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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Works-in-Progress meme... i'm officially scared OTL

I'm back! Well, sort of. I'm ignoring emails till I actually go to work tomorrow.

I HAVE SO MANY WIPs someone please send help!!!Collapse )
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I can't even fathom my excitement at reading these.
looking forward to reading all of them, if you ever get to posting these gems :D

Can't wait to read some of them... And Man isn't that many WIPs... Courage to you author-nim; May the Jaejong's pout force be with you!

and BTW 26 is from the Tattoist right... I love this story so much!

It isn't from The Tattooist actually...


Damn it Nikki. THERE ARE SO MANY. Each one I want to read. 8D

...Oh~ but no #AINI?
......or is there? DUN DUN DUN

I have a lot of Jaejoong sulking in AINI... I didn't bother putting it in here because they're all short pouty sulky huffy sentences lmao!

SB really is your baby >____<
I'm so excited for all of the snippets aaaaaaah ..
i was hoping for skater boi lmao but i guess even if you post the snippet i wouldnt be able to tell ...
idk why i want 24 to be skater boi ehehehe..
faito Nikki \o/

Amazing, simply amazing! I just fell in love with SB all over again! Can't wait to see your finished works :D

omo!... hymne girl, ^.^ fighting!....
what kind of help you want us to give you?

Wow you really weren't kidding. You really do have a lot of work in progress's.

I can't wait for more SB drabbles. Can't figure 2. Is it from ICE?

3. “Susu, we are not on a bus!” the little voice is indignant, turning in his booster seat to glare at his older brother.

4. Yunho frowns, looking at the time on his laptop, noting that it is only just past noon, and there is no way any of his children should be out of school.

5. Jiyool is perched on their carry-on luggage like a little princess, bandaged foot propped up on her Mama’s Louis Vuitton bag.

hohohohohoho. SB!verse ftw! :))