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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice - random snippet/drabble thing
LITI dead

I found this... clearly I discarded that line of writing but kinda almost wish I hadn't...

But then again i'm also glad i'm not this evil OTL

“How can I make love to someone, when the memory of you is there whenever I close my eyes? The heart knows what it wants, and the mind can overpower it on occasion. But a love like this… I’ve tried, Jaejoong. I’ve tried so hard. I’ve even practically turned into a zombie, because every little thing reminds me of you, that I’ve had to numb myself from everything. But nothing works. In the end, I close my eyes and all I dream of is you, and I’m back to square one.”

Jaejoong flexes his jaw, willing himself to be strong. He cannot succumb again. He really cannot afford to. His voice is cold to his ears, and the words are hollow. There is no truth behind them, but he speaks them anyway because he needs to set the boundaries back up. He needs that wall.

“Next time I can’t sleep at night, I’ll be sure to ring you. Pretty words, Yunho, and a pretty sentiment behind it. But I hope you didn’t expect me to wait for you, because I didn’t.”

And with that, the beautiful lead singer turns around and leaves the room, before Yunho can catch the sheen of tears in his eyes, threatening to spill over.


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ouch ... that's painful
i'm glad you're not THAT evil either

Hahahahhahahahhahahah :PPP

Emotional but heartbreakingly good as well!

Take my breath away is right. Jae, how can you be that cruel? And really, cruel to yourself.

I just give up on life reading this

Perhaps its in the lapse in time since reading. But I am confused, didn't jae end up waiting (not on purpose)

But all hail non evil nikki

feel bad for them both...

That's harsh Jae ... You hurt yourself as well. Lucky you're not that evil Nicki.

it practically lash my heart out... OTL, ok. maybe overreacting there but yeah... that was heart-breaking... <//3

broken fandom is broken ;___;

That was intense.. Aigoo.. Lucky that you don't do that..

I kinda wish you did? /bricked might be interesting to see how it played out!

For some reason I can imagine Far Away by Nickelback as this scene's theme song. omg D:
it was a good thing you didn't subject us to more pain :)) lol thanks


T.T why you need a wall Jaejoongie??
There is no need for boundaries between the two of u !!
Thanks for this love.

we can't survive this level of broken yunjae

So heart wrenching.

Why is their love so painful, full of tears and sorrow?

Oh god...thanks god you decided to cut this part out. It's too heartbreaking. I can't lhave Yunho to hurt that much. :'(


so painful... for the both of them.

You are CRUEL...
*ugly sobs*
This is terrible...TT_____TT
SO much angst..I can't anymore.....

so heartbreaking. what's with their inferior complex? LOL

they have to sort out their feelings and go on with the shooting LOL

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