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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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ICE... outtake

I miss ICE like hell ok... I don't know about y'all but I really fucking miss it ugh!

I was scrolling through my discards and found some stuff that didn't make it into the fic itself. See if you can place where this scene got replaced in the fic...and well, I can't quite decide if it was the right thing to have done hahaha!

1,570 words of a discarded scene just for those of you who, like me, MISS ICE LIKE HELL TOO! *cries*

Just a wee bit of advice... play this as you read :P --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCabbRjkmmM

“12-0. TWELVE FUCKING NIL!” Kangin hoots, as his teammates knock their beer bottles together. “We’re back baby! Back in business. Everyone better watch the fuck out cos we’re so hot even hell won’t be able to handle us.”

Their coach had allowed them a rare night out, and they are all making the most of it. Coach Kim had begged off, saying he needs to call his family, but had sent them out with his blessings, and the warning that they’d better be able to skate a straight line in practice tomorrow afternoon, otherwise this will be their last night out till the season ends.

They are in a noisy gay bar, Changmin choosing the strange venue, since he had shut the other team out so completely. It wasn’t for the lack of trying though. The shots on goal from both teams had been even, but they didn’t have U-Know Yunho on their team. The man had scored nine points.

Yes, nine.

The other team’s defence had all but given up by the third period. Yunho was so fast, he was impossible to catch. They had tried double teaming him, but the resultant scuffle from his angry teammates had left Kangin in the sin bin for a five minute penalty, and the Oji Eagles defencemen with bruised jaws. One of them had to be subbed out, thanks to his broken nose and possible fractured jaw. Anyang Halla had played like their lives depended on the game, and the result had been nothing short of stupendous.

The venue had been between Changmin and Yunho, but the team captain had been more than happy to allow his goaltender to pick.

As they drink and chat, a short little Japanese man goes up onstage, announcing that it is open mic night, and the stage is open to whomever wants to perform.

Changmin immediately stands, pointing to Yunho and volunteering him.

“What the fuck?”

“Come on! You can sing and you sure as fuck can dance. Go work your magic.”

“But I don’t want to!”

“Awww, come on.” Yoochun coaxes, his eyes a little bleary from the amount of alcohol is has consumed, but he is still very cognizant.

“Can I pick the song?” Junsu asks. But he doesn’t wait for an answer as he bounds up to the stage. Their centre forward is not much for drinking, and he is in good company because neither are Yunho and Han Geng. Kangin, Yoochun and Changmin though are drinking enough for the rest of the team.

The crowd is already starting to cheer and hoot when they see exactly whom has been picked. They don’t recognise him, as ice hockey still isn’t as popular in Japan, but they can appreciate the breadth of his shoulders in the fitted leather jacket, and the length of his body. Not to mention the devastating smirk. His face is small, but oh so very handsome, and half the crowd already consider themselves in love. None have dared to approach him because he is surrounded, but perhaps he will be more accessible on stage.

Yunho groans as his teammates tease and poke at him. He finally relents when Changmin tosses him his sunglasses.

“Here, Shy Guy. Pretend you’re on the ice and give it your all. My shades are your hockey mask.”

Junsu has his hands in his pockets and is rolling on the balls of his feet as he confers with the MC. They are both grinning and Yunho has a rather bad feeling about it, but hey, he knows his friends won’t get him into trouble.

Well, not too much trouble.

The crowd parts to let him through, but not by much. He can feel his arms being tugged, and his butt even gets pinched along the way, and he briefly wonders about the life of an idol, getting groped wherever they go. He’s read stories about how bad it gets, a recent one he remembers reading happened to be about Hero Jaejoong several months ago. The rockstar had completely lost it at some girl who had shoved a letter down the back of his hoodie. It’s probably not the same, but he does feel a tad violated.

He reaches the stage, and his best friend tip toes to whisper in his ear.

“Good luck, lover boy,” before kissing his ear, much to the hoots and boos of the crowd. Junsu had done it on purpose, knowing the crowd would probably maul Yunho alive after this performance, and he hopes to stem the tide if they believe he’s already taken. They’ve done this before a lot, pretending to be with each other, and it serves its purpose. Unlike Changmin, he has never been intimate with Yunho, and he really cannot imagine doing so.

Yunho sends a smirk his way, making a show of smacking Junsu’s ample behind, eliciting more hoots and boos. He has no clue what song has been picked, but he has a feeling it’ll be bad.

A very heavy guitar and bass sound comes through the speakers, and Yunho groans into the microphone. This is bad.

He doesn’t like rock, but then again, he likes this song. Who knew?

He bends his head, mouth twisted in the wickedest smirk yet as he looks up slowly, and starts to sing. His voice is low, injecting some growl into it. He is very good at mimicking, and while he actually prefers the R&B version of this song, he can work the rock version as well. The lyrics are in English, and most of the audience have no clue what he’s saying, but he does, and he works the words very well.

The audience is starting to make a lot of noise, getting into the song because U-Know Yunho, team captain of Anyang Halla, is all but fucking the microphone stand on stage. There can be no doubt as to what he is singing about.


Jaejoong is typing an email to Yunho when his phone beeps. He picks it up, smiling widely when he sees a message from Yunho. However when he opens it, confusion mars his features.

This isn’t Yunho, but I figure you’d enjoy this ;-) He’ll probably kill us when he realises we’ve sent you this but it’ll be worth it. Trust me.

Trust him? Jaejoong doesn’t even know who the fuck just texted him on Yunho’s phone.

His phone beeps again.

Ooops I forgot to attach the video. His best friend set him up with the song, and our Yunho is always up for a challenge. Have fun.

Jaejoong, extremely curious now, hits the play button on the video.

Loud music assaults his ear, and the crowd he can see is very loud too. The room is not actually dim so he can see the stage well enough. He can hear people talking in the background.

How the fuck do you zoom this thing? Ugh, why must he have such a fancy phone? Ah, yes, ok got it.

The camera suddenly zooms onto a person onstage, and Jaejoong’s jaw drops. He will recognise that mouth anywhere. However what unhinges it completely is what Yunho is doing on that stage.

”If you’re horny…
let’s do it…
ride it, my pony.
My saddle’s…
come and, jump on it.”

“Oh my god.”

Jaejoong watches mesmerised, as Yunho plays the microphone like a pro. His voice is husky and forceful, yet there is that smirk, the smirk that makes the words come out teasing. And his body, good fucking lord his body. The man clearly knows what to do with that body. One hand is on the microphone while the other is about halfway down the microphone stand, and Yunho is swiveling his hips into it.

”The things I would do to you…”

Yunho looks dead on to the camera, smiling widely as he lifts his hand from the microphone and shows whoever is taking the video the middle finger.

Oh god his finger. Jaejoong has to stifle a moan. He has never seen such a beautiful finger. Long, slim, and his hand wrapped around the microphone is just so very large. Jaejoong has held enough microphones to know how it fits in his hand, and Yunho’s hands are most certainly larger than his.

”Juices flowing down your thighs…”

And again, that smirk. How is this man even real? He had made his voice so low, even lower than his speaking voice, and Jaejoong can feel every single word tugging forcefully at him. His cock is already hard, and he groans, wondering how this even happened. Perhaps he is just severely sexually deprived, and he needs an outlet, and fast.

But the idea of finding some random person or calling up one of his old hook-ups makes him sick to the stomach for even thinking it.

He wants Yunho.

There’s no point denying it. This whole online dating business is making him flat out crazy. How the hell did he end up with possibly the most attractive man he has ever seen in his life, and they’re cockblocked by the method of their meeting.

He replays the 50 second video again, annoyed that it cuts off before the chorus again. He knows the song. He’s never sung it before but he knows it.

AN: Well... now look what you've made me do? I think I just wet myself OTL

dear god... you're torturing me.....

I'm going to re-read ICE right now.

I hope I can work now.
De lujo!!!
Loved it!!!

soooo dead
Yunho's been messing w/ my bias list for a week now
damn Otp. you guys are too much -fans-

Αnd I was rereading ice yesterday ^o^
Daamn I just love Uknow's friends!!!

Despitr the fact that i really like the way the scene was wrotte in Ice specilly because of the focus on Jae's thought it's really good scene and add an exttra sensuality to the performance. Thanks for sharing it with us

Ah you made me realize how much I miss the fic. How about giving us an epilogue also? I'm still waiting. >

that was hot. I want that video! and now Yunho's stuck in my head and he won't gtfo... those hips... that smirk... *dead*

Is this the original work of the chapter which Changmin send if I am not mistaken sends a video to Jaejoong?

I cannot recall which chapter it is.

I must say if Yunho sings that low, I would be needing sex too like Jaejoong.

you mean the part where Yunho went to the bar and Kangin goes videoing him while he dance? (; i like that chapter *drools*

For some reason I thought this was going to be liti related. Like NG scenes from Liti verse Ice filming :-)

Recognition of scene. I has it :-)

Wow wow why did you replace this? This make me want to throw myself in an iceberg just to cool down and I don't think that would even help. Ok need a stiff drink after this.

What have you done unnie.. Now I have to re-read Ice back while I'm in the middle of re-reading Sleeping Beauty..huh, so Ice-deprived at this moment..

You are seriously toooo much....Now i miss ICE v.v.v.v.veryyy much....
This is what i missed the most...not the drama ..just the way jae and Yunho can't stop their thoughts and hands to themselves...:P

Oh yeah Milady your not the only one being wet here.
Have I mentioned how much I love it you're being back to writing... and not for smut, just for being back?
Made my day :-D

hot damn, that scene was definitely intense!