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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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My husband is trying to play HERO...
So my husband was in Thailand last week for work and apparently the bugger shouldn't be allowed out anywhere because he tossed some lecherous tour guide overboard on the yacht they were on, held onto him by the scruff of his shirt, and threatened him for being such a cad with the girls (married and unmarried) on the boat. Well, basically he told the guy if he had spoken to his wife (me) the way he has been to the other females, he'd be swimming to shore.

And then he proceeds to toss the man back on deck, and apparently not a peep was heard from the guy henceforth.

Anyway, my story is not really related, but I just wanted to show you that my husband has HERO tendencies and he just may be yours... OTL

Don't make me regret this...Collapse )

That was beautiful Nikki :) Thank you for sharing it with us:)

Your husband is so nice in understanding both sides of the situation. I'll be on the look out to see if I see your fics anywhere they shouldn't be.
Thank you for sharing with us once again. :)

Daddy Bee is 대박! ;~;

He is right. I did cry the second I wanted to read Ice again then I got Access Denied. He is a hero; your readers's hero. \0/


Aww, but hating your hubby would be like hating Jung.. because he looks like him? LOL

Still, it's your decision to make. Your husband has a point, but the last word comes from you ;)

oh dear gods, can i love your hubby???? *bricked
please give my thanks to him. i love u and your fics, and i'm not gonna mess them up by plagiarizing/redistributing/translating.
your fics are a real source of happiness in this broken fandom, just like what your hubby said. ur updates always bring a smile to my face, they're like oasis in the middle of the desert that is my real life.
in the end, i can't thank you enough for writing and sharing your fics, and helping u protecting them is the least i can do <333333333

i love your husband already.

Your husband is so wise wow. He sounds like he is good with his words :D Like husband like wife huh
And I actually went to your ask.fm and ask if you have plan to un-private ICE and then I read this entry and I keep nodding lol

I am very very very happy you have the husband you do. I got to the end of a 52 hour sleepless stint at university the other day and was literally quite physically and emotionally exhausted. When I saw that there was an update for LITI, I quite literally and totally irrationally burst into tears. Of absolute happiness. THANK YOU FOR POSTING NICKI!!!

I don't know how they have the time to translate your fics tbh...
while copy/paste the link should take less than a minute, like "Hey, check this out, it's good http://bla bla bla..."
Maybe because I'm just lazy... OTL

yeah! your husband is my hero too! I mean I could totally understand how you would feel about people disrespecting you and your work..I'd be damn upset too if it happened to me...people not respecting others...that totally sucks and I'd just LOVE to bash the hell out of 'em....but he's right you know...I mean this fandom really needs your kind of stories especially now when more and more fans are getting disillusioned about DB5K...I sometimes feel is it still worth it to ship YunJae? will there ever be a reunion? can I just blow up SME? but then I read your stories and it just gives me good vibes and hope for the future you know...makes me feel good about the fandom again and strengthen the faith in them..so yeah...You're lucky to have a wonderful husband such as him....so yeah..Always keep the faith...

Awww -- such a loving & understanding hubby nikki yahhh !! He's so sweet to give u this view on behalf of your readers but most of all you're a lucky woman to be able to discuss this with him. I agree with some of the readers here -- he's not trying to be Hero... I think u got a REAL LIFE YUNHO there with you luv..

What a lovely story to wake up to and even lovelier if you reopen your fics. I also went yesterday to try to find the title of one of your fics I was missing and was so sad to receive the Access Denied message. I will look again today so I can ask you about chapter 3 after you left us with Xiatod in the process of singing to/seducing piercer Changmin.

Your husband is my current hero!

OMG~ your husband is just... wow. can i say that i LOVE your husband for saying the things he said to you? i mean, wow... where did you find such a PERFECT guy who understands you and knows when you need a push in the right direction or when to stop you from fall down a pit of hell? it's obvious that he loves you so much and even with the fandom in both your lives, he's still understanding enough that he doesn't begrudge you of it. OMG WOW. just... WOW.

you're right to call him a HERO. he is one. ^^

Yes, yes, yes!!! You have no idea what big smile I have on my face.

Thank you!

I'm so happy now, I'm actually crying. I was really sad, but your husband is right, that your fanfics make us happy. Of course I'm going to keep my promise, to look out, if I see anyone breaking the rules.

that's the reason why i adore and admire our OH... this is why... he really trust you and love you..

and i'm thankful for him to thinking ours, your readers so high.. he even trust you to us.. oh god. he's such a sweet person..

his "Do you want to be responsible for the tears of an unknown person because you took away one of the things that genuinely made them happy in a fandom that you describe yourself as broken, fandom is broken?" is really hit me hard for fall in love with him again and again.. oh my hubby scolds me bc i fall in love with another man's wife! LOL

it's just up to you Nicki.. but if your hubby saying that.. well.. i think you must listen at him a little hahahaha

god bless him and you.. both of you really are a wonderful people.. ^^

Edit. I mean is "your OH" not "our OH" i missed the "Y" LOL