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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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My husband is trying to play HERO...
So my husband was in Thailand last week for work and apparently the bugger shouldn't be allowed out anywhere because he tossed some lecherous tour guide overboard on the yacht they were on, held onto him by the scruff of his shirt, and threatened him for being such a cad with the girls (married and unmarried) on the boat. Well, basically he told the guy if he had spoken to his wife (me) the way he has been to the other females, he'd be swimming to shore.

And then he proceeds to toss the man back on deck, and apparently not a peep was heard from the guy henceforth.

Anyway, my story is not really related, but I just wanted to show you that my husband has HERO tendencies and he just may be yours... OTL

Don't make me regret this...Collapse )

your couple conversation, i ship. hard.

I can just say 'Wow!' You really have a loving husband. ^^ I really am thankful for your husband and your decision. I really loe your fic, it makes my day. I wish I will have a husband like yours. He seems understanding yet still think logically on all the things (well, I don't know if it's right or not, since it's only my assumption from what I read).

Thank you so much for letting us to read all of your stories again. Trust and respect! Both are important. If you really love someone, no matter what, respect and trust will always be there. ^^ if there is no respect, there is no love. The same goes to trust.

Mr. Nicky is a very very sweet guy. I doubt people who are hell bent on stealing will stop, but I appreciate you unlocking your work

im just smiling like idk omg :) :) :)
i'll do my best to look after you nikki >_<
kudos to you and your OH ^^

Wow, you guys seem to have such a nice relationship.Kind of like "perfect in it's own way" thingy...

thank you nikki's husband. your wife always make us happy . I promise I will look after your beautiful fics . do not worry anymore♥♥♡♥♡♥♡♡♥

I'm in awe with your husband. I wish I'd be as lucky as you to find someone like him. I thank him too for thinking about us as well. I think he's part of that armour, especially with that disclaimer =) (for some reason I pictured yunho saying it with that little hint of threat lol)

you guys are amazing people and amazing couple! Thank you again


Smart man.

*goes back to lurkdom*