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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I'm not sure how true this is...

So I just saw this - http://kiramaru7.livejournal.com/343193.html

I have no idea how legit it is, but i'm planning on posting something in the next 24 hours so if I do "vanish" or something, you can find me at:



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the world is taking the wrong pathway~

Wow, that's kinda extreme but I think more than the "russian homophobia" someone has reported Vexed's journal repeatedly instead.
You know, thre are plenty journals and communities with mature content (-all kind of- videos) and that's waaay worse than writing slash fictions and those journal are working perfectly for years.
If she/he has been reported several times, livejournal would look in his/her, journal and if they find something "inappropriate", well, a ban is logic, but I seriously think this this particular case has been caused by a malicious user.

Anyway, better safe than sorry.

ahhh. too much hassle. T^T damn homophobic people! what's wrong with gay contents anyway?? =_=

Well...at least we can still find you.

Thanks for letting us know this.

I hope this is just some mistake.

Thanks for letting us know this.

I hope this is just some mistake.

I hope this is some error mistake.

thank you, if something happens i will definitely find you, take care :)

Thanks for letting us know. Really hope that LJ is not IP blocking accounts with gay contents >.< even if it's yes, they can't do it without any warning or announcement especially to paid accounts. Moreover, there is something call freedom of speech and human rights. I hope that this is just a one off case of sabotage by malicious user who was attacking Vexed's account. I don't know this account but I feel bad for him/her. I wonder what Vexed did to deserve this >.

can i say, thank god i have a tumblr account?
waah i must have made it in some really good time XD
i will follow u just in case :D

They cannot do it...

Offensive content: LiveJournal is a social media platform that falls under the DMCA Safe Harbor Agreement and, as such, cannot be held responsible for any user-generated Content that appears on its Service. Without imposing legal accountability where none exists, LiveJournal reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend any Account, remove any Content, and/or restrict access to any part of the Service that contains full nudity, violence, obscenity, gang-related Content, hate-based Content based on racial, ethnic, gender, transgender, disability, or sexual orientation, harassment of other users, endangerment to minors, incitation to violence or criminal activity, violation of another person’s intellectual property rights, or Content that is otherwise offensive or inappropriate under the TOS, in order to maintain a safe environment for all of its users.

I hope this isn't true coz lj is still my "go-to-site" when it comes to YJ fanfic

OMG, is this really true??? O_O

NO no no, but I just finished all the damn editing and copy-pasting all my old fics to new community... Whyyyy whyyy, it's so much trouble and LJ's layout is nicer and... ugh... *ranting* *flips the table* no -_- *pouts*

oh no this is bad... really bad!!!!
I can't live without your journal... TT____TT

But seriously if this is true wtf?
Nice free will and democracy can have in internet....balls >.<

really? why they do something like this? TT_TT

Thank you dear, my heart would stop if you just disappeared!

"Following SUP Media's acquisition of LiveJournal, SUP announced that the service would be run by LiveJournal Inc.; this newly launched company is based in San Francisco and continues to run the site under US law." -wikipedia
russian laws shouldn't affect the site as it's technically run under US law. probably isolated incidents. besides they can't start changing the site without changing the t&c's. hope this is helpful :)

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