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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [9b]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Play this while reading - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWOEQ2s-iyY

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, well... it's ok. This fic references that fic a bit but it's nothing substantial that you can't just guess what's going on... ICE was AU and this is non-AU so yeah, it'll be fine.


Are you guys here?

VIP box with some other suits including some SM execs. They’ve left us alone though.

What did you think of the press con?

Yoochun starts laughing as Junsu elbows him, flushing slightly when he lets out a squeak at the message.

They draw glances from the other men in the room, and while a couple eye them a little closer than usual, the rest just shrug it off, continuing to talk amongst themselves about how scandalous this show is going to be. They are all secretly excited about it of course, but they have to posteur and pretend to condemn it for its highly unusual take on a touchy subject matter. Well, unusual in the sense that as far as they can tell, it’s probably going to be a porn masquerading as a mini-series. The drama is not going to be broadcast on any local networks, being aired on an international cable channel instead, and with the rating being M19+ and given a midnight time slot, who knows what the ratings will be? It has a stellar cast though, with veterans being balanced with young blood, along with the injection of arguably, three of the most popular males in kpop right now.

The show is definitely bankable, but bankable doesn’t always mean much. Look at The Lone Ranger.

You should’ve seen Junsu’s face.

Changmin laughs as he reads, no one paying him any mind, everyone too busy trying to figure out how to get into their stupid uniforms. Changmin is more than used to wearing weird things so he’s quite comfortable as he sits in the changing rooms of the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. He can hear the loud grunts and complaints of the extras, with Joong Ki and Ah In trying to give them encouragement, both used to uncomfortable clothing too. The bulky outfits are ridiculous to say the least, and all of them are feeling a little off balance. Trust Yunho to decide that hey, why not make a grand entrance himself?

Everyone is secretly excited though, and how the audience is going to react to the tall and handsome man who plans on crashing Hero’s little impromptu concert. The plan had been for Yunho to appear at the very end of the whole thing, after Jaejoong is done with his performance and all. However, after Jaejoong had left to get ready, the man had laid out his own plan, and the PDs had been more than happy to let Baek Do Hoon take charge.

Well, he is U-Know after all.

And Yunho wants a little pay back after the wicked stunt Jaejoong pulled back stage.

Stay till the end. Hyung has something planned...

The response is practically instantaneous.

Which hyung? Because Jaejoong hyung just pissed off the SM suits.

Changmin frowns. He can hear the crowd booing, and his cast mates all scrabbling to get someone to turn up the volume of the large television in the locker room. The PDs had promised that they’d be able to watch the performance, to placate most of them who’d been more than eager to watch Jaejoong performing as Hero for the first time. He looks around, finding Yunho nowhere in sight as the men, half changed into their uniforms gape at the screen.


“That’s an understatement.”

“Filming for this drama starts today, and it starts this very moment with all of you. We will be filming Hero’s performance here as footage to be used in our production…”

Jaejoong tilts his head from side to side, feeling rather than hearing his neck popping with the movement. His movements are deliberately lazy, almost uncaring, as the spotlight falls on him. The stage is not too large, not too small, just nice actually for an intimate early afternoon with the 14,000 strong crowd. The name of his character has been let known, and the chanting of his name is echoing around the vast arena. He is waiting for the PDs to stop talking, half-listening as his mind turns back to Yunho’s delicious groan from earlier.

Yes, he knows he’s being an evil tease, but if they’re going to have to play lovers, and even stay in character while off set, then why can’t they have some fun with it? He knows it’s a little unfair on his part, but really, between them both, Yunho is far more capable of keeping his boner in check compared to him, so may the man forgive him for trying to finally exact revenge for a time long ago when Yunho had been an ass and rubbed his painfully obvious boner against him on national tv!

Yunho had taken his tease surprisingly well, simply groaning at his words, and stepping back and away quickly with a rueful look in his eyes. The consummate professional is not Jaejoong, but Yunho. The man had acknowledged that Jaejoong had won this round with a quirk of an eyebrow, and Jaejoong had graciously accepted his win and let it go.

He hears the crowd roar again, and he realises that it is his time to shine.

Hero steps up to the microphone, pout flush against the metal head, as he eyes the crowd from side to side.

This is a Korean crowd, and therefore a little unpredictable to him.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh…” he coaxes slowly, letting the air escape from between his teeth. Strangely enough, even to his ears, the universally understood request to hush sounds sexy.

Perhaps he has Hero goggles on.

For someone who never ever wanted to be associated with the name again, he is finding it easy to imagine his character with this name and to fall into it.

This Hero he is playing represents someone who thumbs his nose at one and all, society included.

This Hero gives no fucks about consequences and does as he pleases.

This Hero can practically get away with murder.

And this Jaejoong decides hey, why not try it on for size.

“I’ll be singing in English today,” he starts, and has to stop when the screams start up again. Really, where did the PDs find these people? Hopefully they’re Cassiopeia enough to side with him. “…because I was told I’m not allowed to perform any of the songs from my repackaged album that came out at noon today.”

The boos are almost instantaneous, and Jaejoong smirks, though in truth, his ribs are rattling from how hard his heart is pounding.

Pissing off SME? Done.

Self plug? Done.

He waits till the boos die down, and the chanting of his name start up again.

Hero is a mask and he will wear it well, or not wear it at all.

Jaejoong squares his shoulders, tilting his hips just so it juts out a little, as he rests his weight in his heels, once again giving off an air of cocky indifference.

He shushes the crowd again, and this time it works a lot quicker, much to his amusement. He can see the cast in the front VIP seats, but more than half the section is conspicuously empty, and he wonders briefly about that. A quick glance tells him that it is Anyang Halla and all the ice hockey extras that are missing, including his boyfriend.

Jaejoong is a little baffled as he frowns, hoping Yunho hasn’t wandered off too far because the songs are for him.

Sort of.

He shakes it off quickly, reminding himself he’s supposed to be Hero not Jaejoong, and his mouth tugs up wickedly on one side as he tries it on for size.

“My concerts are all rated 19+,” he smirks. “Is there anyone here who is under 19?”

There is murmuring throughout the crowd, but it is largely silent. Hero quirks an eyebrow, looking towards the VIP seats, eyeing a sheepish looking girl seated between her parents.

“Ji Mi-ah…”

The murmurs of the crowd grow when they realise Jaejoong really being Hero for this performance. The camera pans to Yeon Hee, and everyone starts to laugh as she tries to fit her long body behind her father’s.

“I see a naughty little girl who isn’t nineteen yet.”

Yeon Hee sticks out her tongue at him, shaking her head as she buries her face immediately in her “father’s” shoulder as the crowd laughs.

Hero’s smile widens as he looks back up to cast his eyes over the crowd.

“I wonder how many naughty little boys and girls are among all of you.”

He pauses deliberately as he scans the crowd slowly, mouth twisted into a gorgeous smirk that most of the audience have never seen the like of on the beautiful singer. Shy awkward smiles or weird random bursts of laughter are what they’re used to. This man standing in the middle of the stage as if he owns it is a new entity altogether, because while they have seen him gaze wickedly out at them, it is always while he is singing. Never just standing and talking.

Hero leans into the microphone stand, mouth flush against the rounded head of the microphone, exhaling into it as he murmurs huskily, “I like naughty boys…”

The tittering of the crowd goes up several decibels as everyone starts to chatter excitedly. And the voices increase in volume when they realise that the man doesn’t intend on tacking on the expected and naughty girls at the end.

He takes a step back, finally taking off his thick shades and tossing them negligently aside amid screams from the very appreciative crowd. No one knows what to expect, but if the press con and the singer’s words are anything to go by, they are in for quite a show.

The band starts up then as Hero pushes the sleeves of his shirt up, exposing the tattoos on his forearm.

Camera flashes and camera phones go off, clicking wildly as they catch a first glimpse of ink that most will spend the rest of the week wondering if they are real or fake.

Jaejoong’s eyes are unblinking, used to the flashes as his gaze roams the arena, trying to find Yunho.

The light is dim, but he has always been able to find the younger man in a crowd, and vice versa.

He steps forward again, body cradling his elaborate microphone stand. His leather pants are so tight, they leave nothing to the imagination, and he deliberately rubs himself against the microphone stand. He can feel his cock twitch in his tight pants, and he just smirks, as the arena screams their appreciation.

Fangirls are all alike, whether real or make belief, and a little fan service goes a long way.

Though really, Jaejoong is fucking himself in this instance, because all his little stunt has done is make him remember Yunho rubbing against him, and his cock fills out more than he intends.

Oh well, Cassiopeia can just think that the boner is for them.

He hooks his ankle around the base of the stand, running it up and down languidly as the crowd roars their appreciation.

He is Hero, and he will thumb his nose at everything and everyone.

Question is, will Yunho get the message?

He starts to sing, his voice lower and huskier and far more intimate than usual. He thinks about Yunho, remembering him and all the wasted years trying to fight the memories, and for the first time in a long time, he embraces those memories in public, on stage, injecting regretful longing into his voice.

Hero’s ability to portray so many emotions through his voice alone runs clear even in the first few verses. It doesn’t matter if half the audience doesn’t understand English, for Hero tells a story with the colour and melody of his voice alone.

”I thought, you’d be out of my mind…
And I’ve finally found a way to, learn to live without you…”

Yoochun’s eyes widen, as do Junsu’s who is silently reading the subbed lyrics on the large screen behind his hyung.

In the locker rooms, everyone is trying not to be too obvious in staring at Yunho whose expression betrays none of his thoughts.

Not even to Changmin, who has no idea whether to stay there and make sure Yunho doesn’t run out, or to go out there and clobber his other hyung over the head with his hockey stick. This is really not the fucking time to air their dirty laundry in public, whether behind the mask of Hero or not.

”I thought, it was just a matter of time…
Till I had a hundred reasons, not to think about you…”

The ache in the man’s voice slowly silences the crowd, staring mesmerised at the stunning rock star singing with his eyes closed. His voice is almost a low growl, each word infused with hurt and pained longing.

It doesn’t silence those who know him though.

“Is he…” Junsu is unable to complete his sentence, sidling even closer to Yoochun as he feels the SME suits turning to stare balefully at them.

Yoochun shakes his head, keeping his eyes trained on his soulmate standing alone and exposed on that stage. He can see a mask when he sees one on Jaejoong, and this is his best mask yet.

Best and worst.

For to his knowing eyes, Jaejoong is laying himself bare for real, while hiding behind his character, Hero.

The question is, will Yunho be able to see past that mask to the man offering up his pain for the world to see, and asking for some understanding.

”But it’s just not so…
And after all this time, I still can’t let go.”

There is a hint of frustration and anger now, as the rock star grabs at the microphone, stalking forward on the stage, carrying the stand along as he plants himself at the very edge of the platform.

”I’ve still got your face, painted on my heart…”

Hero clutches at his throat, nails raking down his milky white skin towards his chest, gripping hard enough that he leaves marks, eyes delving into the darkness of the back of the arena.

”…Scrawled upon my soul…”

He wants to see a familiar figure in the back. To tell him this is for him without needing to, as his hand drops to grasp at his abdomen.

”…Etched upon my memory, baby…”

His hand drops to his side, fisted, as the frustration comes across loud and clear in his voice, and in every line of his body. He lifts his hand to his mouth as he sings the next line.

”And i’ve got your kiss still burning on my lips…”

He finds the camera, staring into it, pouring everything sexual he can muster in that moment into his gaze as he taunts and seduces. His face is up on the large screen for everyone to see.

But he only cares about one man.

”The touch of your fingertips, is still so deep inside of me, baby…”

He lifts both hands to caress the tips of his fingertips up and down the microphone, as his voice quietens into almost a whisper. The quality is so intimate that Junsu and Yoochun up in the VIP box actually shudder.

As does Changmin who is staring not at his hyung singing on the television, but at his hyung dressed in his ice hockey outfit, helmet tucked under his arm, seemingly unable to tear his eyes away from the screen.

“Someone get me a head mic.” Yunho demands quietly.

Jaejoong is singing the chorus for the third time when he notices a commotion. It takes a lot for him not to react to the stream of Anyang Halla players skating out on rollerblades in full gear as they disperse down the aisles that separate the four sections on the ground level in front of the stage.

This isn’t part of the show.

At least, not to his knowledge.

He can see Changmin, Ah In and Joong Ki skating leisurely down the centre aisle, along with the two actual ice hockey players playing the tall, burly defencemen needed for the A team. Their expressions are hidden behind the helmets and masks they are all wearing, and the crowd starts to murmur once again.

They come to a stop at very centre of the arena floor, stepping aside one at a time, to finally reveal the man who’d been hidden behind them, just as Hero sings the next line of the song.

”Something in your eyes keeps haunting me…”

Hero trails off as he recognises the man. The band keeps playing but he doesn’t sing as he stares at the unfamiliar, yet familiar figure. He knows who it is, even if his frame is hidden behind the bulky uniform and he cannot see his face.

The music keeps going, but it is only the guitarist strumming now, waiting for Hero to pick up where he left off.

Everyone is staring hard, trying to make out the man behind the hockey mask.

Neither Hero, nor his ice hockey boyfriend, for the crowd has at least gathered that much, look away from each other.

The tittering and murmuring increase, but everyone is hushed when the twenty odd ice hockey players suddenly move as one, clacking their hockey sticks together, making a hell of a lot of noise for not many people.

“What the fuck?” Hero’s reaction is immediate as he steps back from his microphone stand, staring balefully at the rows of ice hockey players crashing his concert.

He doesn’t lay the blame where he should.

Not yet anyway, as his flashing eyes slide from each and every single player for their impudence.

Before finally landing on the mastermind behind the stunt.


The arena is silent, except for the insistent clacking of the hockey sticks.

Everyone is masked.

Everyone save for Hero.

He paces the stage, moving like a caged animal, his scowl is absolutely breathtaking in both its anger and its beauty. He starts undoing the buttons on his shirt with one hand, his movements showing his frustration, as the other cards his hair.

The masked leader skates a step forward when Hero starts unbuttoning, but he stops himself from taking another step. Planting his hockey stick in front of him and leaning his weight slightly on it as he watches the man in black. He can feel the singer’s confusion and mute rage from where he is standing, and he wonders if it is all an act.

Hero will definitely be pissed as fuck for this.


He is glad he has an actual mask on, for he belatedly realises that he doesn’t actually know how Jaejoong would react.

It’s too late to second guess himself now though, and Yunho will just play it by ear.

A man who can make a fucked up dance move look like part of the choreography can wing this.

He’s praying for salvation though, just in case.

And the music continues on, the low strum of the guitar along with the bass, repeating the same measure over and over and over, waiting for Hero to jump back in.

The rock star finally pauses, grabbing the head of his microphone.

“Shut your fucking team up.”

Yunho smiles at that.

Acting, it is.

The players start hollering at that, hooting and jeering loudly, continuing with their incessant noise with the sticks. A ripple of growing voices moves through the crowd at the man’s cold, angry words.

“Is this part of some script we didn’t hear about?” Junsu whispers to Yoochun who is wearing a tiny smirk.

“No fucking idea.”

“I don’t think these guys have any idea either,” Junsu nods towards the SM suits practically plastered against the glass of the VIP box as they watch the goings on. Some are texting furiously, others are talking in hushed voices, while more are simply staring like everyone else. “And I really don’t think they like it.”

“They’re not going to try anything in front of those people, and they won’t be able to do anything later because of those people. Don’t worry.”

No one knows what to expect.

After what feels like forever, the captain of the team finally lifts his hockey stick up into the air, and his players cease their noise instantly.

Twenty men or so stand with their feet braced apart, their gear making them look menacing as they too plant their hockey sticks in front of them.

The arena is once again silent, watching as the two leads stare each other down. Everyone is dying to know who the hell the masked man is.

Characteristic of Hero, he exhales into the microphone slowly, his sighing breath making the hair tingle on the backs of the necks of everyone watching, for even that is overtly sexual.

”Something in your eyes keeps haunting me…”

He sings the line again, both hands gripping the body of the microphone. The power in his voice is clearer, as he drags the last note, not faltering this time, his eyes never ever leaving the masked player standing tall in front of his team.

Hero rips the microphone away, tossing aside the stand as he closes his eyes, mouth pressed hard against the microphone, his other fist clenched.

”And I’m trying to escape you…”

The singer opens his eyes, the look in his eyes is stark, the emotion in it unmasked for a brief instant as he stares back out towards the silent man, as he shakes his head.

An instant is all he needed.

”And I know there ain’t no way to…”

He unclenches his fisted hand, reaching out towards the centre of the arena.

There can be no mistaking to whom he is singing.

”To chase you from my mind…”

The final note is more scream than melody, the sound echoing in the large gymnasium. The veins in Hero’s neck strain, his eyes squeezed shut, as he drags the note out forever.

The silence when he finally pulls the microphone from his lips is deafening.

Even the band has finally stopped playing, no longer knowing what their next cues are. They were told to perform three songs, and the first one is already confusing the hell out of them, though it is testament to the caliber of the lead guitarist in particular who somehow manages to read Hero’s unspoken cues, guiding the rest of the band.

But this time, even he is shit out of ideas.

You can only pick up so many cues from a man glowering quiety at another man.

The silent ice hockey captain lifts his hand, palm up, holding it out towards the bristling singer on stage.

He crooks his fingers ala Bruce Lee, but much slower, his longer fingers moving fluidly in a wave, swaying, mesmerising.



Three times he beckons to the gorgeous man on stage whose face is aghast with his disbelief.

“Do you really think I’m going to fucking come after the stunt you just pulled?”

“Oh, I know you’re going to come…” Yunho purposefully drops his tone, making it low and gravelly and promising a whole load of your-imagination’s-the-limit in his voice.

Jaejoong hides his surprise, determinedly schooling his features as Yunho’s voice, his smirk oh so evident in it washes over him.

“Fuck you.”

When in doubt, swear. Jaejoong, or Hero, or Jaejoong, even he is confused now, but his sneer is practically perfect.


Now the crowd is definitely screaming. Who cares who the man is? He is tall, he looks hot as hell and he definitely sounds delicious.

“Didn’t your mama ever tell you not to trouble, Trouble till Trouble, troubles you?” Hero nods towards the front row of the VIP seats where Sung Ryung as Baek Do Kyung quirks an eyebrow in acknowledgment, a tiny smirk playing about her lips which is captured by the opportunistic camera man stationed nearby and broadcast to the crowd at large.

“What happens if I love to trouble, Trouble?”

“Then you’re probably not going to be able to walk tomorrow, baby.” Hero smirks, as he unbuttons yet another button on his shirt.

He is practically unbuttoned to his navel now, his defined chest exposed as he tugs at the valley of his shirt. His natural V-shaped body helps in the illusion he is striving for. He is very slim, but because of that, he is practically all muscle.

And everyone watching can see exactly how masculine the singer is, as he drops his hand, blatantly stroking the front of his straining leather pants.

Whoever thought the rock star was going to play uke to his chaebol ice hockey captain boyfriend are now starting to rethink the whole damn thing. On paper, it all looks straightforward, because come on, ice hockey captain. But now, nothing is certain.

“Is that a promise?” the masked man asks.

Oh yes, indeed.

Nothing is certain at all.

Hero smirks, crouching to righten his discarded mic stand as he replaces his microphone in its cradle.

Once again, he wraps himself around the pole, hooking his heel around the base of the microphone stand as he licks his lips, a devilish smirk playing about his mouth.

He starts to hum, more moan than hum though, for the sound is coming from the base of his throat.

“Oh fuck,” Changmin mutters under his breath.

Joong Ki, standing next to him, cannot help but agree as he recognises the rough tune. “Oh fuck, indeed.”

Don’t you just love…” Hero starts, singing breathily, the ache in his voice of a different colour to his earlier tone. This ache is one of need.

Of want.

Of sexual longing.

…the feeling of my fingertips…” the masked man sings softly, leaning his hockey stick against his abdomen as he moves to lift his helmet up.

The crowd holds their breath, as the masked man continues to sing, even as he reveals his face.

…circling your lips…

And oh fuck is an understatement as 14,000 voices start to scream.

Yeon Hee is no exception, caught up in the whole damn thing as U-Know Yunho reveals himself, playful smirk in evidence as he ruffles his hair with his hand.

But neither man look away from the other, more than used to the screams of thousands upon thousands.

14,000 voices is nothing to Hero Jaejoong and U-Know Yunho, for even in front of 55,000 people, they have been known to only have eyes for each other.

“Why am I crying?”

“Because you’re Micky Yoochun,” Junsu answers, patting the man’s thigh absent-mindedly as they both gaze at the big screen which has been split to show both U-Know’s and Hero’s faces.

Don’t you just love…

…the desire taking hold of you…” U-Know’s smile widens as he catches Hero’s smirk.

I can tell you do…” Hero drops his voice, his lips tugging at the head of the microphone, practically making love to it as he makes a real show of licking his mouth.

I know all your favourite spots…

“And we better be connecting fucking dots later, Dohoon-ah…” Hero growls, reminding the audience (and himself) that they’re supposed to be acting.


Yes, acting.


Maybe if he keeps saying it, it’ll become true.

“You’re impossible.” U-Know chuckles, shaking his head as he tucks his helmet under his arm. His grin reaches his eyes. “I got your message loud and clear, by the way.”

The screaming crowd starts to hush slowly, when they realise the two men have absolutely no intention of even acknowledging the crowd. But then again, half the arena is a sobbing mess anyway as they are faced with something they have longed for, for years.

“No radio interference this time?”

“It started off a little crackly, but then the reception cleared up.”

“Does that mean we’ll be connecting dots later?” Hero asks, but really, it’s Jaejoong speaking.

“Only if you’re good.”


Oh yes, Yunho’s smirk is broad indeed as he watches Jaejoong realise his mistake. Doe eyes so wide that he cannot be faking it as his Hero mask finally cracks, as he backs away from the microphone stand, pulling the mic from the cradle as he does so, and starts to shake his head.

But of course, chaebol ice hockey captain Baek Dohoon ignores it, as he utters the one word that will guarantee that his singer comes to heel.

“Oppa…” he calls out quietly, though his voice is amplified in the largely silent arena.


The microphone drops.

“Well, fuck…” Changmin shakes his head, pushing up the visor on his mask to get a better view. He might as well have a front row seat to the action, having been stuck between the two for too many years without being able to witness them finally giving in to temptation.

Giving in to temptation in public that is.

“Fuck?” Joong Ki asks under his breath.

“You’re about to get a lesson from the best actors on the planet.”

Hero Jaejoong moves.

U-Know Yunho braces himself.

The crowd starts to scream again.


“Oh, yes.” Junsu retorts, not bothering to turn at one of SM’s exec’s exclamation, his eyes on the tall man in his ice hockey uniform who has just let his hockey stick clatter unceremoniously to the ground, followed quickly by his helmet that was previously tucked under his arm.

“No, no, no!” Another practically wails.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Micky Yoochun chants, as he roughly fists his tears away, eyes not leaving the man who has just leaped off the stage at a run.

The collision is stunning.

And it is long minutes before Yunho pulls away with a low groan.

“Oh god…”

Jaejoong, wrapped around the taller man, runs his hands up the back of the younger man’s head, fisting his hair and tilting his chin upwards towards him, as he presses his pout against the leader’s lush mouth, wet with his saliva.

“Not god, Yunho…Jae,” he whispers, but Yunho’s head mic picks it up, sending the crowd into a frenzy that hasn’t been seen in a long time.

This is South Korea, but in that moment, no one actually gives a flying fuck.

Very few watching will be able to tell you who kissed who first.

And even less will be able to definitively tell you that they were acting.

For the two men themselves have no fucking idea, and well, they’ll figure it out.


AN: Lmao… well I decided to close the poll earlier today at 418 votes, 125 for MinSu and 129 for LITI and well…here you go. AND I'M STILL AT WORK SO PLEASE OTL

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