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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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My husband is trying to play HERO...
So my husband was in Thailand last week for work and apparently the bugger shouldn't be allowed out anywhere because he tossed some lecherous tour guide overboard on the yacht they were on, held onto him by the scruff of his shirt, and threatened him for being such a cad with the girls (married and unmarried) on the boat. Well, basically he told the guy if he had spoken to his wife (me) the way he has been to the other females, he'd be swimming to shore.

And then he proceeds to toss the man back on deck, and apparently not a peep was heard from the guy henceforth.

Anyway, my story is not really related, but I just wanted to show you that my husband has HERO tendencies and he just may be yours... OTL

I finally told him about what happened the last week, and he understood why I was upset and everything... but he also pointed out that i'm punishing the majority for the actions of a minority. He admitted that he hasn't read much of my stuff but whatever i've allowed him to read has been evoking enough to him that he can imagine everyone else getting sucked into it like he did, and if that's the case, I shouldn't stop making people happy. He reminded me that i'm always striving to influence whatever small sphere of influence I have to better society in whatever way I can, so why did I stop doing it?

"Do you want to be responsible for the tears of an unknown person because you took away one of the things that genuinely made them happy in a fandom that you describe yourself as broken, fandom is broken?"

Well, what about my tears, dude? I asked him. And he said he knows I am stronger than any other person he knows and i'll be alright.

I explained how writing is like me divulging part of my soul and he told me "if it heals you, and heals others at the same time, why keep it for yourself?"

And let me just tell you I kinda hate my husband right now.

He did add a disclaimer though.

"Remind your readers, trust and respect. I'm trusting them to look after you, and I hope they respect you enough to make sure this doesn't happen again. You cannot claim to love someone and then hurt them over and over again."

Well, I don't know what kind of fucking armour he thinks I have...

So yeah...

PS: The conversation was pretty long actually but i'm not going to go into the argument lmao!


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you're both so lucky to have each other :D
don't worry, nikki... we'll look out for your fics!

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