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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: I'll Protect You
Title: I'll Protect You
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: Non-AU, Angst
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED

Summary: The pain of losing something is unbearable, yet the mere thought of never having it to begin with is far far far worse.

AN1: I love airport photos...but sometimes it all just becomes too much.
AN2: 432 words… I think I need to go back to drabble school ;;


The pain as he watches him pack his things is unlike anything he has ever experienced.

He knows this is it, for his agency has made the two who decided to stay behind, sign agreements for non-contact.

No messages.

No phone calls.

And most certainly no physical contact.

Zero contact.

All for the sake of protecting them.

It was either this, or face the official dissolution of TVXQ.

As the leader, he cannot let that happen, for he knows the other three will not be able to survive out there in the cruel entertainment industry without the name of TVXQ backing them, and the fans who worship them.

It is not arrogance, but simple logic. He knows the agency will try and thwart their activities as much as possible, and if TVXQ is able to stay in the public eye, the light will shine on the other three as well.

But there is a price to pay for the agreement.

They cannot tell the other three of it.

The agency is seeking to drive a wedge between them, and he knows this as well as he knows the sun rises from the east.

He steels himself, fighting his own tears as he gathers the lead singer, who has given up trying to fold his clothes, instead sitting on their bed with crumpled shirt in his hands, hiding his face in it as his slim body is wracked with sobs.

“I wish we’d never met. I wish we’d never met,” the man repeats brokenly as he cries into a shirt that does not belong to him. “This hurts too much. I wish we’d never met.”

“I’d rather die a million times over than have lived a lifetime without knowing you.”

“Is that pain worth it? Is it really worth it?”

“You’re always worth it, Jaejoong. Don’t ever forget that. I will always protect you.”

“Even when you’re not with me?”

“Even more when I’m not with you.”

“How? I can’t do this without you, Yunho… I just can’t.”

Yunho hauls the trembling man onto his lap and hugs him tight, whispering in his ear as he rocks back and forth on their bed as if trying to soothe a child.

“I’ll protect you, Jaejoong. I’ll protect you, even if the price for protecting you, is you.”

There is no answer as the older man’s starts sobbing even harder.

Yunho never stops rocking, nor does he stop whispering the same words over and over again.

He can only hope his beautiful lead singer will understand, and one day, maybe he will forgive him.

AN: Don’t ask me why my drabbles are always angsty. I wish I knew myself.

Wow.. These feelings... It's too painful.. Aigoo..

Angst is alright ^^
Yep, it would have been more painful if they wouldn't have met. Unknowningly something missing...

Edited at 2013-09-11 10:31 am (UTC)

Idk why we subject ourselves to such pain
not knowing when the 5 of them will reunite again...
sigh.. everything hurts :'(

seriously crying T.T !!
this perfection , aish wanna hug them so much !!!
fucking love db5k even though it hurts !!

i wanna cry now. TT_______TT

Sob sob.... If Yunjae never met, then there is no tvxq, tohoshinki, cassiopeia and bigeast..

There is no best definition of tears, love, separation, appreciation, scarification and satisfaction to begin with..

I'm glad they met, even if we have to face what happen in reality today.. AKTF

This hits right home.. TT___________________TT

“I’ll protect you, Jaejoong. I’ll protect you, even if the price for protecting you, is you.”
^ this part broke my heart... I know it would be hard.. but like what Yunho said... Jaejoong is ALWAYS worth it... <3

Kinda makes you wonder if the last days actually went down like this. Lord knows there were enough rumors going round that one of the reasons SM broke up the group was because of YunJae. Really well written, made me stop and think this morning, and not many stories actually make me do that.

*sobbing* this is painful and beautiful~

First time reading a work of yours and it got me hooked already.
I want to read everything you ever wrote <3
This was beautiful.
realistic ..
I loved it.Thanks for writing Ma'am.

i still think, the one is more suffering from this is YH himself...

Edited at 2013-09-11 11:58 am (UTC)

i feel like this is a scenario IRL..like it's one of the reasons, no? :D

and there goes my heart breaking. T^T