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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Works-in-Progress meme... i'm officially scared OTL

I'm back! Well, sort of. I'm ignoring emails till I actually go to work tomorrow.

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick from), no context, no explanations. Though if anyone asks, I will be more than happy to answer any questions about them.

I borrowed this from atriums cos I wanted to see how scary it is… And well… OTL

I think most of you will be able to identify what’s from what. I’m numbering them just to freak myself out… and see if you can figure out how many SB drabbles/oneshots there are lmao! OTL

1. The room is a cacophony of sound; guttural moans interspersed with the obscene sound of flesh slapping on flesh as well as the squeaky sound of metal grinding together, punctuated every now and again by strangled shouts as the slapping increases in tempo.

2. As he pulls the door shut on the couple tangled up in each other in the middle of the California King bed, he cannot summon the regret he should feel at the fact that this will probably be the last time anyone else will cross the threshold of that bedroom.

3. “Susu, we are not on a bus!” the little voice is indignant, turning in his booster seat to glare at his older brother.

4. Yunho frowns, looking at the time on his laptop, noting that it is only just past noon, and there is no way any of his children should be out of school.

5. Jiyool is perched on their carry-on luggage like a little princess, bandaged foot propped up on her Mama’s Louis Vuitton bag.

6. They are too young to really understand most of the words, but they can understand her tone, and soon they are once again drinking their milk, staring up with unblinking eyes at their father.

7. His youngest is fretting, a little sick with a mild temperature and his wife is up in the nursery trying to soothe the irate little baby whose nose is giving him grief.

8. Yunho and both sets of twins have disappeared up ahead somewhere, ostensibly to set up camp, leaving him with two cranky teenage girls and a poison ivy-ed son.

9. An ear-piercing shriek echoes through the house, stunning Jaejoong along with the baby feeding happily at his chest.

10. “Mirror,” the rockstar replies, in a perfect and deliberate imitation of Jung Jaejoong’s conspirational whisper to them at the day care not two days past.

11. “Hyung, if I could give you my schedule, I would,” Changmin admits as he sits next to the brooding leader of TVXQ.

12. Changmin stares up into glittering black eyes, heavily lined with kohl.

13. There is no falter in his steps, just as him slamming into Yunho and making him drop his cigarette had earned him nothing more than a mumbled apology, the man continuing on as if he has much more important places to be.

14. The depth of the yearning he feels is so overwhelming, gut-wrenching in its intensity, that he might has well have been kicked in midriff for all the air he is able to suck in.

15. I still can’t believe Micky asked me to come along. And HE was there. HE was there and I didn’t even have enough sense to say hi. HE is beautiful…

16. "You...what...you...what was that?" Yoochun can barely form the words as he stares at the leader of TVXQ as if he’s grown horns, and he gets an elbow to the chest for it from Jaejoong whose smile betrays the violence he just unleashed on his friend.

17. “I had to check, because I’m pretty sure you should know he’s marrying you for your face and body.”

18. “It’s not one of those stupid society balls where people stand around making dumb small talk about their new holiday home on Jeju or that new King Louis XIV furniture they’d sourced from somewhere in the depths of Europe that is ugly as a baboon’s ass and no one gives a flying fuck about.”

19. A couple of stylist and makeup noonas tried to approach the girls earlier, but a piercing “Mama!” has them scurrying off back to their corner of the room, and Changmin almost laughs.

20. Included in the already delirious, are two poor men sitting alone in the VIP booth, one of them vibrating so much the other practically has to sit on him to keep him still.

21. A simple teasing smirk would not have made him react the way he does, for those smirks are a dime a dozen, and Yunho flings them out at the crowd every now and again when performing, that even when directed at him, it doesn’t mean enough for him to expose them in this way.

22. “Yunho loves playing games and I am far more patient than you think since I’ve been playing them with him for years.”

23. Jaejoong gets jealous, so he acts out on it, doing the one thing he knows will hurt Yunho, but this time the man has really gone too far.

24. Rumours slip out every now again but when they do, the leaks are plugged and punished so severely that it silences everyone else; no one dares to ask, no one dares to talk.

25. The threadbare jacket he is wearing is no defence against the cold outside, and despite the disgusted looks of the other patrons in the store, neither Jaejoong nor Yoochun have the heart to cast him out.

26. When he moves, and his back ripples with the corded muscles that pulsate just underneath his skin, it looks as if the monstrosity on his back is alive.

27. “Are you sure about that, leadershii?” Jaejoong purrs, his voice deceptively soft but Yunho can sense the danger, and he knows better than to answer for he is already in trouble and digging a bigger hole for himself would probably result in pain.

Ahhhhh… I miss my Changmin lmfao.

And I officially give up. THAT’S WAY TOO MANY WIPs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually think there's more because i'm 100% certain i'm missing one of my oneshot Scrivener projects...

Isn't Jaejoong cute? God...that man is too much.

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I can't wait for more SB drabbles. Can't figure 2. Is it from ICE?

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