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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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My husband is trying to play HERO...
So my husband was in Thailand last week for work and apparently the bugger shouldn't be allowed out anywhere because he tossed some lecherous tour guide overboard on the yacht they were on, held onto him by the scruff of his shirt, and threatened him for being such a cad with the girls (married and unmarried) on the boat. Well, basically he told the guy if he had spoken to his wife (me) the way he has been to the other females, he'd be swimming to shore.

And then he proceeds to toss the man back on deck, and apparently not a peep was heard from the guy henceforth.

Anyway, my story is not really related, but I just wanted to show you that my husband has HERO tendencies and he just may be yours... OTL

Don't make me regret this...Collapse )

Nicki, your OH is one hellava HERO. He understands us ... OMG ... he understands the psyche of these poor fangirls who have found some much needed escapism and happiness in your fanfics.

Huge hugs to you as well. I'm off to read I Love Rock n Roll.

your husband sounds really awesome :)

Please, say thanks to your husband.
He is a very wise man and both of you are very lucky to have each other, you two make an amazing couple!!!
Mis respetos!!!

i hope i can have a husband as great as yours one day.^_^

can see why you are little angry at him. I expect my hubby to be on my side even why I am totally wrong :) And heer you had a totally sound reason. But it was really so nice of him to try to see the bigger picture of the fan's side

And applouses for what he did to that guy! I don'r think there could be a worth picture when one shit is offending women and men around pretend not to see it.. He is a reall man!!

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XD nowi am thinking that he is the daddy for all your fics your babies. he really knew that writing keep your sanity yet make you happy. He said well :) but once again the decision is yours. just do what makes you happy and comfortable. cheers

Your husband's amazing. You married well. :D

i really wish for you two a happy everlasting forever


Omg! Immediately clicks aini, liti, tattooist and they all link! ... your husband FTW! Our hero! Aha! !

Thank you. :)

I'm so glad he is so supportive of your writing and actually reads some (that you ok) as well. He knows what a gifted writer you are but he also knows how writing has helped/healed you. This was so invasive, how could you not bleed? It wasn't the first, second or third time so yeah, scars. But hopefully, we will be even more diligent in looking out for our sister in this broken fandom. This close call taught me just how much I enjoy and rely on wonderful writers such as yourself. I might not comment every time but I will show more love throughout LJ, AFF, AO3, etc.

Your husband was right
You just made me happy :D

Woww,,ur hubby really wise,,and awesome,,
thank youuu~

Your hubby is an amazing person.

Once again, thanks for posting again and unlocking your fic.Totally agree with your hubby, trust and respect. Thanks for trusting us to take care of you and I hope everyone will respect your wish from here henceforth and the incident will not happen again.