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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Mirotic [1/2]
Title: SB/Tattooist crossover doubleshot: Mirotic
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Doubleshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: There is NO MPREG in the Tattooist universe. This is just a random cracky(?) crossover so please suspend your disbelief even more than you already have :P Every time I write a crossover, everything will automatically get subsumed into the Sleeping Beauty universe ok? Tattooist verse is IN Sleeping Beauty and not vice versa. Just like ICE was in SB and not the other way round. Sleeping Beauty trumps everything basically and I regret nothing :P

AN2: Unbetaed and this fic can stand alone but it’s more fun if you’ve read The Tattooist and Sleeping Beauty

“I really don’t want you to come with me.”

“You don’t have much of a choice, do you? I’m coming straight after my hospital appointment. I wouldn’t know him from a bar of a soap and he could be some ruffian for all I know.”

Yunho eyes his very pregnant wife who is looking extremely fierce and indignant. Jaejoong’s mouth is set in a mutinous pout, and he knows there is absolutely nothing he can do to sway the younger man. This first pregnancy has been anything but easy in terms of insane mood swings and weird cravings, not to mention that “fragrant” month he’d rather forget ever happened. He can only thank god it lasted one month and not more. Jaejoong’s cheeks have filled out, looking more and more like a cute chubby chipmunk than ever, with his still dark blond hair.

Woe to anyone though, who points out how round Jaejoong has gotten.

The Jung magnate shudders at the memory of Krystal commenting innocently about how Jaejoong looks like he’s carrying a great big basketball under his shirt. The epic crying fit that followed had made not just Krystal burst into tears, but her two older sisters as well, at somehow upsetting their uncle so thoroughly.

And so despite his concerns and better judgment, as his wife is eight months pregnant, Yunho is going to give in.

Like he always does, but that’s another story.

“He’s not a ruffian. I know his father.”

Jaejoong scoffs immediately, waving his hand dismissively in the direction of his husband’s face but he doesn’t turn towards him. “Yes, yes. Yakuza who has his thumbs in practically every lucrative pie in East Asia and beyond. Do I look like I care who his father is? He’s the one putting a needle to your skin and not his father so excuse me if his parentage doesn’t sway me one bit. I can’t be there at the start but you tell him I’ll lop off his own damn finger with his own damn katana if he fucks this up and all the damn yakuza in the world are not going to save his hide from me.”

Did he mention potty mouth too? And cranky? And insane mood swings? One second he’d be all loving and cheerful and bubbly like the nineteen year old he met less than a year ago, and the next, he’d be the shrew of all shrews, even worse than any proverbial fish wife anyone can ever dream up.

But Yunho takes it all with a genuine smile on his face, for his wife has never been more beautiful and the stunning younger man knows it deep down. He’s just out of sorts with his body and the crazy hormones.

“Damn yakuza!” A voice chirps from the back seat.

Jaejoong drops his chin and groans loudly, as Yunho chuckles, reaching over to rub a soothing hand over his wife’s thigh.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was awake?” Jaejoong pouts. Everything is always Yunho’s fault in Jaejoong’s eyes, especially lately.

Yunho turns to look at their 21 month old toddler who smiles sleepily at him. She’s not really awake, but she’d just latched onto the first thing she heard. He reaches his arm back to place his hand in her lap, smiling when she grabs it and kisses his fingertips in greeting. Jiyool still has a wee bit of separation anxiety when it comes to Jaejoong, and he’s trying to pre-empt any drama at the creche he is about to leave her at.

“I didn’t know either.” He placates the blond man. “I’m taking her in now. Are you sure you don’t want me to take her to umma’s?”

Jaejoong’s jaw tightens and he shakes his head. “Too many questions, remember? I can’t explain to her why I’m leaving Yoolie with her for eight hours.”

Yunho sighs, patting his wife one last time on the thigh before he gets out of the car.


Jaejoong winces, hearing that trembly note in his daughter’s voice. In the last month or so, she’s been left at the creche at the very most, once a week. This will be the third time this week she’s going to be left there. He cannot help it though. He’d rather not bring her to the clinic or hospital with him where he can help it, and he’s had two appointments already this week to make sure his pregnancy is going ok.

Apparently he has a textbook pregnancy, everything going along as per the medical journals. He even weighs exactly what he should, and he’s gone through every non-threatening side effect known to man (and woman). His baby girl is absolutely perfect according to the doctors, and everything really is as it should be. He has nothing to worry about but Jung Yunho, being Jung Yunho, had insisted on his wife being checked up on twice a week in this final month.

Well, three times this week thanks to the bout of indigestion last night which has led to the appointment today. Jaejoong thinks his husband is being excessive, but he knows this is the man’s way of trying to keep some form of control over something he really has no control over, and so while it aggravates and inconveniences the twenty year old, he takes it all in stride.

He can hear Yunho opening the door, and Jiyool immediately start to protest as she is unbuckled from her car seat.

“No! No, no, no! Daddy, no! I want mama!”

“Jiyool-ah…it’s only for a short while.”


“Jiyool, come on. Daddy will be late.”

“Want Mamaaaaaaaaaa,” the beautiful little girl wails despondently, smacking at her father’s hands as he attempts to take her out of her seat.

Jaejoong opens his door, rolling out of his seat as he waddles along to the other side of the car. Alright, perhaps waddling is an exaggeration. He isn’t really, because his baby is pretty compact and from the back, it’s hard to tell he’s pregnant, but Yunho seems to think it’s cute when he does so he exaggerates a little bit to make the older man smile.

And smile he does.

Beaming even, as Jaejoong shakes his head ruefully at his husband staring at him with a twinkle in his eye.


Yunho steps away from the car, bending over with a flourish to present their daughter to his wife, as if he’s some courtier in the King’s court in England. He chuckles as Jaejoong clicks his tongue and pretends to knee him in the face as he bends over to lift tiny Jiyool easily into his arms.

The toddler immediately wraps her arms around her Mama, two fingers in her mouth as she glares reproachfully at her father.

“Don’t go looking at me like that, young lady.” Yunho teases the girl, as he shakes a finger at her. “Your mama is going to do exactly what I was about to do.”

She plucks her fingers out. “No!” And then she resolutely turns away from her father, tucking her forehead against her mama’s ear and resumes sucking her fingers.

“Yoolie-ah…” Jaejoong murmurs as he waddles up the steps, soley for his husband’s benefit. “It’s just for a little while sweetheart.” He lowers his voice in a conspirational whisper. “I’ll get Chaerin unnie to pick you up after school and take you to Mirotic, ok?”


“Yes, Chaerin,” Jaejoong smiles and kisses his baby girl as he enters the entrance to the creche. Thankfully, no one is crying and the atmosphere is rather hushed.

Jiyool burrows her face against her mama’s neck. She knows where she is, and she doesn’t want to let her mama go, but if she’s good she gets to see Chaerin, and she likes Chaerin unnie.

Jaejoong smiles at one of the staff approaching them. “She’ll only be here a couple of hours or so. Maybe three at the very most. My niece, Chaerin will pick her up. She just woke up from her morning nap so she should be fine. She’ll tell you if she’s hungry or thirsty, and she’s wearing pull-ups just in case.”

The little toddler’s ears perk up as she hears familiar words. She pulls away from her mama’s neck and shakes her head solemnly at him. “No pull-ups, mama. Big girl undies.”

“Who told you about big girl undies?” Jaejoong chuckles, as does the watching creche staff member. The little girl is beautiful with her dark almond eyes and cupid bow mouth. She is a daddy’s girl alright but she is absolutely her mama’s daughter as she pouts.


“I didn’t bring any big girl undies for you today, baby because daddy didn’t tell me, but I will next time, ok?”

Jiyool gazes over at her mama and she reads sincerity in her parent’s eyes, before she smiles. “Ok.”

“Good girl. Now go with unnie, and then later Chaerin will pick you up.”

Jiyool nods, twisting in her mama’s arms to lean towards the waiting creche person.


She whips around immediately, beaming and throwing her arms around her mama’s neck, breathing in the fragrant man as she speaks against his cheek. “Love mama.”

“Love you too, angel.”


Nicole is standing behind the counter, gaping unashamedly at the man sitting on their couch. He is dressed in a three piece suit no less, nonchalantly flipping through a body mods magazine that she knows carries pretty graphic content.

She watches as he flips the pages.


Eyes casting up and down each page, and then moving along.

Not a single flinch does she see from him, even though she knows from personal experience that he is now round about the genital piercings section.

It is as if his face is made of sculpted marble, so very chiseled and hard, and unmoving.

So cold.

And so very familiar.

When the man had first walked in, she’d almost done a double take, because she’d been fucking sure Yunho was in the back room.

Topless and a little sweaty having just come back in from a quick run at lunch.

Not strolling in wearing a tailored suit that probably cost more than a month’s worth of full time work for both Max and Yunho.

There are subtle differences of course.

The faint scars for one.

The dark emptiness in his eyes.

The tenseness of his body.

The cold ruthlessness she seems to feel.

The marginally narrower breadth of his shoulders.

And the utter arrogance practically dripping from the man like raindrops from the leaves after a downpour.

Nicole thought her boss can be arrogant at times, but this man pretty much defines arrogance.

He reeks of it.

From every line of his tailored bespoke suit.

The Dolce & Gabbana frames.

His Italian leather shoes.

And the sculpted marble of his features.

The owner of Mirotic has a natural arrogance about him too, but he is a man used to smiling, and the arrogance only comes out when he wants it to, and when it serves a purpose. This man seems to breathe it as if it’s the most natural state to be in. The man she really cannot stop staring at has an air of cold control and ruthless power, that she has never ever seen or felt the like of, and that is saying something especially since she’s seen Yunho wield the katana.


This man has it in spades.

She has a feeling he’d put even her boss to shame.

And despite his expensive outfit and the rather obvious fact that he really shouldn’t be in a place like that, she is unable to separate the man from his surroundings. She’s the one who is feeling like a foreign object at her own workplace, while this man looks as if he belongs.

Bespoke suit and all.

He is here for a seven hour appointment apparently, but she knows that cannot be right. No one in their right mind would sit for seven hours. Yunho never books anyone for longer than four hours even if they insist on having a longer sitting.

But then again, she has a feeling her boss wouldn’t be able to gainsay this man.

She clears her throat, and he looks up immediately, eyebrow cocked in query.

“Uh…w-would you like a drink?” She sounds like she has a fucking frog in her throat. What the hell? No one ever intimidates her. Yunho barely does it, but this man makes her feel so much like a gauche school girl she is actually not looking forward to leaving the safety of the reception desk to get him a drink. She has a horrid feeling she might trip over her own feet, and if she soils his suit, the dry cleaning bill alone would probably be a week’s worth of wages.

The coldness emanating from him borders on terrifying.

But holy mother of all that is fucking holy she wants to jump him so bad she is almost willing to chance the terror. Confidence and power is one hell of an aphrodisiac and she’s pretty sure Max will be understanding enough to give her a free pass, because come on…

Look at the man.

She is looking alright, and dying slowly.

“No, thank you.” He replies brusquely before turning to look back down at his magazine.

Now what?

Nicole is a hundred percent sure any and all tension she can feel in the room is coming from her. The man’s expression betrays absolutely nothing. She is staring hard enough that it’ll be impossible to miss a twitch or a tick, but he stays exactly the way he is the whole time.

Chiseled out of fucking marble.

She finally decides to move, backing away slowly, her back to the wall. She has no idea why the fuck she’s acting so ridiculously, but she doesn’t want nor can she really, take her eyes off him.

The man is breathtakingly handsome and just so very…masculine.

And so fucking cold, she is sure the temperature in the shop just dropped about ten degrees.

She finally loses sight of him as she rounds the corner, about to lean against Max’s door, only to be met by a startled grunt when she backs into her boyfriend who has just opened the door.

Nicole whirls around quickly, clapping her hand over the tall man’s mouth and pushing him back into his workroom and slamming the door shut behind her.

The loud sound makes her wince, but she shakes it off as she marches Max back to his seat and knocking him backwards into it.

Changmin immediately reaches up to pull his blonde girlfriend down into his lap, leering at her as he steals a kiss.

“Stop it!”

“Why?” Changmin asks, nosing his way along her jaw and down to peruse her bitable collar bones. “Isn’t that why you came back here?” He nips at a sharp collarbone, but he gets a smack instead of a moan in reply. He jerks his head back up, staring perplexed at his girlfriend. “What?”

“There is an insanely hot, yet scary man in the waiting area.”

Changmin scoffs immediately, before he once again ducks his head, this time going for Nicole’s throat. “No one scares you.”

“This one did.”

“Scarier than hyung?”

“Much scarier., and despite all that, I want to fuck him.”

Changmin raises his head, licking at his slick lips, smiling slightly when his girlfriend leans forward to finally give him a proper kiss in greeting. There is a tinge of desperation in her kiss, and he finally pulls away, staring at her wide eyes.

“So let me get this straight. He really scared you, and yet you want to fuck him?”

“It’s hard to explain. He’s just so…cold, and so fucking hot.”

“Like that guy from American Psycho? Cold, fuckable and a serial killer? I guess I’d fuck him too if given a chance.”

“That’s pretty accurate actually,” Nicole nods, marveling at how Max and her are yet again on the same wavelength.


Nicole’s eyes widen as she leans back, away from her boyfriend, staring at him in dawning horror. “Oh my fucking god I didn’t even think about that! What if he’s yakuza? What if he thinks I was rude to him? What if he wants to cut off all my fingers for offering him a stupid drink? He’s going to be here for seven hours!”

Changmin chuckles, rubbing a soothing hand up and down the agitated girl’s back. He has never seen her so unraveled like this, and he wants to check the client out for himself. He knows Yunho is booked solid for the rest of the day, but he didn’t realise it was with the same person. Yunho never ever books anyone for longer than what he deems their endurance level, and for this man to have a seven hour sitting as his first time is saying something. It has to be his first time, for Changmin has never met anyone scary enough or even hot enough, since the shop opened, that his girlfriend is practically pissing her pants.

He coaxes the blonde girl up, standing up after her, making his way to the door.

“Don’t go! What if I offended him by slamming the door?”

Changmin shakes his head ruefully. “You can stay back here if you want, but someone needs to look after the desk and the kid isn’t going to be here for another three hours.”

“Oh my god, Jae! No, no, no, he can’t come here!” Nicole wrings her hands, staring wide-eyed at her boyfriend who is not freaking out the way he should. Ok, so perhaps she’s overreacting, but now that she’s in the warmth and safety of Max’s back room, the contrast to the icy cold atmosphere outside is making her a little fanciful.

She’s too late though, swallowing a rather uncharacteristic squeak as her boyfriend walks out the door and into the tiger’s den.

Or lion’s.


Changmin has no idea what to expect, but the last person he had ever expected to see is Jung Yunho, head of Jung Conglomerate, one of the youngest CEOs, and richest men in South Korea.

“Good afternoon,” he greets, resisting the urge to prostrate on the floor and bow to the man. He can definitely see what Nicole saw though. There is a definite aura of don’t fuck with me around the man. He makes him think of an Asian James Bond or something. Much more refined than the way Changmin has just imagined it of course, but don’t fuck with him pretty much sums it all up. This is a man that he can imagine going toe to toe with his hyung’s father and somehow besting him.

He has to have bested him surely.

This is no yakuza.

But he is definitely scary enough.

“I’m early.” The man replies to Changmin’s greeting, absolutely no inflection whatsoever in his voice to indicate anything apart from a simple observation. There is no apology, nor is there any expectation.


Changmin is getting absolutely nothing from the man.

“Uh…i’ll just go check and see if hyung is ready for you.”

The man doesn’t even deign to answer, quirking an eyebrow before his eyes slide back to the magazine in his hands.

Changmin knows he’s just been dismissed, and while one percent of him is irked at being treated just so, the other ninety-nine percent is more than happy to run back into his hyung’s room with his tail between his legs.

He finds the older man topless, and smiling as he texts into his phone. Yunho doesn’t even bother looking up, waving at Changmin to get back out, but he ignores him.

This Yunho he can ignore.

That other Yunho? No fucking way.

“Your client is here.”

“So?” Yunho replies, still texting and grinning.

“You might want to tell your kitten to stay away.”


“Because I think your client has kittens for breakfast. Probably lunch and dinner too.”

“Hmmm?” Yunho hums as he continues texting.

“Your client, hyung. The one with a seven hour appointment. He’s here and I think you should tell Jae to go home and not come here.”

“You try telling Jae not to come here.”

“I’m serious!”

“So am I.” Yunho answers, finally pocketing his phone, facing his agitated piercer. “What the fuck’s up with you? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost. I’m pretty sure there are no more bloody packages with finger tips in them lying around for you to trip over.”

“Not funny, hyung!”

“Well, you do look a little peaked.”

“Do you even remember who your next client is?”

Yunho quirks an eyebrow, smirking slightly. “Of course I do. I made the appointment myself.”

“Do you even know who that man is?”

The older man chuckles, standing slowly and stretching his arms over his head.

Things crack and pop, and while this usually makes Changmin cringe, he doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

“Of course.”

“What the hell is he doing here?”

“He asked my father to recommend a tattooist. He was going to fly my uncle over, but the man went and tripped down a flight of stairs, so I was the next choice.”

“So he knows your father?”

“Of course, he does. My father likes him too, but he despised his ex-wife.”

“The one he killed?”

Yunho’s smirk is wiped instantly from his face and he takes several steps forward to meet Changmin. He wraps a hand around the younger man’s neck and he pulls him forward. “Mention his ex-wife in front of him or his new wife in any way, shape, or form, and be prepared to face not just my wrath, but my parents.”


“Jung Yunho did not kill that woman, understood?”

Changmin can barely nod, Yunho’s grip of his neck is actually borderline painful.

Satisfied, Yunho lets go of his friend. “Don’t talk about things you know nothing about.”

Changmin rubs his neck, staring at his hyung whose countenance is almost as cold as the man outside.

Almost? Try not even close.

“What do you know?”

Yunho cocks an eyebrow. “You’re really asking me that? Knowing who my father is?”

“Forget I asked.” Changmin mumbles.

“Good plan.”


“I feel like I’m in twilight zone.”

“It’s a little disconcerting isn’t it?”

“Disconcerting doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel.” Nicole growls under her breath as she stares at the gorgeous man sitting in their waiting area. “Why didn’t you warn me? Fucking hell I practically undressed the man with my eyes. I didn’t know he was married! And to…to…that!”

Once again, she finds herself gaping at someone sitting on a couch, perusing a body mods magazine.

This time though, the soft exclamations coming from the blond man can be heard quite clearly. His expressions and sounds betray his thoughts easily as he squints, gasps, cocks his head interestedly, and groans in sympathy with each page turn.

“What was I supposed to say? Jung Yunho’s wife is an ultimate ullzzang, very pregnant, and happens to look like the older version of our kitten?”

“Yes,” Nicole hisses, not taking her eyes off the beautiful man currently staring intently at a page, as he holds the magazine away from his face, and then pulling it in again to get a closer look, before he visibly shudders and turns the page, propping the magazine on the swell of his belly. “You could have fucking warned me. He almost gave me a goddamn heart attack when he walked through the door.”

“Why? He does look like Jae but you can definitely see the difference. His features are much more mature.”

“Are you blind? His smile is identical. That honest, giving smile, as if I’m his new best friend. I almost bit my tongue trying not to scream.”

“Why would you scream?”

“Because he’s pregnant!”

“Nic…you’re not making any sense.”

“Sense? I don’t have to make sense! This whole thing makes no sense! There are two Yunhos in the backroom who resemble each other enough for me to think they could be brothers, and now you’re telling me there are two Jaejoongs who have somehow managed to tame the two Yunhos and—“ she stops abruptly.


“It’s ridiculous!” She bursts out, flapping her arms, trying to get Max to see her point.

“Is it really?” Changmin asks, smiling slightly at a very loud exclamation from the couch. He turns just in time to see the younger man roll himself into a standing position, holding the magazine out ahead of him, his gorgeous doe eyes wide open in absolute mortification.

“You’re the piercer right?” He demands of Changmin as he thrusts the magazine underneath his nose. “Do people actually get that piercing?”

Nicole chokes at the sight, but her boyfriend starts to laugh, nodding instantly.

“Of course.”

The blond man’s eyebrows go up as his mouth pops open, moist pink lips in a perfect moue of consternation as he stares at the taller man in disbelief. “Are you serious?”

Changmin nods amusedly as he watches the beauty take his magazine back, stare at it once again before grimacing and turning it face down onto the counter top.

“That must hurt.”

“The eventual pleasure outweighs the pain.”

“How do you know? Do you have that piercing?” The pregnant male asks immediately. “Did it hurt? Can I see?”

“Oh god, he’s as inappropriate as Jae.” Nicole mutters under her breath, but she isn’t quiet enough as she finds doe eyes focused on her.


“Nothing,” the blonde girl shakes her head instantly, smiling winningly at the now frowning, young and visibly pregnant male.

Jaejoong stares at her for a few more seconds, narrowing his eyes, before turning back towards the tall piercer. “Well?”

“I don’t, and even if I did, what makes you think I’d show you?”

“It’s not like we have different body parts,” the young male sniffs. “My doctor gets to see male parts all the time and I’m sure you do too considering your job and all so I don’t see why I can’t have a look. At least it’ll remind me what mine looks like since I haven’t seen it in months. Why can’t I see it?” He pouts mournfully, his doe eyes wide and shining with innocent inquiry.

“Oh dear god…” Nicole groans, placing her forehead on the counter. This man cannot be real. He doesn’t look much older than their Jae but there’s something in his eyes that makes her think he’s definitely seen far more of the world than their innocent little kumiho. But then again the way he talks…what the hell?

“Are you being serious?” Changmin is honestly trying not to gape. The beautiful man’s brow is knitted as he wrinkles his nose and pouts as he speaks.

“I know I have a lot of money but I don’t really like spending it willy-nilly you know?” Jaejoong’s voice is earnest as he looks back and forth between the piercer and the pretty Caucasian girl. Can’t they see the point he’s trying to make? “It’s like trying before buying. I can see what it looks like in 2D from the magazine but I’m not about to get a giant metal spike through my bits without actually seeing and touching it. I need to try it out to know what it feels like.”

“So you’d touch me to try it out?” The piercer can barely choke his question out. He can actually visualise his demise. Touching his hyung’s Jae is one thing. Touching Jung Yunho’s wife? Even if the younger man is the one doing the actual touching? He’d be dead before he can even open his mouth to defend himself. He is starting to think Nic is right. It really is just fucking ridiculous. Ludicrous. He won’t put it past their own Jaejoong to argue so innocently and earnestly about touching someone else’s cock just to try it out. What the actual fuck?

“Try what out?” Yunho asks as he appears out of nowhere. He turns to Nicole without waiting for an answer. “Can you run out and get some Perrier?”

“Gladly,” the blonde girl mumbles as she grabs her purse and hightails it out of there. There’s only so much weird she can take in one day, and she’s definitely gone over her quota for the year and it’s only May.

“He’d drink normal water from your water dispenser over there you know.” Jaejoong nods towards the water cooler, smiling slightly at the tattooed man. “Are you the tattooist?”

Yunho nods, sticking out a hand, and the pregnant male takes it. His handshake is surprisingly firm, and Yunho is only just able to hide his surprise when his hand is squeezed tightly instead of being relinquished after the initial handshake.

“I really don’t give a damn who your father is, sir, but if you fuck this up, I will make sure you regret it.”

Changmin blinks.

Yunho blinks.

Jaejoong smiles winningly, his face a complete contrast to the cold words that have just spilled forth from his lips.

Changmin gapes.

Yunho shakes his head, mouth tugging into a smile.

Jaejoong starts to pout as he finally pulls his hand away.

“You know his father?” Changmin finally finds his voice.

Jaejoong shrugs as he cups the underside of his belly as his daughter prods him. “Yes. Basically he and Yunho scratch each other’s backs and stay out of each other’s way. He doesn’t fuck with my husband and his son better not fuck with my husband.” The twenty year old may be smiling, but his eyes are dead serious. He can unleash hell from the depths of those bottomless doe eyes if he wants to. The tattoo was his idea, but he never actually thought Yunho would go through with it. The tattoo his husband is getting is far more elaborate than anything he’d even envisioned initially.

It had started off as a joke, Jaejoong pointing out that he got the SOUL tattoo on his back so he could find someone to get MATE on it so they come as a pair. His husband had taken the idea and absolutely gone to town with it. The final design is a secret, and not even he knows what the end product will look like.

Whatever it is though, this tattooist, whose father is some bigshot yakuza and who could pass off as Yunho’s brother, better not screw up whatever it is his husband had in mind. He’d spent an inordinate amount of time looking at ugly tattoos online and honestly, some of the idiots who claim to be tattooists really ought to get their own “art” carved into themselves to see how they like carrying around such hideous monstrosities.

Yakuza prince or not, his husband is not some child’s canvas for someone to play at being an artist. This man better live up to whatever recommendation that gave his name to Yunho.

Jaejoong’s threats are all bluster though.

He’d trusted the man the second he saw his face.

“He wasn’t exaggerating when he told me you’d lop off my damn finger with my own damn katana if I fucked this up, was he?”

The smile that splits the gorgeous, glowing young male’s face stuns the two tall men, and both actually take a step back.

“He actually told you that? I told him to tell you but I didn’t think he actually would.”

“I think he’d tell the devil to go to hell for you, kit—sweetheart.”

Jaejoong hums, eyes twinkling at the strange endearment, but he’s used to random people calling him all sorts of things, and he takes it all in stride. Sweetheart? Love? Baby? Darling? He’s heard them all. Luckily for him, Yunho is protective but he is not crazy possessive, and most people survive after calling Jaejoong an endearment in his presence.

His husband does draw the line at leering though.

He grins at the smirking man who resembles his husband, yet does not. His piercings are distracting, and to him, they detract from his features, but who is he to judge how this man wants to express himself?

“Is that all he said?”

Yunho laughs, shaking his head at the minx grinning at him Those familiar doe eyes and full pout. It takes a hell of a lot of concentration for him not to stare at the man’s mouth. The only reason why he’s even able to carry on this conversation is because he knew beforehand what Jung Yunho’s wife looked like. If he didn’t, he’d probably be gaping at the young man just like Changmin. His kitten is sweet and innocently beautiful. There is that promise of more in the teenager, and staring at this glowing blond, Yunho knows what his more will look like.

And he has no fucking idea whether to look forward to it or be terrified by it.

“I really thought he was kidding but I guess he wasn’t huh? He also said that you said that all the damn yakuza in the world are not going to save my hide from you if I fuck this up.”

“What are you going to do? Sit on him?”

Jaejoong freezes, whipping around to glare at the unfortunate piercer who really doesn’t know when to shut up. He stalks the man, walking forward, doe eyes flashing as he backs the much taller man up against the reception desk. His belly is pressed against the man’s abdomen, and he can feel his daughter starting to fret.

He stabs the wide-eyed man’s chest indignantly with his index finger. “Do you think you’re funny?”

Changmin shakes his head, eyes darting up to find his hyung trying his damnedest not to laugh at him. He feels another sharp jab against his chest and he winces, gazing back down at the pregnant (male) virago glaring up at him.

The young male is about to let out his harpy side when his daughter decides to get the first kick in, her foot planted squarely against the part of her little cocoon that is in contact with the piercer’s flat abdomen.

“Owwww,” Jaejoong steps back immediately, brow furrowed as he hunches over, his breath hitching slightly as his daughter decides to kick him again.

And again.

And again.

“I felt that,” Changmin’s awestruck voice washes over them.

“Good for you.” Jaejoong grits out, scowling at the man.

“Life is precious, remember? Life is precious.”

“I know life is bloody precious, but I also like my insides un-liquefied.” Jaejoong grumbles as he straightens up. She’s got a rather hard kick, this wee baby inside him.

“Are you alright?” Yunho asks as he steps forward to place a hand on the blond man’s shoulder.

Jaejoong smiles as he shakes his hand off. “I’m fine. She’s been very active lately.”

“A girl huh? Future football player?”

Jaejoong shrugs. “She can be whatever she wants to be.” He glances around the taller man and stares down the hallway to the closed doors in the back, his brow furrowing slightly as he catches sight of the clock hanging over one of the doors. “You’ve been out here awhile. How is he?”

Yunho’s countenance turns serious. “I don’t actually know. There’s silent, and then there’s your husband. I know he’s ok pain-wise because he doesn’t move at all, but I don’t know where his mind is. Most of my clients talk non-stop, but he is just silent. He hasn’t said anything apart from passing on your warning at the start. It’s a little disconcerting.”

Jaejoong frowns. “Can I talk to him?”

“Sure,” Yunho nods. “Straight down the hall and it’s the first door on the left.”

Both the tattooist and the piercer watch the beautiful blond man walk down the aisle and disappear into Yunho’s workroom.

“Doesn’t it bother you?”


“The resemblance.”

“Why do you think I called him kit—sweetheart? I almost called him kitten! His mouth is the worst. I keep leaning forward without realising I’m doing it.” Yunho shakes his head as the buzzer goes off and Nicole walks in armed with the drink requested and then some.

“See? I told you he looks like Jae.”

“No one denied the resemblance, Nic.” Changmin helps her with her purchases, eyebrow going up at the vast quantities of soju she’d purchased. “Planning on having a party?”

“I’m going to drink myself stupid tonight to forget that man.”


“Because for some fucked up reason, he scares the hell out of me, but I still want to fuck him into tomorrow.”

“Don’t let his wife hear you say that.”

“What’s he going to do? With a face like that and his runaway mouth? He’s about as fierce as your kitten.”

Changmin starts laughing as Yunho shakes his head.

“He threatened hyung, Nic. I really think you should keep your designs on his husband to yourself.”

“What? He threatened you? With what?”

“My own damn katana, wasn’t it, Min?”

The piercer nods, cracking open a can of Coke he’s managed to snatch from amongst the purchases.

“The sword or your cock?”

“Why the fuck would he be threatening me with my cock?”

Nicole shrugs as she turns to her boyfriend who is choking on his drink. “You didn’t tell him about the conversation?”

“What conversation?”

Nicole takes the magazine still lying on the counter top and flips it round, pointing at the photo of the apadravya piercing. “He was rather fascinated with that and wanted to try before he buys.”


“He wanted to touch the real thing before he even considers getting one. He wanted to try it out, hyung.”

“That is Jung Yunho’s wife! What kind of conversation have you been having with the man? He’s only twenty for fuck’s sake.”

“And your teenager is only seventeen. Age means nothing especially not when they both say the damnedest things with the most wide-eyed innocent expression you can imagine.” Nicole pulls out a bottle of soju. “Can I drink on the clock? I have a feeling I’m going to need it.”


Jung Yunho is staring at the wall, counting the cracks, going back and forth over and over again, counting the same cracks. He’s at 6,508 right now, and about to count the next crack when the door opens.

He doesn’t need to turn his head to know it is his wife and not the tattooist.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

“But I want to be here.”

“And the universe never disappoints you, huh?” The older man exhales softly, leaning into the palm that is cupping his cheek.

“It never does.” Jaejoong smiles, thumbing the scars on his husband’s face, stroking gently. “Did you ask for Perrier?”

“Is that why he left?”

“He sent the girl out to get some.” Jaejoong chuckles as he pulls away, looking around for a chair. He sees the tattooist’s stool and decides it looks comfortable enough and so he rolls it over to where his husband’s head is. He sits with a grunt, causing his husband to straighten up and stare worriedly at him.

“Are you ok?”

“She’s been kicking up a storm. I think she misses you. Here.” Jaejoong takes his husband’s hand and gently lays it across his belly where their baby girl is nudging every now and again. The second her father’s palm lands against her mama’s belly, the baby pushes.

“Fiesty, isn’t she?”

“And here I was hoping for a calm little angel like Jiyool,” Jaejoong pouts exaggeratedly, making his husband chuckle.

“Angel? Are you sure about that?”

“Angel in disguise?”

“That’s probably closer to the truth.” Yunho smiles as he rubs his wife’s belly, the nudging against his hand comforting him. He’s feeling a little out of himself, regressing a little as he sinks into nothing to block out whatever it is the tattooist is doing to his back.

He feels nothing.

That familiar emptiness creeping up on him scares and angers him enough that he’s ignoring it all.

All he’s done is stare at the cracks on the wall with the singular objective of blocking out everything.

And all his wife has to do is enter his presence, and Yunho comes back into himself instantly.

It’s taken a good long while for him to be able to get to this stage. The counselling sessions in Japan helped a great deal, so much so that this tattoo is basically the final part of his “healing” so to speak. He’d discussed the artwork with his therapist more than he has with Jaejoong, and his wife had understood, and not pressured him even once about it.

This is his closure.

But Jaejoong will always be his anchor, keeping him where he needs to be and not allowing him to drift away.

He feels his wife linking their fingers together over his swelling belly, their baby girl having stopped moving.

“See? She missed you. She’s calmed down now.”

“Does anything hurt?” Yunho asks as he brings their linked hands to his mouth, kissing the back of his wife’s hand before rubbing his cheek against the soft skin.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

“You know it doesn’t hurt.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, his eyes soft as he leans forward to prop his chin on the chin rest of the torture chair his husband is sitting on.

They are nose to nose.

And heart to heart, even without touching.

“You have to allow yourself to feel again, Yunho. You have to let it hurt.”

“I know…”

AN1: I seem to have a thing for Jaejoong’s baby kicking Changmin…

AN2: Bonus points if you recognise the number in this fic AND DON’T CHEAT :P I wanna know if you noticed without checking it out.

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