold, as he stalks the room, anger and frustration in every line of his body as he goes on an adlibbed soliloquy, passion flowing from every word as he waves his arms and gesticulates his denial.

His refusal.

Only Hero Jaejoong can spend more than ten minutes ranting about why he doesn’t want to sing Kiss B, and at the end of it, he hasn’t actually said anything different to his initial “fuck no”.

Yunho has to smile, because what else can he do? This is the crazy man he fell in love with who can rattle off some sort of outlandishly made-up name for a dodgeball game on X Man that to this day, he is sure only Jaejoong remembers the entirety off and no one else. Under pain of death, Yunho would not be able to repeat a single term from it apart from the ending “shot”.

This is the man who can go completely off the script on a radio show, with their very scripts firmly in hand right in front of them, blushing, giggling and stuttering as he admits that Yunho’s hugs make him nervous.

The leader chuckles then, drawing attention to himself but he doesn’t notice, as he has to ruefully admit to himself that Changmin is right about him. That Radio Star parody they did where yet again Jaejoong had said stuff off the script? It’s nothing compared to that real life radio show. They’d been rookies, and Yunho had been rendered speechless, flailing and floundering and gaping stupidly, leaving it to his dongsaengs to salvage the interview as Jaejoong hid behind a damn curtain.

Yunho had absolutely wanted to join his adorable lead singer behind that curtain then, but thankfully, he’d been too shocked and petrified to move.

Jaejoong robs him of speech and thought.

It really isn’t a good thing, but Yunho cannot remember ever feeling truly badly about it.

At least none he can dredge up from the deep recesses of his mind right now.

The memory of those shy giggles Jaejoong had given him after that radio show, as they stood in their dorm kitchen while he hugged the beautiful then-teenager from behind as he cooked supper, still warms him to this day.

No matter the fights, no matter the years, and no matter the pain self-inflicted by the two of them due to their own inaction, the warmth flowing through Yunho at that simple, distant memory, is comforting. He’s forced so many memories back in the last three years or so, that the joy this one brings him almost fells him.

His sweet Jaejoongie hyung who cannot hide his thoughts and feelings from him.

As cold and empty as people found Jaejoong back then, Yunho never ever experienced it.

He gets the giggles and the kittenish affection when the visual shock of the group is content.

He gets the sulky little pouts and the upset doe eyes when the beautiful lead singer gets too tired.

He gets the back rubs and the doting, and the cuddling and snuggling and the whispered words of encouragement in the dead of the night as their dongsaengs lay snoring around them in some vague attempt at imitating a puppy pile.

And he cannot help but smile and revel in the warmth the beautiful memory accords him.

“Are you finding this amusing?”

A sharp voice snaps Yunho out of his warm thoughts. He knows to whom the voice belongs, and he reminds himself not to take it personally. He is not talking to Jaejoong.

“What if I am?” Chaebol ice-hockey captain, Baek Do Hoon replies, cooly lifting an eyebrow in question at the now gaping rock star.

Though really, no one needs to know that all Yunho is doing is being the leader of TVXQ. There really isn’t much difference between the two. He doesn’t need to act.

He just needs to re-enact.

To be himself.

To relive.

To remind Hero Jaejoong to whom he is talking to.

No one disrespects the leader of TVXQ for no good reason, and Jaejoong, or rather Kyung Tae, certainly has no good reason apart from being a difficult character.

“Omo…” several voices echo quietly as they stare at the two men.

“You’re overreacting just a tad, aren’t you?” Yunho ignores the snicker on his left, resisting the urge to kick Changmin, as he gains his feet. “You’re a consummate professional. Surely a little unplanned mini-concert isn’t too hard for Kyung Tae, rockstar extraordinaire?” His challenging stare is deliberate.

Jaejoong hides his surprise well, grunting at the name rolling from that beautiful mouth. “I hate that name,” he bites out, turning to glare at the silent PDs gazing at him in wide-eyed wonder, as if he’s some damn Egyptian mummy exhibit or something. “I really fucking hate that name. Change it,” his voice rings with demand.

“Uh…are you acting or do you actually hate it?”

Yunho disguises his laughter as a cough, as glittering doe eyes, hard as black ice turn on him. The urge to blow the beautiful man a kiss is strong, Yunho’s cheeky side rearing its head at the wrong time. He has to remind himself: chaebol ice hockey captain, not mischievous lover of Kim Jaejoong.

That time has passed, though Yunho hopes they can find it again somehow.

He clears his throat. “I think he’s serious.”

“I can answer for myself, thanks.” Jaejoong snaps, turning back to the nervous PDs. “Change the name.”

“To what?”

Jaejoong takes a step forward, and he is really trying not to laugh when both men back up a step. He is about as fierce as an angry kitten. But then again he is supposed to be some impossibly cold and difficult rock star so perhaps that’s all they’re seeing.

And Hero Jaejoong knows very well how to do cold and bitchy.

He squares his jaw, making his eyes as frosty as he can manage as he takes another step forward. He can hear the murmurs of whispered conversation going round the room, but his eyes are on the two men trying their damnedest not to cower. It’s really bloody hilarious if he thinks about it, but hey, they wanted him to be in character right?

“Isn’t that your job? I can be Hero for now. Seems like the perfect name for a rock star to me anyway.”

“If you’re Hero then he has to be U-Know,” Ah In blurts out. He flushes as all eyes turn to him, but he shakes it off, giving an easy smile to everyone, determined to master his own character as well. “U-Know and Hero. You can’t have one without the other and everyone knows it.”

Jaejoong feels a weird tug in the pit of his stomach at the man’s words. It is not the tug of jealousy that has been a familiar, and very annoying feeling every time his friend Ah In seems to get a little too close to Yunho, or mentions him in an overly familiar manner.

He cannot place the tug, but he knows he ought to know what it means.

“If you change my name, you’d have to change Sung Ryung noona’s, Sung Soo hyung’s and Yeon Hee’s names too. Don’t be difficult.” Yunho final words are aimed at Jaejoong, turning away from Ah In as he speaks to make it very clear to whom he is addressing. He is goading on purpose, to see how far Jaejoong will take his character.


He really can’t explain.

“You really need to think outside that teeny tiny box of yours you call a brain. I think all that pushing and shoving on the ice has done a number on your head. U-Know is a nickname. I don’t see why you can’t be Baek Do Hoon and U-Know.” Jaejoong’s voice is caustic and dismissive, not even his eyes betraying him as he glares at his ice hockey captain. “Don’t be a brat,” he adds, injecting a measure of irritated affection in his voice so Yunho, or is it Do Hoon? …so that the man knows he is teasing.

“U-Know Do Hoon?” Yunho’s voice is a little disgusted because it honestly sounds awful, and the room chuckles. And damn if he doesn’t want to say that word in response to the singer calling him a brat. Too bad it’ll sound a little weird right now and out of context.

Jaejoong opens his mouth to reply, but Changmin beats him to it.

“Oh for heaven’s sake! Who’s being difficult now? You can just be U-Know on the ice. Do Hoon can be your normal name. There’s no need for a four character name. It’s pretentious anyway, and if I remember rightly, you thought so almost a decade ago when we were given it, so don’t pre—“

“That’s enough.” Yunho’s voice lashes out like a whip, cutting off the maknae mid-word.

Changmin’s eyebrows raise to his hairline, as do most of the room’s.

Yunho’s manager’s jaw has dropped clean open and he is in danger of drooling. Yunho rarely needs to be like this with Changmin, though he definitely doesn’t brook any type of obnoxiousness from any of his other hoobaes. Even Super Junior, peers of his for all intents and purposes, back off when Yunho growls at them.

The leader of TVXQ is humble, but he does not condone disrespect.

Which is why his behaviour of late has been so eye-popping. He fervently hopes the man has finally gotten, coming face to face with Jaejoong, out of his system, and has somehow settled into it, because there are only so many uncharacteristic outbursts from the man that people will let slide.

A niggling thought plays in the back of his mind though.

Remember his behaviour whenever anyone disrespects Jaejoong?

The manager groans under his breath. He bloody hopes this whole in character business will not cause anyone to look too closely at that because as god is his witness, he guarantees it will happen.

Yunho turns to the tall purported goaltender who in reality, can barely stay on his skates, a tiny smile on his lips, but it doesn’t reach his eyes.

“Respect, Taehyun. Learn it, or you will find your blood, sweat and tears on that ice when I’m done with you.”

“Oppa!” Yeon Hee protests.

“Hush, Ji Mi.”

“Ummaaaaaa,” Yeon Hee wails immediately, turning complaining eyes and a sulky whine towards her mother Sung Ryung, and everyone starts to laugh, the slight tension in the room cracking under her whine.

The two PDs as well as Yunho’s manager and various other cast members start clapping relieved as the tension ebbs away.

“I guess we don’t have to worry about you two being able to stay in character then?”

“Maybe we should all go in character?” Joong Ki suggests. “That was fun, and I really think it’ll help with the production. What do they call it? Method acting? You can explain to the press that we’re all method-acting for this project.”

“Aish!” Ah In smacks the back of Joong Ki’s head, causing the man to yelp and then turn to glare playfully at him while exaggeratedly rubbing his head. “Do you even know what method-acting means? It doesn’t mean being in character 24/7.”

“Well, since you’re such a smarty pants, why don’t you explain to the class?” Joong Ki replies a little snootily.

“Uh… how about one of our sunbaes explaining?”

There is general chatter in the room, as the younger cast listen to the older members who are eager to share their knowledge with the visibly hyped group, exhilarated by the “performance” of the two leads.

Jaejoong and Yunho both step away, inching towards each other, till they are a hair’s breadth away, shoulders almost touching but not quite.

Their usual modus operandi of did they or didn’t they.

Camera angles can do wonders.

This time, they definitely didn’t.

Yunho is mindful of the brief conversation they had in that random room earlier, and he doesn’t want to break that barrier between them. The insane urge to just stick out his pinky finger to stroke the back of Jaejoong’s hand is overwhelming. He can feel the sparks coming off the other man’s warm body and it is making him a little lightheaded as he concentrates fully on not breaching that distance or barrier.

He doesn’t want Jaejoong to love a ghost…

It is harder than he thinks, and he is struggling.

And even as he struggles, it reminds him of another time long ago. They were both on a couch, and Jaejoong, the silly man, had his legs crossed. This gave Yunho absolutely no excuse to put his hand on the man’s thigh at all, and he’d been visibly fighting to stop himself from dropping his hand in the man’s lap anyway. Upon watching the video, it had been painfully obvious to him, and the other four men in his group, how hard he was fighting to maintain control of his own hands. His body had been angled towards the gorgeous man next to him, and the creeping back and forth of his hands were distracting as hell to anyone watching. Yoochun had actually asked if he’d wanted to slip his hand down Jaejoong’s back instead of into his lap.

Honestly? He’d definitely been thinking about it.

He’d been so fidgety.

Way past any normal level of fidgeting.

Constantly dropping his hands in the space on the seat between them, clasping them together, holding onto them as if to stop that one hand from straying into Jaejoong’s lap. At one point, he even sits on his hand to stop the wandering!

Jaejoong had been happily unaware of the battle Yunho had been waging with himself next to him.

The man didn’t cross his legs for the next month when he found out.

Why are all these random memories suddenly assailing him? It’s as if a dam has broken. He’s spent years either thinking about all the negativeness of their relationship, or just blanking out the man totally.

But for some reason, on this fateful afternoon, his brain flatly refuses to let him dwell on anything negative.

Despite the ignominious start to the morning, nothing has looked brighter, nor felt warmer to Yunho.

“Are you ok?” Jaejoong whispers under his breath, eyes focused on their cast mates chatting gaily amongst themselves.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Just making sure.”

And just like that, they’re back in 2006.

Jaejoong checking on Yunho post the poisoning incident.

The silence between them is comfortable, both smiling when Yeon Hee teases Changmin, watching as their maknae scowls at the pretty girl. His scowl changes into a smirk though when he catches both of them staring. The little shit winks at them, before proceeding to lean down to whisper something in Yeon Hee’s ear.

It’s like a game of telephone, as slowly, a message travels from ear to ear.

Yunho and Jaejoong have no doubt they are the topic of conversation though, for all their cast members turn to stare at them after receiving the “message” and whispering about it.

“What?” Jaejoong voices the unspoken question, eyeing everyone a little warily. Their smiles are a little too self-satisfied for it to be good for either him or Yunho. He still feels like he’s the butt of some giant practical joke, orchestrated by SM Entertainment no doubt. But at that very moment, with Yunho but a fidget away, he cannot summon a single ounce of worry.

“We voted.” Yeon Hee smiles.


Sung Ryung nods along with her on-screen daughter, linking arms with the tall girl. “We think you two should perform together.”


Surprisingly, it isn’t Jaejoong who protests but Yunho. The smiles on everyone’s faces waver around the edges, as the tall man straightens to his full height, glaring at an incorrigible maknae, knowing exactly whom to pin the blame on.

“Don’t you think performing together would be giving away too much of the script?” Yunho tries for a rational approach.

“He’s right.” One of the PDs speaks up, stepping between the cast and his two leads who are giving off a very united vibe as they stand next to each other.

A scowling rock star.

And an implacable chaebol ice hockey captain.

He is practically fighting the urge to dance around the room and squeal like a pig, because the chemistry between the two, even when doing nothing, makes him believe they will be explosive on screen. Jaejoong automatically defers to Yunho even as he acts the ass, and the way the two of them are glaring at poor Max Changmin who doesn’t seem at all perturbed by it, is making him want to crow about the success of the show even before the airing of the first episode.

The man manages to gather himself though, pasting on a serious expression for everyone’s benefit.

“Jaejoong-ssi, do you have any songs not part of your album?”

“What do you mean? Why can’t I perform the songs from my album?”

“Uh…” the two PDs exchange uncomfortable glances. A majority of the soundtrack is essentially made up of Jaejoong’s album, but for some reason, SME doesn’t want them performed during events. They’d argued that the songs will be performed enough during the shows, that there is no need for them to be performed out of them. While uncomfortable about it, neither are in any position to say no, what with three of SME’s stars in the show.

Yunho moves towards Jaejoong, their clothed shoulders brushing for the first time as he turns to the TVXQ manager. “It’s the company isn’t it?”

The man nods apologetically, unable to hold Yunho’s intent gaze. It’s starting already. Yunho had been known to tell off SM staff when they were still together, and he can see it happening all over again now. It doesn’t matter that they’re not technically together. Fuck with Jaejoong under peril of inciting Yunho’s wrath.

“It’s alright.” Jaejoong’s voice is soft, mildly amused even. “It’s not a surprise Yunho-yah.” He nudges the other man’s shoulder with his own gently. “I have other songs, as long as you don’t mind me singing in English.” He directs the last part to the two PDs who are shaking their heads.

“Of course not. You can sing anything you want.”

“Just not my songs.”


The entire cast had not been expecting the venue to be the Seoul Gymnastics Arena, but all of them are able to run with it once the initial shock wears off. Out of all of them, only Yunho, Jaejoong and Changmin appear unfazed by the large venue, and understandably so. The fact that they’d all agreed to go as their characters helps a whole lot, for they are able to hide their awe and incredulity at the huge crowd they are faced with by concentrating on staying in character. The press had taken it in stride, finding it refreshing even, and the crowd had been more than vocal in their appreciation of a sneering rockstar, so comfortable in his character that many a press member had commented on it.

Yunho hasn’t made an appearance though, and question after question regarding the identity of the other male lead is deflected time and time again by Sung Ryung. The woman is in her element, cool and composed, stunningly poised and elegant as she takes control of the press conference. Her beautifully coiffed hair, perfect makeup and expensive dress suit add to her regal bearing that she wears so very easily. Seated next to her handsome husband and beautiful daughter, she cooly but surely takes charge. The biting coldness, and complete and utter impatience for what she perceives as stupid questions is clearly felt from the outset, but everyone forgives her, for she does it with a beautifully polite smile.

When the question had come up for the fifth time, phrased as differently as possible of course, about the identity of the other lead in the 19+ cable mini-series, her response had been considered polite had it not been the sheer ice dripping from her voice.

”A rose by any other name, sir. You can phrase it as differently as you want, but the question is the same. We have a limited amount of time for this and you are wasting it.”

Jaejoong had cut in then, exhaling exasperatedly into the microphone as he clicks his tongue, licking his mouth before his voice takes on a mocking tone.

”How about you ask me something interesting? Why don’t we talk about sex? Doesn’t sex sell? Who cares about who I’m going to be fucking as long as there’s going to be fucking?” The man had smirked then, sending the crowd into even more of a frenzy as he leans forward, gazing out at everyone over the tops of his sunglasses, his voice low and laden with overt sexuality. “Lots, and lots of fucking.”

The response had been astounding, shocking even, and even the knees of the PDs backstage almost gave out at the man’s sensual tone, not to mention the words. Changmin’s expression had been a comical mixture of shock and utter disbelief coupled with amusement, but he had hidden the surprise quickly, outright laughing as the Anyang Halla cast of himself, Ah In and Joong Ki start hooting and howling like the raucous jocks they are supposed to be playing.

Half the arena has no idea what to make of Kim Jaejoong. The dirty words had spilled from his mouth so easily, the tone so disturbingly suggestive that more than half of them had been left squirming in their seats. If this is what they have to look forward to in his portrayal as the yet unnamed bad boy rock star, then they’re going to be subscribing to the international cable channel that is producing it.

The other half are fervently hoping the “accidental” selca tweeted two days past is an indication of what’s to come.

The press con finally closes without the identity of Jaejoong’s lover being revealed, much to the confusion of the press and fans alike. The PDs come out then, explaining that the press con is not over, and they will all be treated by a short performance from “Hero”. They had been given permission by SME while everyone had been onstage to use the name.

“You are terrible.” Yunho catches Jaejoong who’d stalked ahead of everyone. The rest of the cast and crew are still staring at Jaejoong as if he’s grown horns or something, and the singer grunts at him as he pours himself a glass of water from the table of food laid out back stage.

“Whether I’m terrible or not depends on who you are,” Jaejoong remarks as he finishes his drink, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Are you Do Hoon or Yunho?”

“You know I have to be Do Hoon.”

Jaejoong smirks, stepping forward, his smirk widening as Yunho’s eyes grow large as he takes an inadvertent step backwards as the singer crowds his personal space.

“Do you want to be Do Hoon?” the gorgeous man purrs, reaching out a hand to brush off some lint from Yunho’s suit jacket. The man is all dressed up with nowhere to go. He has no clue why his presence was cut off at the last minute, and he wants to find out. The plan had been for Yunho to appear at the end, but the PDs had called a halt to the proceedings without anyone seeing even the tip of the man’s perfect nose.

Or how perfect he looks in a suit, the breadth of his shoulders filling out the garment so beautifully that Jaejoong has to suppress his moan.

The perfection of the sheen of desire he can see in the man’s eyes, and he is glad for the shades covering his own eyes for he is certain they will mirror each other.

He is Hero, though, isn’t he? Not Jaejoong. He can touch this man. His character can.

Yunho swallows hard, trying to grapple within himself to remind himself that he’s Do Hoon not Yunho.

Method acting.

Why the hell didn’t he pay attention to his seniors when they were explaining what method acting was?

Do Hoon.

Channel Do Hoon.

He is Do Hoon.

Damn it, he will win this game even if it kills him.

He smirks, reaching up a hand to catch Hero around the wrist, tugging the beautiful rock star’s hand from his lapel. “I am Do Hoon, Hero. And you are most assuredly, terrible.”

The singer pulls his wrist from the man’s grip, ignoring the intense crackle of electricity between them as he leans forward.

It takes every single ounce of self-control he has to stand his ground. Yunho keeps chanting Do Hoon’s name in his head as Jaejoong leans in. He has a horrible feeling he’s going to come out the loser in this little power play they’re having. Jaejoong has had far more time than him to be acquainted with his character. The ironic thing about it all though is that Do Hoon’s character is closer to Yunho’s true character than the cold rock star’s is to Jaejoong’s. Yes, Jaejoong can be cold, but the callous coldness yet insane overt sensuality of the character he is playing is not really the man he loves.

Jaejoong can be sexy.

Jaejoong is sexy without trying.

But when he tries, is when everyone might as well give up, for no one would have a prayer against Jaejoong.

Yunho is just glad that Jaejoong has never really really tried to be sexy. He’s too self-conscious to really pull it off outside photoshoots where he only has to maintain the “sexy” persona as the camera clicks, but able to revert back to giggling shyly, or making some random goofy exclamation the second it stops.

But this time it’s different. He has to maintain that cloak, and Yunho is finding it both disturbing and strangely exhilarating.

There had been no self-consciousness whatsoever when Jaejoong had taunted the reporter to ask him about sex.

There had been no hesitance in his voice when he teased 14,000 people about how much fucking there was going to be in the drama.

Speaking of fucking…

“If I’m so terrible Do Hoon-ah,” Jaejoong whispers against Yunho’s ear, “…then why don’t you punish me?”

Game over.

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