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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Mirotic [2/2]
Title: SB/Tattooist crossover doubleshot: Mirotic
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Doubleshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: I almost couldn’t fit this in one post on LJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AN2: Unbetaed and this fic can stand alone but it’s more fun if you’ve read The Tattooist and Sleeping Beauty

“He’ll talk to you now.”

Nicole, Changmin and Yunho whirl around to find Jung Yunho’s wife smiling at them as he chews on his lush bottom lip.

That tell tale flush of arousal only adds to the glow about the blond man as he reaches out to grab a couple of bottles of Perrier, handing it to a bemused tattooist who cannot seem to take his eyes off the young man’s mouth.

And it isn’t just Yunho staring, but Changmin and his girlfriend as well.

Jung Jaejoong’s mouth is rosy and swollen, thoroughly kissed in the back room as he seeks to heal his husband. His lips are so dark they almost look rouged. Jaejoong knows how difficult it is for his husband to let go of that control he feels he has to hold onto. The control he is actually terrified to let go off, for fear of being hurt again. His strength of will and his ability to overcome even pain with his mind astounds the young man, and saddens him at the same time that it had become necessary for the man as a protection mechanism.

That determination though has a drawback, for it makes it impossible for anyone to get in. If it weren’t for Jaejoong, Yunho would be an island. Possibly his own planet actually. The change in the man from his countenance without his wife, to when he is within view of Jaejoong is absolutely astounding. It still boggles most of the Kim family’s mind to see how reticent the man is when left alone, and how alive he becomes when his wife is near. He interacts with the family alright, but everyone can feel the invisible barrier between himself and them.

Yunho is doing this for their unborn daughter. He wants to seek closure, to find it, before the new addition to their little family for deep down he worries that he might be closed off to the baby girl somehow without realising it. Jaejoong doesn’t agree, thinking it’s too soon for his husband to fight back all his demons in one fell swoop, but he will stand by him regardless. He knows deep down that Yunho will make room for their unborn daughter no matter what.

But Jaejoong will be there to chase all his nightmares away if they recur, and he is there to light up Yunho’s world for him when necessary.

Yunho exchanges meaningful glances with Changmin and Nicole, both of them nodding in acknowledgement.

No one makes Jung Yunho do anything.

No one but his wife.

“Are you going to be here for the next four hours?” Yunho asks as he takes the bottles of water.

Jaejoong shrugs. “It depends on Jiyool.”

“Your daughter?”

The magnate’s wife’s smile at his words is breathtaking, his eyes shining with happiness. He nods fervently as he hurries to Yunho’s side, gripping his arm as he beams up at the man.

“She’s a little brat, my Yoolie, but she’s such a beautiful little girl. She’s walking all over the place now, and she’s not as shy anymore. She can even climb out of her cot which makes me a little crazy because I always get a mini heart attack when I glance at the video monitor and the crib is empty, only to find her on the floor, just that tiny bit out of the camera’s range, reading one of her books.”

He doesn’t pause for breath, continuing on as if the tattooist has all the time in the world to listen to him.

“Not that she can really read of course but I’d like to think she can. She has a book with all the animals someone decided every child should know, and she’ll point at the animal and make the sounds. I don’t know how she knows the sounds since we only bought the book this week, but it definitely wasn’t me who taught her how to moo. She can even growl when she comes to the bear. Such a pretty little girl making the most disturbing sound ever. I think it must be her daddy who taught her.”

Yunho, Changmin and Nicole blink at the vision before them, his face lighting up even more with each passing second as if he wasn’t already angelic enough.

Jaejoong is oblivious though, as he has a captive audience listening to his every word as he vibrates excitedly on the balls of his feet, rocking back and forth in the comfortable shoes he’s wearing.

“Maybe I should teach her to read. I’m going to be home all summer anyway with her baby sister so I might as well do something useful. I read to her every day and her comprehension is amazing. Umma told me to ask her questions about what we’ve read together and Yoolie can always answer all my questions! My baby girl is a genius!”

Jaejoong beams, nodding at the other three who can do nothing but nod back, making his smile stretch even more.

“She can talk non-stop if she knows you and if she’s alone, she talks to anything including her dolls, but if she doesn’t know you she’ll just stare at you the way her daddy does. It’s a little disconcerting at first because she looks so serious just like him. But I can always make them smile.”

The beautiful pregnant wife of one of the most powerful men in South Korea has by now clasped not just the tattooist in his grasp but also the ornery blonde girlfriend of the piercer. While Yunho knows how he got there, Nicole is still in a bit of a daze.

“She’s coming here so you’ll get to meet her. I told Yunnie I wanted a baby girl just like her when I was three and he went and gave me the most perfect angel in disguise baby girl who looks like him.”

“Three? Angel in disguise?” Changmin manages to cut in quickly as Jaejoong takes a very rare pause for breath, before turning his full attention to the tall man who gulps under the powerful gaze of the very delighted pregnant male.

“I guess it isn’t common knowledge, but Yunho and I got married when I was three, and he was sixteen.”

“Holy fuck…” Nicole mumbles under her breath, absolutely unable to hinge her wayward mouth shut. This man is talking so fast, and he doesn’t even pause, though it is obvious that he hears her because he sends a disarming smile her way, making her blink and momentarily forget her name when he does so.

“I know right? We were totally meant to be. Umma says whatever I want, I get, and well, I wanted Yunho so he’s mine, even though it took a few years to make it official,” Jaejoong wiggles again. “I wanted a wedding night baby too, and look!”

He nudges his belly against Nicole who squeaks. The other two men nod though, mouth agog. Changmin takes a step closer, a little jealous for some inexplicable reason as Jaejoong nudges his belly against Yunho too. The blond man seems to sense it, and he grins at the tall man, waving his hand that is clasped with the girl’s, gesturing for the piercer to step forward.

And step forward Changmin does, finally breaking into a grin as he too gets nudged. The odd happiness at not being left out by the strange young man feels weird, but the warmth this ray of sunshine seems to bring to all around him is astounding to say the least. He wonders if it’s because the young man is pregnant, and for a split second, wonders if he’d be a ball of sunshine if pregnant.

Though if he is ever asked, even under pain of death, he will absolutely deny, deny, deny.

Jaejoong sucks in a deep breath, and then launches back from where they left off. “And my Yoolie is totally an angel in disguise. She can be a bit of a brat. If she doesn’t want to do something, you can probably hear her protests from the next block over. I’ve tried ignoring her, but then she starts yelling for me and then the whole neighbourhood knows what an awful mama I am.” Jaejoong pouts, turning towards the bemused tattooist. “Yunho says I shouldn’t give in to her. I don’t know how he does it, but they can speak without saying anything. He just has to give her that look and all her protests die instantly. Why can’t I have that look? I tried that look yesterday and do you know what happened?”

Jaejoong pauses, looking expectantly around him. All three stare back at him.

The silence drags on, before Jaejoong huffs exasperatedly. “You’re supposed to ask me, what happened?” he coaches.

“What happened?” All three parrot instantly, making Jung Yunho in the back room chuckle to himself. He can hear the whole conversation for his wife had left the door wide open. If he could see the faces of the three, he might be unable to remain reticent even in front of others. Jaejoong is like a whirlwind on the calmest of days.

“She laughed at me.” Jaejoong’s tone is the very definition of sulky. “She actually stared at me, and then burst out laughing and told me Mama, funny face.” Jaejoong pouts, letting go of both the tattooist and the blonde girl, waving his hands around and gesticulating at his face. “Imagine that? Funny face? Me? I’ve been called lots of things but funny face has never been one of them.”

His pout now is truly epic indeed, and Yunho actually reaches up a hand to thumb at his mouth, only to freeze in the middle of the act, his thumb pressing squarely in the middle of the surprised young man’s mouth, large hand caressing his jaw.

“What are you doing?” Jaejoong asks, eyebrow arched high. His question comes out totally garbled though thanks to the thumb pressing on his mouth.

“Is your husband yakuza?” Changmin asks, staring in horrified fascination at his frozen hyung and the bewildered pregnant male.

Jaejoong shakes his head, as Nicole starts to laugh.

“Oppa, you’re not going to lose your thumb after all.”

Instead of jerking backwards to free himself, Jaejoong reaches up to take the hand gently away from his face because the man looks too stunned to do it himself. He knows his face makes people speechless sometimes, and he thought this man is one of the few immune ones since they’ve been conversing so nicely.

Apparently not.

Not one to dwell too much on things like this though, Jaejoong shrugs and smiles comfortingly, reaching up to pat the man tattooing his husband on the cheek. “It’s ok. Even if Yunho was yakuza I won’t let him cut off any of your bits for touching me. You’re not the first to want to touch my face. It’s mostly women who do it though, pinching my cheeks, cupping my jaw, and cooing at me, but I guess a thumb to the mouth is almost the same thing. You’re lucky I didn’t decide to bite you. I’m eating practically anything these days. It’s no wonder I’m so big. I woke up this morning gnawing on my daughter’s arm! Her arm!”

Jaejoong’s voice conveys his irritation as he shakes his head, mouth pursed in a vexatious moue.

The three people surrounding him can honestly do nothing but gape. None of them have any idea how to stop the runaway train going at three hundred miles an hour and he doesn’t look like he’s pausing anytime soon.

And they were right.

Jaejoong steams right on. “And the little brat thought the whole thing was some funny joke and kept telling her daddy that I’m trying to eat her. I didn’t know toddlers could joke! I know she’s smart but does it have to be at my expense?” he wails forlornly, staring expectantly at his audience. All three have learned by now, nodding enthusiastically, making sympathetic sounds, making the pregnant man smile happily as he continues. “Listening to her you’d think I was some terrible cannibal!” Jaejoong blinks. “Hey, that rhymes! Terrible cannibal! Oh god, please don’t say that to Yoolie, she’s going to be going terrible cannibal all night.”

“Jaejoong, we’re going to be here all night if you don’t let the tattooist do his job, love,” a voice interrupts from the back room.

The gorgeous man, mouth already open and about to launch into something else, turns his head towards the open door in the back.

His audience watches carefully as his brow furrows, and he lets go of whomever he is hanging on to, waddling off towards the room without a backward glance.

At the slam of the door, Yunho groans loudly as Changmin starts to chuckle. Nicole though, is still a little stunned.

“What the actual fuck was that?”

“They’re going for round two?” Yunho deliberately misunderstands as he pinches the bridge of his nose. Lord, he thought his kitten was a handful but that was just…what was that?

“You know, I’d believe that.” Changmin nods as he leans against the reception counter. That blond man has just about done his head in. He can’t even remember how the conversation started, let alone ended with terrible cannibal.

Terrible cannibal is going to be fucking stuck in my head for the rest of the fucking weekend.” Nicole growls, voicing her boyfriend’s unspoken thought, as she shakes her head as if trying to shake the words from her mind.

“How did we even get here?”

“Fucked if I know,” Changmin replies to his hyung’s question as he cracks open a bottle of beer.

It says a lot about the state Yunho is in when he doesn’t even reprimand the man for drinking on the job, simply watching the piercer and his girlfriend sharing the bottle. He declines a sip when offered, though lord knows he really feels like a stiff drink.

All the pouting and the beautiful guileless eyes shining with happiness has done a number on his head.

His kitten doesn’t look like him.

Not really.

Ok, maybe a little.

Or a lot.

The entrance to Mirotic bursts open just then, the buzzer going off, as a bundle of extremely distraught kitten practically tumbles in, tossing his bag onto the couch, not even greeting anyone before he slams straight into his boyfriend’s arms.

“Well, fuck.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Changmin nods as he takes a long sip, not taking his eyes off the sulking teenager as he tries to burrow into Yunho’s throat.

“Today sucks.”

Yunho doesn’t reply, bending his head to taste from a mouth that has been distracting him for too long. They’re similar enough in his mind for him to chase away any residual guilt he feels.

He is a man, not a robot.

And his visual processing skills are working a little too well, processing the sight of those similar pouty lips as belonging to his Jae. His hand working before his concentration catches up is most certainly testament to that.

When they finally break for air, the two adults watching are extremely amused to note that the other Jaejoong still hasn’t emerged from the back room.

And Changmin being Changmin, has to point it out.

“I think they got you beat, hyung. Three and sixteen trumps seventeen and twenty-nine, not to mention they’re still in there.”

“Who?” The teenager asks, sighing happily, all his woes forgotten in those wonderful minutes. He leans against his boyfriend almost fully, letting the taller and broader man hold his weight, as if unloading all his troubles in that instant. And if he’s being honest, he really does feel like he’s had a load taken off his mind. They’ve only been together a week and well, it’s definitely the best week of his life.

School is incredibly trying at the moment though with the exams looming and all the crazy cram sessions he has. It’s a Saturday and he’s already spent six hours in school, with a lot more studying awaiting him at home. However, he will take whatever comfort he can get and right now, his comfort is kissing his brow.

“I don’t even know how to answer your question, kid.” Nicole admits.

Before the teen can reply to her strange statement though, they all hear the laughter spilling out of the back room as the door opens.

All eyes land on the teenager as Yunho shifts imperceptibly so he’ll have a view of the vision coming back down the hallway.

Jaejoong tugs at Yunho’s shirt when he feels the man seemingly pulling away, mewling unhappily.

“Tell my wretch of a husband if he doesn’t behave, I’ll get him pierced,” the newcomer states with a resolute nod. His eyes are sparkling with humour though.

“Where?” Changmin asks immediately, straightening.

The pregnant male narrows his eyes, staring at the overzealous piercer as he wags his finger at him. “I’m not buying before I’m trying, remember? Do you really like looking at cocks this much?”

“He doesn’t like looking at penises. He prefers vaginas.”

Jaejoong turns blinking at the school boy in uniform, taking in the messy black hair, gorgeous pout, shining eyes and clear skin. Before he can say anything in reply to that rather bold statement and clinical terminology, the teenager suddenly squeals.

“Oh my god, you’re pregnant!”

Yunho is pushed aside rather unceremoniously as a hurricane in the shape of a teenaged kitten descends upon the startled pregnant male.

Jaejoong feels a warm hand on his belly, rubbing gently, and he almost melts under the tender touch. Most people push too hard, or too lightly, and all it does is irritate him, even his sisters. But this hand is like Yunho’s, knowing just how much pressure to exert without seeming as if he’s invading his personal space.

His baby girl kicks just then, as if saying hi to the newcomer, and Jaejoong moves the boy’s hand instantly to the right place, smiling as he does so. “She just kicked.”

Jae’s mouth is a perfect moue of utter wonder. None of his sisters have children yet, and he’s never ever been invited to touch someone’s pregnant belly like this so welcomingly. He’d reacted without thinking of course, loving the sheer miracle of life, forgetting where he is for an instant. In a country like South Korea, random hands from a stranger over body parts, no matter how adorable said stranger is, is usually met by varying reactions from queer looks to utterly disturbed squeals.

But this very pregnant male, a species that reacts even more alarmingly than their female counterpart, is humming contentedly as he guides his hand to chase the ripples across his belly as the baby moves. The smile on his face is practically luminous, and coupled with the blond hair, he reminds the teenager of a light bulb.

“You’re like a light,” Jae marvels, forgetting their audience as he coos delightedly at each nudge against his palm. The hand over his is warm, and their fingers interlace as he smiles shyly at the stranger. The blond man is beautiful. He is feeling a little self-conscious though because of that. He’s never seen anyone who actually glows, and for want of a better word, this pregnant male is actually glowing. Of course he is sure he’s being fanciful but he doesn’t care, because glowing angel is the perfect description for him. “When are you due?”

“Less than a month to go” Jaejoong hums as he answers, smiling back into familiar eyes. His initial reaction to the boy’s face had been surprise, but then it slowly morphs into complete acceptance. It seems right that he’s not the only one in the world with a face like his, and even though the teenager in his disheveled school uniform is looking just a tad worst for wear, it’s almost like looking into a mirror when he was sixteen.

Almost, for Jaejoong was already blond back then.

“Everyone always calls me a light. I think it’s the hair.”

The teenager shakes his head, mouth parted in wonder as the pregnant male smiles again, intensifying the light around him.

“Are you an angel?”

The adults smile fondly at their awestruck kitten, as the gorgeous blond chuckles, shaking his head and fixing the teenager’s messy hair.

“Have you been talking to my husband? He calls me angel sometimes, but I’m sure he’s just trying to remind himself that I used to be angelic, and now I’m like our baby girl and merely an angel in disguise.”

“I heard that, Jaejoong,” an amused voice calls out from the back room. “Stop being a brat.”

The man in question cocks his head, wrinkling his nose and sticking out his tongue in the direction of the open door, looking much younger and exceedingly cute. “Stop eavesdropping, you wretch! I’m still trying to find places for you to be pierced.”

“You do that,” the man’s voice is still exceedingly amused, a complete contrast to the empty coldness from when he first arrived which has Nicole marveling at the change.

The blond mutters under his breath as he steers the teenager with him towards the couch. His feet are starting to hurt and while he is enjoying the audience, his daughter’s kicking is taking quite a bit out of him.

The two stunning young men have their heads together, their voices dropping as they move as one towards the couch. The teenager is just a smidgen shorter than the pregnant male, and the three adults watch as their arms cross low along each other’s backs as they walk slowly together.

“Who would’ve thought?”

“I wasn’t surprised actually.”

“Do you get along as well with his husband?”

“I do, but he’s been very quiet today.”

“Not anymore. The wife has spoken.” Nicole nods towards the couch where both Jae and his older doppelganger are presumably still cooing at each other.

“Do you believe me now about him threatening hyung?”

Nicole narrows her eyes as twin laughs roll back towards them. She can see Jae rubbing the pregnant man’s lower back as they converse. Rather strange how they take to each other almost instantly, but then again, she has to admit Yunho is right. It isn’t surprising considering she already pegged the wife as being overly open to one and all.

“Don’t you have a VIP to tattoo?”

“It doesn’t get more VIP than this,” Yunho nods as he turns to head back, though he stops when Changmin questions him curiously.

“Even more VIP than your father?”

“Jung is far wealthier, but in terms of power and influence, I’d say they’re almost equal. One is about a hair’s breadth ahead.”



Changmin and Nicole stare wide-eyed at each other, as Yunho’s door shuts.

“Alright, note to self, do not piss off his wife. Forget I ever mentioned anything about riding or fucking anyone.” Nicole hisses under her breath, staring at the chuckling blond man with new eyes. In all honesty though, she already likes the man a great deal especially with the way he treats their Jae.

Changmin nods mutely as they both gaze towards the couch where Jung Jaejoong has finally decided to take a seat, letting out a long, loud, groan as he sits.

“I feel like a beached whale,” he complains loudly, voice carrying as he pats the seat next to him for the teenager to sit.

“A beautiful beached whale,” Jae agrees as he sits down, moving to snuggle against the man, but he is thwarted as the older man leans back, a tiny frown marring his brow as he stares at the teenager.

“Did you just call me a whale?”

“A beautiful one!”

“A whale?” His voice is pitchy with his disbelief.

“A very beautiful and glowing one?” Jae’s voice is a little hesitant now as the blond’s man’s eyebrows practically meet his hairline. Ok, so he speaks without thinking, and now that his brain has caught up, he realises how awful it sounds to be calling a pregnant person a whale, even if said pregnant person said it first.

“You really called me a whale…” his voice carries his mild indignance, and Changmin and Nicole both watch in trepidation. Jung Yunho’s wife is a very unpredictable entity as far as they’re concerned. One second he is all smiles, and the next he is snarling out a cold threat, and then he’s back to smiling. Far and above that, this is also the wife of a man who practically had the entire Han River dug up looking for him, and who, by the admission of their boss, is more powerful than his yakuza-don father. Absolutely nothing is more precious than this glowing pregnant male in their waiting room, and their kitten has managed to somehow…offend him?

“But whales are beautiful!” The teenager tries to insist, because he does find the creatures beautiful. A crimson flush is slowly chasing up his neck, as embarrassment slowly crawls over him.

“Yes, they are, aren’t they?” Jaejoong breaks into a grin, hugging the teenager affectionately, resisting the urge to kiss the poor kid who looks mildly traumatised. He is relieved to see the bright answering smile from the teenager.

Unbeknownst to the two beauties on the couch, the piercer and his girlfriend have started breathing again, just as someone’s cellphone goes off.

Jaejoong answers it quickly, recognising Chaerin’s ringtone.

“Chaerin-ah, where are you?”

“At the park. We’ll be another half hour or so is that ok? It’s such a nice spring day and I thought she’d like a bit of a run so she won’t be so hyper when you get her.”

“You just want to play on the swings, don’t you?” Jaejoong teases as his niece chuckles and admits as much. “Did you change her clothes? She wasn’t dressed for being outdoors today.”

“I changed her at the creche. You still have spare clothes there.”

“The red pullover with the bear?”

“Yes, and the grey woollen leggings as it’s a bit chilly. I didn’t change her out of her gingham dress though.”

“Perfect. Alright, I’ll see you in a bit. You know how to get here right?”

“I got my belly button pierced there, oppa.”

“Really?” Jaejoong cocks an eyebrow. “And how was it?”

“He was drool worthy.”

Jaejoong starts laughing, increasing his volume a tad as he grins at the piercer and the blonde girl who are both staring at him. “I didn’t say how was he, I asked how was your piercing experience.”

“I honestly can’t remember,” Chaerin admits as she watches Jiyool talking to a bloom in the park. The little girl loves to chat now that she knows how to talk, and she is a bit like her mama and will talk non-stop if given a chance. Unlike her mama though, she is a bit more selective with whom she speaks. She prefers inanimate objects, and even as Chaerin watches, she can see a three way conversation going on between the flower, Jiyool and the bear she is carrying.

A side-effect of being an only child perhaps. The little girl has a creative mind that’s for sure.

“He poked a hole in your belly and you don’t remember?”

“I was too busy drooling. He is a damn good distraction.”

“I don’t know if that’s going to work with Yunho…”

“He wants to get a piercing? I thought he was there for a tattoo?”

“Yes…nevermind. Let me think about it. Kiss my baby girl for me, and I’ll see you soon.”

“Oh, wait. Have you met the kid who is always there?”


“He looks like you, but not quite. I came to the shop three times, and he was there every single time doing his homework on the couch. I think he’s related to the tattooist but I can’t be sure. He never says anything.”

“Yeah, he’s here. He called me a whale.”

Jae, who’d been half listening to the one-sided conversation squeaks in protest, shaking his head as his alarmed doe eyes takes on their amused counterpart in the other man.

“And he survived?” Chaerin asks in surprise.

“I can’t get angry at this face.” Jaejoong laughs as he pats the teen comfortingly on the cheek, making the boy pout when he realises he’s being teased.

“Yah! You’re a narcissist.”

“My face is about the only thing that has remained the same anyway so excuse me if I enjoy looking at it. Anyway, I’ll see you in a bit. Don’t let her eat the plants! She’s started eating flowers for some reason.”

“Good grief! Now you tell me?!” Chaerin exclaims, hanging up quickly just as she catches sight of her charge sticking the flower she was talking to earlier into her mouth.

Jaejoong hangs up with a laugh, shaking his head.

“My baby,” he says by way of explanation.

“I have a baby too!” Jae offers, determined to steer any future subject as far away from whales as possible.

“I’ll go get him.” Nicole offers, wanting to get out of the office again. She is already sure she is not going to be prepared for any conversation those two are going to have, and for the sake of her sanity, she’s going to leave. Max will survive.

Speaking of whom, he sends her a dirty look as she grabs her purse and keys.


“Better you than me, oppa,” she replies blithely, before dashing out of the shop.

“What was that about?”

The teenager shrugs. “Noona is a bit strange sometimes. How old are you? I think she’s noona to you too.”

“I’m 20.”

“And you have two babies already?” Jae’s mouth drops open as he stares at the man’s swelling belly. He reaches out a hand to rub it again, showing his happiness when the older man sighs contentedly, and they snuggle.

“My umma had three babies when she was my age so I’m actually behind.”

“It’s a competition?”

“I sure hope not,” Jaejoong admits. “I don’t know if I can handle four kids under the age of five the way she did. I think you’d need to be a saint or something.”

“You’re an angel. You can do anything.” Jae nods encouragingly as he continues to rub. The level of comfortableness he is experiencing with this stranger is beyond odd, but he is loathe to question it because he will take whatever he can get. The unreserved affection coming from the older man is unlike anything he has ever experienced before. It’s as if the man doesn’t care that they’ve only just met, treating him with a level of affection most people normally reserve for family members. By his own reckoning, this blond beauty is definitely an angel.

“And you’re adorable, though Chaerin will probably call me a narcissist for saying so since you kinda look like me.”

Jae shakes his head instantly. “No, no, no. You’re perfect. I’m just a kid.”

“So? Just because you’re a kid doesn’t mean anything. Don’t use it as an excuse, ok? And don’t let people dismiss you and your opinions just because you’re just a kid. You can be whatever you want to be.”

“I want to be a doctor.”

“Perfect. See? You’re better than me already. I’m still not a hundred percent sure what I want to be. I was in pre-law, and then I switched to psychology, and now I’m just thankful summer is almost here because the statistics module almost killed me.”

“You hate math?”

“I love math. I just hate stats.”

“Do you even have to study?” Changmin interrupts, walking over and sitting opposite the two young males. “I mean, your husband is one of the richest men in Asia.”

Jae gawps at the new piece of information, as the blond shrugs daintily.

“An idle mind and idle hands only lead to trouble. And besides, I enjoy university. I just hate stats.”

“Who doesn’t?” Changmin shudders, commiserating.

“Did you need stats to be a piercer?”

“Not at all,” Changmin laughs. “Speaking of which, are you actually going to get a piercing for your husband?”

Jaejoong nudges the teenager next to him. “See that magazine on the counter? Can you grab it for me?”

Jae hops up to comply quickly, staring at the page it is open at, head cocked slightly as he sits back down.

“Should you be looking at that?” Jaejoong clicks his tongue as he takes the magazine and drops it face down in his lap. He misses the quiet groan from the piercer though as the teenager wrinkles his nose.

“Why not? I see it every day.”

“Huh? You have that piercing?” Jaejoong’s eyes are almost bugging out of his head as he turns quickly towards the piercer, eyes flashing. “You pierced him? He’s still a child!”

“I thought you said I can be whatever I wanted to be?”

Jaejoong flaps his hand, truly agitated as he sneaks a look at the piercing and then looks up again at the piercer, horrified. “How old is he? I’m sure there’s a law against this!”

“I’m seventeen, and my sister gave permission!”

“Good grief…”

“But the piercing isn’t mine!”

“Huh?” Jaejoong looks back and forth between the earnest teenager and the piercer whose expression is truly pained. “What do you mean?”

“It’s my boyfriend’s.”

Jaejoong glowers at the poor piercer who honestly looks like he wants to be anywhere but there. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? How old are you? 25? 26? I don’t know if you know this, but this boy,” he claps a hand on the teenager’s upper thigh, “…is not legal.”

“Changmin hyung isn’t my boyfriend!”

“The man tattooing your husband is,” Changmin cuts in quickly, hoping that will knock the blond man off course. He looks ready to blow full steam ahead, and he really doesn’t know if he can survive an angry tirade.

And Changmin is nothing if not smart, as the wind is visibly blow out of Jaejoong’s sails, as the implications of his words hits him quickly.

“Oh dear god…” the gorgeous man turns a flaming red as he turns towards the confused teenager. “He…he has that piercing?”

Jae nods. When in doubt, smile. And so he smiles through his confusion. “Yes. He’s got a metal rod right through his cock.”

“I guess you can’t get clearer than that. Thanks for the visual.” Jaejoong mutters ruefully as he fans his face. He is feeling ridiculously overheated all of a sudden, as if the hot flashes during the middle part of his pregnancy are coming back.

“Still want to try before you buy?” Changmin cannot help asking, finally feeling safe enough to chuckle as the gorgeous pregnant man shoots him such a dirty look that he actually bursts out laughing. There is dirty, and then there’s dirty, and Jung Jaejoong’s look was filthy as hell.

“Try what?”

“He was looking at that piercing earlier and thought I had it and asked if he could see it because he needed a 3D view of it.”



“4D. I wanted to touch it too.”

“You wanted to touch my boyfriend’s cock?”

“Not anymore, I don’t!” Jaejoong shakes his head quickly, breathing through his nose to keep the heavy breathing at a minimum. Hopefully no one will notice the sudden change in his breathing pattern.

“Why? It’s a beautiful cock.”

“You would actually let me touch his cock?” Jaejoong asks incredulously, thinking and wondering if he’d be ok with anyone touching Yunho’s cock.

The answer is a no!

“Uh…I guess I can describe it to you?” Jae replies hesitantly. What is it with him today? His filter clearly needs cleaning.

“Let me guess.” Jaejoong straightens up. “This long, and this thick?” He uses his hands to describe it, shooting yet another dirty look at Changmin who is trying not to laugh.

“How did you know?”

“My ass sympathises with you.”

“Your ass?” Jae asks, before pausing. Both men can see the light bulb go off in his head as he breathes out, “Oh!”

“Yes, oh!” Jaejoong mimics him perfectly as he shifts on the couch. He is horny, and Yunho is otherwise occupied which really sucks for him. “Or really, it’s more like ohhhhhhhhhhh,” he moans, groaning immediately after as the pressure in his pants increase. This is ridiculous. Yes, they were told they could probably fuck right up to the delivery room, but does his body really need to make sure that happens? There is no such thing as “the horny trimester” when it comes to Jaejoong. It’s more like “the horny entire pregnancy”.

And now with this added visual?

Thanks a whole damn lot!

“Did it hurt for you the first time?”

“I felt like someone was shoving a flaming poker up my ass.”

Jae’s mouth drops open as he nods. “Right? Right? I told him we wouldn’t fit and he just went ahead anyway!”

“Your boyfriend shouldn’t even be with you, love, but I’d be a fucking hypocrite if I said anything since I got married at three.”

“Three? Three? Like, three, the number three?” Jae holds out three fingers, eyes impossibly wide, so much so he is probably practically all eyes.

“We didn’t actually consummate the marriage till I was nineteen though…” Jaejoong trails off, hiding a smile at the boy’s face. “How old is your boyfriend?”


“Old enough to know better. Why didn’t he stop when you said stop?”

“I didn’t say stop. At least, I don’t think I did. I just told him we wouldn’t fit.”

“But you did fit.”

“Yes,” Jae admits, dropping his voice and his chin as he nuzzles against the older man’s shoulder, fingers tracing a pattern on his clothed belly, the baby within it quiet now. “That piercing makes me crazy.”

Jaejoong is clearly a masochist, because at the teenager’s words, he picks up the magazine to stare at the piercing again.

Jae stares right along with him, reaching out to trace the 2D cock. “He’s much bigger.”

Jaejoong nods as he too reaches out to touch the 2D piercing. “This bit would probably make me scream.”

“Good screams,” Jae nods.

“Always good,” Jaejoong concurs.

Changmin has no idea what to do. The last thing he wants to do is listen to these two talking about their respective Yunho cocks, but if he moves, it’ll draw attention to him and that might possibly be worse. The way the two of them are staring at the photo tells him they’re not actually seeing the cock in the magazine.

They’re reliving memories.

He groans, hoping the conversation about cocks and piercings are at an end, but clearly the universe doesn’t listen to Max Changmin.

“How long will this take to heal?” Jaejoong asks, eyes still on the photo, not even bothering to look up as he addresses the piercer.

“Two to five months, though you can probably have sex with a condom after four weeks. Hyung healed completely in about seven weeks, but his was the fastest I’ve ever seen.”

Jaejoong frowns instantly as he looks up. “Wait, what? So four weeks with no sex at all?”


“Ok, no can do. I’ll just get you to pierce his ears or something,” Jaejoong shakes his head resolutely. He can barely fathom one week without Yunho. Forget four weeks or more!

“It’s really good though,” Jae whispers.

“Really good?” Jaejoong whispers back.

“Really, really good.”


“I want to—”

“Tell me about it,” Jaejoong cuts the teenager off, not sure if he has enough self control not to run into the back room if the boy decides to get a little more graphic.

“Sometimes he purposefully stays in place, his piercing just stabbing at that part in me, you know? And I feel like dying because it’s so intensely good. I want him to move, but I also don’t, and then I just—“

“Oh god, stop talking. You’re making me want to run to the back.”

“You can run?”

“It’s an expression,” Jaejoong growls at Changmin. Honestly, the man has no idea when to quit.

“Why stop talking? You told me to tell you about it.”

“I did, didn’t I?” Jaejoong groans. “I’m sorry, I take it back.”

“You know…” the teenager muses, “I think I wouldn’t mind you looking at his piercing. As long as I’m there of course.”

“Of course,” Jaejoong shakes his head trying to clear the exceedingly wrong image in his head. “But I think I’ll pass all the same.” He fervently hopes for a distraction as the teenager looks like he’s about to argue with him.

Whatever Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets, as the door to Mirotic opens just then, and two pretty girls walk in.


Jaejoong startles as if he’s been hit by lightning, tossing the magazine he is holding over his shoulder without hesitation.


“My name is Jiyool,” the little brat corrects, pulling her hand free from Chaerin as she runs headlong into her mama’s belly. She bounces off it with a loud exclamation, giggling away as she pats her mama’s rounded belly, yelling out a greeting to her sister inside.

“Yah, she’s not deaf and neither am I,” Jaejoong shakes his head fondly at the gorgeous little girl.

“But she’s inside. I’ll be quiet when she’s outside.” Jiyool looks up to stare at the boy sitting next to her mama, and she frowns slightly. He’s in her spot! She slips a hand in between the two and starts to wiggle, huffing loudly as she does so. “My mama! My mama!”

“Don’t be rude, sweetheart. Say excuse me.”

“Excuse me! My mama!” Jiyool starts patting and prodding the boy’s leg, trying to get him to move away. He complies, but a little too slowly for her liking. “Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!” Her pout is starting to form as she flaps her arms agitatedly, trying to shoo the older boy away to make a Jiyool-size gap for her.

The teenager is a little too dumbfounded by the baby’s face to be able to react appropriately. She could be his own boyfriend’s daughter! The eyes, the mouth, even the huffy little pout.

There is finally enough room for the angel-in-disguise as she clambers up the couch quickly, standing on it, and leaning into her mama, kissing the man soundly on the cheek. She wraps her arms around his neck, before she finally stops all her drama to look around the room. She wants to sit in his lap, but she knows there’s no room for her. He promised there will be once her sister is out, and she cannot wait!

“Jiyool-ah. Unnie is going, ok? I’ll see you at lunch tomorrow.”

“Bye bye, unnie!”

“Do you have to go so soon?” Jaejoong asks his niece as he waggles his eyebrows pointedly in Changmin’s direction, something the bemused piercer doesn’t miss.

“Oppa!” Chaerin flushes, as she keeps her eyes on the man. “Now I’m definitely not staying!”

“Yah, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t do anything.”

“We’re not all like you, proposing at three. Maybe karma will come get you and one of your kids will be like that.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he turns to stare at his daughter, now sucking on her two fingers as she looks around the room. Her little hand is clasped around the curve of his neck, her fingers stroking idly at him as she continues her perusal of the unfamiliar room. Her eyes finally land on the boy’s face, and she pulls out her fingers in surprise, reaching out to pat his cheek with her saliva coated hand.

“Mama face.”

Instead of cringing away from her sticky fingers, the teenager smiles at the toddler, who uncharacteristically beams back at the stranger she’s only just met. She pats his face even more, nodding. “Pretty face.”

“I thought daughters usually married their daddies not their mama?” Chaerin teases as she opens the door to leave. “Good luck, oppa!”

Jaejoong grunts, resisting the urge to flip the bird at his laughing niece as the door shuts on her. He turns to his daughter. “Don’t get any ideas, Jiyool.” Jaejoong warns, staring at the back of the toddler’s head. She has now completely lost interest in him, staring and patting the teenager next to him instead, all while cooing about his pretty face.

The door buzzer goes off again, and Jaejoong sighs exasperatedly, commenting without looking up. “Now what?”

“My baby is here!” Jae exclaims, as Nicole and his kitten walk in. He cannot get up to greet them because the baby has a fistful of his hair, but she is no longer interested in him anyway as she stares at the little bundle of fluff, her almond eyes widening.

Jae’s grunt of pain is loud as the toddler steps on him, not caring at all where her leather clad foot lands as she clambers over him, mouth chattering excitedly about god knows what for she’s speaking too fast, and mumbling half the words for anyone to catch what she’s saying, her eyes fixed on the blue eyed baby boy.

Jaejoong keeps an eye on his daughter, other hand rubbing the teenager comfortingly, apologising with his touch for his daughter’s behaviour.

Changmin and Jae stare at each other, both equally wide-eyed and unable to say anything as Jung Jaejoong rubs the teenager’s crotch absentmindedly.

“I think you should stop rubbing him. Our kitten looks like he’s about to have kittens.”

“Kittens?” Jaejoong blinks in confusion at the amused blonde.

She nods towards his hand and he looks down. Instead of pulling back like everyone expects him too, he merely shrugs, giving the teenager’s crotch another apologetic pat before he moves his hand away. “Rubbing helps. Jiyool sleeps with us in bed sometimes and I’ve gotten kicked there enough times to know how it feels. I’m sorry she stepped on you.”


Everyone is distracted though, as loud, decidedly human mewing suddenly starts up.

“Oh my…” Nicole exclaims quietly as she steps back, away from the kitten and the pretend kitten on the floor.

Jiyool is on her hands and knees, crouched low to the ground, almost nose to nose with the kitten who is staring at her in confusion. She’s making rather convincing mewing sounds considering her age, meowing at the kitten who starts to meow back at her. Everyone watches as she strokes the wee kitten’s head, cooing and mewing at the same time, the delighted sounds making even the hardest of hearts smile.

Jae, not wanting to be left out since it is his baby, drops from the crouch, crawling towards the duo as well.

Like Jiyool, he drops on all fours, chin low as he too starts to mewl.

The adults all stare at the rather comical sight. Jiyool’s butt is wiggling happily, and if she had a tail, it’ll be wagging that’s for sure. The teenager isn’t any different, managing to keep his body very low, grinning at the toddler who smiles back, as they both meow at each other and the rather perplexed kitten.

But kittens are kittens, and this one is playful as heck. It head butts Jiyool, making the toddler giggle loudly as she sits up, grabbing the kitten and holding it to her chest, cooing loudly at it.

Jae sits up too, opening his legs to wrap around the toddler and her little furry bundle as he rubs her back gently while she beams up at him, holding his kitten tightly.

She offers it up to him, making mewing sounds.

“My pussy,” Jae nods.

“Oh god, I thought he was done with that.” Nicole groans quietly as she walks past the trio to sit in her boyfriend’s lap.

“What’s wrong?” Jaejoong asks curiously. “That is a pussy cat.”

“Pussy!” Jiyool echoes her mama, before she continues mewing again.

“Blame my husband,” Jaejoong shakes his head fondly at his daughter and the cherubic teenager with her. “I think he must have taught her the animal sounds without actually naming the animals.”

You’d think Mirotic was a cattery, the way mewing sounds are bouncing off the walls.

“What is your name?” Jae decides to try communicating in non-cat language.


“How old are you?”

She pauses, nuzzling the kitten, eyes staring up at the beautiful boy before she holds up two fingers, suddenly shy.

“Practically a lady,” he grins, making the little girl wiggle as she holds out the kitten to him.

“Your pussy?”

He nods, “You can borrow him. His name is Jiji.”

“Jiji,” she sounds out the word, beaming when the teenager nods at her. “Your name?”


“Jiji and Jae. Jiji is Jae’s pussy?”

“You’re a very smart little girl!”

She nods, accepting his observation as she finally drops the surprisingly docile kitten. The ball of fluff shakes itself off, before darting away. It is followed immediately by a giggling toddler and a chuckling teenager, their laughter trailing behind them as they look for the kitten.

The three on the couch watch is silence, all wearing smiles as they follow the two chasing the kitten all around Mirotic. Jiyool’s mewing seems to be never-ending as she tries to call the kitten to her. The teen’s mewing is a little lacking because he keeps breaking into giggles.

All are aware the second she catches hold of the kitten again, for her happy shrieks echo as she comes running back down the hallway towards her mama.

“Pussy, mama! Pussy! Can I have one?”

“You’ll have to ask your daddy, baby girl.”

“Why daddy? Why not mama?”

“Cos he’s better at giving you the answer that has to be given, love.”

Jiyool stares at her mama, her brow wrinkling as she thinks about his cryptic answer.

Before she can process it completely though, the door to the back room opens, and both the tattooist and Jung Yunho come out. The latter is full dressed, which is surprising to everyone outside considering he still has at least another three hours to go that day. However, he has made some changes to the design of the tattoo in the last hour or so, and his tattooist had suggested he sleep on it, and come back the next day to confirm what he wants.

Jiyool whirls around, catching sight of her daddy, she runs towards him, shrieking the whole way.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy!” She comes to a stop, bumping into his legs as she holds up the kitten high about her head.

“Yes, love?” Yunho reaches out a hand to steady his daughter, staring into the bright blue eyes of the poor little kitten in her grasp.


“What is it?”

“Jae’s pussy!”

The tattooist next to him chokes, smothering his bubbling laughter in a cough as he stares at the gorgeous little girl.

“It’s a kitten, love,” Yunho’s voice doesn’t betray anything. Not even a muscle twitches in his face at his daughter’s outburst. He crouches down so he is at her eye level, as he strokes the wee kitten’s head.”

“Jae says it’s a pussy.”

“I think it prefers to be called a kitten. Why don’t you ask?”

Jiyool’s eyes are solemn as she nods. She turns the kitten towards her face and asks in a serious voice. “Do you want to be called kitten?”

Yunho uses that moment to scratch the kitten’s head, and the little ball of fluff lets out a soft mewl in response.

“What did the kitten say?”

Jiyool’s eyes are wide, her mouth parted in delighted surprise. “The kitten said yes, daddy! I can talk to kittens!”

“Of course you can, baby girl. You can talk to anything.” Yunho finally grins as he scoops up his daughter along with the ball of fur now purring as she nuzzles it.

Yunho looks up, taking a step forward, only to be arrested mid-step by a very shocked pair of doe eyes.

Eyes that don’t belong to his wife.

“Oh my god,” the teenager breathes out, mouth opening and closing like a guppy. He cannot form intelligent thought or speech, for the man has completely robbed him of it all.

He once observed, barely a week ago that Yunho looks good in a shirt, idly wondering how he’d look like in a suit.

And now this man…this man who looks like his boyfriend, but isn’t, is just…how does anyone look that good wearing clothes? In fact, how does anyone look so damn appealing while fully clothed with only his throat exposed? Jae loves Yunho. He really does, and he doesn’t question that.

But this man has just about taken his breath away.

How does anyone look like they’re thisclose to doing bad things to everyone while being fully clothed?

Bad things in a good way.

A very, very, very, good way.

The teenager squeaks in mortification as his thoughts go down a rather crooked path, his face flushed. He whirls around, facing the gorgeous pregnant man, his apology spilling forth from his lips before he can stop them.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so so so sorry. I think I just had bad thoughts about your husband.”

“Really, babe?” the tattooist questions in amusement. He doesn’t begrudge the teenager because lets face it, the man really is fucking good looking. That aura of power radiates from him, and it is extremely appealing to anyone within a twenty foot radius. And besides, who is he to cast stones? He’d practically kissed the man’s wife by accident earlier.

Before the teenager can answer his boyfriend, Jaejoong speaks up. “It’s ok. My thoughts went down the wrong path earlier when you were talking about his piercing, so we’re even.”

“So you’ve decided on a piercing?” Yunho questions his wife.

“Yes, your ears.”

“How did you go down the wrong path while talking about piercing ears?”

“Nevermind!” Both the teenager and the blond male shout in unison.

Jung Yunho finally gets a good look at the uniformed boy in front of him whose face is suffused in colour as he stares back shyly at him, before casting his eyes down at the floor.

Yunho merely quirks an eyebrow, looking past the bemused brunette towards his wife smirking on the couch.

“Long-lost brother your parents forgot to mention?”

Jaejoong shakes his head, grinning.

“How old are you?” Jung Yunho asks the teen, reaching out a hand to nudge his chin up again so he can get a closer look. He sends a sidelong look at his tattooist, mouthing yours? at him, not reacting at all when the man smirks and nods.


“Oh, love, I wouldn’t have been able to wait.” Yunho drops his hand, shaking his head ruefully. He still has a few more hours to go to finish the tattoo, but enough has been done for him to be able to say certain things without bracing himself for the emotional sucker punch in the gut that normally comes with it. He once again looks past the angelic teenager to stare at his wife, still shaking his head. “When you wanted to marry me at three, I told myself I’d wait till you were eighteen. I think if things didn’t happen the way they did, I wouldn’t have lasted past sixteen.”

“Say thank you, kitten.” Yunho snakes an arm around the teen, tugging him to his side, trying not to laugh because the boy is seriously still dumbfounded.


“A very important man just complimented you.”

“Damn, yakuza!” Jiyool chooses that moment to remember what her mama said in the car. Her father is ignoring her and she doesn’t like it.

“What?” Yunho stares at the little girl scowling back at him. She doesn’t seem to see any resemblance whatsoever between him and father, if the furrow in her brow is anything go by.

“Mama!” she hollers, “Damn, yakuza! Damn, yakuza!”

“Oh god,” Nicole groans in consternation, burying her face against her boyfriend’s neck. “Please tell me when they’re done. Whenever anyone mentions yakuza, I imagine fingers flying everywhere. And now that pretty little baby is howling it for everyone to hear and I just cannot anymore.”

Jaejoong laughs as he rolls to his feet, squeezing the girl’s shoulder as he walks past. He tries to take his daughter from his husband but the girl shakes her head at him. He turns to gaze apologetically at the bemused tattooist with his beautiful young boyfriend.

“I’m really sorry. She heard me threatening you in the car.”

“Damn, yakuza! Daddy, I want a kitten.”

Everyone blinks at the swift change of subject.

And everyone holds their breath in anticipation of the answer. Only Jaejoong sighs, knowing what it will be.


“Daddy!” Jiyool starts to struggle, shaking her head. Jae rescues his kitten, and it is testament to how agitated the toddler is when she doesn’t even notice him taking Jiji.

“Jiyool, you asked, and I answered. Is there any reason to behave like this?” Yunho asks his daughter calmly, waiting for her to meet his gaze.

She is purposefully keeping her eyes averted, and both her parents know it.

“Is he talking to a child or an adult?” Nicole whispers to Changmin who shrugs.

“She’s a smart little girl. She didn’t get there by having her parents speaking in baby talk.”


“Sorry, love.”

Jiyool starts to cry then, great heaving sobs as if her little perfect world has just exploded into a million pieces.

To Yunho’s surprise, he suddenly finds his daughter plucked easily from his arms. Before he can protest, he sees exactly who has taken her.

The teenager.

“Hush, Jiyool.” Jae tries to coax as he awkwardly attempts the rock and sway while trying to balance a crying toddler and a wriggling kitten at the same time. Giving up, he passes the ball of fur to the wailing toddler.

The tears go off instantly, making Jaejoong roll his eyes as he leans against his husband.

“My kitten?” Jiyool asks hopefully as she stares through her tears at the cute little kitten staring at her.

“My kitten, but you can visit her.”


“We can come back tomorrow and you can play with the kitten,” her father supplies, answering her question.

His little girl turns, finally looking at him. “Really, daddy?”

“Yes, really.”

Jiyool squeals, hugging the fluffy animal to her chest, and kissing it. “See you tomorrow, Jiji.”

Her father takes her gently from the teenager, thanking the boy, hiding his amusement at the deep blush that colours the boy.

“Alright, baby girl. We’ll come back to Mirotic tomorrow. Say bye bye.”

“Bye bye, Mirotic.”

AN1: Oh god this is worse than choppy ISTG. I’ve been working on this in every little spare moment I have, and I don’t have a lot of spare moments. Usually I can finish a chapter in a couple of days, but my amount of spare moments are so few and far between it took what? Almost a week? Ugh! So yeah…

AN2: Description of Yunho’s tattoo was purposefully left out btw, so don’t ask about it :O

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