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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I'm going to be away for a bit. I was already away for four days last week because of that conference i've mentioned previously, but i'm going away again.

Going to a work thing this weekend in Vietnam with my husband, and then on the 30th he is flying back to New Zealand for work. I can't go with him because I have a shit ton of work to do before I have to fly to the US for work. He was supposed to come with me for half that trip, but now he can't cos he needs to fly to Sydney and Tokyo. And then when I come back from US, he is in Dubai.

So basically, i'm going to be without my husband from September 30 to October 25. That may not seem like a lot to y'all but OMFG I AM LITERALLY UNABLE TO EVEN THINK RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF IT.

So yeah, i'm going to be away this week cos gonna try and spend every waking minute with him. I don't know what's going on. Everything seems to be happening at the same time. I'm totally not in the frame of mind to write let alone think... So much for independent woman huh? Lol. I'm so attached to my husband... Please anticipate lots of whining and crying and feeling sorry for myself over the next month :-/

To put it in perspective for some of you... Please picture Sleeping Beauty. Done? Yunho is me and Jaejoong is my husband.

Sorry, guise. I have no idea when i'll be posting next. Since I found out about my husband's urgent trip, my muses have all literally just shut up. Like they're huddled in the playhouse and whispering amongst themselves and not daring to take a step out.



Married life...
We'll be here to support you!

omg... please take care of your self... we will give you company while he is away... :P not like you will require it anyways. still we are all with you.. .so please take good care of your self girl.. .HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS :do let us know how your trip is???!!!!!

Aww Unnie~ We're here to support you ♥
/huggles tight/

We're going to wait, nicki :D
Have fun with your OH~!

we'll always by your side and patiently waiting 4 ur muses to come back eonnie...

OMO! That's ok. Yes please do spend any remaining time with him for now. We will wait. And I don't blame you. I'm the same. I'm more of independent on some ways but I'm also dependent on my husband on some ways.

Enjoy that time together and no worries about all of us, we understand! Safe travels to you and the hubby.

Spend as much time as you want with your husband, we can all wait.

well, i'll waiting. have a good time together eonni~~

I'LL MISS YOU, MAMA B! :( i hope you return with a kick-ass update, mkay?

Awww poor you *pats pats* although I am sad for you, I found it fascinating to be thos much in love with someone. Tbh I myself haven't loved anyone overwhelmingly like you do and I am your age. So you are so lucky to experience this wonderful feelings. I'm jealous here lol.

All in all I wish you and your husband safe and sound trips. XD

have a good time with your husband :)

Awwww unnie, it's okay we'll wait! Enjoy your time with your husband and both of you have safe trips! :)

We can wait. Real life is more important.

(Deleted comment)